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Baldfrog: If the Dees win this ski resorts will go broke
Bazza2014: who is the subs? 9 mins to go, havent seen them???
Bazza2014: who are the subs? 3 mins to go?
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Chandler sub for Melbourne
PJ39301965: Go swannies
Bazza2014: very late on AFL website, had to see it on fox
sMiles: Go the Beard!
pjw1234: went for gawn over grundy as c and gulden over jordan as mid 8 fingers crossed
DrSeuss: Traded out Gulden this week - Opponent kept Gulden and Jordon
Yelse: ffsgot rid of gulden for zorko :( all 3 opponents kept him
Gotigres: Warner, you can join Gulden and Jordan in getting some points
Raspel31: Kept Gulden but put Jordon on instead of him- disaster?
kascadev8: gulden on 19 already, ur kidding, finally got rid of him too
pharace: Hill Wayward on the board already.....
Hazza09: Opp doesnít have Gulden, Gawn, Llyod, Warner, Oliver and Jordon
Hazza09: Going to be an interesting night
navy_blues: jordon a magnet tonight
Raspel31: Snapa- except Tracca not Oliver. Hazz
DrSeuss: I have Warner and Lloyd - opponent has Jordon. What a cluster F
pcaman2003: Be nice if Warner was a ball magnet.
MrWalrus: Hope no one has Gawn C, Hickey is like a ruck tagger
Raspel31: 10 touches in half a quarter- wow Jordon.
pcaman2003: Seuss. Same here! Long way to go yet.
Baldfrog: Umps screwing swans already
Raspel31: After last week I learned my lesson MrWalrus.
kascadev8: dont u dare ton up tonight gulden, ill b fuming
sMiles: didn't think it possible that gawn would have two shockers in a row... oopsie c - get on the park , Gawn
phivee: what is this umpiring lately? way too much opportunity to get rid of the ball
original: Gawn what u doing
Hazza09: Wtf Gawn
Badgerbadg: Jordon with the leather poisoning
Raspel31: Gawn and Lloyd sitting slightly below expected scores. Hmm? I'm an observant chap.
DrSeuss: Oh good, Lloyd not even taking kick ins now - WTF. Warner wake up you spud
pcaman2003: Stop Jordan someone FFS
navy_blues: go jordan go
original: How many people can play and throw head back for frees ffs
DrSeuss: How many times can Rampe ignore Lloyd while looking straight at him
original: Gawn lose 4 points for dropping that?
pcaman2003: Sorry about Gawny everyone. Still got the pins in him from last weeks Voodoo doll.
Baldfrog: Thanks pcaman
Beast_Mode: well it was a sitter...
Raspel31: That's more like it Lloyd- wish I'd kept Sebastian Farquaharson instead of Gawn.
duckky: Thats what a clanger costs @original
Hazza09: Frikin horror show Gawn
pcaman2003: Might have to put the pins into Jordan now.
Kidult: Hickey owning this year. Those with him still will be able to hold till Gawn is at his lowest point
original: Lol since when is a dropped intercept mark a clanger? Surely not
Silz90: dropping mark = clanger
sMiles: Gawn... please no
bhg26: Hickeys the number one ruck in the comp
Baldfrog: Intercept Orig? No one was near him
Silz90: I cant believe got scaled up to 128... i would of looped
Snarfy: Why do I buy Gawn for 756K. Oh thats right, because Hickey was long-term injured!
navy_blues: gawn gone from 12 to 19 since siren
original: Baldy intercept would refer to where kick originated from (opposition) regardless of if the mark is contested
bhg26: Should have got Sinclair instead Snarf, much better player than Gawn
bhg26: Must have been a good speech navy
original: Still smh that counting as negative points backing into back line and spilling the mark (yeh he shoulda had it tho)
original: Reckon gawn didnít lose points for that dropped mark hehe
Snarfy: I've got 8 players in this game. My heads spinning trying to keep up with 'em all.
Raspel31: 7 for me Snarfy- yep.
Beast_Mode: 5 here just need gawn to lift
circle52: Think a lot of us the same Silz90. Lets hope Gawn at least gets close
Badgerbadg: Chill cuzzi, big max will be just fine
Silz90: true circle - hope gawn kicks a couple of sausage rolls tonight
Raspel31: My first trade not made through injury- go Salem.
Silz90: I like it raspel. Is may on kick outs? I wanted to bring him in this week but was forced into other trades
Beast_Mode: my warner trade resulted in getting May in
Beast_Mode: only 408k is a bargin, before hawkins samshed his face he was averging 99
DrSeuss: Seriously - what did Jordon eat before this game.
Hazza09: Idiot Gulden
original: Obviously on gawn watch. Unsure gawny got points for that trip
Raspel31: Beginning to feel Jordon on for Gulden might indeed have been a canny move.
Bazza2014: gulden having a mare
duckky: I am just happy to be avoiding donuts for the first time in 3 weeks
Raspel31: Only 63 till BE Gulden- a shoe in.
Beast_Mode: i feel sorry for ppl who couldnt trade gulden 2 weeks ago like i did
Badgerbadg: Steven may will empty his pockets at half time to find that in fact buddy Franklin is in there.
Badgerbadg: @drseuss turns out jordon smashes 15 weetbix and one of those milos with 4 tablespoons and a little bit of milk
duckky: Footy Gods spoke Kickett
duckky: Pickett even
DrSeuss: Badger - if only he ate that much before I traded him
Raspel31: GOD captained Jordon.
pcaman2003: You're allowed to get the ball as well as tackle Warner.
GOD: GOD can confirm the C is on J. Jordon
Gotigres: God, there you are. Good to see you back.
Raspel31: I seem to have resurrected God. In nomine patre et spiritu sancte.
_Wang_: Still stuck with gulden
Gotigres: Raspel, is that in the name of the father and the holy spirit?
kascadev8: traded gulden and rowe this week. rowe putting me in the mud haha
original: Wouldnít mind buddy kicking 4 goals this half
Raspel31: I know only gin and vodka Gotigres- Gawn on the march.
faisca7: Lloyd got a tackly! Atta boy, your turn now Gawn. Get dirty big man
Raspel31: My one and only positive trade not covering injuries is Salem- bless you lad.
pcaman2003: Horse not a happy chappy.
sMiles: Don't think Oriordan gets a game next week after Longmire reaction then
sMiles: Congrats Raspel - I got burned by Salem 2 years ago.... lol - a littel early I was
davywap: Lever if you could just go ahead and get a touch, that'd be great
pcaman2003: Wish Warner would get going. Becoming the ultimate frustrating round.
sMiles: reward Gawn for that tackle FFS
DrSeuss: So true pca - for every player having a good game, I have another 1 or 2 playing terrible
Raspel31: For every Salem there's a Walker lurking- yep.
DrSeuss: Lloyd you want to get a touch? And Jordon can get stuffed - never played like this when on my team
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. I was hoping Warner would outscore Jordan. Wishful thinking maybe.
beerent11: Seems itís the end of being able to captain Gawn.
Gotigres: Get into the game Gawn and Oliver
Wo0lfee: Starting to think I should've taken Steele's 110VC ;(
DrSeuss: @pca - Jordon runs away from the ball and still comes to him. While Swans just ignoring Lloyd
Silz90: is the seagull on the bench>
Bazza2014: coach is looking a little hoalps
Raspel31: I tipped Melbourne to win 8 straight- I also have a very big nose.
DrSeuss: Lloyd on the bench - but Rampe and Dawson ignoring him while on the ground it seems.
Bazza2014: hoalps!
pcaman2003: Go seagull!
Silz90: finally seagull
Wo0lfee: If May could grow his hair out and bleach it, would be a reincarnation of Stephen Tingreat/Tinmay
Bazza2014: how come the chat wont allow the word h o a r s e - it makes it spell hoalps!
faisca7: Swear filter mate
Wo0lfee: *Tingreat
Bazza2014: really H o a r s e, lol
Raspel31: Write hoalps and you'll get h o a r s e .
Wo0lfee: ohhh...m0nty dat filter
faisca7: The last 4 letters get filtered to alps
Bazza2014: lol @raspel
faisca7: Some peope on here actually write the word flower sometimes and spell it wrong
Hazza09: Ffs Oliver
Bazza2014: as i was saying, the coach looking a little H o a r s e
Bazza2014: until now
Silz90: why isnt there a filter for isaac smith lol?
Napper: Come on Gawn
Hazza09: Oliver and Gawn both uniques this week in my league game and both having mares, frikin joke
faisca7: is there a filter for steele sidealps?
Stu7: Come on Papsmear and Warner
Wo0lfee: Biigg pts up for grabs given how close it is
DrSeuss: Come on Warner - lets get to 70
Raspel31: Don't fade from here lads- c'mon Demons.
beerent11: 110 will do maxy
davywap: Be lucky if he gets to 50
pcaman2003: Warner off the ground again.
Hazza09: No chance Warner gets 70
StuL: Gawn just had 3 possies for 1 pt. Hope its just slow
pcaman2003: It is Stuhl. They owe Warner points too
beerent11: Itís slow
sMiles: yeah - so in close games - Champion data dont' update in the last quarter and leave about 500 or more
sMiles: I am certain this is a thing
Ash777: Is Harmes back 2018 levels?
sMiles: then updates Gawn to 96 to make me look stupid ... faeces this is
Dondeal: Mills doesn't see, t be slowing down
Hazza09: I think gulden has to go this week, heís no longer relevant
Wo0lfee: Yes Millsy
pcaman2003: Don't like the system of scoring this years. Sucks!
Gotigres: Seems Mills is a better choice than Lloyd
beerent11: Big max
DrSeuss: Want to get involved Lloyd?
Gotigres: Game is 4 quarters Jordan, not 2
_Wang_: If you have gawn at vc at what number do you lock him in
BOMBRBLITZ: well done Maxxy
sMiles: Keep going Bearded one
Wo0lfee: @wang 120 or more
Crave: 110 probably good this week, Macrae might get the Curnow tag
_Wang_: Wool fee agreed was thinking 125
Ash777: go swans
Raspel31: Rule of thumb is 125 Wang though I'm sticking with Macrae.
Ash777: give harmes the zombie icon
Wo0lfee: @wang, been playing since inception. Best to play the %s. Having my worst yr yet tho, laughable.
_Wang_: I'll be taking 120 plus woolf
circle52: pcaman Agree with you seems the last two weeks mopst games had 2/300 points to be allocatted
Hazza09: Cya Gulden, thanks for the 200k
beerent11: Dees trusting Jackson a lot.
Raspel31: Where you be gone Slam and Tracca?
beerent11: Wouldíve taken grundys 129 but scaling wasnít done before this game started
Bazza2014: cmon harmesy!
circle52: Same Beerent - Lets hope scaling here gets Gawn close to that
Crave: Oliver massive last quarter
Raspel31: I rather doubt it circle.
beerent11: Only 44 points difference now circle not too bad
Beast_Mode: gawn will be under 120
Stu7: Gulden youíre traded gimp
circle52: Really only 22 beerent Grundy C + Gawn
circle52: 362 Gawn C and Grundy
circle52: and Still 200 points to allocatte
gIMX7: give em all to Chad Warner please CD
beerent11: Grundy 258 Gawn 212 circle
navy_blues: grundy 256
navy_blues: so 44 diff
Dr Bones: Nope
circle52: Have this argument every year with points loss
beerent11: Lol
circle52: You have to do the maths so with Gawn as C 212 + grundy 128 340
circle52: Grundy as C 256 + Gawn 106 362 so only 22 net points loss
circle52: and with scaling now only 16 points loss