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Yelse: screwed by frederick drop! who to bring in now
amigaman: Ouch! That's why I never pick rookies until they are picked for their 3rd game
kascadev8: forced to go to RCD tonight, sick of fielding gulden and rowe. relying on no defenders out now
Yelse: Is thilthorpe too expensive to bring in ?
kascadev8: brought tommy atkins into my forward line over Rowe, hopefully a good pod
bhg26: Got the vc on dusty tonight
Yelse: nathan murphy or RCD? thats what i down to now
Baldfrog: will Murphy hold his spot when Howe comes back Yelse?
Baldfrog: Test
saintbart1: Got the Vc on Guthrie. Seems to score well when danger doesnít play
Yelse: why isn't highmore and flynn getting a game ffs
Gotigres: Walker out. Guthrie In and my vc. Surely the curse of SC will strike Guthrie down
kascadev8: come on atkins and stewart
m0nty: Henry at FB, Blicavs on ball
Raspel31: Walker out. Ffs sake. If there is a silver lining to this nightmare of a season I at least have so many loop options
Manowar: Hawkins not doing much tonight!
TheFlagger: surely a forward tag on stewart
kascadev8: @Rasp which walker
pcaman2003: Thanks Raspwl.....not! Brought him in last week for a paltry 45 return and now out. FFS !
circle52: Have decided on Chapman to Murphy who is on bench and then Cripps To Lloyd via Laird.
Raspel31: Ah, phew, not Adelaide kasca?
Ash777: Guthrie is my vc too
Ash777: I went cripps n rowe to hickey n poulter
TheFlagger: dustyyyyy
Manowar: wasted two trades you did!
DrSeuss: Letís go Short
Baldfrog: Went VC Dusty as well
Raspel31: I'm predicting that one of these two teams will win this game. Go Dusty.
Gotigres: I mean Walker is out of my side Raspel and pcaman
Yelse: cambel to RCD and gulden to zorko fr me
davywap: Dusty getting the special Dusty bonus SC points early I see
kascadev8: nice mark bolton
TheFlagger: Bolton superstar!!! getting 800k i reckon
Water: love u Shai
bhg26: Flowering hell Bolton, what a mark!
Baldfrog: Geez Davy only played 8 mins and ur already complaining
original: If ever there was a week I wanted short and dusty to do nothing this is it
kascadev8: zac guthrie do something you flipping spud, how tf r u in over Clark
mattmac24: Zac Guthrie is actually putting on some pressure. Looks like he wants it more than others.
davywap: In my team so I'm not complaining Crom boy
pcaman2003: Raspel and Gotigres. Nearly had a heart attack thinking Walker out. Great relief! :)
Stikman35: moty for Bolton
Baldfrog: ok bottom dweller
Raspel31: But Jones dropped- one does sratch one's head.
Baldfrog: be close I rekon Stikman
davywap: Lol, coming off your poo team's last couple of years you reckon you can go there
DrSeuss: You can get involved now short - only player in this game
Beast_Mode: lol tomahawk you flog
Raspel31: Me too pcaman- we need to start a class case for unfair intimidation.
kascadev8: vlaustin deserved that, dont jumper punch people idiot
original: Cmon guthrie
Gotigres: Sorry, should have specified he was out of my team.
Baldfrog: Hey beast is ur SC team of the same name as im playing beastmode this week?
davywap: When you tip Geelong and remember 10 minutes in that they're poo
TheFlagger: kayo is garbage
kascadev8: short RCD atkins stewart, lets go.
m0nty: S. Bolton, 3 votes
Beast_Mode: nah mate thats not me, good luck tho buddy
Beast_Mode: lol rcd will only get games for a few weeks
Baldfrog: Np m8 had to ask
davywap: Jesus flower Geelong made meal of that, dude was 5 metres out with the ball
kascadev8: we are so bad omg, we'd lose to pies at this rate
BigChief: BT is a flog. No understanding of an intercept mark.
original: Rat is not up to it yet
pcaman2003: Raspel and Gotigres. All good 👍
TheFlagger: so many hospital handballs by geelong
original: Triple premiership player lol
TheFlagger: hahahahah castanga
Yelse: RCD actually looks good just not hitting targets
bhg26: I just threw up in my mouth, delist him
kano: Castl
Beast_Mode: muppet castanga
Raspel31: Hardwick told me over a beer pre season- look out for Ross. Of course I didn't but here he comes.
kano: Castagna is a steaming pile
BigChief: Stanley looks powered off after being dropped.
TheFlagger: rcd gets so many cbas
Bulky: Zach Guthrie is the Paddy Dow of Geelong.
kascadev8: zac guthrie makes me want to delete geelong
pcaman2003: Brought in RCD this week out of desperation. Sorry people!
coda1214: Castagna worst triple flag player ever?
kascadev8: pca i did too
Torz: Mate, most people brought in RCD this week...
bhg26: Why does dusty have to try dish off easy goals
pcaman2003: Taking deposits tnite for my amazing Voodoo doll. Works a treat,ask Gawny.
Baldfrog: Dusty take the shot m8!
Baldfrog: Gawn again plz need him cheaper pcaman
Raspel31: I didn't bring in RCD- above my budget.
pcaman2003: Okay Baldy,so do I.
kascadev8: good boy atkins, do the same stewy
monkebuket: geelong are easiy the best at protecting open spaces
GOATdusty: rcd won't last, tiges have 3 a grade mids out short term
Spifflicat: After the Jones & Frederick debacles, anyone that got RCD a week early is insane
Pies20: Looks I'm holding gulden and rowe this week again no down grades
GOATdusty: agreed spliffy
Torz: Have to jump early in AF Spifflicat
Raspel31: So- Richmond are whipping the pussies and yet the pussies are wracking up the points? strange game this to an Englishman
Pies20: Agree spif
StuL: Smith is top 3 in our b&f. That's how rubbish we are going.
Gelly: and castagna to go before rcd
Pies20: Haha stul gold
GOATdusty: lol tiges always low in possies thats the way they play
pcaman2003: To think the Cats can drop Clarke,but keep Rohan in. Beggars belief, but that's Scotty for you.
TheFlagger: is baker playing any forward?
GOATdusty: lol he's a forward not a mid
Raspel31: Dropping Clarke made no sense pcaman- had a very solid game last week.
Gelly: richmond will take clarke if geelong dont want him
Pies20: Haha goat totally agree
pcaman2003: Raspel. Exactly! I'm sure Scott has Dementia.
Gelly: geelong can take castagna for him
bhg26: Richmond fans, how does Castagna continue to get a game every week? Iím actually curious
MrWalrus: Pickett rucking... and winning is hilarious
monkebuket: chris scott genius - zac gunthrie instead of a pigeon
TheFlagger: clarke is off to freo next year, probably with narkle
kascadev8: gelly he isnt old enough for us yet
Pies20: Like saying why we drop daicos for grundy hmm makes no sense
GOATdusty: he's in the team for his pressure acts, pain and simple. thats why he's never been dropped
StuL: Scott killed a champion team for youth and now killing youth for grandpas. Always off
Silz90: imo clarke should of been dropped after last weeks game. made a few mistakes
MrWalrus: George is great
Raspel31: Castagna is apparently intimately involved with Dusty so untouchable,
m0nty: back on the game please
Gelly: i heard geelong might get k.simpson in mid season draft
bhg26: Makes sense raspel
Baldfrog: Too young Gelly
Torz: To help bring their average age down Gelly?
Raspel31: Je vous en prie pardonne M0nty.
Pies20: It's a great game monty
kascadev8: watching zac guthrie play makes me realise that rowe isnt so bad
Ash777: Sam newman to come back and ruck for geelong
TheFlagger: shouldve played de koning
Baldfrog: lol Kasca ur tough m8
Gelly: get on the ground pls rcd
Pies20: Pretty sure we are on the game just having a say on players all good monty
mattmac24: The hate for Zac Guthrie is absurd. Drop it, he's still young.
bhg26: Too young to get a game for Geelong mattmac
Spifflicat: Gold Kasca
kascadev8: clark > Z guthrie. i try to be tough like the bald eagle @Bald
monkebuket: seemed pretty game related
mattmac24: Kas they are also totally different players. Clark really isn't that good.
Baldfrog: I do like Clark doesnt seem to get a decent run at it tho at Geelong
Silz90: maybe it was about the isaac smith comment lmao
original: Selwood real slow start
Pies20: Back on the game please baldy
cmperrfect: How is Dahlhaus still getting a game. Pfft.
Raspel31: You noticed original- how very perspicacious of you.
monkebuket: clarks nothing special, but he's not dead weight
Pies20: Maybe silz haha
kascadev8: @cm any donuts this week?
pcaman2003: original. Is he being tagged? His stats are unusually low.
mattmac24: Now Clark > Dahlhaus I can get behind
StuL: Im with the pride of SA. Clark will be a gun given the chance
Raspel31: Game on ladies.
kascadev8: rcd turned into JJ from melbourne, low TOG, expect big scores soon
Silz90: RCD on field - doing my head in
Yelse: can the crowd here the review saying it was touched?
Kidult: Hate Henderson and Tuohy taking kick ins
cmperrfect: Hopefully not Kasca. Kozi a worry though.
Baldfrog: Nice swan dive by Jelwood there
pcaman2003: My pet hate in SC. Play on from a free kick but someone else gets the cheap points from the kick. Grr!
mattmac24: Geez we need an actual ruckman :(
StuL: How many trades left this year ppl? Not enough rooks worth.jumping on i think.
original: Whatever McIntosh has been doing for his hair, itís working
original: Cameron twirling in mid air there. Embarrassing
pcaman2003: Get going Mr Stewart.You're lagging!
cmperrfect: Stewart just not in the play at all tonight. Sigh
kascadev8: stewart take some kickins
original: He is taking some kick ins but seriously low ay
Yelse: cmon RCD do something don't want to play either rowe or berry
Water: stewart playing a lockdown role on dusty when he is forward i think
Kidult: Yeh Stewart is actually accountable tonight vs Tigers. Other games he as freedom but tonight he needs all the kick ins
original: Seriously no one noticing mcintoshís hair tho?
Beast_Mode: aarts playing the game of his life
kascadev8: starting to worry that RCD may have been a dead pick
Bulky: Geelong's defence is pathetic tonight. Richmond looks like kicking a goal every time they enter their 50.
pcaman2003: Dusty and Stewart both stopped. Damn!
Beast_Mode: the week before rcd 1st afl game he had 13 possies in the vfl..
Kidult: Don't go early on rookies. Can get away with 1 at start of year but not anymore
davywap: Where was this last year Aarts?
Gotigres: Love Guthrie calling for it when surrounded by tigers
kascadev8: jezza goin alright
Yelse: prob is we need the rookies to get premiums or downgrade rookies reaching the ceiling
Spifflicat: The condom O
Spifflicat: The condom on 33 heading to halftime, hopefully he hold
Baldfrog: it's not working Yelse still have Gulden
Gotigres: God, wherever he is, surely has the C on Aarts
kascadev8: did short move that quarter? dont think he did. neither did atkins, dang
Kidult: What do you guys/gals rate a better MOTY Murphy back with the flight or a Bolton highflier?
MrWalrus: Bolton all day every day, a big hanger is always better
Gotigres: Didn't see Murphy's mark Kidult, but Bolton's was a speccy
pcaman2003: Have to laugh. Just noticed C Guthrie proj 154. Good luck!
kascadev8: id have to go bolton, blitz is a big boy and to sit on his head is something else
Gotigres: I wish pcaman
Kidult: I like Murphy's more.
Yelse: murphy was rewiolt like bolton a specky
pcaman2003: Gotigres. It highlights the absurdity of Proj. scores.
_Wang_: Hi all I have dusty, short and stewart
Pies20: Good to know wang
_Wang_: Haha pies
MrWalrus: Guthrie just about on track....
_Wang_: Pies like everyone I guess
Bazza2014: Rohan having his only purple patch of his career
Gotigres: Yes pcaman. I think Gawn was proj. 170 or something last week
Pies20: Just being a smart alps wang sorry
pcaman2003: Must've missed it, but what happened to Simpson?
BigChief: Cmon Dusty I want 2 goals thanks.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. That was different. My Voodoo doll got to him.
navy_blues: dusty gone awol
Pies20: Cat's surley not
Ash777: muppet for graham
Ash777: or was it ross
Gotigres: Oh that's right pcaman
Gotigres: No high tackle against Selwood is a joke
Gelly: selwood 2 weeks
_Wang_: Pcaman so it was you
pcaman2003: Sorry Wang! I did warn everyone last week.
mattmac24: Surely selwood is fine from that. Nothing in it.
Torz: Mansell and Broad have killed the Tigers down back.
pcaman2003: Tiges starting to buckle a bit. Lots of fumbling under pressure.
original: Clarke wouldnít be as bad as close surely
Bazza2014: 2 weeks jelwood, week to duncan, and tigers not liking the rough stuff, just like against the dees.
_Wang_: Very dirty quarter for the tiges backlinw
kano: Week to Duncan? Turn it up
mattmac24: I agree Original, close has never done anything special
pcaman2003: Please get involved Stewart.
Baldfrog: Think Dusty to Bolton would be an upgrade
Bazza2014: cantstandya needs to be dropped on solitary kick and that went 180 degrees the wrong way
Stikman35: Dusty is no Dane Swan
DrSeuss: Short - want to get a touch or 15?
Bazza2014: this game is over, tigers turning it up
pcaman2003: Mm! Getting very interesting.
_Wang_: We are gone
navy_blues: dropped marks everywhere
Bazza2014: BANG! Hoops are home, im calling it, like a deck of cards the tigers backline is falling from a gentle breeze
Pies20: Game over
pcaman2003: Stikman. Too right! He's about 20 tatts short.
Baldfrog: Tig Train and Grimes jr very quiet tonight
coda1214: Broad involved with every bad mistake in the backline resulting in goals.
Bazza2014: candstandya two ineffective kicks, like a true soldier, hahah
Ash777: Looks like tigers are playing so inconsistently.
Ash777: Grimes missing is probably a factor too
Bazza2014: travellin wilburys time, END OF THE LINE!
pcaman2003: @Bazza. Great song and appropriate for this game.
Gotigres: Exactly right Ash. That's the first sign of the demise of a dynasty
Bazza2014: i love the BIG O's bit in the song!
Bazza2014: OMG im not sure if they are pressure mistakes, or the Tigres are on the take... they are pathetic in their backline at t
DrSeuss: Someone stopping Duncan would be great...
pcaman2003: They better offer Rance more money
Stikman35: Muppet for Cameron
cmperrfect: Need some serious seagulling Stewart, cmon.
Karlpov: We look horrible in defence
cmperrfect: Wonder if Dusty has ever been BOG in a loss? Goes missing when Tigers get beaten.
Pies20: Martin still concussed? This season has been the hardest to tip in a while
Bazza2014: was that a percy jones or malcolm blight moment from cameron???
Bluebagg11: Came so close to upgrading Warner to Hawkins. FMSC
pcaman2003: Dusty having a shocker not helping my round much. Move it Dusty.
navy_blues: hegoes missing a lot this year doesnt chase and no tackles
Baldfrog: Dusty hasn't chased even one opponent tonight
Pies20: Blue bag 1week wonder next week he'll do flower all
Baldfrog: beat me to it Navy
_Wang_: That quarter was so bad.. Cats to good
Pies20: Unless it's against us haha
navy_blues: i thought give dusty another week wrong again lol
pcaman2003: Maybe Dusty suffering jet lag from his big trip to NZ.
Ash777: Tigers may be able to fix things after the bye.
Baldfrog: he has his mega contract no need to play well
navy_blues: ppl who backed dusty for brownlow lost their money for sure
davywap: Spot on perrfect
Pies20: What do you mean navy? Did you trade him in this week? If not you play him like we all have
original: Lol that dusty throw
navy_blues: no still got him pies
davywap: Disty
davywap: Dusty literally done flower all since half time
Kidult: @davy i'd say since qtr time
Ash777: Pretty sure cats are playing their gf this tonight.
Baldfrog: Dusty needs a rocket up his Aarts
Kidult: has had 10 disposals since but only put up 23 points
mattmac24: Hawkins topping the SC scores is impressive with Rohan and Cameron kicking all the goals.
pcaman2003: Davywap. Hass he even touched, the ball that is.
davywap: Can't even get some junk points in the last coz the Tigers are getting flogged
m0nty: nominations for star please
Stikman35: Dusty has a night out at casino planned
Wo0lfee: Beats...dropping 'squirts' more often than necessary :/
Gotigres: Just seen O henry's proj. is 9
navy_blues: bolton carried tigers
Migz: why does narkle look like a super villian
Torz: RCD scores OK considering his TOG.
Baldfrog: Duncan m0nty
Bazza2014: woo hoo keep going bolts
Wo0lfee: Hard one tn M0nteith... Hawkins or Rohan for me but debatable
Gotigres: Cameron
navy_blues: prob have to say cameron been matchwinner with 5 goals
Bazza2014: can you put a muppet on cnadstandya???
BigChief: Cameron been good.
Bazza2014: or castrationya
Kidult: Dusty for not being in my team @Monty
Stikman35: Bolton and stewart
Torz: Cameron has been good throughout
Baldfrog: Ban Kidult lol
Trindacut: Can your put a star on the Umpires Monty? Kept Geelong in it.
davywap: Gotta be Cameron m0nty
davywap: Garbage trinda
Gotigres: Rohan what a hog lol
Trindacut: 9 to 19. Would be even if the Umps paid what was there and also didn't pay grun Frees to Selwood.
davywap: Greedy bastard
Trindacut: Selwood is the biggest grub in the AFL. Grey is a close second
mattmac24: Lol tindacut blaming the umps. Richmond lost this with their errors.
Bazza2014: Frees didnt make this game cats outclassed toothless tigers in 3 qtrs
davywap: Mate u can't blame a 7 goal loss on umpires, Tigers just got beat that's all
Trindacut: Umps feel bad for giving away a game, despite gifting Geelong one against Brisbane.
Trindacut: Tiges would be winning by 10 goals if it weren't for the Umps.
Bazza2014: 8 goals in a row until Boltons goal, nothing to do with free kicks cobber
Stikman35: A short pass not 15 should be deemed prior opportunity
Bazza2014: cry me a river
navy_blues: too easy
pcaman2003: Trindacut. Reality check tonight from better team on the day.
Trindacut: Geelong are the biggest grubs in the AFL for FF. Wouldn't be surprised to learn that they pay them off. Totally illegal.
mattmac24: Can't tell if trindacut is just trolling or having a sook
Bazza2014: old man smith kicking goals , now your in trouble cubs
Bazza2014: he's having a sook
Trindacut: Not a troll if accurate. Selwood is the most overrated Captain in the AFL.
Stikman35: Put Guthrie in tonight. But heís been pretty useless really
Gotigres: Disgraceful second half Guthrie given your team has demolished us
Bazza2014: bahahahahahahahah
Trindacut: If throwing your arms like a soft weiner made you a good captain, Selwood would be BOG. Otherwise, he's a grub.
Bazza2014: please dont cry....
mattmac24: Selwood only the number one player in the AFL for total tackles.
_Wang_: Outplayed us.. Pure and simple
Trindacut: Highest FF in the AFL ever. Shrugs the shoulders anytime someone gets within 5 meters.
pcaman2003: Someone please throw trinda a box of tissues along with a sedative.
Phasir: Selwood is a better Midfielder than Duspan Martin, Trinda
Trindacut: @matt #1 Frees For. #1 Softest man in the AFl
Baldfrog: Matt selwood would lead the throw count as well
Bazza2014: must have concussion 14 days off Fanfooty cobbsy
Silz90: No one wants to pass the ball to rcd... sigh
Trindacut: Selwood would make a great NFL player. Throws at least 3 balls a game
Bazza2014: your a flog trindacut, and even iu hate jelwood, but your wrong cocky
davywap: Tuggers getting smashed now
mattmac24: Tinda and bald.. I'm just saying it how it is. Number 1 in tackles is going to lead to a lot of frees in his favour.
Trindacut: Sure you're not a Collywobbles supporter Bazza. "You're"
pcaman2003: Onya Bazza! That's telling him lol!
Stikman35: Bald frog . Sell wood is a very sly chucker. Good at it. And heís better at crying for frees.
Trindacut: Selwood is hoands down the biggest free kick grub in the AFL. Doesn't matter about this game
Trindacut: He chucks the ball all the time
Trindacut: And he throws the shoulders better than anyoner in the AFL.
Trindacut: Other teams have literally studied how he milks showerty free kicks so they can do it
blonde0na: Trinda mate this isn't the nuffies page, pack it in champ
Baldfrog: Haha haven't seen someone lose so badly before Trinda
Bazza2014: trindacut this isnt the site for grammar - but your just being a verboe facetious flog
Trindacut: Doesn't matter tonight. 3 flags > random Rd 8 win
Bazza2014: verbose*
Gotigres: Wow, double our score
pcaman2003: Not many mids around who don't chuck the ball.
mattmac24: Yeah so how does he still get away with it? Surely they'd learn to prevent it?
Silz90: Can you guys calm down. Move on
Phasir: Don't think I've seen a bigger sook than this Trindacut kid lol
DropCox: Trindacut is a Melbourne fan. He's trolling you all hard and you're biting haha
Trindacut: Selwood is as good a player as Richard Tambling.
davywap: power off Trinda
Wo0lfee: Go to bed Trinda.
kascadev8: go the cats haha, atkins and stewart score surprising for me, not sure how it works tho
Bazza2014: he isa flog fishy with dirty bait
Stikman35: Martin is eating a pie
Baldfrog: Matt I have no doubt umps see it they just ignore it so i'm more annoyed at umps
monkebuket: traindacut sounds a bit besotted - please tell us more about joel
Bazza2014: he just fishy fishy, probably lost $10 on first goal to riewoldt
penguins00: Time to leave trinda
Silz90: If you ignore him he might go away. Bugger off Stewart with your junk time disposals
Trindacut: @monkebuket It's flowerheads like Selwood that will see lame shiite like Soccer staging get in to this game.
Stikman35: Narkle looks like Fred off Scooby doo
Bazza2014: even the Gtown kid is looking like a wirches hat then from menengitis
Trindacut: I hope her retires and remarks at how soft he made this game because of his antics
kascadev8: staging?
mattmac24: Fun to bite with Trinida because we still won tonight.
Silz90: Football* not soccer. Go to bed mate.
Phasir: Rance and Grimes are far worse than Selwood haha
kascadev8: staging?? rance, grimes, vlaustin, riewoldt. need i say more
navy_blues: well done geelong
Trindacut: Shrugging the shoulders, specifically throwing the arms up to force the arms above the shoulders, is grub behavior
PAFC4eva: somebody turn off the internet to trindas padded cell
original: Stewart sc surely going up
Trindacut: Rance hasn't played in 3 years haha
Trindacut: Grubby grub grub grub
Stikman35: Tigers defence undermanned. Tigers did not get enough from their mids.
Trindacut: Hopefully Selwood gets 4 weeks for his grubby hip and shoulder
Trindacut: The game of AFL will benefit from Joel 'grub' Selwood retiring. Can get back to playing and not staging and throwing.
kascadev8: selwood 4 weeks for what? lmao he got the ball, that one with rampe is the precedent where he get off. go to bed bub
pcaman2003: Night people. Reading Trinda is sending me to the s house
Stikman35: Brown less eating a pie with dusty
Trindacut: Selwood. High, intentional, catastrophic impact - tribunal 4 weeks
blonde0na: catastrophic impact = flooring the whole richmond team
kascadev8: i enjoyed this very much, thanks trinda <3 have a good weekend