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Baldfrog: Today's Cup is sponsored by Australia's Potato Farmers
BigChief: Wrong Brown in green shirt m0nty
Manowar: North first win coming up today!
DEESareSAD: Murphy, Grundy, ziebell and Powell for me
DrSeuss: Hall, Grundy, Stephenson - need something from you all this afternoon.
kascadev8: grundy ziebell for me
Yelse: seriously pies defence so many dumb mistakes its so baffling
Snarfy: Norf are a shoe-in!
Baldfrog: Couple of Muppet for Ziebel already
DrSeuss: With Ziebell and LDU getting lots of kicks - Norf might be in trouble.
gIMX7: Come on North, I want that top pick
Yelse: FFS 2/3 opponents went zeibel VC
BigChief: Coll will get pick 1 with matching bid on Daicos.
hinsch: you get the feeling with this game their are only 10 players per side the rest are just filling in spots
Kidult: Hopefully Poulter puts up a nice game going onto his bubble
pcaman2003: Grundy,Powell and Ziebel in this. Want Grundy 140+ so I can relax
DrSeuss: Ok Hall and Powell - time to get back on lads.
pcaman2003: Umpires letting it go a bit here.
Yelse: thats bull pies should have had a couple of frees
kascadev8: disappointed that R2D2 isnt playing
TheFlagger: here come the mighty kangas!
pcaman2003: kaskadev. Prefer C2PO as is taller and a greater mark.
StuL: The O'Henry candy bar fortune isn't helping O Henry.
kascadev8: ziebell seagull better
Bulky: O'Henry candy bars are delicious, scrumptious, outstanding.
davywap: Wish Stevo was this motivated last year
davywap: Totally yelse
Yelse: not VC zebec or grundy gone hurt me bad
Yelse: finally moore playing where he belongs
Bazza2014: hoskin elliot playing for his career?
Yelse: Hoskin hasn't played a good game for 2 years but never gets dropped
cwall66: how many total points are in a supercoach game?
Kidult: 3300 and the other has scaled
Napper: Murphy losing points for being alive
Manowar: collingwood getting a good run with the umpires! no surprise there!
Bazza2014: should be traded for a packet of twisties
Bazza2014: buckleys career will be over tonight if roos win
Bazza2014: degoey the difference
kascadev8: ziebell ive thrown chips on the ground, go eat son
Bazza2014: roos dont have an equivalent
pharace: Haha
sMiles: why is ziebell off?
pcaman2003: Has Grundy scored points this qtr yet?
Bazza2014: this is being umpried poorly
Napper: Come on Murphy
pharace: Ziebs cant see the chips on the bench
davywap: Manowar you're kidding yourself, they got a goal from 2 shower non-decisions within seconds
StuL: Are tomorrows teams going to be named b4 the games start? Thanks AFL. Trade strategy killed
StuL: Come on Nth. I want to see crying.pies.
pharace: Nice goal Cambo - Ziebs on
davywap: You won't see crying Stu, we're not handbaggers like the Cats fans
pharace: Nice 12 pts Zieb lol
Pies20: We are already crying stul
a1trader: Nathan Murphy looks ok
cwall66: degoey has to be the most overated player of all time
kascadev8: @davy hey, i only cried because it was Rowell who was injured
Phasir: Would the pies actually like to finish last this year so they get #1 pick + Daicos?
pcaman2003: Powell gr8 tackle on Murphy and took him to ground and not paid. FU CD
StuL: My team has never been my lifetime
Bazza2014: sheesh that fwit last night carrying on about Jelwood, sheesh
pharace: Give it to Ziebs Hall!
Migz: are we taking zerrets VC score of 131
kascadev8: trinda hahaha Baz, was a good game to watch
Baldfrog: Stul thats because of the endless brown paper bags the afl gives you
Manowar: another soft free to Collingwood!
pcaman2003: Bazza. Just a troll and nothing else. Best to be ignored completely.
gIMX7: I am Migz, cant take chances this week
sMiles: why was that a 50?
davywap: We traded our first pick phasir
Ben_Gogos: Bonar struggles reminiscent of a Dawson/Rocca from all those years back.
StuL: Showi g your age Baldy. You're thinking of Carlton
davywap: Thought you'd like that one Manowar, even thought
_Wang_: I traded in Murphy he may actually play next week lol
davywap: Even though it was a clear free against a defender who shower himself and gave it away
Pies20: Over rated? 4.3 today he must be able to play a bit cwall
Raspel31: Just home after 10 pints. Does anyone speak English here?
Bazza2014: OMG deliberate, what a joke
MercAm: That is such a bad call. Umpiring has been shocking on both ends today
davywap: Plenty of heavy brown bags have headed over to the Ford factory over the years Stu
Baldfrog: Na how do you fit Hawkins,danger Cameron, Duncan,Higgins, selwood,dahlhouse, Stewart under salary cap?
kascadev8: will murphy play when howe comes back in? (think thats next week) need to replace Chapman next week
Manowar: I can not take much more of this umpire cheating!
Kidult: I'd say Keane comes out for Howe
pcaman2003: @Ben. Now there's a memory. Dawson changed teams fortunately. Worst full back in history
davywap: Haha hahahaha your tears are delicious manowar
kascadev8: ziebell wants the kickin so bad, i like it
Bazza2014: castagna did that last night, and not called and shouldnt have been but zurhaars, absolute blight on the game that decis
DrSeuss: Damnit Hall - get off the bench
davywap: If Murphy gets dropped I'll spew up
_Wang_: Davy Murphy looked solid
kascadev8: ive missed the murphy boat it seems, which rookie can it be next week for chapman
davywap: Keep eating those chippies Zieb
a1trader: was hoping to see Stephenson kick the winner after the siren but it looks over already
Baldfrog: I was gunna bring in Murphy wish I did now
Raspel31: Can we see photographic evidence davy- just sayng?
DrSeuss: Keep going Hall, need you to overtake the ZieGull
davywap: Wtf is hall doing kicking out? Sort that shower out Zieb!
Pies20: Moore down back what a difference
pcaman2003: Be interesting to see if Powell's 2nd tackle goes on at half time.
Kidult: Did anyone VC Ziebell/Grundy?
kascadev8: moore for D6?
davywap: I will film and post rasp
Pies20: Vc grundy
navy_blues: i went ziebell
Raspel31: Don't get excited- remember these are the bottom 2 teams. I could score 200 against Norff.
davywap: I didn't c or vc Grundy with week coz he was playing Goldy, I think I made a huge mistake
navy_blues: only cos playing against my son this week and he went grundy
Beast_Mode: i have the vc on grundy but realize it doesnt matter because all my emg have played ffs lol
beerent11: Classic degoey. Shows up when itís easy.
cmperrfect: Do you take cash or card Rasp? Lol
davywap: Yep, 2018 pf and gf were a no pressure at all
sMiles: that cotchin ad for Aami - does my head in how stupid it is
navy_blues: u gotta admit degoey is a underperformer davy?
sMiles: who to drop for VC and RCD - Guilden or Jordan Thinkn Guilden gets benched?
Raspel31: Strictly cash cmperrfect.
pharace: Doesn't it give you the tits when your team is that good Beast....
kascadev8: ziebell seagull already u silly boy
Raspel31: Let's be honest- this is just the warm up game before the adults start playing.
Silz90: come on vc grundy
beerent11: I can hear the sharpening of knives
Beast_Mode: gawn or macrae for C?
DrSeuss: Bucks getting a little nervous
navy_blues: thinking maybe boak for C against crows
pharace: Hooray Ziebs, take the kick out away from Hall
Raspel31: Macrae for me Beast- but do you need to decide now?
Baldfrog: Someone get Bucks a ring sizer could need a Doc soon
beerent11: Whoíd you vc beast?
Beast_Mode: grundy but i forgot about my emergencies, they've already played :/
pcaman2003: Have Grundy into Macrae. Hopefully won'[t need Macca
pcaman2003: C'mon Powell and get busy son.
boxy36: Man I'm sick of waiting around for teams to drop before making trades -_-
pcaman2003: Stop going backwards Grundy. Want min 140 from you.
beerent11: Anyone pick up Campbell when he was on the bubble?
sMiles: Is Murphy on ground or getting checked for concussion - anyone know?
DrSeuss: How is Ziebells SC so high - so many turnovers and his kicks leading to goals
Silz90: anyone getting poulter next week? what his js like?
Raspel31: How is Aiebell's SC score so low?
wadaramus: Grundy 2 muppets but 100% DE?
Beast_Mode: other ways to get muppets
Raspel31: Ach- Ziebell.
Beast_Mode: free kicks against for example
pcaman2003: Powel has totally stopped this qtr.
Silz90: free kicks against = muppet
PJ39301965: Murphy must be injured been off the ground for a long time now
Hazza09: Is Murphy done?
beerent11: Got a head knock pj
PJ39301965: Yeah beer I saw but I havenít heard anything about him
beerent11: Looked like he was out for a little while. flowered.
m0nty: Murphy subbed off
Silz90: D Cameron > Cox
PJ39301965: Brown is on, wonder if itís for hi,
beerent11: flowers sake. Hope he gets back in after his concussion holiday.
Raspel31: If you can beat Norff you can beat anyone. Sky's the limit.
beerent11: Iím throwing the toys out the cot.
pharace: Everyone > Cox
Yelse: who will score more berry or ROWE? need to see where to put zorko
Hazza09: Has Powell gone home?
pharace: Whichberry?
pcaman2003: Yelse. Flip a coin mate.
pcaman2003: Hazza. I think he slipped home that qtr.,but back fro a massive last qtr.
Raspel31: I'd stick with Rowe Yelse- almost guaranteed to get a touch in the first 120 minutes.
Spifflicat: Thanks Rasp, I got a chuckle out of that
Napper: I trade in Murphy now heís concussed wow
davywap: Rowe is that shiity, low scoring small forward u get stuck with all year until he's not worth even trading
pcaman2003: The way Grundy going, looks like I'll have to go with Macrae
BigChief: What the flower is that BS free? How about kicking in danger?
Bazza2014: flower me thats kicking in danger
navy_blues: grrr ziebell inj now
Torz: Ziebell done his shoulder
twinpeaks: Ziebell off with a shoulder from the kicking in danger
royboy16: so no smothering now?
pcaman2003: Shocker of a decision
Beast_Mode: i think ziells will be alright, just bruising at worst
Bazza2014: been some barry crockers in this game
davywap: He wasn't there until after the went to kick it so he dived on it, hence the free
pharace: Contact Goalkeeper!
davywap: Lol that wasnt a smoother
Bazza2014: and now pointing the wrong way fmd
Napper: What injury does Murphy has
pharace: It used to be kicking in danger - my the times change
davywap: If u think the Ziebell one was showere, norf just got their pay back with that soft one
sMiles: Concusion for Murphy and will be out next week too
Raspel31: Head knock Napper.
wadaramus: Concussion
MrWalrus: I feel that Ziegull one was pretty stiff, kick in the elbow, free against
wadaramus: Traded him in this week.
Napper: What is my luck
beerent11: Fan footy bingo... what score do I take for grundy?
Beast_Mode: 130 plus
beerent11: Bingo
Beast_Mode: ziebs back on the ground, looking for more chips
clay007: Poulter better game than Dusty, SC have a good hard look at your scoring
sMiles: shower umpiring
Dogs5416: Makes sense clay, what's your issue?
sMiles: shower skills
pcaman2003: Get the ball Powell..
Hazza09: Cheers Powell for going Home after half time
clay007: Dusty gets some many possessions under heat, Poulter cruises along the wing, all uncontested. Cmon Doug!
beerent11: Poulter knows how to play on the wing
MrWalrus: I'm with ya clay, lot of points to go
clay007: I think Dusty knows how to play footy Beerent!
Dogs5416: Dusty also had 3 kicks and 7 handballs for a half. 62% DE, 4 clangers, 0 tackles. Shower,
clay007: All under the pump Doug! Not shower!
beerent11: Wasnít joining that conversation clay. Calm the farm brother
Dogs5416: 3 kicks 4 handballs sorry. Anyway, different game, different impact from players, different scores. Go poulter
beerent11: And stop yelling at us please
clay007: I think you did join the convo Beerent but, all good. You deserve your say.
davywap: Not enough behinds from Collingwood this quarter for Ziebs to get his hands on the footy
beerent11: Youíre wearing out the ! key
clay007: Beerent- The Grammar God.
beerent11: Ok mate
clay007: Sorry Fellas. Clearly Poulter a better footballer. My apologies. I usually watch the lawn bowls. No exclamation point.
Beast_Mode: i've had enough of both you muppets
pcaman2003: Powell 24 pt 2nd half very disappointing.
clay007: I still like Beerent. He is a entitled to his views, I looked up Tossbag and saw a picture of Beast_Mode
beerent11: Bunch of floweren idiots on here lately
Beast_Mode: good one mate, certified flog
Hazza09: Frederick sub
Silz90: agree beer
clay007: I don't think that arguing that Poulter's impact was less than Dusty's was idiotic but, it is what is.
Gotigres: Looking at the freo website, Frederick is named on interchange bench
Hutto: De Goey should have got the blue moon not a star
clay007: More than Dusty's
pcaman2003: Hope scaling completed b4 next game
pharace: 2 x Fredericks
MrWalrus: Bank grundy, hickey is AIDS to opposition rucks