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Manowar: Gold Coast!
DrSeuss: Steele and Farrar in this one. With Burgess on the bench with an E - just in case he somehow goes well.
PAFC4eva: no players hope gc win
TheFlagger: i do PAFC so Highmore gets a run
Raspel31: If there's a silver lining to this year it's that I have plenty of cover for the loop- groan. And brought in Frederiks-s
Baldfrog: Only Clark and Steele
DrSeuss: Missed the Steele handball?
bhg26: Games started steele
TheFlagger: touk miller having a great year - like aaron hall at gold coast
Kidult: Cmon Steele two more stinker games to bottom out so I can pay mid 500k for u
pcaman2003: Hi all! Only Bowes in this one.
Beast_Mode: good afternoon lads
DrSeuss: Any time now Steele - getting ignored by team mates though
bhg26: Steele stop being a flowering spud
bhg26: Doing as much as paddy dud
pharace: Come on Jack from StKilda!
Raspel31: Set Highmore free!
Baldfrog: Pretty big insult their Bhg
bhg26: Hopefully itíll get him going baldfrog
pcaman2003: Raspel. Still can't believe he's not playing. Was BOG in VFL last week
Raspel31: Agreed pcaman- have to stick wit him though.
Beast_Mode: too many guns in the backline lol
Raspel31: Lol indeed Beast.
pcaman2003: Beast. Lol!Yep!
pcaman2003: Who was lucky enough to have Dusty in their team?
Napper: Traded in Steele couple weeks ago and barely scraping the ton
pharace: If there Beast, they are loaded with blanks
Raspel31: Oh yeah, that would be me pcaman.
Baldfrog: Me pcaman next topic
pharace: Kicker outerers having a field day!
pcaman2003: Baldy,Raspel. Pretty sad to watch
Baldfrog: Saints going well in the shade
pcaman2003: Baldy, Raspel. Pretty sad really. Needed a Bex after it.
Raspel31: Looked like his mind was still in Kiwiland pcaman.
BigChief: So it was Napper who killed Steele scores.
Baldfrog: Sadly so many players get that big contract then slack off
pcaman2003: Baldy. He totally disappeared 2nd half when needed.
Ben_Gogos: 26 minute Q... Games are too short heroan!
DrSeuss: Not good when Burgess is your best player out of 4 in this game.
Baldfrog: Pcaman said last night he never chased after 1 opponents
Ben_Gogos: Heroan?? heroan!
pcaman2003: Bowes has been my saving grace this year. He's been terrific.
pcaman2003: You did Baldy. I remember you saying that. He slacked it.
Beast_Mode: lol I knew Ellis would suck a few ppl in
Baldfrog: Who does he play for @Ben?
BigChief: He is the Bris coach @Baldfrog
Baldfrog: Haha cheers for clearing that up chief
Snarfy: Afternoon all. This farrar is a dry well. If Clark and Steele don't do anything today I'll trade both of 'em!
navy_blues: will watch this game better than listening to kelli underwood
Raspel31: Finding it hard to keep up with the score- ticking over so much.
Ben_Gogos: @Baldfrog I'm trying to write the name of the Brisbane Lions coach...
Ben_Gogos: Great pick with Bowes @pcaman2003
Beast_Mode: ffs steele stop butchering the pill
Baldfrog: Just write old guy then Ben easier m8
Raspel31: I did consider Bowes Ben- do I get an honourable mention?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Still quite cheap and Ave of 105. He's so consistent which is what you want
Baldfrog: Suck suck Raspel
Baldfrog: heroan
circle52: I have Bowes as well
Raspel31: Frankly I prefer sychophant Bald- I mean really!
DrSeuss: Haha Burgess hitting his brick wall early this game
pcaman2003: circles52. He always works hard at getting the ball the whole game,not just part of it. That's why I got him
davywap: Do more stuff Bowes
Raspel31: Well, Bowes just did more STUFF davy.
bhg26: Steeles forgotten how to footy it seems
davywap: Yeah a behind is not the stiff i was after but I'll take an inside 50 mark
Snarfy: Hunter Clark is obviously turning the ball over a lot.!
bhg26: Iíll never forget when I was playing my cricket grand final and Max King was cheering for the other team
DrSeuss: Byrnes and Burgess just decided to stop that qtr??
Raspel31: Was that against India bhg?
bhg26: Worse Raspel, Cluden
kascadev8: afternoon everyone, butler just got destroyed
Raspel31: Go Mr Jones- only in my Draft but noice.
Raspel31: Ah, the might of Cluden bhg. Tough.
davywap: Get in there Bowes, SC points for brawling?
Ben_Gogos: More class shown in the jiu-jitsu moves at HT than the footy. Lemmens looking for the UFC gig?
bhg26: Itís okay raspel, we rolled them
Napper: Where is Steele playing Iím not watching
cmperrfect: Would love a 70 odd from Farrar today.
Ben_Gogos: @Napper primarily midfield. A little bit forward but pretty much the same old role.
pcaman2003: Geez Bowes! Did I talk you up too soon?
davywap: Things pretty bad for the Pies considering they lost to ones these poo teams
beerent11: Yes Jack
_Wang_: Cmon Steele ton up at least
BigChief: If these teams are poo @davy what does that make Coll?
navy_blues: i hope norf win today game of round for me
Baldfrog: That would be sweet Navy
beerent11: Doesnít look like Marshall will be getting any cheaper
PAFC4eva: how does wood get a late callup in front of highmore
bhg26: No one knows PAFC
Ash777: Jones having a mare of game in this qtr.
PAFC4eva: rattens a flog
Beast_Mode: pretty simple really. wood and highmore play at opposite ends of the the ground
pharace: Wow, someone at CD must have traded in Marshall to their team
PAFC4eva: what position does ross play
Torz: Midfield PAFC
Baldfrog: Beast is the Oracle has all the sensible answers
BigChief: @Beast Ross plays HB/Mid so Highmore would have been the better choice. Wood is a key Fwd.
PAFC4eva: so why not highmore instead of wood
Ash777: wood has been played out of position all career. He should be a winger.
pharace: Wood also looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane
Torz: They finally kick it to Farrar and he drops it. Fmd.
_Wang_: Wood is shower
navy_blues: scores arent changing
Baldfrog: Clark 69% gametime no wonder he can't ton up
DrSeuss: Burgess hasnít moved since the 1st qtr - promised so much. Returned to spud mode
pcaman2003: Big last qtr from you please Bowes. Time to moving.
navy_blues: steele stay low plz
beerent11: Must be a legitimate reason highmore isnít playing. Iíd back the saints coaches to know more than SuperCoach players.
Napper: Come on farrar get to 90
_Wang_: Of course beer but whinging is tbe best part of sc
BigChief: Okay Steele you can start now.
Bazza2014: miller hammy?
feralmong: just got in. Is there something wrong with these SC scores?
pcaman2003: Wang. Lol! Nice comeback.
Dogs5416: Beerent, highmore was emergency and didn't play all weekend. Drops to vfl and has 40 odd, back to emergency. No chance
davywap: Bowes of u could go ahead and get a touch, that'd be great
beerent11: Read below dogs. Just my opinion. What would I know.
bhg26: Steele went down a point for hitting Higgins on the chest
Beast_Mode: relax still 500 pts, steele will tone easy
davywap: How the flower did we lose to this shower?
BigChief: Don't you know CD don't have Steele in their team?
BigChief: Because Coll are useless tools @davy. Pretty simple really.
bhg26: Forgot CD flowers off with 10 minutes to go in the game
davywap: You would be an expert on being a useless tool I'm guessing chief
davywap: You also seem pretty simple
Napper: Are scores flogged or is no one hitting targets?
Baldfrog: Since your an expert Davy you tell us why u lost then?
BigChief: 1 win and 6 losses says it all Davy. And that 1 win was over Carl.
JockMcPie: They don't really update SC scores in the last quarter guys, its ok :)
BigChief: Napper scores are not updating late in games recently.
Nurfed: We are terrible cant even deny that davy
davywap: Losing makes them useless tools does it? No, saying that makes you one
davywap: Didn't deny that nurfed
davywap: Was kinda my point, didn't ask for insults from online trolls though
Napper: I swear farrar was like 58 come on finish strong
_Wang_: Jeez there's some scaling to come
davywap: No expert crom, was asking how we lost. Pretty sure it wasn't because we're all useless tools
_Wang_: Steele shoukd be more than 91
davywap: You'd actually be the expert on why teams are shower baldy after watching Crom last year
BigChief: So you play for Coll now do you Davy? I said Coll are useless tolls, not the fans.
Beast_Mode: wanger relax, he'll get like 25-30 pts after scaling
hinsch: wang clanger and efficiency rate is no helping Steele
Baldfrog: So you insult others but sook when it's you righto
_Wang_: Agreed hinsch
_Wang_: Thanks beast
davywap: Still a shower thing to say, unless your referring to criminals, lawyers or conservatives
davywap: How did i insult you ?
Beast_Mode: still 400pts to go around
gIMX7: imagine picking Mason Wood over Highmore lmao
original: gIMX7 how bad a deed must he have done? Get highmore in
Beast_Mode: He must have slipped one in Rattens missus
gIMX7: Clark with the 95 in only 68% TOG. Imagine if the kent ctually played a whole game