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kascadev8: any chance Port can tag out Steele like they did to Neale a couple years ago
Beast_Mode: surprised that houston got up for this game
kascadev8: go the port
PJ39301965: Letís go Orazio 111 points, 5 goals will do it
Beast_Mode: steele will be 120 plus tonight
kascadev8: go bergs <3
navy_blues: go boak
Stu7: The only way Orazio will get 111 is over 3 games lol
PJ39301965: @Stu I can only hope
Stu7: How many points will st Kilda lose by?
Stu7: PJ Iíve got him too so Iíd love it if he did get 111
_Wang_: If dunks out for more than 2, Steele is a must for me
kascadev8: @Wang i doubt dunks is out for less than 10
Stu7: You wonít go Rowe Wang lol
PJ39301965: Problem is Stu he needs to be on the ground
navy_blues: is dunks having surgery?
_Wang_: Kasc yeah I'm hoping for a miracle
Stu7: PJ pml
_Wang_: Will have to hold martin
Stu7: PJ he is on the ground he just doesnít do anything
faisca7: Whatís everyone scoring this week?
kascadev8: @fais 2200, only got the berg left
PJ39301965: Who went in the cash league?
Stu7: 2251 with Orazio to come
Spifflicat: 2334 run and done
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Steele - need a big one from you
beerent11: 2206 plus Steele
Wahab_18: Need Bergman under 71 to win with a donut!!
MercAm: On 2259 with Boak to come
Napper: I'm 2132 with Steel to come I might be going down the ranks
DrSeuss: Seb Ross you can stop now FFS. You too Houston
Stu7: Iím leading all my 10 leagues except for one, I need Fanta to score 36
cmperrfect: Dunkley to Walsh for me.
faisca7: Hmm high scoring week. Looks like 2300 is about par
DrSeuss: Mark up on Houston you lazy Saints
pcaman2003: 2251 plus Bergman
kascadev8: i held phillips, happy with the return from him today
N-train4: 2439 with steele
DrSeuss: Opponent has Ross and Houston - of course they both play the games of their lives.
HappyDEZ: Are you Braxtanators DrSuess?
Napper: Whats your team name n-train
DrSeuss: Yes Dez - nice work with the last minute use of Kosiís 100. Ross and Houston going bonkers
Stu7: Fanta do something ffs
N-train4: champions delight is the name
pcaman2003: Earn some points Bergman. Only 4 pts since 5 min 1st qtr.
Stu7: Anyone else bored?
Pies20: I'll get 2278 is that a good score? First year sc
FlyinRyan2: @pies20 should be around par
DrSeuss: Bergman get on the ground and get a touch or 30
Pies20: Cheers flyin
beerent11: Where would the saints be without Steele
N-train4: @beer with norf
beerent11: Poorly timed comment that one
navy_blues: steele lost nothing for the 50mtrs
Kidult: he went down from 67 to 60 then up to 62 @navy
Stu7: Steele is St Kilda
navy_blues: ok then ty kid musta missed it
Beast_Mode: lol navy, all you've done is complain about grundy, gawn sc scoring now steele lol
beerent11: To be honest heís the least st kilda of the st kilda players. Heís too good and desperate
Snarfy: The Saints have actually stacks of potential Stu7. I'm surprised they are under-performing. Somethings not right atm.
navy_blues: beast what ive said has been true?
DrSeuss: Ross scoring more in this half than he has in any games over the last 3 rounds. Hmm
Raspel31: That's what you get Sainters for refusing to bring in Highmore. Sniff, pout.
Stu7: True Snarfy
kascadev8: how does Long still get named over Highmore lmao
N-train4: Frederick looks a nice option
mdon11: Better question Kasc is how most of the Saints defence gets named
Beast_Mode: lol its the midfield getting slaughtered the last few weeks, not really the backline fault
beerent11: Looks lively ntrain
MrWalrus: To be fair being only 5 goals down after that is pretty fortunate for the saints
PJ39301965: Ok Orazio time to treble your score this half
N-train4: need steeele to get 141 for me to get a win
Raspel31: Need Bergman to get 300 for me- quietly confident.
DrSeuss: Need Bergman to beat Houston and Steel to catch Ross - super confident here
beerent11: You must be in a strong league ntrain.
Beast_Mode: houston would be on his way to another 150 if it wasnt for the butchery
N-train4: @beer it was 2139 not 24 im not ure how 24 cmae through
beerent11: Haha ntrain. I had a feeling of inadequacy when you put the other score up
DrSeuss: Bergman any chance to get a touch?
Napper: Is it worth getting frederick in in a couple of weeks if jones might come back
MrWalrus: Im struggling with how useless st kilda are. What happened?
mdon11: Hard to say - maybe last year was an abberation?
Stu7: St Kilda still searching for their potential
Snarfy: Its not good Walrus is it. I suppose you start a year without Ryder and Marshall - its not going to help.
m0nty: Neale to have surgery, Brisbane just announced!
Stu7: Roos & St Kilda should amalgamate and take on Springvale 3rds
DrSeuss: Not having Ryder or Marshall has been massive.
PJ39301965: Out of all the teams in the Hub last year StKilda had the best set up
beerent11: Cheers m0nty big news
poolboybob: Seagull for Amon
Snarfy: Especially in that they teamed together so well last year. Look how well the doggies are doing with 2 rucks!
faisca7: I dodged a bullet there Monty! Traded him in this week then reversed it thank god 🙏
Gandhi: Star for Amon
Snarfy: Excuse the ignorance m0nty. His operation is for?
faisca7: Oh and sorry to hear lachie, wishing him a speedy recovery
mdon11: Ankle injury sustained against Carlton - no other details
faisca7: Ankle Snarfy
Snarfy: Thanks. I was going to get him soon too!
DrSeuss: Ok Bergman and Steele keep it going lads.
mdon11: And Carlisle is being looked at on the bench.
The39Steps: Is Amon the biggest under the radar player in the competition?
PJ39301965: CD should take a goal of Motlop and give it to Orazio
The39Steps: Much like his name sake in F1 50 years ago!
beerent11: The first week I bench orazio over Chapman. Ah well.
Raspel31: My gran had her womb removed last week but confident she'll be back for the Preston veteran team next week.
circle52: Lachie Neale will undergo surgery on an ankle injury sustained in our clash against Carlton.
circle52: Details on his return to be confirmed. From Brisbane.
PJ39301965: Oh well dunks and Neale to Walsh and Mccrea
Pies20: Wonder why the pig is out of favour this year?
DrSeuss: Bergman get off the freaking pine
N-train4: Marshall to replace dunkley?
Raspel31: Indeed Pies- he looked good pre season.
Manowar: No duty of care Brisbane, forcing Neale to continue to play injured. Now look what happened!
rupertmarn: Thanks for update Circle
Raspel31: Yes circle- good work.
lukefield9: If Ben Long gets a game next week I won't even know what to say
kascadev8: @circle if hes out for 3+ weeks itll be a straight swap to Steele
fruity: lucky l only have Dunkley ro replace
fruity: Luckt l only have Dunkely ro replace...
clay007: Does anyone know if both Ziebell and Martin are out next week?
kascadev8: @clay ziebell is fine
clay007: Thanks @Kasca
kascadev8: martin on the other hand misses 12 days with concussion rules
_Wang_: Neale in for surgery anyone who has him still
kascadev8: @Wang yep, been stuck all year cos of injuries, just as he starts getting good he goes down.
_Wang_: Sorry late news lol
DrSeuss: Come on Steele need you to overtake Ross ASAP
_Wang_: I've got neale, dunkley and dusty so RIPme
Haydo: How long will Neale miss?
kascadev8: neale to steele it is, gulden to finlay macrae. lovely.
_Wang_: Haydo. No timeline
PJ39301965: Come on Orazio get back on
BigChief: Last 1/4 has started Steele.
DrSeuss: Exactly BC - Steele get involved - need a massive final qtr from you
clay007: I need Steel to get less than 131
DrSeuss: Ok Clay - I am happy if he gets 130
clay007: Thanks Dr.
Napper: Come on Steele
BigChief: 130 would do me also @clay
kascadev8: aliir aliir, wow. worth a look for neale??
clay007: Well lads, he needs 33 in 10 mins. Is that possible?
DrSeuss: Steele will probably go to the bench soon after not getting a single touch or tackle this quarter - get involved FFS
N-train4: steele needs 140 for me
DrSeuss: Of course Ross comes back on and gets involved straight away - Nice work Jack Steele
clay007: Frederick might be worth a look next week. Great debut!
kascadev8: come on Bergs mate, 1 more kick for the projected
kascadev8: @clay he'll be out once Lachie Jones is back in 3 weeks
clay007: Good point Kasca
Gandhi: Rozee has junked it up nicely
clay007: Poor second half by Steele. 60 odd at half time
DrSeuss: Seb Ross and Dan Houston having their games of the season as soon as I play an opponent with both of them
kascadev8: just as i thought i escaped an injury this week. Neale gets sent for surgery. flower shower
DrSeuss: While Steele decides to only play 1 half of football.
Raspel31: You didn't have Dunks or Martin Kasca???
kascadev8: @Rasp nah i didnt.
kascadev8: good boy Bergs, good boy. beer on me my friend
StuL: Dunks and Neale. Two sideways for nothing
Beast_Mode: thanks steele and houston, scraped to a 2400
clay007: Thank you Steele. Good boy!
kascadev8: bergs only got 1 point for a handball recieve and an effective kick? confused.
DrSeuss: Blue Moon for Ross??
Beast_Mode: cool stroy kasca, wait for scaling. it will be adjusted.
original: 50% more possies for PTA wow
_Wang_: Beast great score
Beast_Mode: thanks mate, other than dunks avoided the carnage this week
_Wang_: 2264 but lost neale, Martin and dunkley
kascadev8: 2196, not the best but ill take it, only Neale in the injury issues
pcaman2003: Sitting on 2299 waiting on Berg to scale up from last possie