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navy_blues: gawn to go 170+
Baldfrog: Gawn to do hammy in 1st 5 minutes
pharace: So you two guys are close on your opinions then...
navy_blues: dont need another injury lol
pharace: The truth always lays somewhere in between
Baldfrog: Lol pharace only way I'll be able to afford Gawn
pharace: lol, That's how I feel re Grundy @Baldy
Baldfrog: G'day Navy
navy_blues: this round stuffed anyway so not taking grundys 144 rolling dice on gawn
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
navy_blues: need gawn oliver ziebell jordon and bonar to go big
Baldfrog: Big Ben Brown big watch today very few decent fwds
navy_blues: gday baldy
SadBlueBoi: Took Grundys 144 and all my opponents C Gawn
pcaman2003: Arvo all. Need Gawny to go sub 100.
Manowar: Stay low Gawn
bhg26: Need him to go above 150 pcaman
pcaman2003: Goldy looking very determined today.
Baldfrog: You guys know gawn gets points for breathing
navy_blues: he better start breathing then
pcaman2003: Sorry bhg26. Need him down and will bring out my Voodoo doll if necessary.
Manowar: keep up the good work Max
Baldfrog: Be a pretty ugly doll gawn not the best looker
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Stood on the head a couple of times. Worked well in the past. Ask Raspel.
bhg26: Iím willing to sell my soul to the devil pcaman
pcaman2003: don't have Gawn but could swear he tackled 5 mins ago. Where is it?
navy_blues: he did
bhg26: Gawn, this isnít funny
pcaman2003: The doll is working already. Unpaid tackle. LOL!
Baldfrog: At this rate Norf will be favourites next week
pharace: Go Cambo!
pcaman2003: Gawn owners are screaming at their TV's by now.
Stikman35: I put Oliver in and now he plays terrible
bhg26: I didnít miss Ben browns run up
bhg26: Better pay those two Gawn tackles
original: Max please
bhg26: Theyíre 1 of 3 for gawns tackles
duckky: Come on Captain Jack
Gotigres: So far I'm very glad I took Grundy's 144 for C
Kidult: Only paid a tackle if the opponent doesn't get an effective disposal away
beerent11: Ooohh sphincters are tightening for those who didnít take grundys vc
beerent11: Are you gonna do this all game bhg?
VodkaHawk: People that had 144 as an option and didnít take it deserve a low C score.
VodkaHawk: But not this week though, lol come on Gawny
bhg26: Yes beer
pcaman2003: Makes it hard for Gawn to reach his 356 proj. The aim was high.
beerent11: Ok
Beast_Mode: a lot of prems have been terrible this week
beerent11: Powell the rising star to this point?
pcaman2003: My team is a mystery bag. I don't know who'll perform.
Snarfy: I see heaps of turmoil at the top end of the supercoach ladder this week.
VodkaHawk: Iíd say Sholl to this point
Grimes Jr: go shinboners
Snarfy: Traded out Hickey for Gawn this week!!! Do I need to say more?
bhg26: Gawns going to have to do a fair bit to get to his 178 projection
VodkaHawk: Youíll blink and Gawn is on 45
bhg26: Decent start to the quarter for oliver
VodkaHawk: Then end up on 145
beerent11: Nice dukky with the c on ziebell. Big balls great calls
duckky: Had the VC on McCrae. And my mids are more up and down than a hooker's undies
Baldfrog: Do hookers wear undies Duckky?
duckky: We will find out in theCarlton V Ess game ;-)
Baldfrog: Well played duckky
original: Gawn cmon man at least get 100
bhg26: Those who have Gawn as captain, do you want to join me in jumping off a bridge?
beerent11: Few premos gonna drop some cash in the next few weeks. Good for non owners. But we all end up with the same team.
pcaman2003: Have Ziebell and Powell only in this. Opp has C on Gawn. Things are looking up!
Beast_Mode: after vc macrae failed i thought about gawn c, but i liked grundys matchup instead pheww
beerent11: Surprisingly good game
beerent11: Same here beast
beerent11: Lachie young, orazio and Rowe on field this week. Wonít get to 100 between them.
Baldfrog: Have young as well Beer
pcaman2003: Onya Max. The Voodoo doll working its wonders again.
pcaman2003: Not sure how Max went up with 2 successive clangers. Interesting!
beerent11: Heíll be Ridley in a couple of weeks bald.
Baldfrog: Im thinking frederick for port next week Beer
beerent11: Razio to Frederick young to riddler. Maybe.
pcaman2003: Powell is starting to hit his straps now. Maybe a keeper?
bhg26: Spoke to soon pcaman, see you boys Iím logging off
pcaman2003: Fritsh is gonsky. At least a week.
Grimes Jr: jeez fritsch is a flog
BigChief: Holiday for Fritsch. 2 weeks at least.
beerent11: Ahh well. Round just keeps getting better. Hope heís ok. Cracking kid.
Baldfrog: Why couldn't Fritz hit young
Beast_Mode: will powell get a concussion test? or nah
pcaman2003: I should've just STFU about Powell.
amigaman: If he is concussed, then 1 week is not enough
DrSeuss: How long can Hall stay un-injured. So very tempting in this role
beerent11: Youíve got a gift pcaman. Or a curse....
LMartos: Not sure he's concussed, just looked like a elbow to the neck that rocked him a bit
Beast_Mode: now i want north to win even more..
NewFreoFan: Just confirmed he's not concussed
pcaman2003: beerent. I think possibly both. Just need to separate them better.
Crippa9: No undefeated teams after this weekend
Dredd: Sheeesshhh.. seeing some pretenders this weekend.. port and now dees
amigaman: Thank goodness
pcaman2003: @Beast. Will be good to see the Kangas blow em away
original: Melb will not win a final. Richmond the only Ďgoodí team theyíve Besten and even rich are up n down
Dogs5416: Dees come out and win this by 7 goals. Norf happy with a HT win, they'll pack up
Danstar: today I want Gawn to score well so maybe I should go on about how he usually gets points for breathing on field.
Danstar: Cos today he doing F all
Beast_Mode: season pretty open orignal it is only rd7, tiges usually peak later in the year
hinsch: wow just logged in got Gawn as C with four donuts on the field cannot get much worse I suppose.
Migz: its ok. 37% of people have gawn as capt last week. If he struggles. We all struggle :(
Snarfy: Powell's surname is so descriptive isn't it!
Baldfrog: Relax Max is coming back already gone up 2 points during 1/2 time
Baldfrog: Now dropped 5 wtf
navy_blues: what r u smokin snarfy
Kidult: time to swing McDonald back to replace Tomlinson so Weidemann can come in
Snarfy: I only smoke when I'm hot navy_blues!
Baldfrog: Fox footy finding excuses for Geelong
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Adjustment down for his 4th clanger
Baldfrog: Thanks pcaman
pcaman2003: Vale Frank Costa. A legend at the GFC. Very sad!
MrWalrus: Tipped tiges, suns, swans and Norf this week
navy_blues: yeah right walrus
MrWalrus: True, been doing so bad did it for a laugh taled it up, back in the game now!
MrWalrus: *talked it up, was being generally obnoxious, the I told you so's will be soooo sweet
Manowar: c'mon North big chance for two wins in a row! today and next week will be easy
beerent11: Steven may 407k be 139
navy_blues: ok well enjoy lol
Grimes Jr: Another week, another ball that is out which leads to a melbourne goal
pcaman2003: Hey Baldy! I see Gawns clangers have dropped back from 4 to 3. CD can't make up its mind.
Beast_Mode: is powell coming back on?
Baldfrog: Yeah saw that pcaman
navy_blues: wonder what the "know it all" garry lyon will say bout his teams effort this week
navy_blues: he has opinion bout every1 elses teams
beerent11: Number 24 beast
pcaman2003: Beast. He's back on and scoring. Yay!
DrSeuss: Ok Stephenson keep going fella - no 2nd half off. Opponent has ZieGull
Beast_Mode: cheers
pcaman2003: C'mon Roos and flog these Dung beetles.
original: Gawn wtf
beerent11: Youíre playing very nice today beast. Turned over a new leaf?
pcaman2003: Sorry original. Voodoo doll still active.
Beast_Mode: imagine if jordon got good gametime, he'd average 80 plus
MrWalrus: Break out the muppet
Baldfrog: I saw a tender side of beast last night
Beast_Mode: lol beer, im trying to be a bit positive mate, doubt it will last
pcaman2003: @Baldy. The rump was it?
berch: Goldstein seems to be following Gawn around than a normal ruck matchup... tagging?
Baldfrog: What is said on FF stays on FF pcaman so can't tell you
pcaman2003: Ziebell and Powell been gr8 pickups in SC this year. A rare shining light
Kidult: Powell on track for a 120 at the perfect time
DrSeuss: Stephenson with 1 handball for the quarter - get involved
Dogs5416: Had Ciebell and 5m before the game went Gawn. silly
pcaman2003: @Seuss. More active than Gawn then.
Baldfrog: Beer think Young gets dropped next week
beerent11: Yep been terrible not just in sc
Beast_Mode: dees might win by 50 now lol ffs
beerent11: Just in time for Freddy
DrSeuss: Yes @pca - but opponent has Ziebell and not Gawn :(
beerent11: Heís been pretty consistent up to this point though bald. 50 to 75 each week.
pcaman2003: Ouch Seuss! Welcome to the world of topsy turvy
Baldfrog: Agree Beer
Migz: imagine being part of the 44% who doesnt have ziebel. Sux2bethem
Migz: or is it ziegull i forget
Phasir: While Ziebs is captain playing this role down back, taking every single kick in... you'd be daft not to.
MrWalrus: Ziegull for sure
pcaman2003: Ziebell will be first pick in SC back line next year.
beerent11: Iím counting on ziegull as m1 2 or 3 and impey as m8 as keepers.
Baldfrog: Ziebel is injury prone long season to go yet
Migz: is impey a mid in dream team?
MrWalrus: Hard to get injured if you don't go near an opponent all game collecting chips
Migz: thats true baldy, but hes also gained 320k after todays game so even if you gotta trade him out its been a huge win.
Migz: season rank is 4. not bad for a mid 200k forward
Baldfrog: Agree migz but good fwd options dropping like flies
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Seems to have got past his soft tissue problems
Hazza09: Petracca and Oliver useless today
Migz: yeah losing dunkley hurt a lot. and dusty out this week.
Baldfrog: Hope so pcaman guuna run out of trades otherwise
TheOnyas: Onya Hally
Migz: im down to 20 trades already. Injuries have been a cruel turd this year so far
Napper: Anyone trading in may next week??
Baldfrog: Na too many other issues Napper
beerent11: Ziebell isnít injury prone had a bad year last year but before that was super durable.
Baldfrog: Beer young went from 6 to 20 woo
pcaman2003: Gawn killing it now. Almost up to 50pts. Maybe I should take the pins out of Voodoo doll.
beerent11: His be is about 25 I think bald
Beast_Mode: ziebell is suspension prone if anything
beerent11: Ziebell missed 3 games over 5 seasons before 2020
beerent11: Impey is the one to worry about
pcaman2003: Wasn't Petracca over 50 at half time? Glad I don't have him.
FLAG: norf to lose by 1pt
Beast_Mode: only 2500 sc pts given out so far lol
Migz: SC love child gawn to get scaled to 115 points ( i hope )
rupertmarn: Four donuts and Gawn captain.
pcaman2003: Migz. What an optimist. The power of positive thinking.
sMiles: Noice - Jordan
Grimes Jr: jeez melbourne get a fair ride
beerent11: May a bargain even cheaper next week
Migz: is it too much to expect 75 points from scaling? Some say obviously. I saw theres a chance
pcaman2003: Migz. LOL! Love your thinking there.
pcaman2003: Rejoice Gawn owners. He's past the half ton. Lol!
Hazza09: Thanks heaps Petracca
Phasir: Melbourne really getting looked after by the umps in this Q
twinpeaks: Powell a lock at F5/6 until the last month in AF I would have thought
Baldfrog: Slow down Maxy need a 100k drop
Migz: powells score in SC seems a bit low. 2 ff. 5 tackles a goal. decent de% more kicks than hb.
Migz: i say that as it just went up about 15. oops
pcaman2003: My opponents proj will drop by 300+ after this game. That's gotta hurt.
Beast_Mode: migz everyones score is low, wait for scaling. tracca will get a heap too
StuL: Im pretty sure Gawn doesnt like playing Goldy in Tassie. This happened b4
Dogs5416: Last time gawn played in tassie didn't he score 212?
Gandhi: Hall deserves the 'gull, but Ziebell should have a permanent seagull icon too
Beast_Mode: give ziebell the seagull
Migz: ziegulls had quite a few intercept contested marks today so cant be too harsh on him
Baldfrog: Anyone asked what the seagulls think?
pcaman2003: Won't be too much scaling. 2800 points gone already
Migz: thats 500 poins of scaling
LMartos: There will be like 300 points scaling but a bit of re-arranging too, scores are completely cooked
Migz: time to visit to join in the gawn captain meltdown thread
pcaman2003: My bad. Miscalculated.