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kascadev8: go Grundy :)
Yelse: geez its a young pies sideee
DrSeuss: Need a monster game from Grundy - letís go big fella
Stu7: Yes Grundy 150 please
Beast_Mode: opp has grundy C, as long as he's under 150 i should be home
Raspel31: Zerrett off to a slow start.
Beast_Mode: if macrae goes alright, i'll get him next week
kascadev8: wish supercoach didnt put scores in until it was scaled. in a really close game this week, bout 5-10 points in it
Raspel31: Ouch.
Dondeal: ffs
Pies20: Go pies!
cmperrfect: Enter team off to a slow start Raspel
kascadev8: hope this is a good game, need Steele to go under 110 tonight
Raspel31: Hadn't noticed cmperrfect.
Stu7: Come on Cox ffs
MrWalrus: Chances of Kelly getting through without breaking something?
beerent11: Zerk Thatcher off to a slow start
Stu7: Adelaide - how can you kick 10 goals in the 2nd quarter and only 2 points in the last quarter to lose by 3 points unreal
Raspel31: Hooker urging Cox to back up Hind.
Stu7: Whoíd be a coach
Stu7: Is that code Raspel?
Raspel31: For grown ups Stu- cmon Zerrett- 1 possie?
DrSeuss: Need Cox to lift.
cmperrfect: Cox off to a slow start.
beerent11: Hooker gives Roughead on cox
cmperrfect: Hahaha beerent
Raspel31: Cox all over Sidebottom.
PJ39301965: @beer would of been better on big Cox but heís out
duckky: Keep it in your Grundys please gents
Stu7: 111 more Grundy
Stu7: Pull your finger out Moore ffs
cmperrfect: Cox and Roughead in the
Phasir: Seeing Cox on Cox would have been interesting
cmperrfect: Cox all over Roughead in the Noble Parish.
Stu7: Yessss Mooore
kascadev8: merrett wake up
Napper: Merret is robbed
PJ39301965: Roughead on cox caused a stringer to sidebottom
Raspel31: Hmm, circumstances have forced me to call on your services Mr Jones. Do something!
beerent11: Anyone c grundy?
Stu7: Yes in Fantasy
kascadev8: keep going Finlay
Stu7: Dream Team
Raspel31: I refuse to engage in such childish speculation beer. No.
Yelse: do the pies just want to keep giving them the ball seriously
DrSeuss: Come on McGrath was such a promising start -donít stop
navy_blues: grundy on 49 going at 42%DE
Torz: Heppell was an absolute steal as a defender this week.
Dredd: Jesus the pies look sloppy as
Stu7: Tory yeah I picked him up last week $315k from memory
Beast_Mode: grundy had 7 hitouts to advange
duckky: Heppell is only a mid in SC
Stu7: Tory - Torz sorry
kascadev8: heppell still worth it as the Gulden replacement next week?
beerent11: Donít know if Sidebottom makes into the top 10 fwds this year
Beast_Mode: yeah kasca, heps still be high 300k, still good value
beerent11: Is gulden injured kas?
Beast_Mode: is heppell dual mid/backline or only mid?
duckky: Don't ask me Beerent ... I am still smarting from the "Tex won't keep this up"advice
Stu7: Mid
Beast_Mode: ok missed that, dont worry
Raspel31: Good to see Jones' percentage steadily increase though he has yet to touch the ball.
kascadev8: @beer he cant score to save himself anymore, needs to go
Raspel31: Needs to go is a luxury kasca with so many key injuries.
kascadev8: @Rasp havent got any so far this week, caleb daniel and gulden/short are my issues b4 upgrades
original: Get a touch maynard
Raspel31: Hickey, Howe, Dunks, Martin- just for starters kasca- sigh.
navy_blues: i like matthews in commentry pity he got those other 2 clowns with him
Raspel31: Hmm- Jones seems to be my new Rowe- except I've still got Rowe.
DrSeuss: Cox going back down it seems
kascadev8: @Rasp ive had Danger, H Young, Howe, Rowell, Cripps. think theres 1 more though
Stu7: Sucks to be you Rasp but Iíve matched you with a heap of injuries
duckky: Howler that
kascadev8: im only including Cripps because he is playing injured
Raspel31: Oh we all had Rowell kasca just to get the season off to a glorious start. Come on Zerrett.
Stu7: Idiot Moore
Beast_Mode: how amny sc trades does everyone at? I have 24 but will burn 2 next week
kascadev8: @Beast im down to 21, only used 1 this week, maybe 1 next week depending on A Brayshaw price
_Wang_: Beast 23 and yes 2 this week will have to hold dusty
Pav300: Cmon Crispy, Finn, do something
PJ39301965: 22 beast with Cripps, Daniels, Dow and Dunkley
_Wang_: Cox getting leather poisoning lol
m0nty: that was a good pl;ay when Cox rammed Sidebottom into the turf
Raspel31: Cox coming good.
MrWalrus: Cox will do some real damage when he gets bigger
Stu7: 20 trades beast
Stu7: Yeah I think Cox was a bit stiff early on
Raspel31: And he's got balls MrWalrus.
Beast_Mode: yea i got to offload dunks, want ot get hepps in and thorpy
_Wang_: Cox is cumming good raspel
PJ39301965: Thought Maynard would have scored better with no Howe, not looking likely with Moore forward
Beast_Mode: any chance waterman comes back in the team these coming weeks?
_Wang_: Beast no
navy_blues: omg umps
Raspel31: Think he'll replace Jones next week Beast.
duckky: Square up bythe Umps. Thanks
MrWalrus: 23 Trades thanks to injuries, 3 injured on bench
Beast_Mode: cheers, hope so. the carnage continues this week smh
cmperrfect: Anzac Day specialist into the game. Cmon Zaka.
duckky: Hewillhave to battle Tippa @cmperfect
Stu7: Move it Grundy ffs
beerent11: Look at the toothless go off
original: maynard game time ffs stuck on bench for 10m
beerent11: Mouth breathers
MrWalrus: Dunks and Dusty this week, got more rooks on feild now than when started
cmperrfect: Cox standing up when required.
Snarfy: I don't know how many trades I have. I know that after tonight I will have 2 less!
Spifflicat: HJones, making Waterman look fantastic
Raspel31: Add Lambert to that for me and howe and Hickey last week MrWalrus- pure carnage.
Stu7: Moore is going to cost me the game
Stu7: Dusty, McGovern, Dunks and Ziebell for me
Raspel31: Yes Spiff- he is not exactly exciting me.
beerent11: Had a few injuries have ya raspel?
Raspel31: None to speak of beer.
beerent11: Whatís the go with ziebell didnít see the game is he injured?
Stu7: Feel like contributing Moore at all?
Yelse: Ziebel injured?
Stu7: Went off half way through last quarter head clash I think
kascadev8: yeh ziebell no good, only got 168, pretty bad
Beast_Mode: yup concussion
Pav300: Zeebs copped up big knee in the back, wait & see
beerent11: Seemed to score ok
MrWalrus: What? Zeibell injured too, don't be messin' 'bout this.
PAFC4eva: how can ziebel be injured hasnt had 1 contested possies
faisca7: Could have had 2 Cox in one end but mason pulled out.
PAFC4eva: did he get concussion from tripping over his own feet
navy_blues: i think collingwood need moore in defence they losing a lot of intercepts marks
Pies20: Agree navy
beerent11: Finn McRae looks fairly solid
Pav300: Finn - understandbly deer in the headlights so far Beer
navy_blues: i think roughead gets moore cox than hooker to his merrett
Raspel31: I have an H. Jones to sell. Almost brand new- only used once. Best offers?
MrWalrus: Well done Kelly, half time and no fractures
PJ39301965: Will he make his BE Rasp, before I put my offer in.
PJ39301965: Thatís why heís in the backline MrWalrus
Yelse: moore wasted talent fwd, since he moved up we been loose at the back
Raspel31: We can negotiate privately PJ39.
navy_blues: moore in backline
PJ39301965: Ok
shaker: Pies trying a bit of Ziebelling but no skills
StuL: Go Bombers
cmperrfect: Geez, letís pray your daughter never brings home something like Ruscoe. Has flog written all over him.
Raspel31: Hmm, I might consider buying this Grunty fellow.
Pies20: Mihocek needs to get involved
Stu7: Why are Collingwood playing Moore up forward
Yelse: is it just me or are these jumpers clashing a little
Nurfed: hes back in def Stu
Stu7: He canít kick goals
Stu7: Thanks Nurfed
Raspel31: When you have both Rowe and Jones you know you are destined for great things.
Beast_Mode: who got macrae in? glad i didnt bite
_Wang_: I'm going to fef have some donuts next week
Raspel31: Playing havoc with my wallpaper Yelse.
duckky: What wrong with Macrae?
Torz: Macrae is a 4th quarter specialist
_Wang_: Maynard my g
Stu7: I think beast is talking about coll8ngwood Macrae
_Wang_: Maynard lol
MrWalrus: Just not that great at footy yet duckky
Spifflicat: FMac going OK. Should get at least 40. You canít expect huge scores from a round 5 debutant
DrSeuss: Get off the pine Grundy
duckky: There is a Collingwood Macrae?
Raspel31: Atta boy Zerrett- keep on keeping on.
Stu7: Yep currently on28 point s
cmperrfect: Really missing Ridley today. Heíd be spoiling everything.
Hazza09: Starting Macrae really worked out well
Beast_Mode: correct stu
Stu7: Prediction - Collingwood choke again
Raspel31: And Macrae has a mother- Mother Macrae.
Stu7: Just like my team :)
BigChief: Zaharakis to kick match winner.
DrSeuss: Cox deflated since half team. McGrath - get a touch please??
duckky: Get some viagra into Cox
Stu7: Limp Cox
Stu7: Heís soft that Cox
wadaramus: Cox is flacid.
_Wang_: Cox harden up
beerent11: Good game between 2 pretty average sides
Stu7: Wang lol pml
PAFC4eva: crows choked stu essondon been infront most off the game
Stu7: Great game beer
Raspel31: Give Cox a break- full of spunk.
_Wang_: Rasp lol
kascadev8: keep going merrett and grundy, great stuff
DrSeuss: McGrath get off the pine - you did nothing the whole quarter
original: crows huge choke. great use of their sub. wasnt ready to play
PAFC4eva: not over yet go pies
PAFC4eva: professional unit the crows
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Nah! Cox is getting creamed
Stu7: Moore please do something you tw@t
kascadev8: Moore cant do any moore as a forward Stu
Napper: North has to have a two week lockdown does that mean they donít play for two weeks you reckon
Raspel31: Jones for Rising Star nomination- it was an amazing touch?
Spifflicat: Indeed Rasp
amigaman: How was that bounce fair
PJ39301965: The afl should be banned from tv adds, except Bont everyone else done nothing really
Hazza09: Earth to Fin Macrae?
_Wang_: Is Cox
StuL: McGrath breakout is never coming it seems.
beerent11: They have to quarantine except for training and playing napper. Should not disrupt the season.
beerent11: Itís on the Afl site
_Wang_: Heeeelloooooooo cox
Beast_Mode: give cameron the blue moon surely
cmperrfect: McGrath Essendons next Brent Stanton.
Napper: Oh sorry cheers beer I read it wrong
beerent11: No worries nap. Here to help.
RooBoyStu: Tippa has to get the medal
BigChief: Highmore not playing or Sub
Raspel31: Canyou lend me $10 beer?
PJ39301965: Highmore not playing
PJ39301965: Not sub either
GroupOne: McGrath icicle. 1 poss since HT
kascadev8: Bytel is the medical sub for saints, Sam Mayes for Port. keep going grundy/merrett
Raspel31: Poo PJ39- there's my donut. Cheers.
DrSeuss: McGrath and Cox - great first half - terrible second. McGrath too much bench time, Cox put into defense
beerent11: I would rasp but Iím afraid youíd power it all away
kascadev8: you need a donut now Rasp?
Raspel31: Has Cox touched the ball in an hour? For once no pun intended.
PJ39301965: I need a goal from Hooker for my multi
Stu7: Is a oorr even on the oval?
Stu7: Moore
BigChief: There he is right on queue @stu
Spifflicat: Magden looks like a mongoloid version of the Kurgan from Highlander
Stu7: No Rasp I reckon h8m and Moore are pulling their Rodgers in the change rooms
BigChief: Parish best on by a mile.
cmperrfect: Give Parish the medal. Start engraving it.
Stu7: Finally chief
PJ39301965: Parish just sealed BOG
navy_blues: collingwood fans seen enough
kascadev8: could parish be the first 200 this year??
Raspel31: Not much doubt- all Parish.
Pies20: Give me some rope
Stu7: Frustrating game Pies20
BigChief: 2m Peter has played well also.
duckky: 42 disposals to Parish ... yet a year ago most Esssupporters wouldhave been happy for a late 2nd round pick for him
MercAm: Holy hell, this is pathetic from Collingwood
GroupOne: Thatís a cracking grab from Jones
PJ39301965: Itís Jones Rasp
duckky: Jones seagull
Raspel31: Where you gone Zerrett?
Pies20: Absolutely stu bomber's playing well we've been fumbly all game and our forward line soo frustrating
kascadev8: merrett get off the bench
navy_blues: 3 times crisp gone from def to frwd and created a goal today
beerent11: This crowd is a freakshow
Raspel31: Zahakakarakarakapopoulis has been rather quiet since being subbed in?
kascadev8: coll supporters leaving early, lmao
MercAm: @Pies we legit have no fwd line. So annoying!
Pies20: Plus we got a couple out treloar Stephenson etc haha
beerent11: Victorian police just reported zero crime in Melbourne over the last three hours.
Stu7: Iím about to get more frustrated watching my side play against Port
duckky: No Cox ... No Collingwood
navy_blues: lol beer
Raspel31: They haven't been at my place beer.
Stu7: Anyone got any zoom in footage of eddies face ?
Pies20: Yeah merc so shower at the moment oh well we can use the rebuild card like the others
duckky: Where have the Collingwood fans gone?
DrSeuss: Grundy has stopped as have Collingwood.
kascadev8: gulden to heppell looking even more tempting next week
Pies20: I'm here ducky
Stu7: The stats are about to go up beer
pcaman2003: Bye bye Bucks. Enjoy retirement.
beerent11: Seems sidewaysy kasca
duckky: I meant at the ground Pies
beerent11: As soon as the siren goes stu
Olli32019: Well done bombers
kascadev8: beer, im kind of sideways myself. not like gulden is scoring well anymore, heppell still value too
duckky: I think this is Ess's first Anzac day win in over 10 years
Stu7: Na now beer theyíre leaving the ground early
beerent11: Cheers Brodie good boy
Dondeal: Carn the DOns
Raspel31: Agree with beer kasca- he won't keep this up. But well done Dons!!
beerent11: 13 tons seems a lot
Stu7: Great social distancing from the ball Moore ya flog
Gandhi: Good win for the Dons
duckky: Parish has the Medal yay!