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Cam Rayner, Brisbane Midfielder
Cold Cam Rayner vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2024Sun 26/5, 4:10PM
NEWS: Donuts in Q1 and had no influence... 7 possessions and 3 marks plus 4 tackles. Rotating from mids to half forward. 
Kyle Langford, Essendon Midfielder
Cold Kyle Langford vs North Melb., R10 of 2024Sun 19/5, 4:10PM
NEWS: Well beaten on the day... 7 touches and 3 marks plus 3 tackles... 1.0 as well. Playing tall forward on Corr. 
Zac Williams, Carlton Back
Cold Zac Williams vs Sydney, R10 of 2024Fri 17/5, 10:40PM
NEWS: This new role destroys his supply... 11 touches including 0 handballs... also 3 marks and 3 tackles... and kicked 1.1. Playing a forward role... switched back in Q3 to cover Weitering injury. 
Tom Hawkins, Geelong Forward
Cold Tom Hawkins vs Pt Adelaide, R9 of 2024Fri 10/5, 10:10PM
NEWS: No disposals in Q1... 1.0 from 7 possessions and 3 marks plus 2 tackles. Up forward on Ratugolea. Hawkins also had 7 ruck taps.
Oliver Henry, Geelong Forward
Cold Oliver Henry vs Pt Adelaide, R9 of 2024Fri 10/5, 10:10PM
NEWS: Rohan returning has destroyed his game... 1.1 from 7 possessions and 2 marks. Starting forward on Burton... moved to FF on Zerk-Thatcher in Q3. 
Kysaiah Pickett, Melbourne Forward
Cold Kysaiah Pickett vs Carlton, R9 of 2024Thu 9/5, 10:30PM
NEWS: Did not touch it in Q1... 1.1 from 9 possessions and 3 tackles. Starting forward. 
Jeremy Sharp, Fremantle Midfielder
Cold Jeremy Sharp vs W. Bulldogs, R7 of 2024Sat 27/4, 10:30PM
NEWS: Matched up on Williams... 9 possessions including 8 kicks... also 2 marks... and kicked 0.1. Starting on a wing. 
Brandan Parfitt, Geelong Midfielder
Cold Brandan Parfitt vs Carlton, R7 of 2024Sat 27/4, 7:35PM
NEWS: Matched up on Kennedy... 17 disposals including 13 handballs. In the midfield. 
Charlie Cameron, Brisbane Forward
Cold Charlie Cameron vs Geelong, R6 of 2024Sat 20/4, 10:30PM
NEWS: One handball to QT... 8 touches and 2 marks plus 2 tackles. Starting forward. 
Dylan Moore, Hawthorn Forward
Cold Dylan Moore vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2024Sat 13/4, 10:30PM
NEWS: Non-existent supply and staying too deep... 1.0 from 14 disposals... aided by 5FF. Starting on a HFF. 
Wil Powell, Gold Coast Back
Cold Wil Powell vs GWS, R4 of 2024Sun 7/4, 4:00PM
NEWS: One handball to QT... Flanders taking all his rebound work... 13 disposals. Playing a half back role. 
Zak Butters, Port Adelaide Midfielder
Cold Zak Butters vs Melbourne, R3 of 2024Sat 30/3, 10:30PM
NEWS: Head to head with Oliver... quiet start... 26 touches and 2 marks plus 3 tackles. In midfield. 
Lachie Schultz, Collingwood Forward
Cold Lachie Schultz vs Brisbane, R3 of 2024Thu 28/3, 10:30PM
NEWS: Donuts in Q1 and started poorly again... 9 disposals and 6 tackles plus 0.1. Playing a half forward role. 
Darcy Cameron, Collingwood Ruck
Cold Darcy Cameron vs Brisbane, R3 of 2024Thu 28/3, 10:30PM
NEWS: This role is terrible for his fantasy production... 17 hit outs... also 4 possessions and 2 tackles. Playing a ruck/forward role on Andrews. 
Conor Nash, Hawthorn Midfielder
Cold Conor Nash vs Melbourne, R2 of 2024Sat 23/3, 7:35PM
NEWS: Well beaten by a superior mid group... 20 touches and 3 marks plus 2 tackles. Playing defensive inside midfield. 

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