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Bazza2014: Burgoyne isnt playing
Bazza2014: team for hawks is up the duff, chad, jaegs and silk not playing
Bazza2014: Sub is correct not alot more- No Gunston????
PAFC4eva: cmon tom big boy jiath restore some faith in my side
kascadev8: big scores from kosi, phillips, titch and impey would work a treat now
Trindacut: There is a player missing on Hawks team lol
kascadev8: just me or is crouch holding onto titch at every contest
duckky: A player missing? Yeah - it is Mitchell
snake_p: maginness
Migz: is frost the dumbest player in the afl?
DrSeuss: Phillips - any chance of getting a touch?
bhg26: Games started Jiath
pcaman2003: DE up and clangers down this week Titch,please.
Beast_Mode: brad hill blue moon
bhg26: Can Steele get on the ground please, id very much appreciate it
pcaman2003: Hawks back to their mediocre best. Fumbles and poor disposal everywhere.
bhg26: Hawthorn are making St Kilda look good
Bazza2014: 50 less possies in a qtr, thats ouchies
pcaman2003: @Bazza. And Mitchell still playing like a turd
PAFC4eva: togreats games are poor hopefully tonights are better
faisca7: Looks like Maginness is following Steele
PAFC4eva: todays games are poor
beerent11: Less stoppages definitely affecting titch this year
Social: Just got home and logged on, WTF?
Stu7: Hill doing something for a change - should get into more training altercations
bhg26: Please Jiath, dont make me want to commit supercoach suicide
SadBlueBoi: Was waiting for Grundy to scale in last match and missed the start of this one. Can't loophole now...
Stu7: Please Jiath donít join Moore, Rowe & Farrar flog scoring
Hazza09: Doubt Iíll get over 2000 at this rate
_Wang_: Cj please left or it's sad Saturday
Stu7: Hazza09 Iíll be lucky to get 1800 at this rate
Hazza09: Usually Sundays are brutal @wang
bhg26: Steele, Impey and Jiath lift. Keep going Kozzi
_Wang_: Hazza today has been.
_Wang_: Write off
pcaman2003: Titch not paid for a great tackle a while back. Hopefully paid by half time.
DrSeuss: Steele, Hardwick and Phillips - get involved - stop just running around
NewFreoFan: Blue moon for Zak?
pcaman2003: This game is as bad as my SC round.Oh well! Life goes on.
DrSeuss: Why TF is Steele at full forward
beerent11: Maginness playing tight on Steele. Steele taking him fwd.
Stu7: Steele is sore knee
Beast_Mode: sadblueboi thats your own fault, grundy as ALWAYS going to be in the 140's
beerent11: That says a lot about titch atm pcaman
kascadev8: phillips impey titch get a move on, already had a shocker with the adelaide game
clay007: Do you have to be a tossbag Beast. Is Sadblue able to have his say without abuse?
bhg26: Jiath you were the chosen one!
Stu7: CJ do something ffs
Hazza09: Kosi the only thing that has been a positive today, who would have thought
Beast_Mode: lol clay, how was that abuse? muppet
pcaman2003: @Beer. His season has been rubbish by his standards
Stu7: @clay007 - I agree - too many people criticise for no good reason
beerent11: Yep. Less stoppages.
bhg26: Jiath looks flowering hopeless
Stu7: Come on CJ
BigChief: Is Steele on the bench?
clay007: Beast- I think you know. I do not bag people on here. They have an opinion and you do not have to agree
beerent11: Beast mode a sniper.
Baldfrog: Hey guys. Titch your worrying me m8
_Wang_: Cbigchief yes
beerent11: Brings an edge to the chat
SeasickJac: Lets go Zak Jones... Ooooh yea!
Stu7: On field Chief
clay007: Thanks Stu and Beerent!
pcaman2003: My opponent having a good laugh with his mid pricers.
PAFC4eva: home from footy already frog did you leave at half time
pcaman2003: How does Billings drop ball in a tackle and not pinged? BS rule!
kascadev8: for someone in the "ball magnets" program i would have expected more from you titch
beerent11: Titch is almost my m8 at the moment
Napper: Come on Steele these r the games u r supposed to go big
Ben_Gogos: Witches hats kind of day for the Hawks
Beast_Mode: i asked a question, i didnt bag anyone. I get you're a bit emotional tonight
NewFreoFan: Has something happened to Steele?
kascadev8: if impey titch and phillips wanna wax for the next few minutes that would be nice
clay007: No one is emotional tonight Beast.
Baldfrog: Beast just being Beast I assume
Kidult: @pca been alot of dropped ball in tackles not paid of late
clay007: Beast -you said it was his fault. That is not a question, it is a rude statement
Hazza09: Looks like the CJ experiment is over
Beast_Mode: lol i asked what was he waiting for, i probably shouldnt have rubbed it in. fair point
navy_blues: dclay just ignore beast he cant even show his team colours but bags every1
beerent11: Cj and tex in the same day.
DrSeuss: Zak Jones having the game of his life and taking Steeleís possies it seems
Stu7: clay007 - correct
TheFlagger: steele pls crack 50
clay007: I am getting that vibe @navy_blues.
Manowar: Mitchell = showerchell
beerent11: Even Steele being quiet is on track to 100
navy_blues: think jones and hill been told perform or vfl time
clay007: Does anyone know if Luke Ryan is out? I heard he left the track early yesterday
Manowar: about time we see the witches hats again! need to use more often!
pcaman2003: I think it's too late to change allegiance. Unfortunate! Shocker of a game
m0nty: funy thing is, we could still win this
duckky: I take it that Monty isn't impressed with his team?
Baldfrog: Pcaman u me and Beer said we were bottom 3 so it's alright m8
pcaman2003: Wow! I just saw Titch hit a target. Woohoo!
kascadev8: think i might struggle from these hawkies players. sub 2200 incoming
PAFC4eva: witches should have come out in crows game
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Lol! It's about fair too with the way our sides are playing.
GOATdusty: yea Ryan won't be playing, coach hinted at it
Raspel31: As a member of the set Highmore free society I can only wish you the worst Sainters. Go Hawks.
Baldfrog: Haha Raspel said like a true Tottenham s
Baldfrog: Sup*
PAFC4eva: any rain in brisbane tonight
Snarfy: How's everyone else doing. My players are going crap. Every premium is underperforming and my rookies can't break 40!
kascadev8: i went well last night @Snarf went about +60, adelaide game negated all of that, taranto kept it up a little bit
hinsch: Snarfy Four donuts for me this week I have 10 players injured, ommited or managed this week
Baldfrog: Bugger Hinsch feel for ya
Raspel31: Indeed Baldfrog- we goona kick Sheffield back to the dark ages.
Baldfrog: Raspel as a Palace fan survival is our only joy
GOATdusty: only 1 tackle for steele when he averages 7 a game is hurting his score
Hazza09: First Macrae then Rowe and now CJ, over this week
Raspel31: You must almost qualify for the Maltese Super League Bald- you're fine.
DrSeuss: Did Zak Jones steal all of Steeleís mojo before this game??
Stu7: hinsch - I thought I was going bad. - fell for you mate
Baldfrog: If only I knew what the Maltese super league was
Snarfy: You're making me feel better. Make a good comp. Whose team is going the worst!
Stu7: Mines & Hill continuing their joust
Snarfy: Hinsch is the early leader and will take alot of catching!
Stu7: * mines - Jones
PJ39301965: Bugger Hinsch, I was losing two per week but not that bad
DrSeuss: Hardwick with his normal disappearing trick - get involved. You too Phillips
Stu7: Saints need this game to boost their showere 67 percentage
Stu7: Come on CJ itís not too late to get 30
pharace: Big help for Steele to be on the ground this qtr - he scores!
Hazza09: CJ running around looking lost
Snarfy: Well done Hinsch. I assume the silence indicates that everyone bows to your superior list. Well done!
kascadev8: philips impey titch get a move on
Ben_Gogos: The Higgins superman is the most unusual I've ever delivered!
Ben_Gogos: Sub 50 DT in the third term!
Kidult: Ryan is out for Watson and Treacy out for Tucker tomorrow
kascadev8: stay low steele, stay low
hinsch: SC stupid bloody game anyway, my bench players are really struggling this week
Snarfy: If anyone else wants to have a moan tonight, before you do, just think of Hinschy!
bhg26: Flower off kasca, go Steele
hinsch: well that good news Ryan out might have to change my total donuts to plus one more
Kidult: Kennedy, Edwards and Petrol are in for Barrass, O'Niel and McGovern
Kidult: Menadue and Davies Uniacke are out for Hall and Lazzaro and
Kidult: Ben Brown in for Jones
pcaman2003: Coming out of my 40 year retirement and joining the Hawks .
Kidult: Ridley,Stewart and Bryan in for Francis, Phillips and BZT
Stu7: Thanks Kidult
Kidult: Murphy, Williams and Pet-Seton out for Dow, Owies and Parks
Baldfrog: Lol Dow gets a game
pcaman2003: Remind me how Titch won a Brownlow. Was it a bribe of sorts?
Stu7: @Snarfy - canít argue with that!
Kidult: Umpire award @pcaman
kascadev8: phillips impey titch dont stop, believe it. keep goinggggg
Stu7: How can CJ be on for so long and not touch the ball?
pcaman2003: Thanks Kidult. I knew it woiuldn't be skilled based.
DEESareSAD: Chapman still in kidult?
bhg26: I dont know stu, I donít really care anymore
bhg26: Itís a scary situation there baldfrog
kascadev8: still need 50 from impey, 30 from titch, 30 from phillips, wont happen, but how close can we go??
Stu7: I might have to go and see my dr after this and get 12 free sessions
amigaman: AFL site stalling with Sunday teams
PAFC4eva: teams still not up on afl site weak just like they are on bring back the bars debacle
bhg26: Jiath surely has to our score Rowe?
Kidult: check the news page have to get them from there
Hazza09: Waterman an emergency?
Migz: well im copping a donut. They said hurn was breaking the record this week
GOATdusty: the ins and outs are shown, thats all you really need to know
Migz: rip
bhg26: Nothing positive has come out of this game for me
Baldfrog: So disappointed Waterman doesn't get a game Hazza
bhg26: In fact nothing positive has come out of today
DrSeuss: Phillips, Hardwick and Steele - thank you for your efforts today.
GOATdusty: waterman not even an emergency, how does jones keep getting games
SeasickJac: GOAT Jones has 30 disposals
beerent11: Steele might get to ton on tackles. Beast.
Stu7: Bhg26 donít hold your breath
beerent11: Wonder if GOD has the c on jones
beerent11: Lucky itís only a game huh
pharace: Amazingly balanced and courageous footballer Steele!
pcaman2003: A positively embarrassing effort Hawks.Hang your heads
exatekk: i dunno pca. did you catch the crom game? LOL
pharace: Quite game for him but still the equal most contested possessions
kascadev8: if phillips titch and impey somehow get to their projected ill be surprised, shower
Raspel31: Hmm?
TheOnyas: Onya Jonesy
bhg26: Still got the swannies tonight Stu, Iíll become more unbearable
exatekk: onya theonyas
beerent11: Titch only projected to 90 should get there.
pharace: How is that possible bhg? hehe
Baldfrog: Rare appearance from the Onyas
GOATdusty: beer, steele getting some junktime tackles, nice lol
pcaman2003: I'm comforted knowing that most on here doing it tough. Lol!
bhg26: Youíll see pharace, a lot of complaining to come
exatekk: funny that Jones & Hill had aggression suring the week. Exactly what both needed!
Raspel31: Onya onya
clay007: Are the teams listed for tomorrow? Just checked. Donuts!
kascadev8: keep goin kos man, machine
Stu7: Another injury Luke Ryan out.
pharace: Couldn't be more unbearable than Kasca and Geelong
Stu7: CJ touched it OMG
bhg26: Jiaths now resorting to falling on his alps
GOATdusty: yes the teams out clay
Beast_Mode: pretty happy Luke Ryan is out
clay007: I went to afl teams and nothing @Goat. Which website?
pharace: Teams out - bad new for Carlton {cheering}
Hazza09: Need the mare symbol on CJ
BigChief: Teams are out, just not in team line ups on AFL site.
pharace: I Had to check each Club site clay
Baldfrog: Ben Mitchell with the gun seriously
pharace: Come on Steely boy, get back on and finish off
Beast_Mode: clay mate! check fox sports, its there
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Haha! I think it's because he's almost reached his proj score.
clay007: saw it on Fox footy. Ryan out, bad news for me
Stu7: King needs serious goal practice
PAFC4eva: williams out with soreness good pickup blues out more than in
beerent11: Wouldnít be surprised if Steele finishes the game on the pine. Has looked a little sore.
beerent11: Nope back on
Stu7: Beer apparently knee
Stu7: You watch st Kilda will only end up winning this game by 5 points
pcaman2003: C'mon Impey and Titch,go hard now
beerent11: Titch has turned into Matt crouch.
beerent11: 34 poss 87 points
kascadev8: impey titch philips go go go
pcaman2003: @beerent. Which is about normal for Titch.
kascadev8: admitedly idk the scoring system, but titch goes 30+ most weeks and still cant even ton, thats pretty bad
beerent11: This year pcaman
amigaman: Haha CD. Moore - mark kick goal = 1pt
Baldfrog: Cmon Clark just 6 more
Stu7: Wow Hill usually scores 117 over. 4 games
Crave: titch's score seems to correlate with how hawks are going
Yelse: zerret Walsh or lyons ?? to bring in for neale
Stu7: Zerret
kascadev8: still some nice scaling to come, hopefuly impey gets a bit of it. i went Walsh Yelse, merrett basically a titch
Baldfrog: Lyons or Walsh yelse
Nurfed: Id take Walsh Yelse
PJ39301965: I went Walsh Yelse
Bazza2014: 36 useless possies from Titchell, turned it over with some shockers
Beast_Mode: yelse why not fyfe? walsj is prbs best value
Yelse: was just thinking of the games they got lot play
bhg26: Jiath zero points for a mark and kick
beerent11: Need those witches hats again Ben
BigChief: Cmon Steele LIFT
Yelse: got fyfe already and oliver, didn't want to go petracca due to many demons
beerent11: Iíd go Lyons all day.
Yelse: maybe guthrie bloody hard choice damn
Crave: lol people complaining that their players aren't getting points in junk time
Stu7: Zerret averaging 110 lowest score 92
beerent11: Go for best value. All those guys around the same level.
Trindacut: 4 effective kicks for 6 points for Mitchell. Makes sense.
Stu7: CJ ya flog
pcaman2003: Is it me or did the scores stop 5 mins ago?
kascadev8: with that mark and kick id expect titch over 100
pcaman2003: Wowee! Bad,bad loss.
clay007: pcaman2003. I am noticing this regularly. Scores just stop with 5 minutes to go. Weird.
pcaman2003: Thanks Clay007. I wondered as much
clay007: Clark was on 93, hb and then kicked a goal and is still on 93