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amigaman: Setterfield playing ressies
Crippa9: Curnow to parish?
PJ39301965: Letís go Paddy Wow, prove the doubters wrong
Baldfrog: Cmon Walshy
navy_blues: dow on fire lol
Baldfrog: Blue moon for Dow
Beast_Mode: traded gulden to heppell, i like what im seeing
StuL: Happy with Bont and Walsh ins
Bulky: 20 points will be a breakout game for Dow.
PJ39301965: Oh no, Dow is injuried
Torz: Jones might hit his BE this week. Yay.
Bulky: The doctor should convince Dow that he's Dustim Martin while he's going through his concussion test.
Baldfrog: Or Jack Sparrow he won't be seeing much out of that eye
twinpeaks: Wouldn't you tag Parish after last week?
navy_blues: ok teague make the move on tippa
DrSeuss: Lol I have McGrath and Cox - opponent has Zerrett, Heppell and Jones, expect Jones to have a blinder
Ben_Gogos: @twinpeaks still very much struggling with his disposal. Zerrett the damaging one.
Kidult: 6 of 8 Essendon's top scorers are their fwds
BigChief: This is going to be 10+ goal flogging.
hinsch: I have not got anybody who has scored more that 100 hopefully Walsh can do it for me.
pcaman2003: Keep going Merrett and Walsh.
Napper: Whoís curnow tagging??
pcaman2003: Seuss. My opponent has McGrath and Williams. No sub for Williams. How good is that?
DrSeuss: Any reason why McGrath spent half the qtr on the bench?
Ben_Gogos: @Napper if you hover over the symbol it has the information. He is tagging Merrett
beerent11: Riddler projected to be 530k in two weeks. Thatíll do donkey, thatíll do.
pcaman2003: @Ben. Not doing a good job then.
Napper: Iím on a phone so I canít hover
StuL: McGrath started on the bench
NewFreoFan: McGrath finally manages an effective disposal
original: merrett drops it. holding the man cmon
pcaman2003: original. Paid for high tackle.
pcaman2003: Walsh is a gem. Had him from the start. So reliable
NewFreoFan: Same pca
BigChief: It was paid for holding, not high. Listen to the umpire say holding.
hinsch: SC scores this week I was projected 2400 down now to 1580 what a week
ballbag: 💩 cripps & stringer are shower & stinkin out my team 💩
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief. Thought he paid high tackle.
pcaman2003: Ballbag. Stringer on 41pts and you think he's stinking your team?
DrSeuss: Of course Jones is having the game of his life. Opponent has him - while I have McGrath and Cox. Hate this game sometime
bhg26: Jones is really about to outscore gawn at half time, and hes stuck on my bench
bones351: God AFL umpiring is hard to understand these days. The ball is knocked out in the tackle 100 times..
bones351: Then they pick one out to give as a free. Not saying itís not there either. Just hard to understand which ones they call
Kidult: Parks finally showing up in his 3rd game
NewFreoFan: What just happened, that was a behind?
pcaman2003: Myself and one other proj over 2000 in my league. What a round!
NewFreoFan: Oh the angle was different on the score review haha, thought I was going insane
bhg26: Whats your projection pcaman
original: how is that pitto's sc score, been awful
navy_blues: cripps is useless
Baldfrog: Nice to see Doc getting involved
pcaman2003: bhg26. 2028,but slightly ahead at this point and Brayshaw to come.
bhg26: How am i only 14 points behind your projection? i had Gawn captain
beerent11: If youíre out there @water, looks like youíre too good this week.
Trindacut: Cripps a grub, needs to be dropped
pcaman2003: You must've had a very healthy original proj then.
bhg26: It was 2400 pcaman
DrSeuss: Ahhh Jones - averages 40 per game until a league opponent has him
navy_blues: i agree trinda team needs to be picked on form not by reputation
DrSeuss: Also stay on the ground McGrath. TOG is freaking terrible
_Wang_: So I missed locking in gawn by about 30 we s when my app crashed and got gawn.. Was 8000 will crash now proj 1980
_Wang_: Locking in grundy
pcaman2003: Well done Zerrett and Walsh. Keep it going 2nd half.
beerent11: Gawns ridiculous projected score skewed the projected scores a lot
beerent11: Score projections are rubbish
pcaman2003: @beer. You're so right. Some projections are pure rubbish.
_Wang_: These last 2 weeks have been SC carnage for me
bhg26: it has been for all of us wang
boxy36: Afternoon all, what do we think will be par this week?
Kidult: Projections are only useful to help know how much points needed to make up ground between remaining players
ballbag: cripps doesnt give a fat racks sack because he wont be at Carlton much longer
Kidult: on ur league opponents
bhg26: Zerrett, Hind, Ridley and Walsh looking to try and somewhat salvage my round
navy_blues: omg now chapman hurt
bhg26: This week just gets better navy, flower me dead
navy_blues: shoulder
navy_blues: i give up my team is crippled
twinpeaks: He's coming back on
Stu7: Yelse did you end up buying Walsh?
_Wang_: Bhg26 I care to much about this game haha
bhg26: I finished 286 last year wang, i put so much effort into this season just to have it stuffed the last 3 weeks
Stu7: Thatís a fair effort bhg26!
Stu7: Got Cox & Cripps & so the round continues to decline into crap
pcaman2003: @bhg26. I was top 1000 last year,but this year a million miles away
beerent11: All in the same boat bhg.
Hazza09: Went Petracca instead of Walsh and regretting it
beerent11: Bad lucks a bitch
kascadev8: just got home, wtf happened to Gawn
Ben_Gogos: Jones is a baller
Baldfrog: Over rated Kasca
Crave: lol one down game and is apparently overrated absolute muppet
pcaman2003: kaskadev. I stuck needles in the Gawny Voodoo doll. Worked beautifully!
_Wang_: Bhg I came 748 2yesrs ago now I'm shower haha
Stu7: Iíve got 1 tip out of 7 so far been crap all round
kascadev8: @Bald didnt get a chance to put the C on walsh... looking at just over 2k now, was lined up for a nice 2300+ score b4 hi
beerent11: Look up sarcasm crave. Then muppet.
cwall66: cripps is actually hopeless
Baldfrog: Kasca goldy played well against him, just had a slow day,
Napper: Come on Ridley
Baldfrog: Wow didn't expect that Crave think Kasca knows I was joking
_Wang_: Sorry 1748 bhg
pcaman2003: Walsh,Zerrett and Brayshaw in other game giving me a much beeter score than the proj 2028
BigChief: Burger for Crave.
Crave: Definitely hard to read any sarcasm there, people actually have that opinion though
kascadev8: my team has gone to shower today, happens every time, lookin at a good score than god says no
Hazza09: Anyone get sucked into Petracca?
_Wang_: Kasca amen to that lol
Fatbar5tad: Not Trac but got sucked into Zilliams. How can you be sore after playing 4 in 6?
Stikman35: Who the hell is owies
Grimes Jr: Ripping game this
DrSeuss: Cox seems flaccid today - not get any touches
kascadev8: nice to see Walsh is gonna score huge, wanted to put the C on him, flower me
Baldfrog: Zerrett has slowed down
beerent11: Riddler doing the right thing for prospective buyers
StuL: McGrath back from the dead
kascadev8: ridley gonna put my score under 2k. lovely
Napper: Come on merret
beerent11: Curnows gonna out score yet another tagging victim. Gun player.
DrSeuss: Come on Cox - McGrath got involved - please do the same
BigChief: Great stuff Curnow. Keep Merrett low.
kascadev8: anyone actually have Hind? wowee
beerent11: Pouring rain outside, meat smoker smoking away, footy all arvo. What a day.
BigChief: Had him since rd 1 Kasca.
bhg26: I have him kasca
Baldfrog: Rain? Where r u Beer?
Stu7: I do Kas
beerent11: Denmark
amigaman: Nice place beer
Baldfrog: Oh nice place, nice people from what I hear
beerent11: Yeah itís pretty good here.
fruity: why was that awarded a point. l always thought that once the player touched the ball after the siren it becomes dead...w
BigChief: @fruity Ess punched it through. If Carl did it it's no score.
kascadev8: @fruity if its an attacking player its no score, a defender is allowed to punch it over for a behind
Beast_Mode: lol fruity, username checks out
original: dow has third most clearances today
fruity: l thought the ball is dead if either club touches the ball after the siren has sounded.
fruity: Beast mode>>>> Yep!! lol
Beast_Mode: well you thought wrong
BigChief: Nope Fruity.
kascadev8: nope, only off an attacker
Baldfrog: Grrr the real beast is back
kascadev8: walsh a 130 would be lovely, zerrett a 110 would be lovely
Baldfrog: I like it!
Beast_Mode: lol, i swear im getting baited to bite baldy
StuL: The package delivers.
_Wang_: Walsh and Cox get moving ffs
DrSeuss: Agreed Wang - Cox has done anything in the 2nd half
DrSeuss: Hasnít
beerent11: Now, remember sc is updating slowly in the last quarter lately. Hold your fire.
hinsch: Walsh could be my first 100 this week
beerent11: Gun
kascadev8: if i couldnt tag Walsh a couple years ago than no one can, missing that C on Walsh rn, thats what i wanted to do
Napper: Is it normal for scores not to be updating like beer said last couple games itís not coming through
Fatbar5tad: needed a big one from Zerrett but this half has been poo.
BigChief: Yes Napper that's why there is scaling.
kascadev8: come on merrett walsh fyfe, need u all to combine 80+ over ur combined projecteds
Napper: Scaling better be nice to merret like 4 disposals for no points
beerent11: Owies 123k fwd
navy_blues: im in shock
Ash777: pls junk cripps
Raspel31: Well norff looked like winning for a mo- and taht would have been a miracle.
BigChief: Blues play Dogs next week @beer. Beware of Owies.
BigChief: Followed by Dees.
beerent11: Not on the bubble yet chief. Wait and see.
DrSeuss: McGrath & Cox - just a few last touches would be lovely.
DrSeuss: Donít go backwards McGrath FFS
BigChief: Bombers to win by 2. Blues choke.
Raspel31: I had a case of Cripps once- took me years to recover. Avoid at all costs.
Stu7: Come on Hepps
Beast_Mode: geez bt is a flog
pharace: Yes beast, he and Stringer are made for one another
BigChief: 100% facts from Beast.
Stu7: Whatís he done now Beast_Mode?
Fatbar5tad: BT a massive flog
Silz90: Good call big chief. Blues by 15. U were close lmao
BigChief: This was actually a good game to watch.
BigChief: @Silz here fishy fishy fishy. Got a big bite.
Beast_Mode: lygon st will be up and about toinight
Raspel31: Pooh! Not that we're looking at Finals contestants. But, quite frankly. pooh.
beerent11: Sammy the jet
Kidult: Wish I could have watched it my antenna fked up
pharace: Carlton's Grand Final - cute!
Silz90: U love to fish. Glad the blues topped off a great weekend for you :D
Napper: Merret at least 110 come one scaling
Silz90: Lucky I went Walsh over jack steele this week.