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DrSeuss: Letís go Brayshaw. Keep going Darcy and Daniher
Raspel31: I second the call for Brayshaw to prove he is alive.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw needs to get off the freaking bench
DrSeuss: You too Darcy ffs - been there way too long
bhg26: Come on Dev
Baldfrog: My only player in this to Bhg
srj2409: danihers score is a joke
NewFreoFan: I swear we injure a defender every game
kascadev8: cmon fyfe get a move on
Regis124: Realistic mark attempt Cameron?
Kidult: Forgot this game was on
bhg26: Dev. Please
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Same here. Brayshaw! WTF man?
DrSeuss: Brayshaw was on the bench for way too long Pca - when he was on he was doing well
pcaman2003: I need Brayshaw to at least do better than Daniher. Surely that's possible?
BigChief: Huge job for Robertson on Fyfe.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw having one of those games so far, stuck on the bench for ages and fumbling everythingb
Raspel31: More than possible pcaman- a freak of nature if not.
circle52: How was cameron alliwed to mark that
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Had a far superior side on paper to opposition, but could still lose.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw and Darcy on the bench for way too long again while Rich racks them up for my opponent - lucky I am a Lions fan
bhg26: Ffs Robertson, touch the pill
pcaman2003: Had Brayshaw and Macrae against Daniher and Macrea. and Docherty. I'm screwed
kascadev8: go big fyfe, get me to 2.1k
DrSeuss: Sounds like my weekend Pca - opponent has every unique that went large - Docherty, Bont, Rich now, Zerrett, Taranto
kascadev8: fyfe goes 21 over his projected and i hit 2.1k, surely he can do it, dual brownlow medalist
DrSeuss: WTF - Brayshaw starting on the bench.
PJ39301965: Daniel hit the ton. Lol
davywap: Mundy's sc score the only thing if interest in this game for me, couldn't give a flower about the result
Raspel31: Thank you for that fascinating and as always positive input dwap.
bhg26: Dev needs 31 more points to get me the win. Come on!
Baldfrog: If Dev is tagging Fyfe he aint doin a very good job
davywap: Trolling again, but I'm the problem apparently
davywap: Don't u have an umpire to go and threaten?
BigChief: Seriously mate, give it a rest.
davywap: Yep, once again my fault
Beast_Mode: davy people just dont like you
davywap: When you're ready Mundy
davywap: That's their problem, couldn't give a shower
Silz90: anyone bring in brayshaw this week?
davywap: Fwiw, i don't like you either
Beast_Mode: lol
Raspel31: Nope- lucky enough to have him already Silz.
original: Zorko not gettin much ball
Baldfrog: Poor Beast
bhg26: Dev, do you see the round thing that everyone else is kicking around, go and get that
pcaman2003: Brayshaw showing up the weaknesses in my team. It looks similar to a sieve
Beast_Mode: haha
Raspel31: I think you're a very horrible man Beast and I want my mummy.
Baldfrog: Bhg its not round maybe thats his problem
BigChief: bhg I think you mean oval thing, but we all know what you mean LOL
Wahab_18: Brayshaw ruining a good week.. Always 1 person who screws us
pcaman2003: 5 pts up wit Brayshaw against
pcaman2003: 5 pts up wit Brayshaw against Daniher nad Robertsoon. Not looking good.
bhg26: Sorry gents, was on the wrong channel
Silz90: supercoach/multis tend to ruin my weekends
BigChief: You're still in with a chance @pca
Gotigres: Was looking for Brayshaw's name and had to keep scolling and scrolling down
BigChief: @bhg maybe that's what Dev's problem is also. He's on wrong channel :)
Baldfrog: Gunna win all 10 leagues first time this year
Beast_Mode: good to know baldy, i'll sleep better tonight knowing that
Gotigres: That's well done Baldfrog
bhg26: Deven you suck, you actually suck
BigChief: WOW just saw Big O's score. Has Darcy flogged him?
Baldfrog: Thanks beast and gotiigres thats with a donut in ruck
Wahab_18: Sliz90 that hit me right in the middle of my heart. Especially when every multi fails by 1 leg :(
Hazza09: Would you trade Bailey Smith?
DrSeuss: Rich is going to beat my Brayshaw, Darcy and Daniher on his own.
bhg26: how can you not touch a ball for a quarter?
Spifflicat: Devon=Dow mk2
BigChief: cmon Prior. Only need 300 more from you to get 2100
Baldfrog: Hope not Spiff took me weeks to get rid of Dow
Baldfrog: Touch and go there Chief
bhg26: Hes more likely getting that Chief then Deven is of getting me just 20 points to win a huge league game
pcaman2003: Just need someone to kneecap Daniher for 10k while Brayshaw tries to catch up. All offers welcome.
bhg26: tonya harding would have a few contacts pcaman
pcaman2003: Lol bhg26. How true! Or I could ask Mr Gatto nicely.
beerent11: Not many blokes would have played as good a footy past 300 games as Mundy is now I wouldíve thought
Baldfrog: No Beer has been a gem
pcaman2003: Beer. Mundy an out and out champion. Respect!
BigChief: Would be top 3 ever for Freo with Pav and Fyfe.
Baldfrog: Dying to find out how much Maxy will drop this week
bhg26: Would anyone like to join me in prayer? I need Deven to get 20 points in the last quarter to win my game
beerent11: Riddler too bald
pcaman2003: Nice game Brayshaw. 17 touches for a useful 39.
beerent11: Not religious bhg
Baldfrog: Yep Beer
Napper: what u reckon par is
Gotigres: Good luck bhg
bhg26: Donít need to be beerent, Iím an inclusive person
pcaman2003: bhg26. Would love to except my opponent has him.
bhg26: Are you going to win pcaman?
DrSeuss: Just need Brayshaw to get to 100 - but NO - just wanted to take this week off. Big finish from Darcy & Daniher would hlp
pcaman2003: bhg26. Only 5 pts up. I have Brayshaw against Daniher and RFobertson. Not looking good after that goal.
bhg26: I mean if youíre already gone then might as well try help me out. You owe me after that Gawn voodoo bs
DrSeuss: Brayshaw starting on the bench again, how do they expect him to get into the game?
beerent11: Need zork to outscore Daniher by 8 points to win all six leagues.
Baldfrog: Na bhg he did well with that gawn voodoo bs
circle52: If it helps napper I am 2111 atm with a quarter from Joe to go
pcaman2003: bhg26. Lol! I probably owe lots of people. Maybe Karma is getting me back?
bhg26: I beg to differ baldfrog
Baldfrog: Pcaman last thing we need is latte sipping sydneysiders up and about on this board
original: Need a Schultz goal for $59 multi
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Lol! Hahaha!.
Gotigres: I'm on 2216 plus whatever Daniher gets from here.
Baldfrog: Haha pcaman a bit cheeky I was. I'm on 2204 with Dev to go
DrSeuss: Only 8 minutes till Brayshaw got on the ground - fantastic
pcaman2003: Thank God the bloody Mary's have deadened the pain of this showere round. Martin,Walker,Kosi Brayshaw.
Baldfrog: Did try to discourage tex but he did make decent coin
Spifflicat: Sipping a tasty Glendronach Batch 9 here Pcaman
Baldfrog: Wonder how Kasca and grinder are going
bhg26: Deven, get a move on, just 14 more points
Gotigres: Legend goal umpire
BigChief: How are the BM's going down @pca?
BigChief: @bald do not forget tiktok as well mate.
Daitro: need 9 more SC from Brayshaw and Daniher
circle52: Rich gone
pcaman2003: Chief. Great,but can't fit any more in.
Beast_Mode: thats what kasca will be saying lol
bhg26: I believe in you Dev!
BigChief: did you get the minimum 15 down?
Gotigres: Still time to ton up Joe
DrSeuss: Rich should go rest the remainder of this game
pcaman2003: Spiflicat. Just saw your post. Top choice. A lovely single malt
DrSeuss: Oh look Rich is fine as soon as there is a free kick-in
Silz90: I was going to trade joe to dusty next week but might trade tex to Zorko or Steele instead.
pcaman2003: Chief . Lost count after 7. Maybe about 9 to 11.
duckky: Brayshaw is trying to ton up.... finally
Gotigres: Robertson just dropped a mark 25m out in front of goal
Baldfrog: Don't go dusty Silz
Stu7: Definitely getting rid of OíBrien and buying Darcy
Baldfrog: Brayshaw is no Caleb duckky
bhg26: Itís official Gotigres, his parents are cousins
pcaman2003: I'm now 8 behind so need a miracle from Brayshaw. I waqs 3rd and opponent 13th and I could lose. Bugger me!
Silz90: True bald. Maybe I will wait to the end of the year if he turns it around
beerent11: That last quarter by Daniel was ridiculous
NewFreoFan: Damn it Tabs
beerent11: I was stoked when he got to 70 let alone 100
Baldfrog: Few of us were worried when he was on 31 wether he'd reach his 51 BE beer lol
bhg26: Dev. Please. For me
Spifflicat: No stress pca, itís taking the edge off nicely
beerent11: Only saw the last bald.
Hazza09: Iíve had one of the worst years ever in SC. Donít even know if itís possible to fix this mess
Baldfrog: Didn't miss much was invisible before then
Gotigres: what score do you need bhg from Dev
bhg26: 7 more points
pcaman2003: Hazz09. I can realate. I was top 1000 last year and nowhere near it this year.
kascadev8: yes Fyfe, nice 2100 score this week, things you love to see
Hazza09: @pcaman I was ranked 250 overall last year. But I need 30 trades to fix this mess
bhg26: Robertson, you useless sack of shower. Go flower yourself
beerent11: Put em back in your pants fellas
bhg26: Couldnít even get 1 more point to get me to 2200
Wahab_18: Would be nice if Brayshaw scales up by 5 so I get 2200
beerent11: I got 2250 ish nah nah nahnahnah
beerent11: Hahahaha
pcaman2003: Without scaling, I'm 5 points down. So showered off this round.
pcaman2003: beerent. Humility is a good trait.lol1
kascadev8: screwed me captain and still got a respectable score with tex on field. ill take it
gIMX7: 2136 with two Donuts, My god Zerrett and Titch you beautiful bastards saved me