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Injured AFL players

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NameClubPositionLast News StoryDateline
Paul SeedsmanMidfielderinjured Seedsman subbed with corkieFri 1/5, 10:20PM
Jack VineyMidfielderinjured Viney out for four with fibula fractureThu 16/4, 4:03PM
Jackson PaineForwardinjured Jackson Paine injures shoulderThu 16/4, 2:25PM
Sam ShawBackinjured Sam Shaw out for longerThu 16/4, 2:14PM
Sam SigginsBackinjured Siggins out with buttock injuryThu 16/4, 2:11PM
Harry DearForwardinjured Dear dislocates shoulder in SANFLThu 16/4, 1:40PM
Scott SelwoodMidfielderinjured Selwood out again with ankleWed 15/4, 1:21PM
Jarrod HarbrowBackinjured Shoulder injury for Harbrow in R1Sat 11/4, 9:50PM
Ben SinclairBackinjured Sinclair pings string in R2Sat 11/4, 7:05PM
Simon WhiteBackinjured Simon White injures knee in R1Fri 10/4, 9:40PM
Tom RockliffMidfielderinjured Rockliff rocked by rib injurySat 4/4, 9:50PM
Jack LeslieBackinjured Leslie injures neck in NEAFLSat 4/4, 2:04PM
Will Hoskin-ElliottForwardinjured Hoskin-Elliott injures shoulderWed 1/4, 10:02AM
Kurt AylettBackinjured Aylett training but out for R1Tue 31/3, 1:45PM
Matt DeaBackinjured Dea to miss R1Tue 31/3, 12:55PM
Ben McGlynnMidfielderinjured McGlynn out for R1 with hipMon 30/3, 9:09PM
Jason WinderlichForwardinjured Winderlich's back issue worsensMon 30/3, 5:18PM
Colin SylviaForwardinjured Sylvia out of WAFL with calfSun 29/3, 12:48AM
Murray NewmanForwardinjured Murray Newman injures ankleSun 29/3, 12:32AM
Leigh MontagnaBackinjured Montagna injures knee in NAB 4Thu 19/3, 9:40PM
Sam KerridgeMidfielderinjured Kerridge pulls hammyThu 19/3, 6:15PM
Chris NewmanBackinjured Chris Newman has heart scareTue 17/3, 11:18PM
Nick KommerForwardinjured Kommer full stop for round 1Mon 16/3, 6:39PM
Heath HockingMidfielderinjured Hocking out for round 1Mon 16/3, 6:36PM
Bryce GibbsMidfielderinjured Gibbs has shoulder stinger in NAB 3Sun 15/3, 7:10PM
Tendai MzunguBackinjured Mzungu injures hammy in NAB 3Sun 15/3, 6:40PM
Archie SmithRuckinjured Archie Smith rolls ankleFri 13/3, 10:59AM
Lachlan KeeffeBackinjured Keeffe keeps out of NABThu 12/3, 11:15PM
Nathan FoleyMidfielderinjured Foley has foot surgeryThu 12/3, 11:07AM
Jacob TownsendMidfielderinjured Townsend out for month with footWed 11/3, 12:53AM
Sean LemmensBackinjured Lemmens in moon boot with turf toeWed 11/3, 12:47AM
Danyle PearceMidfielderinjured Danyle Pearce deals with calf injuryWed 11/3, 12:09AM
Hamish HartlettBackinjured Hartlett strains groin in NAB 3Sun 8/3, 7:10PM
Isaac SmithMidfielderinjured Isaac Smith cops a kickingSun 8/3, 7:10PM
Sam ReidForwardinjured Sam Reid rolls ankle in NAB 2Fri 6/3, 9:40PM
Paul DuffieldBackinjured Duffield pops shoulder outThu 5/3, 9:40PM
Shane SavageBackinjured Savage to miss rest of NABWed 4/3, 4:14PM
Zac DawsonBackinjured Dawson unlikely for R1Wed 4/3, 11:52AM
Mason ShawForwardinjured Mason Shaw given month offTue 3/3, 10:44PM
Tom LiberatoreMidfielderinjured Liberatore injures kneeSat 28/2, 7:10PM
Nathan HrovatMidfielderinjured Hrovat fractures ribSat 28/2, 7:10PM
Jake LloydBackinjured Lloyd injures elbow in intra-clubFri 27/2, 8:25PM
Ted RichardsBackinjured Richards rehabbing hamstringFri 27/2, 7:08PM
Jarrad McVeighBackinjured McVeigh misses NAB 1 with calfFri 27/2, 7:06PM
Kaiden BrandBackinjured Brand dislocates shoulderThu 26/2, 9:40PM
Jimmy WebsterBackinjured Webster injures fingerWed 25/2, 7:15AM
Nic NewmanBackinjured No NAB for Nic Newman Wed 25/2, 5:05AM
Matt ThomasMidfielderinjured Matt Thomas out for three moreWed 25/2, 4:59AM
Jarrad ReddenRuckinjured Pain continues for Jarrad ReddenWed 25/2, 4:47AM
Caleb MarchbankBackinjured Marchbank out for threeWed 25/2, 1:40AM
Jonathon MarshBackinjured Hammy puts J. Marsh out of NABTue 24/2, 11:46PM
Lachlan HansenBackinjured Hansen to miss entire NABTue 24/2, 5:47AM
Andrew WalkerBackinjured Andrew Walker has third knee opTue 24/2, 2:40AM
Brodie MurdochBackinjured Brodie Murdoch will take a whileTue 24/2, 1:13AM
Tom ScullyMidfielderinjured Scully out for a monthMon 23/2, 4:38AM
Bernie VinceBackinjured Vince misses with shoulderSat 21/2, 10:26PM
Clinton YoungMidfielderinjured Rehab restart for Clinton Young Wed 18/2, 10:46PM
Mark HutchingsMidfielderinjured Hutchings unlikely for R1Sat 14/2, 6:17PM
Jack DarlingForwardinjured Darling to miss R1Sat 14/2, 6:15PM
Mark WhileyMidfielderinjured Whiley to miss NAB R1Thu 12/2, 4:02AM
Grant BirchallBackinjured Birchall hurts MCL, out 4-6Wed 11/2, 4:35AM
Brent ReillyBackinjured Reilly fractures skullMon 9/2, 5:44AM
Charlie DixonForwardinjured Dixon gets ankle scopeWed 4/2, 6:43AM
Steven MayBackinjured May injures kneeWed 28/1, 9:31PM
Chad WingardForwardinjured Arthroscope for Wingard Tue 27/1, 5:51AM
Alex Neal-BullenForwardinjured Neal-Bullen dislocates knee againTue 27/1, 5:40AM
Jackson TrengoveBackinjured Jackson Trengove doubtful for R1Tue 27/1, 5:26AM
David MackayMidfielderinjured Mackay pings hamstringWed 21/1, 6:14AM
Sam JacobsRuckinjured Sam Jacobs injures MCLWed 21/1, 6:04AM
Alan TooveyBackinjured Calf twinge for Toovey Thu 8/1, 11:58PM
Darcy MooreBackinjured Moore in moon bootThu 8/1, 11:54PM
Lachlan PlowmanBackinjured Elbow blow for Plowman Thu 8/1, 11:41PM
Andrew RainesMidfielderinjured PCL damage for Raines Thu 8/1, 11:34PM
Jackson ThurlowBackinjured Thurlow out for four to six weeks moreTue 6/1, 1:19AM
Ben ReidBackinjured Reid invades GermanyTue 6/1, 1:04AM
Tom LambForwardinjured Lamb to miss early preseason gamesTue 6/1, 12:54AM
Matt CrouchMidfielderinjured Ankle surgery for Matt Crouch Tue 6/1, 12:35AM
Lincoln McCarthyForwardinjured McCarthy in moon bootMon 5/1, 11:49PM

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