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PJ39301965: Letís go Swannies
Beast_Mode: c'mon swannies beat these muppets
duckky: I thought Hickey was meant to be out for weeks
Ash777: muppet clark
m0nty: Mills is going to score about 30 in this role
ReggieOz: Hickey is still listed on ALF website out for 5-7 weeks
PJ39301965: Yeah Monty surprised heís on Cameron, thought it would be melican or McCartin
Catatafish: Hickey had a "miracle recovery"
m0nty: ah moved from Cameron to Rohan, that's better
Ash777: How tall is Mills to be playing kpd
duckky: The AFL injury list is crap. I brought in Jones from Port because he was given the all clear on that site.
Stu7: Go papsmear
Beast_Mode: 90 plus warner pls, so i can eek out a few more weeks of cash from you
duckky: Guilden - your BE is 78 ... bear that in mind
kascadev8: hawthorn game still hasnt scaled yet?
m0nty: correct kasca
kascadev8: all good m0nty, gulden... its time to go. up in scoring
Beast_Mode: no kasca not yet
Stu7: Come on Smith finger out please
phivee: time to go do something else :)
kascadev8: @Beast apparently Gulden hasnt either
Yelse: seriously Guilden liftttt for ffs
Raspel31: Hmm- had no choice with injuries but adieu Gulden I feel.
kascadev8: i coulda gone gulden to dev robertson but i saved the trade, flower me im a potato
Baldfrog: Glad I put Gulden on the bench
kascadev8: stewart covering for Gulden it seems, ffs gulden
StuL: Go us
Stu7: This is a debacle - Gulden
cmperrfect: Needed about 6 trades this week. So many injuries. Hot jam tonight please @ Kasca.
kascadev8: just the 1 cm or am i doing a family box? gulden may as well be a 0
_Wang_: Gulden flower off lol
duckky: Guilden Doughnuts ... loverly!
_Wang_: Stewart wow
Raspel31: Me too cmperrfect- I dream off an upgrade.
Beast_Mode: glad i traded gulden this week, will continue to leak cash. he's coooked
cmperrfect: Just the one thanks Kasca.
cmperrfect: Sweet Caroline ba ba ba. Classics never get old.
kascadev8: gulden to basically no one next week, terrific idea holding that trade me
pcaman2003: Why has Lloyds score dropped from 40 to 32 all of a sudden?
clay007: Could anyone man up on Tom Stewart?
kascadev8: no clay, someone has to cover for gulden
cmperrfect: Hey Heeney, Michael Jackson called, he wants his glove back.
Stu7: Thatís the last weíll see of Papley for the rest of the night
Bulky: Gulden making Paddy Dow look like a superstar.
clay007: Heeney is making young Finlay Macrae look amazing
kascadev8: gulden just go and take a kickin or something, seriously mate, ur BE is 78. 78
clay007: Thanks Kacsa, Gulden listened!
hinsch: I hope Gawn gets more than 100 he will be my only player that does
Ash777: I traded out gulden for Guthrie.
bhg26: Does kasca go more for SuperCoach or his team?
pcaman2003: Ash. Not Zac I hope?
kascadev8: bhg its all good, love all of it
Raspel31: Never doubted Gulden for a minute- and my nose grows again.
Ash777: Cam guthrie
clay007: Funny @Raspel
m0nty: Hickey was on fire the last five minutes, shame about the blood rule
Bulky: I guess the only consolation is just about every SC team still has Gulden in it.
pcaman2003: Clark killing that mullet look. Plays better with it
kascadev8: gulden imma keep at u all night buddy, im gonna be the biggest tag youve ever had and ever will have
pcaman2003: Ash777. Nice upgrade. Lucky you!
Gotigres: my opp doesn't Bulky :(
pcaman2003: Where are you Lloyd? Keep going Stewart
Hazza09: Lloyd gone MIA
Raspel31: Do not drop Clark again- pleez. Young gun.
kascadev8: gulden dont stop now :) my tag is still here
cmperrfect: I thought Hickey was 6-8 week injury, so I traded him. WTF Sydney. Get ya shower together
StuL: Gulden could still make cash.
Bluebagg11: Nice Gulden. Keep going bud
Raspel31: Me too cmperr- and just traded back in. Strangest year.
cmperrfect: I just order a large chips for Lloyd @ pca. 10min wait.
bhg26: High free kick to Geelong? Never thought Iíd see the day
kascadev8: idk who i can trade Rowe to, no one really there, not good
bhg26: And Parker got reported? hahahaha
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. Good man! That should do the job
kascadev8: parker will get nothing, all good bhg
clay007: Swans need to find a way to get Heeney into the game. He was shower last week and he is shower this week.
Stu7: Iíve got so many misfiring dudes in my team
Stu7: * dudes - dudds
bhg26: I now kasca, might as well get his plane ticket for next week, heís playing
cmperrfect: Surely you trade Rowe to Dow Kasca? Hahaha
bhg26: *know
kascadev8: bhg dont worry, buddy will order it for him now
pcaman2003: Stewart has stopped this qtr. C'mon big fella.
kascadev8: cm rowe to anyone, maybe even martin frederick if he can score well again, idk how far away lachie jones is
benzammit: L. Jones is not a walk up starter Kas, if Fredricks plays well he holds his place.
Stu7: Come on Papley ya one game wonder
navy_blues: will geelong choke and lose this?
bhg26: What the actual flowering shower was that flowering shower
Raspel31: One can only hope navy.
bhg26: Absolutely disgraceful
kascadev8: gulden dont go to bed now, u still need to hit 78 minimum
shaker: As usual Cats getting loved up by the umps
pcaman2003: Traded out Gulden for Jelwood this week. So far okay.
clay007: Was that 78 points @Kasca?
Raspel31: Game on!
Raspel31: Kasca- why would you trade in that dinosaur???
Stu7: Good choice pcaman2003
kascadev8: dinosaurs r cool
pcaman2003: Stu7. Good average for the money. Staying injury free so far and looking sharp.
Kidult: Heeney going to be cheap atm under his breakeven by 133
Kidult: Comes as pre bandaged though
cmperrfect: Errol on track for his BE. Yay.
Trindacut: Umpiring has been showerhouse. Geelong very lucky
DrSeuss: Lloyd, Gulden, Warner....qtr has started
Hazza09: Ffs Warner youíve done nothing since you kicked that goal
BigChief: Okay Stewart 3rd quarter has started.
Stu7: Pcaman2003 - thatís why I bought him
srj2409: Stewart was on 75 halfway through the second ffs
bhg26: These umps need a measuring tape, some kicks have gone 10 metres and paid a mark and others go 20 and theyíre not 15
Stu7: Iíve got Warner, Gulden and Papsmear oh dear it gets worse
Raspel31: Should I have a vodka or sit on the wine- indecision killing me.
clay007: Wow! Swans are back!
pcaman2003: Clark having his usual 2nd half nap. Never fails!
Ash777: Hickey has become a gun ruck...
bhg26: Will never be as good as Sinclair Ash, heís the best ever
Trindacut: Scott looking a bit worried. Tiger GF curse is real
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Solution = Have both. Solved!
Wo0lfee: Wine Raspel
Stu7: Raspel vodka
bhg26: Geelong are hating that wing
shaker: Now we know why Scott is so keen on 16 minute 1/4 s
Raspel31: Never occurred to me pcaman- simply brilliant.
Pies20: Wine is for women or old men rasp so i guess wine for you mate
bhg26: Missed call for us and Geelong free for absolutely nothing! brilliant
Trindacut: Umpiring keeping Geelong in it
pcaman2003: You're welcome. Sav me a glass.
Raspel31: Spoken by a true Magpie Pies.
Ash777: Did the umps come from geelong too? horrible calls
Trindacut: Scott wants shorter quartera because he has the oldest list in the AFL by an average of 15 years
DrSeuss: What are you doing Lloyd?
Pies20: Thankyou rasp
Trindacut: Umps probably Geelong life members
kascadev8: gulden and stewart keep going strong
Wahab_18: Champion Data is the biggest joke in the world.. How is Lloyd on 80 after giving away a free and goal & was 75 before it
shaker: That was a BS free and Geelong supporters have the cheek to whinge about other teams
pcaman2003: Okay Lloyd. Time to go get some chips
bhg26: Because it wasnít a free Wahab, just a bs call and CD know it
Pies20: My tips are flowered this year season still all over the place
clay007: Heeney is fast becoming irrelevant
Trindacut: Heeney needs Buddy back
Stu7: Pies20 - 0 tips so far
Raspel31: This game is going very well with pizza, vodka and The Offspring.
Wahab_18: bhg26 bad call or not was still recorded a free against in a close game.. CD hate titch and love fyfe bont and lloyd
Trindacut: Lighting a few candles and hopping in the bubble bath Rasp?
kascadev8: thanks geelong, ill be 0-6 if u lose
Stu7: Raspel31 - nice work
bhg26: Donít forget Gawn wahab
bhg26: Also he went down to 74
Pies20: Flower stu im only 2better
Pies20: Don't forget to drink water old man with your pizza
bhg26: And Titch is the most ineffective player in the AFL, all his nothing handballs and pointless kicks
Trindacut: Kasca you tip as well as Scott coaches in grand finals
pcaman2003: Lloyd has gone missing for 15 min. Where for art thou?
bhg26: Geelong player dropped it 10m out from goal, play on
Wahab_18: bhg26 not sure if you watched the game today.. titch barely did a thing wrong..
kascadev8: trinda mate my tipping is still better, dont do me like that. gulden u still need 36 points, dont u dare stop
bhg26: He may not have done a thing wrong, but a lot of his touches are pointless
Trindacut: Gulden got 36 points in Q2, needs to do that once more in Q4
Wahab_18: 73 before the siren 78 after the siren hasn't touched it since the free against.. nice work CD..
Wahab_18: bhg26 same with lloyd kick to kick in the back pocket
pcaman2003: Stewart,Lloyd, Jelwood and Clark. Huge last qtr please boys.
bhg26: Iím guessing you donít have Lloyd wahab
bhg26: And you have Mitchell
Wahab_18: i will have lloyd soon.. he's not moving up in price so he can wait..
cmperrfect: Hot chips have arrived. Cmon Llllloydy.
kascadev8: chips for gulden too?
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
kascadev8: need to find a way to get atkins i think, bugger u rowe
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. Think Lloydy has lost his appetite for chips.Try some wedges.
Stu7: Or fries
kascadev8: go gulden, get that 78
Hazza09: Ffs Llyod
Wahab_18: lloyd kick in straight to geelong and he goes up yet again...
kascadev8: stewart and gulden dont stop, dont ever stop
bhg26: Give it a rest wahab
Wahab_18: bhg26 CD gotta be consistent they can't just pick and choose favourites
cmperrfect: Wedges and sweet chilli with sour cream. Order in.
pcaman2003: Clark doing much better. Only 1 clanger so far.
bhg26: So youíve said
kascadev8: gulden its been 10 minutes, move ffs
Beast_Mode: why do ppl play supercoach if they gonna sook about cd everyweek
clay007: How come Heeney is not coping punishment from you guys? He is listless
Raspel31: Not working- sprinkle the salt on.
kascadev8: i dont think we realised he was playing clay
pcaman2003: And the vinegar.
Beast_Mode: heeney has a broken hand
Ash777: He shouldn't be playing really.
clay007: I hear a lot about Gulden, he was $100,000 at start of season but Heeney was $450000. He needs to play like his value
clay007: Beast-Heeney has been cleared to play, no excuses for poor effort
kascadev8: 14 minutes now Gulden, get a touch or a kickin
Wahab_18: slowly and quietly going up every minute while sitting on the bench.. Im laughing so hard rn
Beast_Mode: cleared or not, still a broken hand. Shouldnt be out there tbh
pcaman2003: Nice going Clarky. Keep it going son
cmperrfect: Ok, going with the beer battered ones now, see if that does the trick.
clay007: So Beast, you think the Swans would be happy with one of their elite players having 7 touches? Cmon?
kascadev8: cm can u show some to gulden too? hopefully collier-dawkins stays in, would work a treat to drop rowe
navy_blues: u sittin there with a stopwatch kasca?
Raspel31: Wharth would you drop Rowe- averages at least 3 touches?y on e
kascadev8: @navy reading the top left mate, up to 20mins now and he gone -1
Raspel31: Whoops.
Pies20: Have another vodka rasp you might make more sense
pcaman2003: Surprises me teams don't pay attention to Guthrie.
cmperrfect: Did any1 see the Ins for Carlton? Dow is back!
bhg26: Ffs
NewFreoFan: Come on Lloyd just 2 more. Bloody stopped this quarter
navy_blues: i have him to
DrSeuss: Lloyd and Gulden combining fir 1 touch this qtr??
phivee: surely anyone who isnt a supporter of either team has to agree this umpiring is atrocious?
bhg26: Umpiring has been woeful
Raspel31: Welcome back Mr Hickey- gone for 10 weeks we were told. Thanks very much.
kascadev8: @phivee im geelong and ill say its bad
cmperrfect: Iím so p155ed Hickey is already back.
navy_blues: trade dow in next week for sure
Pies20: Not stressing over Lloyd seuess but same as you need gulden to lift
kascadev8: guldens scores just gone off a cliff after the first 2 weeks, whats happened since then?
pcaman2003: Thye umpires have been crap all weekend.
Pies20: Flower all kasca
pcaman2003: Lloyds score moved a little. Amazing to watch.
Hazza09: flower you llyod
Raspel31: Mr Guthrie- we do not miss Danger do we x
kascadev8: @pca all weekend every weekend. yikes
NewFreoFan: That wasn't play on
Ben_Gogos: c'mon swannies
Pies20: Had to play gulden had to many injuries but people chose to play tex makes me feel better
pcaman2003: Thank goodness I traded Gulden to Jelwood this week.
kascadev8: geelong dont u let me go 0-6, ive never had a 0-9 round before, dont make it this one
PJ39301965: Come on swannies letís beat these at cheats
Pies20: How long left?
Raspel31: Well said Ben- carn Swans.
Gotigres: Why can't my opp have Heeney
Pies20: Go cat's get up
navy_blues: go swans
pcaman2003: FO Guthrie
Ben_Gogos: you beauty!!
Beast_Mode: yess!!! lol
clay007: Wow! Can swans win this? Papsmear!
NewFreoFan: The Pap!
Stu7: That will,teach you Geelong for not kicking straight
Raspel31: I say- rather nice eh what?
Trindacut: Swannies!! Beating 25 opponent!
Stu7: Clay007 lol
kascadev8: lovely 0-6 start for this round, lovely
Stu7: Kas - same here unreal
pcaman2003: The Cats are Pussies.
Beast_Mode: sucked in flogs
bhg26: Jesus flowering Christ!
kascadev8: how is that not a cameron mark tho, or a HTB at the end with no effort, took him 4 secs to call it, hurry up mate
Ash777: Karma cats lol
shaker: Go Swans defied the umpires ha ha
navy_blues: kicking for goal the diff
bhg26: Also took Rowbottom high, would have been a ball up anyway
bhg26: Gotta love Papley!!!
Raspel31: You think navy???
Beast_Mode: lol you got everything a platter all night, dont sook up a storm now
kascadev8: haha nah nah just messing around, should been a cameron mark though
mattmac24: Karma for what?
Stu7: Parley ruined my tip and gave me a bad SuperCoach score - flog
MrWalrus: Tiger induced trauma strikes again
Ash777: Gott the same non-decision that lions had lol
Beast_Mode: that was 50/50 at best
bhg26: Papley saved my tip. Never in doubt!
bhg26: Gotta put my heart back in my chest
Catatafish: Quitting tipping this year as well. Retarded year
kascadev8: who was asking whether i go for my SC or AFL team more, its my SC team rn, someones gotta give me a win
Pies20: They talking smack kasca cheats karma blah blah blah
Pies20: Bhg suns still better apparently with your analysis
kascadev8: why do we hav to get at least 1 ump every week who hates us, always either razor or that bald guy (idk his name)
bhg26: It was me kasca, you always put your sc team first lol
bhg26: I was clearly joking pies
bhg26: And also shhhhh
Trindacut: Geelong deserved this loss more than Sydney deserved to win
kascadev8: bhg well, i need a win somewhere now