Chat Log: W2, Melbourne 17.14.116 d Carlton 9.8.62

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colmullet: Jesse Hogan in the guts? :p
StuL: Simpson eh!?
frenzy: settle Tmac, everyone'll jump on
pudmott: hey monty. Silvagni is missing from the list
shaker: Turning into a bit of a flogging
westy501: carlton held back players playing as a regular h&a format... exhausting the players while melb rotated the 28...
shaker: Marchbank had a good 3rd quarter
luke394: anyone not starting docherty will pay he's a jet
pudmott: simpson has played 10% less time for same points. going for a POD
shaker: Both good but I'm going for youth
westy501: whats youth shaker? 18/19year olds?
luke394: pudmott had Simpson last year he's also very good so consistant, Doherty 19 disposals at 94%
shaker: No westy Docherty over Simpson
westy501: cool...