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Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Anthony Morabito vs St Kilda, R18 of 2014Sat 19/7, 7:40PM
NEWS: Starting forward on Newnes... 4 disposals and 2 tackles plus 1.0 ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Anthony Morabito vs W. Sydney, R17 of 2014Sun 13/7, 7:40PM
NEWS: On midway through the third... 15 touches. Started as the sub. ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Sore Anthony Morabito vs Melbourne, R16 of 2014Sat 5/7, 10:40PM
NEWS: On in Q3 for Apeness... long road to return to the top level... 8 disposals. Started as a sub. ANALYSIS: Morabito added 2 tackles and booted 0.1.
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito to begin rehabESN - Wed 23/1, 9:11PM
NEWS: Fremantle have released a statement confirming Morabito would begin his rebhabilitation program in the coming weeks after successful surgery in Sydney. Fremantle football operations general manager Chris Bond said Morabito was in good spirits after the operation. "We heard directly from Anthony after his surgery today and from all reports it went very well," Bond said. ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito opts for LARSESN - Sat 19/1, 9:08PM
NEWS: The father of Anthony Morabito says the young Docker decided to undergo LARS surgery after almost giving away football. "That was one of decisions he needed to make - whether to give it away or give it another shot," Morabito Sr said. ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito considering retirementESN - Wed 16/1, 8:32AM
NEWS: It has been reported that Anthony Morabito could retire from the AFL after tearing his ACL for a third time. "After two years of rehab, he doesn't know if he wants to do another year of it.'' a source said. Everybody in the football community feels for Morabito. He was a big target in fantasy circles for the year ahead and we wish him all the best whatever path he chooses. ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito set for Round 1 returnESN - Sun 16/12, 8:45PM
NEWS: Morabito's manager, Colin Young said "I haven't spoken to Morra since the best-and-fairest, but he's on track for NAB Cup. He doesn't see any problems starting Round 1 and going on. He looked in great shape when he was training and he's very confident, very excited about next year.' Don't get your hopes up just yet. We have heard this before. Keep him at the back of your mind and watch for NAB Cup form. He is a very talented player. ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito suffers 2nd knee reconstructionESN - Fri 20/7, 1:17PM
NEWS: Morabito will miss another year after reinjuring his knee. He will require another full knee reconstruction. Fremantle football manager Chris Bond said on Wednesday "It is bitterly disappointing for Anthony, his family, the club and our members and supporters. However, we see Anthony as having a long-term future with the club and remain confident that, with the appropriate recovery and rehabilitation program, he will return to senior football next year." ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito out for seasonESN - Tue 17/7, 11:12AM
NEWS: Fremantle coach Ross Lyon told 6PR on Monday night "It'll definitely be the season, no doubt about that. It definitely doesn't look great [but] we've sent him to Melbourne to fully investigate it. He's a special young player and he's had a rough run. When we get the specialist results we'll keep everyone informed. We really feel for Anthony and his family and Dockers supporters who want to see him running around." ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito has another set backESN - Tue 17/7, 10:39AM
NEWS: Morabito has re injured his knee at training on Friday. Fremantle football manager Chris Bond said "At this stage we are awaiting medical advice to determine the nature and extent of the injury and we will be in a position to provide an update after that time." Coach Ross Lyon recently said: "It's really important he plays senior football before the end of the year going into a pre-season, that's the big picture on that one." ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Hot Morabito close to AFL returnESN - Mon 18/6, 6:26PM
NEWS: Morabito had a strong performance in the WAFL on the weekend, playing for Swan Districts, and collecting 15 possessions. You would expect he will be named for Fremantle any week now as he continues to get his fitness to AFL standard. ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito looking for a Round 13 returnESN - Tue 12/6, 7:09PM
NEWS: Morabito has now played 3 consecutive games at WAFL level and getting much closer to a senior match with Fremantle. During his rehabilitation he has been concentrating on his inside game and told this week "When I was playing AFL in my first year I was never really a stoppage sort of player, I was always that outside winger where you can get out and run. But with the year off I was able to have a bit more of a look at David Mundy and these sorts of guys in terms of their stoppage work and I was able to pick up little things that help a player like that. In the past I haven't really made a conscious effort with it, but now I'm aware that I have a stronger body than a few people. If I can [win my own ball] and then spread and get it on the outside, I'll be very confident in my football. From now on that's something that I'm going to pride myself on." ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito returned in Round 7 at WAFL levelESN - Mon 14/5, 11:14PM
NEWS: Don't expect to see Morabito anytime soon though with Fremantle Coach Ross Lyon saying on Friday "The plan is for four games in the WAFL and then he will be available for senior selection. Anthony is really comfortable with that, it's doing the right thing. We were really patient with our other guys coming back from long-term injury and we'll take the same approach with Anthony. Hopefully he punches out his 10km of work [on Saturday] and he builds from there." ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito still several weeks from playing AFLESN - Wed 28/3, 1:20PM
NEWS: The good news is that Morabito will play this weekend in the WAFL for the Peel Thunder reserves, but is expected to spend several weeks at lower level as he adjusts to playing professional football again. Morabito said on Tuesday, "I'd like to think that I've run very good volumes, so when I get a fair bit of confidence and change of direction and all that, I'd like to think at the back end of the year I'd be able to have a fair impact," ANALYSIS:
Anthony Morabito, Fremantle Midfielder
Injured Morabito still a chance for Round 1ESN - Thu 22/3, 12:51PM
NEWS: Matthew Pavlich speaking to SEN radio discussed "Anthony Morabito and Michael Barlow are likely to, potentially, play a game this week or certainly have a really strong match simulation session tomorrow." Morabito has been suffering from a quad strain over the past few weeks. ANALYSIS: