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Sore AFL players

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NameClubPositionLast News StoryDateline
Zac ClarkeRucksore Clarke limps off in R2Sun 12/4, 3:40PM
Leigh MontagnaBacksore Montagna outside chance for R1Tue 31/3, 9:10PM
Sam KerridgeMidfieldersore Kerridge pressing for R1Mon 30/3, 5:46PM
Ben ReidBackcold Ben Reid to miss R1Thu 26/3, 12:25AM
Mitch BrownBacksore Mitch Brown misses NAB 4Tue 24/3, 9:02PM
Ben NewtonMidfieldersore Newton gets 17 and a kick in NAB 4Fri 20/3, 8:20PM
Chad WingardForwardcold Wingard expected for R1Fri 20/3, 2:15PM
Bryce GibbsMidfieldersore Gibbs to miss NAB 4Thu 19/3, 2:55PM
Lachlan HansenBackcold Hansen in doubt for R1Thu 19/3, 2:47PM
Chris NewmanBacksore Op success for Chris Newman Thu 19/3, 11:22AM
Grant BirchallBacksore Birchall in mix for R1Wed 18/3, 3:10PM
Daniel HoweMidfieldersore Howe cops shoulder knockMon 16/3, 4:44PM
Hayden BallantyneForwardsore Ballantyne has calf issue in NAB 3Sun 15/3, 6:40PM
Jason WinderlichForwardsore Winderlich has back sorenessThu 12/3, 11:11AM
Matt DeaBacksore Dea dealing with hammyWed 11/3, 11:32AM
Ben McGlynnMidfieldersore McGlynn sore in NAB 2Fri 6/3, 9:40PM
Alec WatermanMidfieldersore Sore Waterman left out of NAB 2Fri 6/3, 3:37PM
David MundyMidfieldersore Mundy iced with foot problemThu 5/3, 9:40PM
Neville JettaBacksore Neville Jetta subbed with knockThu 5/3, 9:40PM
Clay SmithForwardsore Clay Smith leaps for LibbaWed 4/3, 4:40PM
Dylan RobertonBacksore Roberton to sit out NAB 2Wed 4/3, 4:24PM
Jake LloydBacksore Jake Lloyd vying for NAB 2Tue 3/3, 10:51PM
Logan AustinBacksore Three to four more for Austin Tue 3/3, 10:48PM
Matt CrouchMidfieldersore Matt Crouch sits out NAB 1Thu 26/2, 12:34AM
David MackayMidfieldersore Mackay sits out NAB 1Thu 26/2, 12:32AM
Sam JacobsRucksore Jacobs back at trainingThu 26/2, 12:30AM
Luke McGuaneForwardsore McGuane fights for pocketWed 25/2, 6:57PM
Daniel MarkworthForwardsore Markworth damages shoulderWed 25/2, 7:21AM
Tom SimpkinBacksore Simpkin to sit out NAB 1Wed 25/2, 7:10AM
Trent CotchinMidfieldersore Cotchin misses NAB 1 with hamstringWed 25/2, 5:45AM
Jared RiversBacksore Rivers to miss NAB 1 with kneeSun 22/2, 11:49PM
Jeremy FinlaysonRucksore Late start for FinlaysonSat 21/2, 10:20PM
Darcy MooreBacksore Moore toey for 2015Sat 21/2, 10:13PM
Isaac HeeneyForwardsore Heeney has knee tendonitisFri 20/2, 5:58AM
Michael HurleyBacksore Hurley pulls up soreFri 20/2, 5:39AM
David ZaharakisMidfieldersore Zaharakis tweaks kneeThu 19/2, 9:32PM
David EllardForwardcold Ellard hurts calfThu 19/2, 9:16PM
Nick HolmanForwardsore Holman has interrupted preseasonThu 19/2, 8:50PM
Jayden FosterForwardsore Foster has stress reactionThu 19/2, 8:28PM
Tyson GoldsackBacksore Goldsack to stay forward?Sun 15/2, 3:06AM
Nat FyfeMidfieldersore Fyfe pulls hamstringFri 13/2, 1:22AM
Kade SimpsonBacksore Kade Simpson has minor ankle scareWed 11/2, 7:14AM
Rhys StanleyRucksore Rhys Stanley runs past hot spotTue 10/2, 5:39PM
Jackson ThurlowBacksore Thurlow returns to trackFri 6/2, 5:19AM
Zac DawsonBacksore Dawson strains groinWed 4/2, 7:47AM
Ben LennonForwardsore Lennon makes his marksWed 4/2, 5:34AM
Gary RohanForwardsore Rohan sore in stringWed 4/2, 5:13AM
Andrew WalkerBacksore Slow recovery for Andrew Walker Wed 28/1, 11:41PM
Trent McKenzieBacksore Hamstring limits Trent McKenzieWed 28/1, 9:43PM
Patrick CrippsMidfieldersore Cripps rolls ankleTue 27/1, 9:51PM
Daniel ButlerForwardsore Daniel Butler waiting for chanceTue 27/1, 5:33AM
Sam ReidForwardsore Progress for Sam Reid Mon 26/1, 8:34AM
Craig BirdMidfieldersore Bird nurses sore kneeMon 26/1, 8:25AM
Mike PykeRucksore Pyke sticks fat on kneeMon 26/1, 8:05AM
Paul SeedsmanMidfieldersore Surgery saga for SeedsmanMon 26/1, 2:16AM
Mark HutchingsMidfieldersore Hutchings on mendMon 26/1, 2:06AM
Ryan CrowleyMidfieldersore Back tightness for CrowleySat 24/1, 8:10AM
Aaron SandilandsRuckcold Back twinge for SandilandsSat 24/1, 8:06AM
Rory ThompsonBacksore Turf toe for Rory Thompson Tue 20/1, 12:09AM
Aidan RileyMidfieldersore Riley seeks life sans vestsMon 19/1, 8:34AM
Will SchofieldBacksore Schofield tweaks ankleMon 19/1, 8:25AM
Steve JohnsonForwardcold Foot stress for Steve JohnsonThu 15/1, 4:27AM
Harley BennellMidfieldersore Bennell's golden calfWed 14/1, 2:17AM
Sam GilbertBacksore Saints hopeful for Gilbert Wed 14/1, 1:55AM
Reece ConcaMidfieldersore Knee cleanup for Conca Tue 13/1, 7:56PM
Jackson TrengoveBacksore Surgery for Jackson Trengove Tue 13/1, 2:13AM
Tim MohrBacksore Mohr rolls dice for round 1Mon 12/1, 8:38PM
Jesse WhiteForwardsore Jesse White rolls ankleMon 12/1, 3:03AM
Jake CarlisleBacksore Dons cautious with Carlisle Mon 12/1, 2:34AM
Michael JohnsonBacksore Michael Johnson still in rehabSun 11/1, 8:42AM
Scott SelwoodMidfieldersore Scott Selwood on light dutiesSun 11/1, 7:55AM
Jack DarlingForwardsore Darling stresses over scansSun 11/1, 7:50AM
Elliot YeoBacksore Still no go for Yeo Sun 11/1, 7:33AM
Jeremy McGovernBacksore McGovern waits a whileSun 11/1, 7:27AM
Brodie MurdochBacksore Murdoch mystery injury?Sun 11/1, 6:58AM
Tom HickeyRucksore Hickey not kicking on just yetSun 11/1, 6:46AM
Matt ThomasMidfieldersore Matt Thomas on sidelinesSun 11/1, 5:26AM
Colin SylviaForwardsore Clean out for Sylvia Sun 11/1, 1:12AM
Tayte PearsBacksore Do not pick PearsSun 11/1, 12:43AM
Heath HockingMidfieldersore Interrupted preseason for Hocking Sun 11/1, 12:33AM
Nick KommerForwardsore Not coming on for Kommer Sat 10/1, 7:35AM
Cameron GilesBacksore Giles not feeling buffySat 10/1, 6:45AM
Kristian JakschBacksore Careful path for Jaksch Sat 10/1, 6:41AM
Sam ShawBacksore Missing start of 2015 is a Shaw thingFri 9/1, 7:34PM
Tom BoydRucksore Tom Boyd dislocates fingerWed 7/1, 9:23PM
Murray NewmanForwardsore Left knee restricts Newman Tue 6/1, 12:38AM
Jack WattsBacksore Watts struggling with groin painMon 5/1, 11:11PM
Nathan JonesMidfieldersore N. Jones gets an ouchieMon 5/1, 10:57PM

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