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Gelly: shower crowd
Gelly: may as well just put fake crowd noise on
original: Sheed vs TKelly score such bs
original: 3/8 of sheed touches have been turnovers
pcaman2003: Hawks getting plenty of ball but can't hit targets. Need massive improvement.
arbel: How was that not holding the ball. Juat took on tackler and dropped it
Stu7: Come on CJ you dudd
Stu7: Thatís it
bhg26: Any chance of performing this week CJ?
Stu7: Bhg26 - ditto
pcaman2003: CJ will get better as game goes on. After last week ,due a good one.
Stu7: Go CJ you dudd
arbel: Hawks making this a boring game. Just put everyone behind the ball
bhg26: Good start Cj, keep going
pcaman2003: Nice start with Titch,Impey, CJ and Kosi.
bhg26: beautiful kick Cj, trying to give a crowd member a game ball
Stu7: CJ good stuff
bhg26: Reading this chat youd think Cj was the only player playing
Stu7: Come on Sheed no score for last 10 minutes
hinsch: a point kicking feast so far,hopfully somebody gets a goal in the second quarter
BigChief: If you are going to play in def Oscar at least take the kick ins
m0nty: five to three is a rugby union score
pcaman2003: FGS this kicking at goal is very off putting.
bhg26: no one would know m0nty, no one watches rugby union
BigChief: How long before Eddie mentions Coll?
Raspel31: Beg to differ bhg
PJ39301965: At least itís a close gam pca so far
hinsch: good to see Port in their prison bars yesterday stick it up Collingwood
circle52: I try to 1 penalty goal if playing Rugby Union
duckky: Pull the finger out NicNat!
Raspel31: On the money circle
bhg26: Good bounce pass Cj
bhg26: Eagles might be too far ahead now
Stu7: Good stuff CJ
pcaman2003: Lift Kosi and pull your weight.
pcaman2003: Good boy Jarhead. Keep it up.
_Wang_: Cj and impey save my shower round
srj2409: lift CJ lift
Stu7: Redden do something you flog
pcaman2003: WTF was that Shields. OMG!
_Wang_: Witherden a seagull no more
BigChief: perfect pass @pca
pcaman2003: Chief. Lol! Story of the team at present. Poor disposal and decision making. I smell a massacre.
BigChief: Cmon Simpson Oscar is wasted in the backline.
Stu7: Keep going CJ
Stu7: Good work conDom
kascadev8: Come on Phillips u spud
pcaman2003: FFS Kosi you dummy
Stu7: Kas- I got rid of Phillips for conDom
pcaman2003: Kosi not pinged a clanger for kicking in to man on the mark. I s that not a clanger?
Stu7: Is Redden cutting up half time oranges?
BigChief: How was that not HTB against Sheed?
kascadev8: Stu im still stuck with him. Luckily he'll b a sideways trade for a premium soon
Stu7: Kas - good stuff
bhg26: I traded Phillips to Butters, still a good trade even if i had him for 2 weeks, it meant i didnt have phillips
kascadev8: Bhg im going phillips to butters when hes back
bhg26: Butters looked very good until he got injured, im looking to get him too when he comes back
davywap: Keep in the forward line Weagles, Jiath needs mo points
Stu7: Potato head Redden
BigChief: bhg you just said you already traded Phillips to Butters and now you are looking to get him?
bhg26: Obviously traded him out when he got injured, im not holding him for 8 weeks
DrSeuss: Great to see CJ back in form as soon as I have an opponent that has him.
srj2409: quiet quarter from cj and Impey. Hopefully they can lift in the second half
circle52: Kosis turn to be the rookie that spuds this week. At least he has a negative B/E so will go up
Raspel31: Great pep talk circle
pcaman2003: Go Jarhead. Great stuff.
Stu7: Wake up CJ
pcaman2003: Kosi 93% TOG but hard to find anywhere. Needs to lift big time.
DrSeuss: Good man Gaff. Need you to cover CJ and Kosi please
Kidult: Just need Kosi to get 2 goals before he has done his fantastic rookie job for KPP.
DrSeuss: Phillips TOG seems low. Was keen to trade him out but Tex seems a bigger need this week :(
srj2409: Good boy Impey. Your turn CJ
Raspel31: Well, the Titch is most certainly back.
DrSeuss: No slowing down Gaff, need you to make up for Tex
pcaman2003: Titch ,Impey, Jiath saving my score,but need Kosi to fire up .
Hazza09: Kosi has cost me a win this week, over this shower
colin wood: Phillips tackle, intercept mark and effective kick for 2sc pts.. rightio
pcaman2003: How do you leave leave 2 WC players alone in the middle 30 metres clear? Hell!
NewFreoFan: Fatigue pca
srj2409: Phillips is a spud why does anyone have him?
pcaman2003: New Freo Fan. Brain fatigue more like it. Don't think it's a fitness thing.
davywap: Yep he is a spud , hence him being traded by the Pies and being traded by me about 5 weeks ago
davywap: Jiath keep going mate, plenty of chips to be scabbed in the last, Nic Nat lift your frickin' game dude
srj2409: yeah pies list management has been exceptional.
Beast_Mode: lmao srj
Baldfrog: Pcaman wanna thank your hawks for getting WC into form will be a bloodbath for us west next week
pcaman2003: Titch only 2 clangers. Now that's something new. Some useful disposals.
davywap: Managing salaries had been shower obviously, but the same list management was a kick away from a flag
original: Nic Natís hits must all be to advantage.. 7 touches incl 3 turnovers for 72...
davywap: And also made the Weagles lose an unlosable home final last year
davywap: Nic Nat seems to get the same bonus points that Dusty gets, 3 points every time he looks at it
pcaman2003: Hahaha Baldy. We do it for everybody bud. lol!
DrSeuss: 140+ from here Gaff please
davywap: Don't know why so many seem to have Redden either, also a spud
pcaman2003: At least get to a miserly 50 Kosi.
Beast_Mode: redden averages 93
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly pcaman
Snarfy: Are you a Potato farmer davywrap. you seem to know your spuds!
davywap: Ohhhhhh I stand corrected
Raspel31: Lol Snarfy.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Remember Charlotte and Adele from last year? lol!
poolboybob: Ah Chee blue moon
circle52: and mind Raspel and pcaman. Will accept 50 from Kosi.
srj2409: Gaff yo-yo is up this week. Owners must be worried about next week
srj2409: lol snarfy
Raspel31: Don't go missing now Titch- need those 4- possies
pcaman2003: Excuse me if vocab deteriorates. Bloody Mary's going down in record time.
davywap: Are u unemployed snargy? Because you seem to be clueless and lame
pcaman2003: Can we recall Brian Lake by any chance Clarko?
davywap: Vintage Darling right there
Hazza09: Absolute useless Kosi
pcaman2003: Hazza. I've seen trees move faster.
bhg26: Itís hard for key forwards to score when their teams getting pumped
Raspel31: Sound like good bloody marys pcaman
pcaman2003: The best Raspel.Especially when you make your own.
Beast_Mode: eddie and derm make my ears bleed
davywap: Mitchell 40 touches, 10 metres gained
pcaman2003: Will someone show Kosi what a ball looks like.
bhg26: Thatís above average for Mitchell davywap
davywap: Ffs nic nat finish it off at least
pcaman2003: davywap. 1o metres? I read 240 gained. Am I missing something?
davywap: Prefer any commentator over David King, least appropriate surname ever
bhg26: Thatís wrong pcaman, error in the calculations
Hazza09: Useless Kosi
Beast_Mode: mate he's exaggerating for dramatic effect
Raspel31: Davywrap suffering from spud poisoning pcaman.
davywap: Exaggerating mate, that's an average of 6 metres per touch
davywap: Rasp suffering from watching Essendon the last 10 years
srj2409: what do u expect for an inside mid at the bottom of packs? He feeds to outsiders. Not meant to gain m
srj2409: explains dumping Treloar tho
Gotigres: I thought you were going to raise the bat cj
bhg26: Surely Jiath tons up in scaling
pcaman2003: Davywap. You don't suffer over the Pies. lol!
davywap: Sorry srj forgot you were the new fox footy expert analyst
Beast_Mode: he's in the top 5 fanfooty flogs of all time, which is impressive
srj2409: Impeys score should be 125+ surely scaling fixes
srj2409: Donít need to be an expert to know inside MIDs extract the ball just need to understand footy
davywap: Not as much as an Essendon fan
srj2409: Who beast?
davywap: Ok kingy
Beast_Mode: not you mate
davywap: Put your team up beast or stfu
davywap: Flog mode
srj2409: u really r an immature little fkr arenít you davy
srj2409: get fkd flog
davywap: No, just like pointing out when flogs online say dumb shower
davywap: And I'm the immature one.... go to bed young fella
BigChief: Could not agree more srj
original: Nic Nat beats kelly. Great ffs
Beast_Mode: just a little boy being a tough guy behind a screen lmao
srj2409: Yep