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DEESareSAD: Cmon Grundy vc and finlay!
FLAG: surely pies, Crundy and finlay
PJ39301965: Afternoon
pharace: So this is game between youth and creativity.... and not sure how to describe Collingwood anymore
GOATdusty: good afternoon lads, just got the C on Grundy in this one.
Yelse: Grundy for me! cmonnnnnnnnn piesss must win
_Wang_: Left it just to late to c grundy
PAFC4eva: hi all grundy only this one
PAFC4eva: ps bring back the bars
pharace: Lucky Wang perhaps
Snarfy: Wanting Macrae to get some points today so he doesn't get dropped!
pcaman2003: Macrea no good as VC so have Grundy as C too.
Snarfy: Just in time to take the C off Grundy
Snarfy: I'm not worried about Grundy, just the mids that are around him.
_Wang_: Pharace he will go huge
pcaman2003: Opponent has C on Gawn so want Grundy to go 150+
Ooost: VC Grundy and McCreery
TheFlagger: go suns
pharace: He should Wang, but this is the sort of game Grundy can shock too
Manowar: Go Suns!
Snarfy: Go Farrar!
_Wang_: Agreed pharace
DropCox: P Plates for Murphy
TheFlagger: stay low grundy
BigChief: Murphy has already played 3 games @dropCox
DrSeuss: Grundy, Farrar and Burgess E - letís go lads
Ben_Gogos: Fourth game for Murphy @DropCox
Hazza09: Useless Macrae
DEESareSAD: Anyone else starting to think finlay is never gonna be a good player?
TheFlagger: bit early to say that Dees
Snarfy: Not much time on ground for Macca. I spose it doesn't help if you're always out of position/on the bench.
Manowar: F. Macrae lower score that medical sub, that's no good!
DaTBird187: Juventus started well.
GOATdusty: macrae will be a solid player, but this season we wont be much chop
Ben_Gogos: Only his third game @DEESareSAD. Give the youngster a bit more time...
TheFlagger: probably needed a bit more VFL experience, we saw RCD dominate in his first after ages in VFL
Ben_Gogos: This match has the real vibe of a training run.
Raspel31: Lol- well said Ben.
navy_blues: love to see gc win this
SwaggyP: This is going to be a round of "upsets" isn't it?
DropCox: @BigChief unique situation for Murphy. $123k despite playing in 2018. 2nd game this year.
pcaman2003: GeezBucks! Get Grundy back out there.
StuL: It's only the Suns I said. It's only Collingwood too
Yelse: still can't get past moore fwd
Migz: is urgency the word of the day for these clowns
TheFlagger: corrallllleeeddd
Raspel31: Oh go you Suns- a thing of beauty to behold.
TheFlagger: Loving the pies downfall - bit of a shame carlton are as shower if not worse
Malaka: Oh, the Premiership's a cakewalk ...
navy_blues: de goey = no goey
Pies20: At work keeping a eye on the scores move pies!!
Beast_Mode: nah flagger its awesome that the blues have been garbage for 2 decades, hopefully the pies join em
Snarfy: I spose Yelse at least he's taking a good defender away from Mihocek
DrSeuss: Farrar has stopped - get some touches please
TheFlagger: very true beast, i get disappointed every week
pcaman2003: Having C on Grundy working a treat.
navy_blues: /0who do u follow beast? wont even show your colours
TheFlagger: miller looking like a great pod
Yelse: Thats the third goal now we let slip through the fingers
StuL: Go McCreery. Looking good
pcaman2003: Grundy taps going to GC nearly every time. Pies mids hopeless.
Hazza09: Terrible Macrae
TheFlagger: time to play the kids in the midfield pies
cmperrfect: Cmon Farrar. Get into the game. Need another 40 at least.
duckky: No Eddie, No Collingwood
Snarfy: How does it help the confidence of young players to be put in the forward pocket?
DrSeuss: Burgess and Farrar....time to get a little more involved gents
Snarfy: What an opportunity to have Macrae running with Pendles to learn positioning.
Snarfy: At times Macrae has looked as if he's in the way.
shaker: Jeez the Pies look ordinary
NewFreoFan: My disposals multi is gonna be up by 3 quarter time, should have gone harder
kascadev8: go grundy, laird tex and rowe killing me in the other game, was looking at a 2300+ too :( pain
Hazza09: Ffs Macrae errors everywhere
Napper: How does farrar lose points for a handball that was effective
Stu7: Moore useless
FLAG: nice Crundy, keep going
Napper: For how bad we are playing we r only a couple points down crazy
pcaman2003: Kaskadev. Have the same players and r ruining my round so far.
DropCox: Is this the worst game this year? Terrible skills
pcaman2003: C Grundy only shining light. Just hope he keeps going strong.
DEESareSAD: That goal looked like local footy level!
pcaman2003: FFS pies mids,get Grundy's tapouts. He'd be over 150 by now if mids did the right thing.
MercAm: @drop, feel like we r saying that every week now haha. We are shower
NewFreoFan: I dunno Drop, Docker v North wasn't great, we were garbage and still stumbled our way to a 50+ point win
Beast_Mode: Pies look soft without Cox
shaker: Why is Buckley not moving Moore back
Yelse: from now on if moore plays games fwd not gonna watch
pcaman2003: @Beast. Cox goes hard.
Catatafish: Playing Moore forward instead of back is just plain stupid.
Stu7: I have Sholl, Rowe and moore 63 between them another loss
ReggieOz: 100% agree
Stu7: What the fruit is Brudny doing
pcaman2003: Stewy Dew looks fitter than some maggies.
Stu7: Grundy stopped
shaker: Buckley worst coach in AFL
TheFlagger: Buckley is done
MrWalrus: Can't complain about 97 @ 3/4 time Stu, geez
Stu7: MrWalrus not at all but he stopped scoring for a bit there
Stu7: Geez
Stu7: I need Llyod to score 450 to cover for the other flogs
Stu7: @shaker - who knows has me stumped
Napper: Come on Farrar big loft
pcaman2003: Grundy's score looks ridiculously low doesn't it?
NewFreoFan: Darcy Poore
navy_blues: to easy
DEESareSAD: Is Grundy Collingwoods best midfielder atm?
TheFlagger: go suns go
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
Stu7: Too true NewFreo
navy_blues: does bucks get sacked this week?
DrSeuss: Farrar - thanks a bunch
Yelse: ffssssss put moore back
MercAm: Ahhhh Iím so done with Collingwood. Just poor performance and nobody is going hard at all
TheFlagger: hotsuns
MercAm: Gotta give credit to Poulter though, he has had a very good debut!
TheFlagger: how about the suns tackling?
pcaman2003: Bucks can't possibly last at this rate. He must go.
Stu7: Farrar = flog
Hazza09: Seems like Macrae has gone home. Will get dropped next week
Stu7: MercAm - yes heís having a great game
beerent11: Big week for the toothless coming up.
Ooost: Grundy VC over Gawn is going to be a tough choice.
MrWalrus: Watching the other game, is Farrar still on Moore? If so JS excellent
beerent11: McRae very timid around the contest compared to poulter
ballbag: what is gawns avge vs goldy?
Beast_Mode: gawn scored 150 plus last time against goldy
Ben_Gogos: Pies have put the cue in the rack big time!
Beast_Mode: statistically goldy is the 3rd easily ruckman to score points against
Pies20: Pretty average effort this one, scary thing we play north next week i think
Stu7: Nice work Grundy
beerent11: Gawn averages 120 vs norf
shaker: Buckley can't change his game plan once game has started
beerent11: Haha my phone spell corrects to morgue when I type in norf.
Stu7: Has anyone told Moore that you donít have to be 1.5 meters away from the ball?
cmperrfect: Bye bye Buckley.
TheFlagger: pies even on the pies worst days they will beat north. Good for buckley if given one more week
beerent11: McRae just likes to jog alongside the ball looking exhausted.
Hazza09: Macrae definitely getting dropped next week, add him to the list of shower
beerent11: Broke my golden rule with McRae bringing him in after one game to facilitate an upgrade.
navy_blues: 5.13 says it all
Beast_Mode: but macrae was showerhouse in his first game..
Yelse: do we take grundys VC?
clay007: Moore 4 touches. That is a shower effort
pcaman2003: C'mon Grundy...push to 140
clay007: Macrae mark and effective kick no points
Snarfy: Me too Beer, lesson well and truly learnt there. Listened to all the hype!
beerent11: Yelse I take the vc score if itís higher than the c average score.
_Wang_: Apparently Moore better in fwd line lol
Snarfy: Also with Farrar. They are obviously using him as a shut down player. No good for me.
beerent11: Not grundys fault.
pcaman2003: Just one more please Grundy
DEESareSAD: After that Grundy goal. Yes we do take his vc score
Snarfy: Imagine Grungy at the Doggies. Would clean up with their mids.
Ooost: Grundy might crack 145 here
BurtCocain: he better or iíll be a bit unhappy
Snarfy: Morale boost for Rantall today. Bucks is giving the younger players nothing.
beerent11: Still 390 points to go
Hazza09: No points for Macrae kick and handball
DEESareSAD: Are they gonna give Grundy his points for the goal?
Ooost: thats what im wondering DEESareSAD
Hazza09: Grundy 0 points for the goal
BurtCocain: that username is a bit old
clay007: SC has put cue in rack.
beerent11: Theyíll come in scaling dees
wolfheart: its all about Bucks all the time. Nobody on their list is fit to polish his boots, in his head. Especially the kids.
pcaman2003: CD just hate Grundy.
Beast_Mode: muppets grundy will get his pts in scaling relax
DEESareSAD: Haha BurtCocain
LMartos: 480 points to scale, think CD operator fell asleep at this borefest
Napper: I reckon farrar goes to 70
Beast_Mode: lol napper, that means grundy will get 250
beerent11: 375 lmartos
Stu7: Thanks for nothing more your traded next week
Stu7: Moore
TheFlagger: looking like grundy 133
DEESareSAD: Grundy still hasnít gotten points for his goal
Trindacut: Yeah it's happening in both games atm DEE
Kaalia: I'd be ecstatic with Farrar scaled to 70!
Beast_Mode: deesaresad wait for the scaling, or is that too hard for you?
DEESareSAD: 15 points for grundys scaling. Yum
Beast_Mode: farrar gor flower all, makes me happy :)