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pharace: I know Lynch is injured - but is he the Med Sub anyway?
Yelse: Risking Berry over RCDs 42
The39Steps: I need Frederick on asap.
Yelse: frederic i hope comes on very late opponent if he does opp had to field him
duckky: Rowe on fire :-)~
Yelse: Rowe is on fireee
Kidult: Felt like Rowe is the type of player to stand up in a game like this. Probably over thought but backed him to kick 4
Wahab_18: Traded out Rowe hope ya'll enjoy his score and thank me later :)
wadaramus: Good boy Jimmy!
Kidult: Lycett out for 2-3 with that
Gandhi: Yep, that's weeks
Yelse: can't believe i chose berry over rowe :(
DrSeuss: Opponent has Rowe - I have Tex and Laird. Money well spent it seems
bhg26: Flower you Rowe, the week I trade you out
pcaman2003: Got Walker in 2 weeks ago and got rid of Rowe this round. I should be a selector.
Foursuits: Let's get Frederick activated asap
Raspel31: And you finally bench Rowe, sigh.
Raspel31: That would indeed be much appreciated Foursuits.
navy_blues: rowe on fire lol
beerent11: No injuries please port
navy_blues: glad i traded tex
Raspel31: Tex looking likely to ton up yet again- groan.
Gotigres: Very glad so far I traded Walker out and Guthrie in.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Might do same this week b4 he bleeds too much money.
DrSeuss: Thatís it Tex - go to the bench. Have a rest from doing sweet FA
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. He won't be missed.
Gotigres: Walker back in form now pcaman. He was out of form for the first several weeks.
Yelse: i got berry and walker lol FML
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Lol! I got caught up in fools gold with Tex. Should've known better.
Dogs5416: Is Sloane a chance to play it out?
Raspel31: Has the Tex bubble indeed burst? Looking dangerous- to himself.
Silz90: whats wrong with tex bloody hell
DrSeuss: Tex just waltzing around - not looking interested - dropping balls - freaking useless
pcaman2003: No stats for Tex. Check his bank balance. Reckon he's throwing this one.
pcaman2003: Is Riley the orange boy this week? He's not playing.
Gotigres: Great qtr Sholl. Keep it up.
exatekk: Pretty sure you were all warned about bringing in Tex
m0nty: Butts has a very strong fist
faisca7: Butts going nuts
Raspel31: True exatekk but my mum also warned me against girls with lipstick and knee high boots.
Trindacut: I love butts
exatekk: At least its not boys with lipstick and knee high boots
kascadev8: adelaide 2 players down already? wtf is happening
Silz90: @raspel lol thats t
Raspel31: You might say that exxa but I couldn't possibly commemt. Go Tex.
exatekk: Each to their own Rasp haha
pcaman2003: Damn! Just missed Tex get his first points. Major milestone that is.
kascadev8: tex > ben brown. dont @ me
Kidult: @m0nty is there a limit on the watchlist as I have lost a few highlighted?
Napper: Come on Frederick come on the ground
beerent11: Goes to show what fredericks job security is like. Glad I didnít go early
kascadev8: only 80 points to go texan haha
Raspel31: Butts is looking firm but Thitithingummy thorp- phew
DrSeuss: Tex has had his 1 mark and kick - time to take the rest of the qtr off?
kascadev8: rowe officially my least favourite player, screwed me every week so far. very mean
navy_blues: lol
Raspel31: Iwish no harm on a living soul but I shan't complain if you come on Frederick- SOON!
pcaman2003: Thilthorpe is on the board.
m0nty: another big fist from Butts, you love to see it
davywap: Crom and Tex are poo again
davywap: I like big Butts
Raspel31: But he can't sit on that m0nty.
kascadev8: yes Bergs good boy, u can stay in, tex out but idk who for, butters aint back yet
pcaman2003: Geez Lairdy,stop doing clangers. I need you to score huge
kascadev8: rowe is gonna ton up. you r kidding me
Raspel31: One does begin to feel that big Tex has gone to the dusty corral in the sky- bring in Mr Toby?
Hazza09: Wow Rowe
DrSeuss: Tex needs to get further up the ground
Silz90: tex is gone next week - made enough cash
Ash777: Get rid of rowe and he does this
kascadev8: might DPP and get Clarry in for Tex
Raspel31: This is very naughty of you Rowe after I benched you- harrumph.
pcaman2003: Walker is deliberately throwing this. mNo on can be this bad.
DrSeuss: Too many talls in the forward line for the crows. Meanwhile Tex - you are such a muppet
Yelse: if rowe tones up big decision to bench zorko
davywap: Have Rowe in my team for some reason this week, happy about that
Gotigres: Great qtr Laird, Rowe and Sholl
Foursuits: Free Frederick !!!
Gotigres: No Sholl. You shall not go yin and yang
Raspel31: Frederick is innocent- set him free!
davywap: Stupid Port, didn't bring him in coz they drop him after 2 good games and now he's sub so will probably come on in the l
davywap: In the last
Malaka: Seedsman's 1's are like Laird's eyes ... too close together.
Raspel31: Well, this game is as fascinating as my grannie's brussells sprouts.
_Wang_: Rasp lol
pcaman2003: Rage trade Walker this week. Trade up to Marshall possibly.
sMiles: Milesy B - where are you... Get in the game
DrSeuss: You would think Tex would be up for the showdown - but nope cbf.
Beast_Mode: i reakon houston will get subbed out any second
exatekk: nothing to do with Tex Dr. The mids cant get it to him.
Silz90: does ur opp have tex drseuss? mine doesnt :(
Raspel31: I'll sttle on a quarter from Frederick's to avoid the donut.
twinpeaks: Houston subbed for Freddy - shoulder again
DrSeuss: True exa - but when the ball goes near him - he just fumbles, slips and no effort
Bulky: Good Lord, O'Brien is an absolute spud. Lumber around the oval like a baby giraffe with 3 legs.
pcaman2003: Walker should be put down like an old mangy dog.
Raspel31: Thank you Tex for showing some sign of muscle movement and respiration- many of us were worried.
kascadev8: tex... lucky all my opponents are bad this week cos youve been my worst
Foursuits: Now rack em up Fred
davywap: Here's Frederick to rub my nose in it
sMiles: fredrick as a sub... this sort of shower kills sc in my opinion
Raspel31: But a good forward goes looking for te pill when no delivery Exa- like Buddy in his prime.
DrSeuss: I had Walker Vs Motlop in this game - I thought that would be in my favour...
sMiles: they need to fix this - or even hard core scers like me will give it a swerve
sMiles: sub rule and how herald sun have handled has been the worst faeces possible
Stu7: Fanta you are shower - 4 points you flog
MrWalrus: To be fair Herald Sun and SC don't run the AFL who make the rules of the game
Stu7: That would be right , I bench Rowe and he scores well
kascadev8: flower you rowe
DrSeuss: Great 1 handball in that qtr Tex - way to inspire the team
Raspel31: Who would have tought benching Rowe over Tex would cost 50 points. Bye bye Tex- bye bye, Ta for the 3 pints Frederick.
Stu7: Ditto Kas
MrWalrus: Already locked in Rowe on the loop
davywap: Herald sun and sc could change their rules to cater for this sub shower
Stu7: Come on OíBrien you giraffe
pcaman2003: Is it just me or does Tex look more like a dog poo
DrSeuss: Tex has had his touch for this quarter - might as well go to the bench mate
navy_blues: wd rowe good score
Raspel31: Pcaman- that's harsh. He doesn't look like dog poo- he is dog poo. I too shall be rage trading.
davywap: Poo Walker
pcaman2003: Hahaha! Raspel. A runny one at that.
wadaramus: Poo Jogger.
DrSeuss: Laird dont stop now - need you to pick up some of Tex's slack
pcaman2003: Good thing we can still have a laugh over something so abysmal.
wadaramus: Rozee tackled with the ball, ball dislodged, free kick Rozee..
Raspel31: Whoops, stomache rumbling, need to go and do a Tex.
pcaman2003: Give it a good wipe Raspel. Guaranteed to be sticky and stinky.
colin wood: Tex lucky to be on 15 really..
Silz90: Who wins the showdown medal? Tex or Frederick
pcaman2003: To plunge the sword in further,Tex so bad he's off the ground.
Bazza2014: frederick was sub! lol
DrSeuss: Tex making Motlop look amazing - that is a special kind of suck
Raspel31: To be fair Silz- Frederick has 20 in a quarter. Tex managed that in a game.
Silz90: I know raspel I m just mucking around. He was pretty stiff to get dropped
Beast_Mode: tex scored 4 tons in a row, how many times has frederick done that?
Raspel31: Tex for rising star?
Harambe: Boak wins the medal. Rare achievement for a midfielder with 77 SC points to win BOG
wadaramus: Laird BOG, Boak medal is average.
sMiles: on national tv - "we cop a bit of faeces' think it's time to get with the times and be able to use 's'hit'
kascadev8: terrific tex, straight to clarry or marshall you go. thanks
sMiles: that was what the Port captain said... THey copped a bit of s'hit last week
sMiles: ANyway - See you next showdown Adelaide
obione05: How many ppl would have used a trade this weekend to cover for Frederick and then this happens