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bhg26: Go captain Macrae, Walsh and Scott
original: Dangerous tackle ggf
Baldfrog: Agree Orig was surprised as well
_Wang_: Cmon captain macrae
bhg26: Flynn to Sweet?
Baldfrog: Oowies mid downgrade this week for Gulden
Kidult: Didn't know who to Captain today out of Macrae/Bont so hopefully they both finish on 150+
cmperrfect: Hannan is no29 @
cmperrfect: Hannan is no.29 m0nty
MrWalrus: I hope everyone appreciates just how great Betts is.
srj2409: Owies? Lol. Whoís your backup selection? Youíll need to know in 2 hours time
_Wang_: Walrus I do he's a legend
exatekk: im going Flynn to a 102 rook for loophole. hes only my R3 anyway
original: Biased but the frees wbd get are shower. The dangerous tackle the betts in the back etc etc
Snarfy: I can fully understand exatekk, but he's still only got a BE of 4. An average game will see him pick up 30K.
Kidult: Didn't like that effort from Buku
_Wang_: Orig that in the back wasn't there
Fatbar5tad: And a big flop by Hunter too
MrWalrus: Agree original, so far not great your way but early yet
exatekk: snarfy for sure. Im not trading until at least his next price rise
Fatbar5tad: zilliams a disaster
Raspel31: Golly the Dogs miss Dunks- game changer.
pcaman2003: Wowee. Libba back to his best SC scoring again.
BigChief: Dogs disp is 1st class.
Crave: Yep Raspel gone from by far best Clearance team to average since he has been gone
bhg26: Come on Macca, for Christ sake
davywap: I kind of want Carlton to win, feels wrong
Kidult: @Bigchief except for Bonts
cmperrfect: Quiet start from Tyrion Lannister
_Wang_: Perfect lol
pcaman2003: Is Bonts score right? Surely he must be on 50+ by now.
srj2409: Oh know that Davy kid has moved over from the other game. Surely itís time for a nap little one?
Napper: Scott no points for mark and kick
Raspel31: Glad it's not just me srj- couldn't agree more.
BigChief: @Napper he didn't mark it so it's a clanger for dropping sitter.
davywap: Well done on posting exactly Wyatt i just did mate, your wit knows no bounds
srj2409: yeah need an ignore function on here. Heís ridiculously immature. Tough little kid behind his keyboard.
pcaman2003: Damn these Margaritas are tasting good. Should 10 be the limit?.
bhg26: Can the two of you shut up please, this is so pointless
davywap: Don't know the flower your problem you 2, not like I'm constantly calling you flogs out anything, power off
Baldfrog: Yeah for your stupid comments Srj think Owies is goin ok? Don't you?
BigChief: m0nty can you please remove that kid? All he does is abuse other people on here.
Raspel31: Can you lend me some dosh pcaman? On cheap vino.
pcaman2003: Not Margaritas, Bloody Mary's. Must've had enough already. Hick!
davywap: You'd be the first one I block Weagle
BigChief: @pca 10 is the minimum for margaritas
Raspel31: davywrap- no more raspberry cordial- all pals here.
davywap: Just who the flower have I abused? If I recall you're the one who began the name calling kid, ffs could u be any softer?
bhg26: Why canít we all just get along?
Beast_Mode: lmao, this hilarious
davywap: You're hilarious, bigger off
m0nty: back on the game please
srj2409: Agree with bigchief m0nty - heís incredible immature
davywap: Because it's only ok to put shower on other teams bhg apparently
pcaman2003: BigChief. Limit on Bloody Marys please,I'm feeling dizzy.
srj2409: Nope I donít baldfrog. Owies wonít kick 3 every week
davywap: I did post about the game m0nty until getting insulted by a few on here
original: Macrae untouchable now
BigChief: @pca minimum of 15 BM's lol
bhg26: Who cares Davy! If youíre feeling get hurt that easily then you should stay off the internet
pcaman2003: On a serious note, my drinks are fine but SC scores are dog poo.
davywap: I'm not feeling hurt at all, i think it might be the other way around, just pointing out the total hypocrisy
srj2409: Davy pull ya head in mate youíve got 5 ppl here saying ur the problem. Log off and reflect on your behaviour
m0nty: I said back on the game please
Beast_Mode: you've sooking for half an hour, stfu or gtfo simple
davywap: Yes sir, how about you just ignore what I post if it upsets u so much?
Kidult: Betts can do still do some great things but his mind is certainly quicker than his movements
bhg26: Davy, m0nty said get back on the game. Better listen to him or your own good
Raspel31: Agree with m0nty- fun time over ladies. Carn Macrae.
davywap: There we go again with the 'abuse'
Napper: Come on bont hit a target
pcaman2003: Davywap. Can you try invisible ink then. Apart from that,a riveting game.
bhg26: *For your own good
BigChief: Time to swing the ban hammer m0nty. This is getting beyond a joke.
_Wang_: Can we please get back to sc
Beast_Mode: good start macca
Baldfrog: Lol chief I was banned for less
davywap: Good week to finally trade out Cripps (is that ok?)
Stu7: Come on Doc - move
BigChief: So was I Baldfrog
pcaman2003: @Baldy. You were banned for being a Crows supporter
BigChief: This is a good fast game to watch.
srj2409: No
Raspel31: I've been banned more than anyone but am now a paragon of virtue. Go Bonts and Macca.
Kidult: other game scaled now
Grimes Jr: go Mac
bhg26: No
Baldfrog: Na pcaman I was banned because Chief invited me, raspel and pokerface around to m0ntys for a party lol
Fatbar5tad: Great stuff Eddie Betts. Enjoy him while we still can.
pcaman2003: Thanks Kidult!
BigChief: I was banned for using a players nickname.
Raspel31: Andwhat a hoot it was Baldfrog.
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Well there's the real reason. It's the company you keep.
Baldfrog: Lol Raspel you remember that don't you?
Baldfrog: Haha pcaman
BigChief: I remember it and was warned for it.
Fatbar5tad: Zilliams you potato. Hasnt played a decent game all year.
Baldfrog: It's ok chief was funny
davywap: Can't even do anything when Carlton are on top, glad i passed on him for my team
Raspel31: Only in the draft but go Libba you good thing. We put you in a taxi at 5am Bigchief.
exatekk: who's nickname Big? Graham Johncock? LOL
BigChief: Agree @fatbar. Has not been a good pick up for Carl
Napper: flowering hell bont hit a target
BigChief: @exa it was Papley.
Beast_Mode: betts on pace the 10 snags!! lol
Kidult: Bont has now cost Bulldogs atleast 3 goals in the last 4 quarters of football
Beast_Mode: for*
exatekk: hahaha
Kidult: such a shocking kick
BigChief: Was it 5am? I thought the sun was up and m0nty told me don't come back.
pcaman2003: Bont only 33 with 5 clangers. Robbed! Should be 80 by now.
Raspel31: I don't think he liked you stealina.g the silverware BigChief- go Macc
Hazza09: Useless Daniel!!
bones351: Owies looks like a good chance to be in my team next week
srj2409: He does look better this week baldy
Brian: Wowee Owies!
Beast_Mode: anyone know what ridley and whitfields sc b/e will roughly be next week?
BigChief: Stocker looking okay and may look at him in def
Baldfrog: Not many good mid downgrades for Gulden Srj
Kidult: 120 for Ridley so could wait a week
Beast_Mode: ahh ok, yeah i will
Baldfrog: Is that all Kidult was 200 this week
Beast_Mode: was expecting higher
Crave: his concussion game falls out of the cycle that's why
Kidult: He has already had the high be for 2 weeks
Baldfrog: Ok 120 he could get but won't go up much
Raspel31: Ah- that's interesting Crave.
Beast_Mode: true but he has scored 2 80's in a row
srj2409: Poulter a better option than owies i reckon Baldy
Beast_Mode: i'll hold off for a week then, even if he gets his b/e it wont be by much
Kidult: probably double down on the last remaining rookies worthy
Patty19: What on earth has happened to zac williams
Baldfrog: Can u trust Bucks tho Srj
DrSeuss: Would love a few more touches Stocker
Raspel31: Who in for Tex next week? Toby?
davywap: Keep gong Macrae, got the C on you king
Baldfrog: Plus Poulter not bye friendly
davywap: Poulter will play next week
MrWalrus: Williams & Daniel, just punishing me this year
BigChief: Everyone punishing me this year @Walrus
Baldfrog: Yeah Walrus Daniel back to disappointing
davywap: Thanks Walsh, try a handball next time
Stu7: Come on Doc
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I'm looking aqt possibly Marshall as I've a few quid in the bank.
kascadev8: Daniel get a touch you spud. Seriously come on
Spifflicat: As a rookie, Iíd say Poulter IS bye friendly. He will be ripe to trade out in round 13 or 14
Stu7: Good choice pca
srj2409: Bucks has to play the kids
Kidult: Daniel with the 51 breakeven. Didn't think he could get any cheaper
Raspel31: Hmm- food for thought pcaman.
davywap: Zilliams suffering from downgrade syndrome, going to a lesser team has exposed him
Kidult: Wonder how many went with May or Daniel this week
Baldfrog: Spiff have too many out rnd14 already that's why I'm lookin at Owies
Donk: Hannah has the wrong number on here . He's 29.
Donk: Hannan
Stu7: Good stuff Doc
Silz90: zilliams is not a midfielder. maybe its time to put him in the backline
Apachecats: Bought helmut head in this week.Tossed up him or Salem.
Beast_Mode: walsh done nothing all 1/4
pcaman2003: I thought Kosi went b/ad last game. But Williams?. Glad I don't have both. Williams sucks!
BigChief: Gday Apache. That sucks with Salem doing so well.
davywap: I just assumed he was playing hbf, that's where he should be
Baldfrog: Lol helmet head not happy Jan?
Apachecats: Sometimes common sense evades me.
srj2409: Reckon owies needs to kick a few to score. Canít see that happening every week
StuL: We will all be gettimg Owies bwcause there's no one else. A low possie small fwd is normally meh
Spifflicat: Rowe to Poulter for Baldf. No change in rnd 14 players that way
davywap: Eddie answering the know-alls who said he's done
twinpeaks: Current rookies I would be getting RCD, Byrnes and Poulter before Owies
Baldfrog: Don't have rowe m8
Baldfrog: Rcd seriously job security is crap
bhg26: Walsh and Mac need to lift second half, want 130 from each of them
Crave: RCD looked pretty bad Friday night as pass from me
pcaman2003: I knew Bonts score was too low. 5 clangers later. he's at 65pts which is close to his proper score of 105.
davywap: Did Macrae just lose about 8 points?
Baldfrog: Pcaman you have a bee in ya bonnet?
Kidult: few injuries at Richmond so he is questionable
bhg26: He was off crave, he still got a fair bit of the footy. Geelong mids are also very good
pcaman2003: No Baldy. I have a Bont in my bonnet.
Beast_Mode: grimes will be back but not sure about Edwards
twinpeaks: @Bald surely holds for another few weeks on account of Cotch injury? How do you rate Byrnes v Poulter then?
Beast_Mode: i wouldnt bring rcd in, lambert and prestia only a few weeks away
Raspel31: A Bont in your bonnet better than a Dniel in the bush pcaman.
kascadev8: Cant wait for when i can sideways Daniel. It will be a good day
Apachecats: Port have succeeded in winding Eddie up with the jumpers ,lol.
Raspel31: Agreed Beast.
Baldfrog: Twin dunno who byrnes is to be honest but poulter yeah if it works for you just doesn't for my team
Beast_Mode: ross and rcd are the most vunerable ones
davywap: How is that Apache? They weren't allowed to wear the bars
kascadev8: @Bald he talkin about Ryan Byrnes (st kilda)
Baldfrog: They didn't Davy till after match was completed
Apachecats: Beats me davyw but he sure is agitated by it,
Baldfrog: Ok thanks Kasca will check him out
davywap: Smart alpss. Can't blame em, only time they get any attention
davywap: Eddie going after Kochies nose lol
Baldfrog: Eddie nowhere is trying to stay relevant
davywap: Yeah that's what it is, no one ever talks about him...
Gotigres: I'm playing you this week Apache
pcaman2003: Relevant to what though Baldy? Relevant to peanut varieties?
Baldfrog: Only Eddie knows pcaman
kascadev8: Why does Daniel have to be so bad this year. Still got like 8 upgrades to go. 3-4 can be sideways tho
davywap: I love how footy fans say they sick of Eddie but can't stop talking about him
Raspel31: Why do birds sing kasca?
Baldfrog: Who's talking about him outside Victoria? Only Kockie and he's in Sydney
Beast_Mode: daniel is rubbish, was terrible last season. Obvious choice not to get him
pcaman2003: davywap. People were sick of Hitler too but still talked about him.
Silz90: daniel is not taking kick ins and now losing 15 to 25 pts a game
davywap: Umm people here right now maybe
Baldfrog: Wish ud told me earlier Beast
original: Throw throw throw. Do CD pay them as handballs?
Silz90: @beast daniel avg 101.5... how is that bad lmao
pcaman2003: Okay! People sick of Trump but keep talking about him. Hows that?
Apachecats: I think you are thrashing me Gotigres.
davywap: Are u seriously comparing Eddie McGuire to Hitler? Jesus
yablettt: Carlton are doing everything they can to send Cripps to WA
Beast_Mode: really lol, surprising
pcaman2003: C'mon Walshy. Pick up the pace a bit.
davywap: People said he's irrelevant but continue to complain about him, that doesn't make sense is all I'm saying
Silz90: last year btw lol helmet is struggling this year thats for sure
pcaman2003: Davy. Are you bringing Jesus into this?
davywap: Lol
Kidult: Bailey Williams back next week should impact Daniel more
Dondeal: Pcman, once you invoke Godwin's law you have lost the argument
davywap: Pretty happy about offloading helmet after his suspension I must say
cmperrfect: Treloar is def effecting Tyrionís role in the team.
srj2409: I canít believe Davy is attacking jesus
Fatbar5tad: Zilliams. Cant outscore Kosi or Little Jan,
davywap: Here we go again, but it's ok
Kidult: Love Naughton as a forward but we need him in Defence on a guy like McKay. Our KP defenders suck
Grimes Jr: go macrae go
Gotigres: I'm up at the moment Apache, but just a sudden injury away from disaster
Stu7: Come on Doc
Baldfrog: Cm who is Tyrion?
Beast_Mode: srj, dont poke the bear lol
Stu7: Come on Doc move
pcaman2003: srj2409. Lol! Good thing we can laugh about these things.
Raspel31: Well, he did build the autobahns Dondeal. Cmon Macrae!
Baldfrog: Kidult shocked by this result so far
BigChief: I love how Parks plays the game.
DrSeuss: Bont taking all Macraes possessions or what? Stop Bont ffs
Kidult: I'm not because Blues have the wood over us unfortunately
srj2409: Keep going Bont
StuL: Not liking Owies now. No goals, no points
cmperrfect: Tyrion Lannister = Caleb Daniel @ Bald
Baldfrog: Thanks CM
pcaman2003: C'mon Macare wherever you are and slow down Docherty
bhg26: Macrae and Walsh do something, anything
kascadev8: gee whiz, do i sideways both tex and helmet next week or sideways 1 and rookie change something else
davywap: Crikey doggies wtf?
srj2409: Thatís what I told baldy before he bit my head off stul
Baldfrog: Go Doc and Bont lol
srj2409: Time to kick a goal Bont
Gotigres: I have done the best ever trades in my history of playing sc this season.
StuL: Except who else have we got srj? This year is terrible
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. Lol! Now I see the likeness.
Beast_Mode: kasca did you trade out phillips?
Gotigres: Daniel out before his score of 19 and Walker out this week. Ridley and Guthrie were the trade ins
Kidult: Betts kicked 4 against us last time with McKay kicking 3
DrSeuss: Of course my opponent has Bont and Docherty while I have Macrae
Silz90: we should be 6 goals up. missed a few cheap ones
kascadev8: @Beast im still stuck with that spud too, got the trifecta, tex phillips helmet
Kidult: McKay also kicked 4 against us in 1 of the 2019 games
pcaman2003: I can see clearly now that the Voodoo doll has to be put to better use.
Beast_Mode: lol
Baldfrog: Suess you could be playing me doubt it though
Stu7: Beast - I got rid of Phillips and bought Sheed good choice it turned out
Beast_Mode: phillips wouldve scored alright if not for the butchery, thats his problem
NewFreoFan: Has Macrae touched it this quarter?
srj2409: StuL; Poulter lock
Silz90: time to lift scott, macrae and walsh
Beast_Mode: nice stu
Kidult: ok the 50/50 call on Macrae or Bont Captain was looking favourable earlier but not longer
kascadev8: yeh, tempted to go Daniel to a premium and tex all the way down to Poulter, looks like he'll stay a while
davywap: I only have tex left from that spud trio, hopefully won't next week
srj2409: this place is a lot more pleasant now Davy has gone
DrSeuss: Baldy - does your opponent have Stocker spudding up??
srj2409: spoke too soon 😪
Grimes Jr: pls jackson
cmperrfect: Daniel chasing kicks now. Whatís he doing in the fwd pocket?
BigChief: I can't believe how bad Williams is.
Baldfrog: No Seuss it's not me
Stu7: Bont is going to go massive
kascadev8: if daniel gets above 70 ill install tiktok
Beast_Mode: glads i dont have c on macca
bhg26: ffs Macrae!
davywap: Surely that wasn't Khamis' dad BT
Baldfrog: Had the C on the ranga from Melb
Raspel31: Not grinder kasca?
DrSeuss: Why TF did I pick up Stocker
kascadev8: rasp, if he scores over 90 ill get grinder for a week
cmperrfect: Night night Sos.
BigChief: Silvagni done surely.
Silz90: ouch sos. i actually feed bad for the bloke. terrible luck
Raspel31: Lol kasca
davywap: Don't want him finding your profile on there hey rasp?
Silz90: If he scores 100, I will unistall Grinder
Baldfrog: If he scores 110 I'll find out what grinder is
Raspel31: I've got far fewer hits than you davy- but I don't use it as much.
davywap: Wouldn't make a difference I'm guessing
BigChief: I think helmethead playing fwd now
Kidult: Docherty was a great starting pick but I baulked taking him out on the first night of season
Raspel31: And lol Silz
Baldfrog: Kidult one of only a few good decisions I've made
davywap: flower naughton is playing
Grimes Jr: keep going macccca
Stu7: Come on Bont
kascadev8: go daniel, help me get some friends on grinder
davywap: Bont's projected is 120 so he must have a good record against the blues
feralmong: surely it makes his nickname bellend chief
Raspel31: Well, you've already got davywrap kasca- who could ask for more?
pcaman2003: My season in disarray as I don't know which players to trust. Not sure I'm 3rd in my league.
davywap: Crikey did A.Scott pass away at half time?
kascadev8: rasp, if u wanna add me we could all go out together
davywap: Still going on with the herophobia bits I see
m0nty: back on the game please
pcaman2003: 3rd in my league,but only through luck.Every man to himself.
davywap: herophobia that is
davywap: Ah word filter i see, fair enough
Beast_Mode: monty has had a gutful tonight lmao
Raspel31: Than't get on with my boyfriend as things are.nks kasca- but my girlfriend does
Kidult: Buku has toe but he just puts in no effort
Silz90: i think its time for levi to hang up the boots
Raspel31: Who.ops- hit back button- apologies
davywap: That time came at least 2 years ago surely
Stu7: Bont has stopped
Silz90: yeh i guess davy. We really need curnow and tdk to come back into the side
Kidult: Hunter is good at drawing a free
BigChief: OMG Hunter ducks as much as Selwood.
Baldfrog: Wow Hunter flops, leads with the head
Grimes Jr: go macrae
davywap: Curnow could negate Harry a bit though, and he's a gun
kascadev8: at this point if i went out for a drink and got helmet when i asked for a pint id just claim a refund
davywap: But 2 of them on fire would be frightening
Kidult: McNeil quietly producing a game at the right time.
Silz90: lol dont bring up selwood - bad memories from friday night
kascadev8: i got stuck with mcneil on the bench, i deserve a muppet
davywap: Brodie Kemp is the one you want to come good, watched him play junior footy, he's and absolute gun
BigChief: Dogs are home I think. Carl forgot to man the mark SMH
Silz90: game over big chief - dogs are home
Phasir: Switch capt from Bont to Macrae :(
bhg26: Get on the ground Macca
Raspel31: And again Macrae goes missing- go Doggies.
davywap: It's all going poo shaped for the Blues it seems
kascadev8: come on walsh, 115+ would be terrific
Hazza09: Geez Bailey Smith you are useless
kascadev8: just realised walsh stuck on the bench, ur kidding
srj2409: Did Bont just get 2 points for a contested mark and goal wtf
srj2409: Surely your off the owies train baldy
colin wood: Bont contested mark and goals for 3sc.. someone taking the power surely?
Kidult: Don't think i've seen Macrae on camera at all this quarter. No idea where he playing
cmperrfect: Cripps should have a half full hour glass for an icon m0nty permanently. Only turns up for half a game every week
Silz90: champion data is cooked... always happens in the last qtr
davywap: *You're
LMartos: the scoring issues have been happening for weeks and people still ask why scores aren't moving
davywap: Bont must've got the umpire off camera , his score didn't change
colin wood: Bont on target for 150 here
duckky: Cripps does not have an hourglass figure @cm
davywap: Lol now they're all on 1
Raspel31: Macrae just dropped to 31-that's a worry.
Grimes Jr: Cheers macca
Beast_Mode: lots of scaling now lol
bhg26: Macrae, Walsh, do something please!
Beast_Mode: bont wuld be 200 if not for the clangers
StuL: Woof
kascadev8: carlton seriously need to get walsh on the ground and keep him there, he can rest at FF but thats it
davywap: Who has weitering?
duckky: Great Scott!
cmperrfect: Glad I inadvertently stuffed my C up this week.
Gotigres: Finally Scott. You've done something.
Baldfrog: Least Tyrion made his BE
davywap: Thatta boy Scotty
mattmac24: Captained Macrae over Bont :(
Gotigres: God would have the C on Weitering.
Kidult: Yikes my captain 50 points behind my alternate option
Fatbar5tad: Turned down Gawn for Maccas disappearing act. Great.
kascadev8: @cm ive done it too, ziebell vc walsh c. and walsh is gonna score lower than ziebell. ffs
Beast_Mode: daniel ying yang surely
Raspel31: Not alone Fatbar-sigh.
cmperrfect: Touchť Baldfrog.
pcaman2003: Why is Bont only 146. He's only had 9 clangers so should be on at least 180
davywap: Had vc on guthrie and bypassed Grundy, both gonna be higher than my c macca
BigChief: Blues ran out of gas at 3/4 time.
cmperrfect: I had the C on Ziegull by mistake. Didnít turn out so bad.
kascadev8: daniel coming back, oh no no no
Gotigres: 10 clangers now pcaman lol
m0nty: Daniel junking it up!
Raspel31: Yep-no Danger a boon for Guthrie.
Silz90: daniel might finish on 80 lol who lost the bet?
kascadev8: ffs daniel was gonna have a shot for goal, screw u dogs forwards
TheFlagger: flowering pathetic carlton
Gotigres: Still waiting for Scott's points for the goal 5 min ago
davywap: Some quality grabs this weekend
srj2409: Heís up to 69, what are you talking about?
srj2409: Scott got 25 points for a 2m kick
kascadev8: ill start downloading now
BigChief: SC does not really update in the last 1/4 @GoTigres
Gotigres: Thank you 18 points worth the wait
upthetiges: daniel on 80 now
tommy10: Blues are shower lol
davywap: He was on 50 a minute ago, and got a goal since
BigChief: 82 now @kasca. You may need Grinder also
Beast_Mode: this is some epic bin stats helmethead
Baldfrog: Make it a pretty profile pic Kasca
davywap: Since he was on 50
pcaman2003: Williams having a break out season. Might have to bring him in.
Gotigres: Scott insane scoring
Beast_Mode: lol williams, blues doing what they do best, ending careers
bhg26: Get him when hes 100k pcaman
cmperrfect: Another SOS failure Beast. No wonder he got the arssse
kascadev8: come on walsh, turn into the hulk for me
davywap: Not really Carlton's fault, he's just been hiding his inefficiencies in a top side until now
BigChief: Start getting Grinder @Kasca
BOMBRBLITZ: well done Helmet
kascadev8: walsh got stuck on the pine this quarter, ridiculous. absolute gun, screwed my C this week
Beast_Mode: too many gun players at carlton, thats why he cant get a kick imo
upthetiges: how does scott get 35 points for a goal
davywap: They just seem to overrate opposition players at trading time
pcaman2003: bhg26. Not long now. lol!
cmperrfect: Walsh gonna bleed some cash this week
Gotigres: Not sure upthetiges but I'm not complaining
mattmac24: Weitering single handedly saved Carlton from Slaughter. Feel bad for him.
davywap: Their 2 big trades just got 20 and 22 in a game that they lead all day until the last
kascadev8: welp, might squeeze out a 2.1k score this week, thatll have to do ig, been pretty bad
PJ39301965: Still 200 points Daniel might ton up yet
MrWalrus: Really dwap? Pies supporter criticising another team's trades...
davywap: Lol @ the Carlton kid
amigaman: Yeah Doggies!
davywap: Pretty sure it's a free country champ, this is a Carlton game after all and i never said Collingwood were any better