Match Report: 17.14.116 2017 - Melbourne 17.14.116 defeated Carlton 9.8.62

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Melbourne Player Reports

Jack Viney
First goal... 19 touches and 6 marks plus 4 tackles... 2.3 as well. Doing jobs in midfield.

Tomas Bugg
9 touches with 6 by hand... also 6 tackles and 2 marks

Oscar McDonald
Holding down FB on Charlie Curnow
McDonald added 16 possessions and 4 marks.

Clayton Oliver
Rotating through inside midfield
Oliver contributed with 19 touches, 3 tackles and managed 0.1.

Jesse Hogan
Starting forward on Weitering
Hogan contributed with 15 touches, 6 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 3.1.

Sam Weideman
Playing tall forward on Rowe
Weideman contributed with 7 possessions, 2 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 0.1.

James Harmes
Rotating through the defence
Harmes added 13 possessions and 2 grabs.

Jordan Lewis
Playing in the engine room
Lewis contributed with 22 possessions, 2 marks and 2 tackles.

Max Gawn
Rotating ruck and forward
Gawn contributed with 11 touches, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 18 ruck taps and 2.0.

Angus Brayshaw
Playing outside midfield
Brayshaw contributed with 15 touches, 3 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Christian Petracca
Playing an outside game
Petracca contributed with 19 disposals, 6 marks and managed 4.0.

Nathan Jones
Leading the midfield
Jones contributed with 23 possessions, 3 marks and 3 tackles.

Christian Salem
Coming off half back
Salem contributed with 21 touches, 3 marks, 5 tackles and 2.1 on the scoreboard.

Jake Spencer
Sharing ruck duties
Spencer contributed with 7 possessions, 9 ruck taps and managed 0.1.

Michael Hibberd
Starting in defence
Hibberd added 13 possessions and 2 marks.

Joel Smith
Playing in defence
Smith contributed with 11 possessions, 3 marks and 3 tackles.

Billy Stretch
Running off a wing
Stretch added 16 possessions and 3 marks.

Jayden Hunt
Playing half back
Hunt contributed with 15 touches, 2 marks and 5 tackles.

Dion Johnstone
Rotating forward
Johnstone added 3 touches and 2 tackles.

Jay Kennedy-Harris
Starting forward
Kennedy-Harris contributed with 10 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and booted 1.0.

Aaron Vandenberg
Coming off a HFF
Vandenberg contributed with 14 possessions, 5 grabs and 2.0 on the scoreboard.

Alex Neal-Bullen
Rotating forward
Neal-Bullen contributed with 14 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.

Jake Melksham
Playing midfield
Melksham contributed with 23 touches, 6 marks and kicked 0.1.

Bernie Vince
Loose in defence
Vince added 23 possessions and 3 marks.

Tom McDonald
On Casboult
McDonald added 13 possessions and 5 marks.

Carlton Player Reports

Injured Daniel Gorringe
Missed all of the first half... lower left leg injury in and did not return. Rotating in ruck.
Gorringe also had 0 touches.

Jarrod Pickett
Missed all of the first half... 5 disposals and 2.0. Running on the outside.

Zac Fisher
Missed all of the first half... 10 touches. Rotating midfield and forward.

Simon White
Missed all of the first half... 10 touches. Rotating in defence.

Billie Smedts
13 touches including 9 handballs... also 2 marks and 3 tackles

Harry McKay
Rotating ruck and forward on Oscar McDonald
McKay also had 3 touches.

Jacob Weitering
Following Hogan... switched forward in Q4
Weitering contributed with 10 touches, 2 grabs and 1.1.

Matthew Wright
Rotating midfield and forward
Wright contributed with 25 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Kade Simpson
Rotating through the defence
Simpson contributed with 22 possessions, 3 grabs and 2 tackles.

Levi Casboult
Deep forward on Tom McDonald
Casboult contributed with 13 possessions, 6 marks, 5 hit outs and kicked 2.2.

Matthew Kreuzer
Rotating forward and ruck
Kreuzer contributed with 14 possessions, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 18 ruck taps.

David Cuningham
Playing outside midfield
Cuningham contributed with 9 disposals, 2 tackles and managed 1.0.

Sam Kerridge
Playing an outside game
Kerridge added 20 disposals and 2 marks.

Ed Curnow
Doing jobs in midfield
Curnow added 25 touches and 4 marks.

Sam Docherty
Coming off half back
Docherty added 24 touches and 2 marks.

Jack Silvagni
Starting on a HFF
Silvagni contributed with 6 touches, 2 marks and 4 tackles.

Rhys Palmer
Starting on a HFF
Palmer contributed with 11 possessions, 4 tackles and managed 0.1.

Kym LeBois
Starting in a FP
LeBois added 4 possessions and booted 1.0.

Marc Murphy
Playing midfield
Murphy contributed with 20 possessions, 3 marks and 2 tackles.

Dale Thomas
Playing midfield
Thomas contributed with 14 possessions, 3 marks, 3 tackles and managed 1.0.

Charlie Curnow
Starting at FF
Curnow contributed with 17 possessions, 2 marks and 1.1.

Sam Rowe
Has Weideman
Rowe added 10 disposals and 4 marks.

Lachlan Plowman
In defence
Plowman added 12 touches and 4 marks.

Caleb Marchbank
In defence
Marchbank contributed with 18 touches, 10 grabs and 3 tackles.