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Dane Swan, Collingwood Midfielder
Injured Dane Swan vs Sydney, R1 of 2016 by m0ntySat 26/3, 7:25PM
NEWS: Starting forward... High grade ankle sprain early in the first term ANALYSIS: Swan also had 0 touches.
Jackson Thurlow, Sydney Back
Injured Jackson Thurlow vs Essendon, W3 of 2016 by m0ntySat 5/3, 2:05PM
NEWS: Stretchered off in Q3 after his right knee buckled under him under little physical pressure... looked suspiciously like a long term injury... 3 marks and 11 touches. Playing halfback. ANALYSIS:
Sam Menegola, Geelong Midfielder
Injured Sam Menegola vs Collingwood, W2 of 2016 by m0ntyFri 26/2, 7:10PM
NEWS: Left knee injury in Q2... diagnosed as a meniscus tear... 1.0 from 7 touches ANALYSIS:
Marc Murphy, Carlton Midfielder
Injured Marc Murphy vs Melbourne, R21 of 2015 by m0ntySun 23/8, 3:20PM
NEWS: Tagged by Viney... Left shoulder dislocated midway through the third term... 18 disposals and 2 marks with 3 tackles. Subbed midway through the third. ANALYSIS:
Luke Parker, Sydney Midfielder
Injured Luke Parker vs Collingwood, R20 of 2015 by m0ntyFri 14/8, 7:50PM
NEWS: Starting forward then rotating through midfield... had his right knee twisted under himself in Q4 under an Adams tackle and was stretchered off... looked horrible... 19 possessions and 3 tackles ANALYSIS:
Dayne Beams, Collingwood Midfielder
Injured Dayne Beams vs Geelong, R18 of 2015 by m0ntySat 1/8, 1:45PM
NEWS: Shoulder soreness and off at 3QT... 17 disposals and 2 marks with 4 tackles... 0.1 as well. Switched forward in the second half. ANALYSIS:
Gary Ablett jnr, Geelong Midfielder
Injured Gary Ablett jnr vs Adelaide, R17 of 2015 by m0ntySat 25/7, 2:10PM
NEWS: Head to head with Dangerfield... knock on the inside of the left knee in Q1... coach Eade said could be season ender at QT... 4 possessions and 2 marks. Subbed off at QT for Glenn. ANALYSIS:
Chris Judd, Carlton Midfielder
Injured Chris Judd vs Adelaide, R10 of 2015 by m0ntySat 6/6, 1:40PM
NEWS: Left knee injury in the first term... Appears to be a potential ACL injury... Likely to be his last game... 6 touches. Subbed at QT. ANALYSIS:
Matthew Jaensch, Adelaide Back
Injured Matthew Jaensch vs St Kilda, R7 of 2015 by m0ntySat 16/5, 1:45PM
NEWS: Left knee injury early in the third that appeared to be an ACL... 6 marks and 18 possessions. Spending time on Sinclair. ANALYSIS:
Nathan Drummond, Richmond Forward
Injured Nathan Drummond vs Melbourne, R4 of 2015 by m0ntyFri 24/4, 7:50PM
NEWS: First game... starting in defence on Kennedy-Harris... right knee injury in a mid-air clash with Jones in Q2 and stretchered off... highly likely to be torn ACL... 5 possessions including 4 kicks... also 2 tackles. Subbed off in Q2 for McDonough. ANALYSIS:
Mitch Brown, West Coast Back
Injured Mitch Brown vs W. Bulldogs, R1 of 2015 by m0ntySat 4/4, 7:20PM
NEWS: On Redpath... Left knee buckled midway through the first... 2 touches. Subbed early in the first. ANALYSIS:
Tom Liberatore, Western Bulldogs Midfielder
Injured Tom Liberatore vs Richmond, W1 of 2015 by m0ntySat 28/2, 4:40PM
NEWS: Left knee tweak in Q1 as he twisted to avoid a Vickery tackle... quickly iced up... later confirmed as an ACL rupture... 3 possessions and 3 tackles ANALYSIS:
Eric Mackenzie, West Coast Back
Injured Eric Mackenzie vs Carlton, W1 of 2015 by m0ntyFri 27/2, 7:10PM
NEWS: Standing Jones... limped off with a knock to his right knee in Q2... seen on crutches in the rooms... later confirmed as an ACL tear... 8 touches and 5 marks plus 0.1. Subbed off in Q2 for McGinnity. ANALYSIS:
Brent Macaffer, Collingwood Midfielder
Injured Brent Macaffer vs W. Sydney, R22 of 2014 by m0ntySat 23/8, 7:40PM
NEWS: Tagging Heater Shaw... Did his right knee early in Q3 and looks gone for a long time... 2 disposals and 2 marks with 2 tackles ANALYSIS:
Jonathon Patton, Hawthorn Forward
Injured Jonathon Patton vs Melbourne, R21 of 2014 by m0ntySun 17/8, 6:20PM
NEWS: McDonald on him... what looked to be a serious right knee injury in Q2 ANALYSIS: Patton also had 1 touches.