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Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Injured Kangaroos vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2008Sat 5/4, 5:10PM
NEWS: Buddy fell on him in Q4 and he was straight off holding his right side... 4 possessions  ANALYSIS: Boyle also had 4 possessions.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Sore Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide, R20 of 2007Sun 19/8, 4:10PM
NEWS: Kept grabbing at his right shoulder and wincing  ANALYSIS: Boyle contributed with 7 possessions, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 0.2.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R19 of 2007Sat 11/8, 5:10PM
NEWS: A disappointly inaccurate 1.3  ANALYSIS: Boyle contributed with 8 possessions, 5 marks and 2 ruck taps.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Injured Collingwood vs Hawthorn, R13 of 2007Sun 1/7, 8:10PM
NEWS: Tweaked left hamstring in Q3 and came straight off... two goals from limited supply  ANALYSIS: Boyle contributed with 10 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 2.0.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Carlton vs Hawthorn, R12 of 2007Fri 15/6, 10:40PM
NEWS: Three goals by half time but disappeared in second half  ANALYSIS: Boyle contributed with 11 touches, 8 marks and 3.1 on the scoreboard.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Cold Hawthorn vs Sydney, R11 of 2007Sat 9/6, 5:10PM
NEWS: Rotated off the bench with Roughead... 3FA and two 50s given away  ANALYSIS: Boyle contributed with 6 touches, 2 marks, 0.1 on the scoreboard and 3 frees against.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Injured Boyle pulls hamstring - Fri 29/7, 5:00PM
NEWS: Going up for a mark during the round 15 match against Adelaide, Tim Boyle appeared to strain his hamstring and immediately went off. He had only three possessions in limited game time. ANALYSIS: Boyle can't take a trick, after missing all of last year with a borken leg. He will not interest fantasy coaches until at least next year.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Sore Boyle impresses on debut - Fri 8/7, 5:00PM
NEWS: Tim Boyle kicked a goal with his first kick in AFL football in round 13 against the Power, and looked good early before drifting out of the game. He finished with 12 disposals, seven marks and that goal, but finished the game on the bench icing the leg which he broke last year. ANALYSIS: Boyle looked like he might be a long-term answer to the Hawks' woes at center half forward, but he's not ready to join fantasy teams quite yet.
Tim Boyle, Hawthorn Forward
Injured Leg keeps Boyle out - Sat 19/2, 11:14PM
NEWS: Tim Boyle has still not recovered sufficiently from the broken leg he suffered at the start of the 2004 season to be healthy enough to be considered for selection for the Hawks for Round 1, according to Sportal. ANALYSIS: Boyle has not played a game yet, and won't for a while at this rate.