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NewFreoFan: Gonna be a weird derby without a crowd
The39Steps: No change in aggregate IQ.
pharace: But average increased cause Pavlich only one in the crowd (photo)
NewFreoFan: Real top shelf comedy 39steps
Pav300: yes well we know i am as dumb as an ox
Pav300: great footballer though
pcaman2003: Hahaha! Comedy central
original: chapman what a year of sc wow
The39Steps: Thanks. Thinking of going on the road.
twinpeaks: Is he done for the day?
Gandhi: Don't forget to wear your helmet and look both ways first.
navy_blues: shoulder injury
pcaman2003: Mundy having a breakout year. second time around
BigChief: Chapman coming back on
twinpeaks: Coming back on
navy_blues: hes coming back on whew
ballbag: lotsa pav-lovas in here?
hinsch: might as well add Chapman to my SC woes what a season
pcaman2003: Stick to your day job Ballbag. Lol!
Trindacut: Chapman back on the ground
pcaman2003: Can I join the chorus? Chapman back on the ground. Who the hell is Chapman?
Baldfrog: Chapman on my bench and not on ground
DrSeuss: Traded in Darcy this week for Flynn - genius move it seems
kascadev8: just got home, wtf happened to Gawn
pcaman2003: Nice work Brayshaw. Keep going
bhg26: Flower me brayshaws a gun
Trindacut: @kasca Gawn went full Geelong and was flowered it up
beerent11: Chapman officially gone
beerent11: Nope stayed on
twinpeaks: He stayed on after the hit?
pcaman2003: kaskadev. I stuck needles in the Gawny Voodoo doll. Worked beautifully!
kascadev8: pca you are now my least favourite person for doing that
Baldfrog: Lol it did pcaman
pcaman2003: With Zerrett,Walsh and Brayshaw, things are looking up this round
Stu7: How bad is the Ryan injury?
NewFreoFan: Not very Stu, he was close to playing today
twinpeaks: Stu probably just a one weeker
DrSeuss: Get back on the ground Brayshaw I need you to outscore Fyfe - by a lot
kascadev8: way Walsh is going i may be able to salvage a 2100, whats everyone else looking at?
_Wang_: Kasca I'm looking at 2000 but I'm shower
BigChief: Oscar Allen having a shocker?
Kidult: was looking at 2100 aswell but Chapman injury has stuffed that
MrWalrus: 2000ish I reckon, probably not too bad this week, will be some shockers
NewFreoFan: Allen playing defence
kascadev8: i was hoping to finally get rid of rowe, if chapman is injured it will force me to keep Rowe. not happy
original: allen in def great for my multi for him 2+ lol
BigChief: Bugger. He is better fwd.
Beast_Mode: im going to dump chappy for may anyway
NewFreoFan: Serong is a star
DrSeuss: Darcy get off the freaking pine.
kascadev8: im probably dumping chappy as well, him and gulden out, Andy Brayshaw and a rookie in
_Wang_: Witherden a seagull no more
Stu7: Thanks NewFreoFan & twinpeaks
NewFreoFan: At least the dockers are consistent with injuring defenders ffs
MercAm: Didnt think my sc score could get any worse but then chapman is injured. Yay, gonna be a stretch for me to even get 1800
Hazza09: Is Chapman done?
NewFreoFan: This game is carnage
Napper: Did Chapman get injured again? Iím not watching
_Wang_: Chapman another touch woohooo
kascadev8: starting to think that a par score this week is very low 2k score.
hinsch: kascadv 2K would be a great score try 1500 for me
Fatbar5tad: flower off Duggan
BigChief: 1763 for me this week. I should delete my team.
NewFreoFan: Mundy you star
Stu7: Iím not far in front BigCHief
poolboybob: Darling muppet
Raspel31: Okay Dorne as cap an error- but pardon my pig ignorance- why did Freo drop Ryan?
Stu7: Iíll probably just crack the 2000 mark
BigChief: @Raspel i think you will find he has slight injury
NewFreoFan: Rasp Ryan had a niggle, didn't pass fitness for today
Beast_Mode: ryan injured
Raspel31: Must have- not listed BigChief.
Raspel31: Thanks chaps- sigh.
BigChief: I take it the info didn't quite make it to UK @Raspel?
Beast_Mode: ryan was out the line up when the teams came out yesterday
nbartos: freo fumbling has cost them so far
beerent11: Mundy 6th ranked mid. .8 percent ownership.
sMiles: Mundy slides as the season goes on... bet he slides again
beerent11: Maybe
NewFreoFan: Mundy hasn't had a start to a season this good for a long long time
BigChief: @NFF has Mundy ever started this well?
NewFreoFan: Memory doesn't go back that far Chief, few too many frothies over the length of his career
fruity: need Fyffe to get to 105 and l still wont hit 2000..
beerent11: Poor Chappy. Tough mf.
_Wang_: 1970 for me If Chapman hits his proj
beerent11: Iíve a 28 point lead over water and he has Chapman left only. My side all done.
Raspel31: With Grawn as cap and Ryan out I might hit 11?
DrSeuss: Need another 150 from Brayshaw, Gaff and Darcy and I will be good
pcaman2003: Sitting on 2037 with Brayshaw in this included in proj.
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw into the rooms with ankle
Raspel31: That's a goodie DrSeuss- down to the wire I feel though I pick you.
DrSeuss: Not if Brayshaw is injured Rasp :(
Pies20: The leader in my tips will get 8 if Eagles win that's huge
Raspel31: Oh no- Brayshaw as well- 10 in 2 weeks aarrghh!
NewFreoFan: He's back on the bench at least
DrSeuss: And Darcy is doing sweet FA it seems
Beast_Mode: sheed + 35pts vs fyfe & chapman. who wins?
Beast_Mode: 25pts not 35pts I mean
pcaman2003: If Brayshaw not on ground in next few mins, I'd be worried.
Raspel31: Your opp Beast I hate to say.
DrSeuss: Darcy - stop going to the bench when you arenít doing anything at all. Traded you in this week for more than this
kascadev8: ok thanks to ridley its confirmed im not getting over 2100. ah well, 2k score still ok i guess
Raspel31: But I may indeed be wrong Beast.
pcaman2003: Brayshaw back on. TOG climbing again. Phew!
Pies20: What's par this week?
Beast_Mode: sheed killing me, need fyfe to outscore him by a fair bit
zadolinnyj: is allen playing defence
Raspel31: Phew indeed pcaman.
Pies20: 1964 with fyfe playing
pcaman2003: @Raspel. He's a good percentage booster for me. Currently sitting on 2028 with just his score to go.
Hutto: Started at rank 1250 currently down to 1612 so guessing around 2000 is par
Raspel31: I would reveal my projected score- but then I would have to kill you all.
Pies20: Cheers hutto
DrSeuss: Anyone watching - WTF is Darcy doing? Why is he going terrible this week?
Napper: Come on Chapman
pcaman2003: Seuss. He has a testicular problem. Still trying to grow them
DrSeuss: Lol pca - Maybe NicNat took them? His pair has been fine the last few weeks
Pav300: NicNat has crucified him unfortunately DrS
Phasir: WCE winning the frees AGAIN. can't believe the umps get pressured from those wild WA crowds!
Pies20: Beer's what your name sc?
DrSeuss: Thought that might be it Pav - just too athletic and quick I am guessing
pcaman2003: Give NicNat more TOG and he would punish a lot of rucks.
Pies20: No you would be embarrassed rasp
Pav300: Yes and NicNat coming off a big loss. Darcy fumbly from the start
DrSeuss: Cheers Pav - was a bad week to trade him in I guess
pcaman2003: Loving Brayshaws work ethic.
Pav300: lol I got lucky and traded in Hickey AF
Phasir: Sheppard should be the captain tbh
Phasir: Jones could develop as a solid midfielder
Phasir: Alternate with Willie, & Flyin' Ryan
pharace: Relieved Brander pick up his lazy alps
hinsch: Just checked SC, can anybody beat 13 DNP, can only get better
J.Worrall: That stings, hinsch
bhg26: How does that happen Hinsch?
pcaman2003: hinsch. You may as well be playing lay down misere as in 500. Losses everywhere! Oh dear!
Raspel31: Thank godI was out for Russian Easter when I debuted Gawn- and as my cap. The vodka lessens the pain.
hinsch: No bench players playing, and I traded Neale and Dunkley out this week, not one bench player playing injured or managed.
beerent11: 6 point lead in ff league with opponent only with Chapman left gonna be tight
Phasir: O.Allen is so much more valuable to WC than McSulken
pcaman2003: Now passed the 2050 mark thanks to Brayshaw. Not a gr8 score,but I'm happy.
beerent11: Now a two point lead
Stu7: Need Kel & Gaff to score 35 more
Raspel31: Come on Chapman. Don't have you but 3 touches or a goal please?
beerent11: Haha raspel . What a bloke.
Pies20: I'm the same pca hoping to crawl to 2100
Raspel31: Keeping it real beer.
bhg26: We need more people like you raspel, not people who tell players to not score
Pies20: Beer's what your sc name? We might be in the same league
pcaman2003: My opponent next week has Gawn. May have to use the Voodoo doll again.
beerent11: beeraclockers pies20
bhg26: pcaman flower off, surely it has a cooldown, or just get gawn
Raspel31: Why thank you bhg- $5 an hour.
Hazza09: Is Chapmanís score correct?
Pies20: Nah not you beers
pcaman2003: Haha! bhg26. I'll get him but wanting his price to tumble.
Raspel31: NopeHazza- he got points coming.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw get back on the ground ffs - you too Darcy
srj2409: Gee Chapman is a good player
Pies20: Srj sarcasm at its best
beerent11: Chapman was injured early. Great effort to play on. ( shoulder)
Pies20: Rasp have you been fed by your carer yet?
Raspel31: I just overcooked my spaghetti- any culinary tips?
Pies20: Vodka i guess? Rang the nursing home someone is on there way it will be ok
Stu7: DrSeuss doe t look,like youíre going to get your 150 bummer
pcaman2003: Yes! take the spag out of the packet first.
Raspel31: Thanks Pies. God bless dear pals.
BigChief: Menulog @Raspel? Get something delivered.
Raspel31: Storm on the wa. Come on Fyfe- show a bit of interest.y- can you hear the thunder lads
pharace: Brander was 6 at H/T in DT - now 84 - just saved a rage trade for another week!
Raspel31: Brayshaw bloody hero- dodgy ankle but fighting the good fight.
DrSeuss: Sheed must hate Gaff - misses him at every opportunity
Raspel31: Well, who won their tipping comp? 1 would do it.
Gotigres: Stay below 47 please Chapman
pharace: Kelly 23 Contested possessions - will he back that up?
pcaman2003: Ended on 2102 with scaling to come
nbartos: Kelly star
pcaman2003: Wrong score. Ended on 2068
J.Worrall: 60 to share?
J.Worrall: Closer to 80
kascadev8: hopefully fyfe can scale to his projectedm just over the 2k this week, ill take it, went 2-7 for tips too
Hazza09: 1943, horrible week
bhg26: My first score under 2000 since round 3 last year