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PAFC4eva: hi all laird scholl taranto this one PS BRING BACK THE BARS
_Wang_: Tecks and Rowe for me
PAFC4eva: if i was flynn id be looking elsewhere next year
exatekk: you can go watch the bars in the SANFL
Raspel31: It is a thing of wonder that Rowe is still in the side- though with injuries, no complaints. Go Tex.
pharace: Yep, modern day miracle Raspel!
_Wang_: No Rowe wold equL a donut for, e
_Wang_: Donut for me
BigChief: Teal and white bars maybe.
PAFC4eva: rather be watching them next week exe at ao
Raspel31: Ah Wang- back to your erudite best. Bit early to be sozzled?
_Wang_: Raspel I am special on the ipad
TheFlagger: tex you superstar, best forward in the comp
PAFC4eva: cmon chief why cant we use them when we play the fruit loops
PAFC4eva: kelly midfield today?
wadaramus: Port Power should stop trying to be Port Magpies.
PAFC4eva: we are pafc hasnt changed
wadaramus: Though I now understand they have removed the Magpies logo from their SANFL guernsey.
BigChief: Because you are Port Power, not Port Magies.
Raspel31: I'm on your side PAFC.
PAFC4eva: no we are PAFC
wadaramus: Erasing the past to satisfy modern egos.
Grimes Jr: with injuries and rookies have had to hold kelly all year. Give me something today
wadaramus: Disgraceful.
PAFC4eva: again always been pafc still are
Raspel31: Thilthorpe might struggle for the ton this week- okay, who brought him in?
GOATdusty: i waited a week on thorpy, value won't change yet so i waited, plus had other priorities
wadaramus: Same club, two different teams.
PAFC4eva: 150 years ago we started in adelaide league then to sanfl and now afl
PAFC4eva: you are right wada same club 2 teams
SwaggyP: PA took like 4 decades to decide on the bars. Give it a rest.
cwall66: Whitfield might be good to bring in if he stays low
PAFC4eva: thats like saying collingwood football club only started in the afl
Raspel31: Agreed Swaggy- enough about bloody guernseys ffs.
wadaramus: So the Power should stop trying to be the Magpies, get over it and move on.
ballbag: the TRUTH is, PAFC is one of the oldest and most successful clubs on EARTH
ballbag: In 150 years tey have won 36 league titles. Enough said
BigChief: The team in AFL is Port Adelaide POwer and accepted Teal as the main colour. Need to have teal in your colours
duckky: It is a sad week in fantasy football when you have to rely on Rowe and Berry and still get a donught
Raspel31: Rowe off to his normal scintillating start.
Snarfy: I think we''l get a bit of time before we have to get Lachie in. He would be entitled to be a bit rusty.
Snarfy: At least he's in the positive number column Raspel.
pcaman2003: In all fairness Raspel,he'll still get his 2 touches before games end
ballbag: @bigchief Port Power is a continuos entity of 150 year old PAFC. Get over it. It is one continuous entity
bhg26: Rowes cooking now
pcaman2003: And on cue he picks up 2 possies. Blow me!
Snarfy: I must confess. I have Rowe on field. He is playing at home!
wadaramus: One clud that now has two distinctly separate teams in two different competitions.
PAFC4eva: to be honest i dont care if they wear it or not just dont like collingwood telling afl what to do when its afl call
pcaman2003: Tex you goose,should be at least 30pts by now easily
BigChief: @ballbag when they entered the AFL they agreed to use teal as their main colour. They must have that in their jumper.
wadaramus: They have to leave the black and white in the SANFL, the ALF already had a black and white Magpies.
Raspel31: I acan't help but feel that the only thing holding the Crows back is that they are crap.
PAFC4eva: just like crows have 2 teams 1 afl 1 sanfl
PAFC4eva: premier league have liverpool and mu same strips same comp
ballbag: PAFC is the OLDEST club with prison bars and named the magpies. Its a fact. Arguing against it is nonsense
PAFC4eva: afl to scared to tell collingwood to have a distinctive clash strip
ballbag: According to Wikipedia also, they are 150 years old and have one 36 SANFL tityles and 4 Australian titles.
SwaggyP: AFL should make clubs wear an alternate strip 100%
PAFC4eva: love your work ballbag
ballbag: *won
SwaggyP: The easiest solution is to bring back heritage round so PA can wear their precious bars and the silly PA fans stay happy
TheFlagger: butts either gets 53 or 93
Raspel31: I think Cllingwood should change their colours- they're irrelevant anyway.
ballbag: the real Collingwood prison bars are the gaps in their every second tooth
TheFlagger: Collingwood should just have a big traffic cone on their jersey, represents them more than their current jersey
BigChief: Not sure how you don't understand that the Port Adelaide Magpies play in the SANFL not the AFL
PAFC4eva: good to see whits back go boy
Yelse: On SEN today Pies and port hand shaked a once of for PA to wear the bars in the heritage round. Now they going backon it
DropCox: @raspel31. Youtube wasn't invented when Essington last won a final. Irrelevant lol
wadaramus: Might as well just bang your head against a wall BC.
Raspel31: Lol Ballbag. Ps I'm setting up a speed typing course for Fanfooty fans.
DropCox: @TheFlagger yet still beat Carlton lol
BigChief: @wada agreed mate.
wadaramus: Last year when PA changed to the One Club logo..
wadaramus: They effectively erased the Magpies and Power logos.
Grimes Jr: is berry actually going to enter the field of play
duckky: Meh. Does anyone really care about Port fans except insurance companies and the legal system?
PAFC4eva: doesnt matter wada still PAFC
duckky: Pull the finger out Laird
_Wang_: Tecks get a touch
Raspel31: And dentists duckky.
m0nty: my boy Butts is feeling it
Snarfy: Its a boring unrewarding job barracking for these cashless cows!
Snarfy: Nice one Raspel
DrSeuss: Tex and Laird - 2nd qtr has started??
Snarfy: I've had enough. I don't care how many points you get from now on Rowe, you're gone!
kascadev8: tex rowe laird come on ffs
pcaman2003: Damn! Shoot me for bringing in Walker. Remorse!
Raspel31: Butts is definitely feeling the pinch m0nty. Carn Tex.
DrSeuss: Also, Flynn may never get another game. So much for Mumford just wanting to let the youngsters have a go
DEESareSAD: Tex gotta go next week?
Snarfy: Doesn't Mummy have a problem with backing up DrSeuss?
Hazza09: Another shocking week ahead
Beast_Mode: this is a smacking could lose by 100
pcaman2003: @Hazza09. Might be the year of SC hell for me. Not good so far
DrSeuss: Played 2 in a row, 1 week off, then back this week. Not great for Flynn long term
Raspel31: Looking that way Hazza, sigh.
Grimes Jr: thanks cameron. kelly in the middle for once
Snarfy: Gee Laird's quiet. Anyone watching, is he on the ball?
tommy10: Do something Scholl ya soft nut
Snarfy: You're right Seuss, but we only need Flynn to get us some cash before the byes, then we can toss him.
pcaman2003: Tex minus 4 pts since 15 min mark first qtr. Weak as pi*s
Beast_Mode: laird is on ball just not doing well, not enough contrsted ball
DrSeuss: Yep Laird on the ball Snarfy - Crows just no possession this qtr
Raspel31: That leaves time to go down another 8 pts pcaman- hmm?
NewFreoFan: Surely that was tunneling by Hill on Laird
DrSeuss: Tex on the bench - resting from doing nothing all qtr?
pcaman2003: Raspel,it makes you wonder. My trades are failing me dismally
StuL: How many blew their liaf
kascadev8: big 2nd half please Tex and Rowe, dont make Taranto do it all
Beast_Mode: laird lifted
Raspel31: Haven't been able to make an upgrade this year pcaman- brought in Seaball- he'll prob get 20.
StuL: Load early on thilthorpe?
Stu7: Sholl & Rowe going to cost me a put losss
pcaman2003: Raspel. Upgrades are rare and some injured already.Grrr!
StuL: The pride of SA are stinking.
StuL: Should have bemched
kascadev8: tex has had a good run tbf, gonna back gulden in for 1 more week, need to save the trade
StuL: The mighty South Aussie. Foodland. Not the Crows
Snarfy: All my 2nd batch of rookies are killing me. None of them are keepers it seems atm.
ballbag: i was warned the alps would fall out of big tex. time to trade
Yelse: ball bag there are no good fwds to get for tex
DrSeuss: Tough on Tex - ball hasnít been forward much for the Crows
Stu7: I have Sholl, Rowe and moore 63 between them another loss
TheFlagger: lovely work taranto this is why i started you!!!!
kascadev8: just want rowe to hit his BE now, thankfully last nights game has covered for all of this mayhem
Stu7: And Iíve got Obien
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. 4 clangers doesn't help.
DEESareSAD: Go Taranto! 130 pls.
kascadev8: 1 goal rowe, thats all we need
Stu7: I need Llyod to score 450 to cover for the other flogs
_Wang_: Have to
_Wang_: Time to trade Tex I reckon
zadolinnyj: how does mchenry get a game
TheFlagger: wang the only problem is not too many options, maybe zorko
Stu7: @zado - same way Rowe gets a game
_Wang_: Flagger yeah agreed
Stu7: Keep going Sholl
_Wang_: Rowe lol
Beast_Mode: lol rowe you muppet!
pcaman2003: @Beast. I second that. Muppet to useless Walker too.
DEESareSAD: Lots of scaling to come after this game too
wadaramus: McAdam muppet too.
Spifflicat: Hogan looms as an option in the fwd line in another week. Fantastic effort from the Giants today
pcaman2003: Will need a good therowboat after this season. Any recommendations?
Beast_Mode: lol spliffy
Beast_Mode: anyone being in thiltthorpe next week? or was last week a fluke score
Kidult: Time to put Laird back and let him rack it up in the open space
bhg26: come on rowe, i still believe in you
PAFC4eva: looks like fruit loops regained 2020 form may still give the spoon a stir
kascadev8: i stopped believing in you Rowe.
Spifflicat: Fluke score for Tilthorpe. Once they put a proper defender on him, he got zip
pcaman2003: typed in therowboat and it comes out therowboat. Hahaha!
_Wang_: Tex and Rowe rip this week
clay007: How has Thilthorpe scored more points than Tex. Tex has two goals
bhg26: here comes rowe
Beast_Mode: clay maybe look at the stats before asking stupid questions
wolfheart: The honeymoon is over baby - Tex.
kascadev8: was enjoying the look of a nice score, thats gone quickly thanks to crom
clay007: You are a tool Beast! They both have 8 possessions.
_Wang_: Coz Tex has been a butcher
BurtCocain: good to see taranto cleaning it up, felt a bit robbed last few weeks
Spifflicat: Tex has had very little opportunity. Crows midfield has been destroyed today
Trindacut: Tex too fat
wolfheart: Love Tom Green's work today, but he's got Hopper and Taranto ruining his fantasy value.
Catatafish: Berry is a bit of spud isn't he
kascadev8: hoping to still be above 2200 after this game, gonna be close i reckon, over 100 point loss in this game :/ yikes
wolfheart: a 10 goal drubbing. Bummed I tipped the crows and the pies. Thought they were both sus.
StuL: Come on Rowe. A couple of dingers
TheFlagger: Whitfield 26 touches 62 SC mad
_Wang_: Tex dream over
bhg26: Alright, ive given up. Flower you laird and rowe
Bulky: Berry is a massive spud in a team full of spuds.
_Wang_: Kasc. Me too
bhg26: Should have fielded dusty over rowe
TheFlagger: Taranto pls hit 130 everyone else has disappointed
PAFC4eva: surely witches hats for crows
Stu7: GWS could drag there whole team and the Crows would still lose
Stu7: Bhg26 lol
TheFlagger: giants took out the inexperienced players and its done them wonders
beerent11: Haha Rowe might pass tex
duckky: Did you go on vacstion at halftime Greene?
DEESareSAD: Wow only just noticed that duckky, shame for people who brought him in.
Trindacut: SC scores only moving in 1s, there is an error
Kaalia: Tex dream ended in 2017
kascadev8: ill take a tex 50 and rowe BE
Trindacut: Greene showing 52, just got a goal
bhg26: Rowe makes me believe i can play in the AFL one day
Trindacut: And then only moved to 53
kascadev8: bhg already put my name in for mid season, reckon ill b in over rowe
beerent11: Scoring is always slow on the last quarter. Wait till after scaling.
TheFlagger: Yeh must be something wrong, collingwood suns didnt scale
bhg26: Okay, so Rowe will ton up after scaling beer
kascadev8: taranto the saving grace in this game
Kidult: CD gave up on the two games today to focus on Hawks vs Saints
Beast_Mode: grundy 144sc
Trindacut: 469 in scaling
kascadev8: taranto would have to be around 150 surely