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circle52: Game has started
m0nty: not quite yet...
pharace: has now - first goal 2m Peter
Migz: 4 POINTS for a long kick goal assist. you what SC
PAFC4eva: vc merret go boy
Manowar: Greater Western Sydney!
Migz: nm there we go. :p
pharace: 2 goals ina minute
Raspel31: And 3 in 5 minutes prace- bit different than the other game.
PAFC4eva: does anybody know if kelly midfield
TheFlagger: drop langford
Migz: is bruhn allergic to the ball :v
pcaman2003: Just Zerrett in this. 120+ would be good. Help make up for useless Dusty.
Hazza09: Ward hard tag on Merrett
pharace: Phillips killing Mummy so far
Beast_Mode: ridley and whitfield are looking like great cheap pick ups in a week or two!
duckky: Keep the muppett on Langford
bhg26: Ridley, Merrett, Hind and Steele in the other game, flower me
pharace: Sproule looks like one of those bendable Gumby's
Raspel31: Zerrett- your 1 touch was superb- now for the other 35
DrSeuss: Taranto gets paid tackles for standing next to them - freaking joke
Hazza09: Ofcourse Taranto will go 150 today
DrSeuss: Opponent has him too Hazza. He does tend fade late - but GWS running away with it might help
Raspel31: Oh dear golly gosh Bombers.
TheFlagger: imagine if taranto had better efficiency
BigChief: Any time today Cumming would be nice.
DEESareSAD: Taranto is pretty awesome ngl
bhg26: Oh Hind
cmperrfect: Keep going Taranto
Baldfrog: Slow down Ridley I want you cheap cheap
Raspel31: I feel we've still got this.
cmperrfect: Ever the optimist Raspel.
aces-high: 2 Merrett tackles not paid
DrSeuss: Cox and McGrath for me - Opponent with Taranto and Zerrett - Going well so far
Hazza09: @Suess I bring all my opponents players into form, story of my year
duckky: I have greene, ridley and the butcher today
cmperrfect: Ridley BE 204. Looking good next week.
Beast_Mode: if ridley score under 110, he'll be sub 500k
Baldfrog: Thats what I'm hoping Beast
gIMX7: Zerrett still copping a hard tag?
AlsoGmax: Nice start for VC TT.
pcaman2003: Hold off Riddles for 2 weeks at bottom price. Problem is everyone will get him.
Hazza09: Merrett score looks wrong. 26 for 9 disposals
duckky: Nil contested Hazza
duckky: Sorry 2 contested
TheFlagger: merrett has one foot out the door
Hazza09: Been watching @duckyy should be on 40
pcaman2003: Has 2 FF but DE letting his scoring down.
Baldfrog: Never seen a useless hooker till now
DrSeuss: McGrath and Cox do something FFS - Zerrett hunts the ball while you both sit and do nothing - get a touch
cmperrfect: Depends what he scores this week pca
kascadev8: afternoon all
pcaman2003: Good going Zerrett,but get that DE up
DEESareSAD: Merrett twice got a ff but didnít get to take them
Malaka: Onya, Two Moida Poida!
Raspel31: Arvo kasca and good boy Aerrett.
cmperrfect: Canít wait till the teams are named Thurs nights. Sick of the mid round trading.
kascadev8: taranto ridles merrett keep going legends
beerent11: Haha why flagger?
Raspel31: Think we all agree on that one cmperrfect.
Hazza09: Merrett heating up finally
pharace: cmperfect again!
kascadev8: taranto dont stop now
LMartos: Kasca taranto spent 8 minutes off to start the quarter
kascadev8: @LM just turned the footy on, thanks bud
bhg26: Move your alps hind
duckky: Please keep that muppet on Langford
pcaman2003: Someone lit a match under Zerrett. He's on fire now. Keep going
cmperrfect: Stewart is not defenders ahole. Donít know why they persist playing him there.
Hutto: Taranto on the bench again. Wow
kascadev8: taranto wakey wakey
Silz90: Confirmed on sen. Taranto has ligma
duckky: So do we get some biffo at 1/2 time?
bc__: Ligma?
bhg26: Oh no bc
ballbag: 💩 poaahhh Stringer, youre stinkin out my team 💩
DEESareSAD: Y is Taranto on the bench again!
DrSeuss: McGrath you want to get involved you Spud.
pcaman2003: Will Zerrett fall apart this half? Has had a habit of it.
original: Thatís enough Taranto
TheFlagger: yes bruhn!
Baldfrog: Hopefully Flynn back next week Mummy needs a rest
StuL: Parish has broken out. Not McGrath
shaker: Greene mark 2kicks 1 behind 1goal = 6 points?
Hazza09: Merrett has gone home
Napper: Come on merret and Ridley
cmperrfect: You are a spud Stewart.
pcaman2003: Understand the pain cmperrfect,but his proj was only 45. Can't expect too much
DrSeuss: Parish is taking all of McGraths outside ball it seems.
kascadev8: zerrett ridles taranto dont stop
ballbag: flog stringer. damn fool for having you in my team. im furious ya piecer 💩
TheFlagger: tarantoooo
cmperrfect: Iím talking defensive ability pca, not SC scoring.
pcaman2003: Well! That was an ordinary qtr Zerrett. Pity you can't put together 4 qtrs.
DrSeuss: Holy Shiz - McGrath got a touch. Another 10 of those and you might be ok.
LMartos: Taranto was on 115 after his goal according to FoxFooty
cmperrfect: Where is Amiga? Heíd be loving this McGrath performance lol
DEESareSAD: Ye saw that LMartos pretty nice aye
LMartos: There we go, was waiting for the update
original: Flower off taranto
Baldfrog: Gee Kelly has been flyin since 1st qtr
bhg26: Finish strong Zerrett, Riddles and Hind
kascadev8: merrett and ridley hurry up ahah, wax for a bit
PAFC4eva: good to see baldy brought him in thi
Baldfrog: Pull a left nut Riddles want you cheap
Baldfrog: Nope I didnt
PAFC4eva: this week
kascadev8: prefer that he keeps his pants clean Bald
ballbag: dont stop now tarantino
Beast_Mode: last few weeks good for kelly, his seaosn overall has been rubbish tho, always gets injured when i had him
Baldfrog: Your no fun Kasca
Snarfy: Can anyone tell me how you extend out the statistics columns?
Yelse: who to drop for zorko Rowe or Berry ?
Yelse: Who did everyone VC and C
PAFC4eva: plz dont get him beast
Baldfrog: Reason I don't get kelly Beast always gets injured
Beast_Mode: yea same mate, he's really good value so its tempting
kascadev8: ive gone Grundy into Walsh @Yelse
Baldfrog: Yelse had VC on Dusty C is on Oliver
DEESareSAD: Gawn into Lyons yelse
Yelse: grundy v goldy?
gIMX7: Zerett into Gawn Yelse
Yelse: thinking Gawn into Mac or Ollie
TheFlagger: ziebell into lyons
snake_p: duncan into Flynn
Beast_Mode: grundy into gawn or macrae
bhg26: Grundy captain, yay or nay?
_Wang_: Gawn into macrae
Yelse: Tarranto getting stooged her the assist to kelly nothing
kascadev8: tempted by ziebell, both teams are so bad he might actually score, gonna vc him now
BigChief: Yelse SC scores don't update much in last 1/4 now.
Dogs5416: Grundy in to gawn for me
original: Draft oppo has Taranto ffs but also has whitfield and hopper and hind
pharace: Please don;t Kasca, you'll moz us all!
DrSeuss: Wake TF up McGrath - you too Cox
bhg26: Going Macrae captain
faisca7: Will Steele get a decent scale up anyone?? My only loophole option is macrae and he starts in 2 mins
amigaman: Jones mark, kick, goal. CD 2pts
kascadev8: too bad pharc, unlugge
mattmac24: I have also VC's Ziebell and Macrae my backup.
pcaman2003: John Holmes into Linda Lovelace for me.
Beast_Mode: lol, showing your age pca
pcaman2003: Right about Zerrett. As usual puts cue in rack 2nd half.
pcaman2003: Beast. I'm just a sad old man. lol!
DEESareSAD: How old are yíall? Iím just 14
kascadev8: ridles get a touch ffs
Beast_Mode: still 500 sc pts to be shared lmao
Beast_Mode: jack steele 110sc
DrSeuss: McGrath and Cox - both flaccid today
Migz: would you take bruhns score over berry playing for adelaide?
DEESareSAD: Ye mugs
pcaman2003: C'mon Zerrett and kick the winning goal
Baldfrog: Yeah migz
amigaman: Nice win umps
StuL: Booo!
pcaman2003: Game over! Next!
Dondeal: flower you umpires
Beast_Mode: sucked in!! lol
StuL: Bruhn couldnt get it done. That's all that matters
Beast_Mode: honorable loss
Phasir: Wow. Langford's SC is savage.
Migz: bruhn going backwards and theres 300 points to be given out!!
tommy10: Umps again. Looks like theyíll be winning the Brownlow with the 3 votes they get each week
TheFlagger: free kick essington
tommy10: You mean Giants Flogger..i mean Flagger