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2024 AFL Goalkicking (Coleman Medal)

Charlie CurnowCarlton38.252.2132.960
Ben KingGold Coast38.132.0132.974
Jake WatermanWest Coast33.143.2113.070
Jesse HoganGWS32.131.1122.671
Harry McKayCarlton29.141.0132.267
Kyle LangfordEssendon28.180.2132.160
Bayley FritschMelbourne28.151.4132.165
Tyson StengleGeelong27.103.1132.072
Jake StringerEssendon24.161.0131.860
Jeremy CameronGeelong24.152.0122.061
Nick LarkeyNorth Melb.24.105.0122.070
Josh TreacyFremantle24.6 122.080
Will HaywardSydney23.71.0121.976
Joe DaniherBrisbane22.242.3121.847
Joel AmarteySydney22.123.2121.864
Aaron NaughtonW. Bulldogs22.9 112.070
Sam DarcyW. Bulldogs22.8 112.073
Darcy FogartyAdelaide21.103.2131.667
Chad WarnerSydney21.82.0121.772
Oliver HenryGeelong21.7 121.775
Dylan MooreHawthorn21.50.2131.680
Tom PapleySydney20.184.1121.652
Jamarra Ugle-HaganW. Bulldogs20.182.1111.852
Izak RankineAdelaide20.6 102.076
Logan McDonaldSydney19.150.1121.555
Shai BoltonRichmond19.120.3121.561
Isaac HeeneySydney19.92.2121.567
Jake RiccardiGWS19.71.0121.573
Marcus BontempelliW. Bulldogs19.63.0131.476
Charlie CameronBrisbane18.170.1121.551
Jye AmissFremantle18.15 111.654
Jack HigginsSt Kilda18.112.1101.862
Todd MarshallPt Adelaide18.11 121.562
Kysaiah PickettMelbourne17.152.4111.553
Taylor WalkerAdelaide17.14 111.554
Paul CurtisNorth Melb.17.131.0121.456
Eric HipwoodBrisbane17.126.2111.558
Toby GreeneGWS17.121.1111.558
Willie RioliPt Adelaide17.12 111.558
Matthew OwiesCarlton17.61.0131.373
Jamie CrippsWest Coast16.171.3131.248
Brody MihocekCollingwood16.12 91.757
Mitch GeorgiadesPt Adelaide16.12 91.757
Darcy Byrne-JonesPt Adelaide16.10 121.361
Max KingSt Kilda16.102.1101.661
Mabior CholHawthorn16.92.1111.464
Josh RacheleAdelaide16.92.0131.264
Jacob Van RooyenMelbourne16.73.1111.469
Aaron CadmanGWS16.62.0121.372
Brad CloseGeelong16.51.0131.276

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