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Water: afternoon everyone
Dondeal: Whats the record for direct turnovers with your first AFL kicks...
NewFreoFan: Too early in the day for footy
Water: im sure swampy would know
cwall66: Never too early!
NewFreoFan: Still dusting off the cobwebs from last night
rupertmarn: Rowe on target for 35. My rookie choices have destroyed me this year.
Stu7: Soooo glad I benched Rowe
Stu7: Rupert - is that minus or positive 35?
Snarfy: Me too Stu7. I won't play him away from home.
Snarfy: Phillips finally doing a bit. Too late for me mate!
Raspel31: What a week- Dunks, Martin, Lambert, Highmore ommitted and Young out injured. Onwards and upwards. Go Mitchell.
rupertmarn: Not sure Stu7!
rupertmarn: The mistake I made was not watching any pre-season footage.
Raspel31: Rowe is what you would call a slow starter.
beerent11: 3 quarters to go I think
NewFreoFan: There wasn't much preseason footage to watch this year
bhg26: AFL is going to drug test kozzy
original: Classic rowe
bhg26: Jiath, get the flower up
Snarfy: Anyone here playing Kozzy today?
circle52: I am playing Kosi he is my Ridley cover
bhg26: Me Snarfy
Dondeal: Got Kozzy and Rowe Snarfy. Yin and Yang...4
Beast_Mode: i have kozi on the field, because L.Jones is injured
Raspel31: Yep Snarfy- no choice. Cruelled by injuries.
Stu7: And drug test Rowe too - heís on the nod :)
Dredd: Yeah I do @snarfy forgot to take lachie jones (pa) off and kozzy is emergency :)
bhg26: Haha no way Phillips kicked that
loc1477: Time to bring Kellyís score back to what it should be now
Stu7: Thatís it Jiath keep going
Snarfy: Absolute skill on display Dredd. good work.
itsduftime: how have the stats guys missed walkers last mark and kick. they better fix it
Raspel31: Mitchell set to explode they said- implode more like.
Wahab_18: What a week to trade out Phillips :(
Stu7: Crows needed that
Stu7: Tithoe is playing well for his first game
Dredd: All apart of the plan @snarfy to make my opponents think I'm a man down hehe
bhg26: Go crom
duckky: I should have fielded Berry over Rowe
Stu7: Good game so far
Dredd: Kozzy 57, Phillips 45, Walker 31, Jiath 26 and Laird 25... lovely start
Haydo: Butts Laird and Rowe on the field and Kosi on the bench
beerent11: Tag on titch? At the beach.
Raspel31: Rowe to go enormous next qtr and get a touch.
Karlpov: Missed a Smith mark and kick
Beast_Mode: boy oh boy, phillips repaying the faith
Yelse: Rowe i need you to get your projected more than ever today
cmperrfect: Of course I played Chapman over Kozi. ffs
bhg26: That was Tom Mitchellís first effective disposal of his career
Hazza09: Me too @cmperrfect and it will cost me
bhg26: Kozzy looks very good
bhg26: And then he does that
Snarfy: Have you still got him Beast? If so well done.
Raspel31: Kosi- you may have my children.
rupertmarn: I'm not sure how Rowe gets a game tbh
Stu7: I doubt whether Rowe will be playing next we Rupert
Stu7: Come on Sholl ffs
bhg26: Iíd like to see a little more from Rowe
Stu7: Great kicking in this game 13 goals and only 1 point
Kidult: not that much depth for crows in the small forwards outside the current set up. Davis is injured.
Kidult: Cook and Newchurch are probably only options
Stu7: Or something bhg26
rupertmarn: My forward line next week will have more donuts than a coppers smoko.
Raspel31: lol bhg- a quiet but effective game.
DrSeuss: Wtf Hardwick - you hack
Stu7: Rowe was a late inclusion - he was originally picked to cut up the oranges
Dredd: 229 from 5 players atm here. 500 from 5 would be beautiful
bhg26: Jiaths out here taking ankles
BigChief: Lift ya game Laird.
Raspel31: You've obviously got Rowe Dredd.
Dredd: Im not adding his score... useless he is
bhg26: Rowe has been spotted
Yelse: need mitchell most possessions this aint looking good
toddless: not adding rowe's score? theres nothing to add
Stu7: Amazing kicking by the Crows
bhg26: Thereís 1 point toddless
cmperrfect: So glad I got rid of Rowe a few weeks ago.
cmperrfect: Itís a pity that Roweís last name isnít Gawn.
Torz: Gawn down to Thilthorpe?!
Stu7: Toddless - pml
original: Wingard smh do something
Yelse: didn't some last week say Rowe can't play away from AAMI stadium, should have listened
Stu7: Rowe misses his mum if he leaves town
rupertmarn: Meek to Thilthorp
Beast_Mode: GOATthorpe
Dredd: I think everyone will be getting thilthorpe this weel
wadaramus: Give the man a cape!
rupertmarn: Thrillthorp?
Stu7: Crows are really turning it on
navy_blues: dont think ive seen 11 straight kicked b4
rupertmarn: Is Rowe the Muppet of the year?
Stu7: Same here navy
Stu7: King Kermi
Stu7: Rowe = King Kermi
Raspel31: I called it wrong. Said Rowe would get a touch this qtr.
rupertmarn: Rowe = matchfixing?
Stu7: At this rate Lynch will out score Rowe
navy_blues: go tex for 12 straight lol
wadaramus: Rowe need to get a few scraps from this goalfest.
Stu7: My opponent has Rowe
Stu7: Ha ha
exatekk: go crom
navy_blues: hey wada what ya feeding the crows ?
Raspel31: Hmm, the days of 40 possies seems long gone Titch.
navy_blues: can i have 50 truckloads to ikon park plz lol
Stu7: Lol navy
wadaramus: Not sure, but I want some :)
Stu7: Titch is now a glitch
original: Are we sure Rowe isnít the sub
cmperrfect: Just retire Burgoyne. Your just taking a kids spot for the future.
The Ogre: What odds Rowes 1st kick will be Crows 1st point?
Yelse: has any player played a full game and never get a touch
Yelse: Rowwwwweeeeee
Stu7: Ogre Iíll whack a lazy 50 on that
MrWalrus: Rowe! Gets on the board
HelloJack: a touch!
Phasir: Jono Brown, Yelse
PJ39301965: Rowe with a touch
navy_blues: 23 goals in a half lol
The Ogre: Bugger! There went my money Sob
Raspel31: Damn Rowe- was strangely proud of scoring a zero.
rupertmarn: Rowe triples his score with a nice handball.
Stu7: Rowe is the anus of all butts
PJ39301965: Well at least he has his Be now. Lol
BigChief: @Yelse Kade Simpson didn't get a touch until his 4th game.
Stu7: Gee that was a long quarter - was Rowe in charge of the clock too?
MrWalrus: Ill take Rowe to finish on 42
Stu7: Youíre dreaming Walrus lol
duckky: Rowe tripled his score with an ineffective kick
Raspel31: Rowe a slow starter- will break out in 2nd half and get a kick.
Pies20: Do you think highmore will play?
hinsch: If Dunkley is out how does your forward line look next week Dusty out for one week
Raspel31: I wish Pies- and he should- but I fear not.
SangaT13: Absolutely kicking myself I never got Tex in
Snarfy: Thin, slim, weak and embarrassing hinsch.
bhg26: I have to keep dusty hinsch, he should still be a top 8 forward and i have other problems in my team
Beast_Mode: highmore wont play barring an injury to a defender
Raspel31: Same Snarfy.
Raspel31: I have to keep them both bhg- so many holes to repair.
saintbart1: Does anyone know the record for most goals without a behind?
Pies20: I've got the e on kozi if he keeps going will start highmore over cox, you watch he will be the sub and come on late
bhg26: There arent even any good forward premiums to get for dunkley
circle52: Any updates on Zeibell from yesterday. Ciulkd have forwrad crisis next week if out for a week as well.
Raspel31: As Clark did for me yesterday Pies- groan.
cmperrfect: Martin gotta miss a week. Was concussed.
Snarfy: Whats up with Seabell?
duckky: What are you all complaining about? Ihavebeenwanting to turf Cripps for 4 weeks. And I am still stuck with him next week
Snarfy: At this rate Rowe will end up as my D1 next week!
Grimes Jr: Do do I trade waterman down to mcreery. Sitting on 24 trades and havenít made one this week
Raspel31: Lucky you Grimes- one of the few.
cmperrfect: P plate for Maginess.
PJ39301965: Fillthorp will be in every team next week. Lol
Torz: I for one welcome our new Thrillthorpe overlord
cmperrfect: L plate for Thilthorpe
Snarfy: 15 goals straight. Official VFL/AFL record. Next best Carlton 11, in 1970.
Raspel31: With Rowe on fire Thilthorpe likely to be dropped next week.
BOMBRBLITZ: Rowe is alive!
Beast_Mode: rowe!!!
bhg26: Rowes on fire now!
Stu7: Drag Murphy he kicked a point and their 16th goal
Stu7: Come Jian & Sholl
Stu7: Jiah
DrSeuss: Ok Hardwick and Phillips need a little (a lot) more from you both.
Olli32019: Our mids are crap
Stu7: Rowe is after Brownlow votes
navy_blues: tilthorpe will be trade of the week
exatekk: jeez flirting with Thilthorpe in for Dunks!
Snarfy: What up with Worpel Olli32019?
Spifflicat: Wait a week, remember Jones?
Stu7: Be careful Thilthorpe could end up like Rowe, look how Rowe started!
Stu7: Good advice Spifflicat
Snarfy: Thilthorpe maybe a good downtrade for Flynn!
toddless: did rowe kick 5 goals though?
MrWalrus: He's kicked 5+ on debut, Crows highest ever pick and they have nothing to lose.
Raspel31: I'll stick with Rowe- his lack of enthusiasm makes him more attractive.
FlyinRyan2: impey bloody gimpy
Stu7: Donít choke Crows
Raspel31: And I have Kosi as a defender- hmm.
Pav300: I played big Butts I cannot lie, and Kosi on the pine
Stu7: Pav300 fair enough as this is only Kosiís best game so far
MrWalrus: Kosi score today about the best luck I've had all year
Water: flowering magginnes get off Lairds back man im sick of him getting tagged
DrSeuss: Come on Tex - bit more involvement please
Stu7: Calm before the storm
DrSeuss: You too Softwick
Stu7: Sholl has been showere today
Stu7: Here we go
Stu7: Hawks on the move
Pav300: CJ on fire
DrSeuss: Freaking Rowe is going to outscore you soon Hardwick. Get the freaking ball.
bhg26: Wouldnt mind rowe kick 1 or 2 or 3, hopefully 4 in this quarter
Pies20: I've just put highmore on for cox to get kozi score watch this back fire
Dredd: 485 going into the last off this game... come on lads
Beast_Mode: relax, pies. no team ever has used a key position as a sub, that would be dumb af
Raspel31: You got 10 players on Dredd? Beware hubris.
Pies20: Cheers beast
Stu7: Adelaide play like St Kilda donít know h9w to finish a tea off
bhg26: They may be the first though Beast, need highmore to play or i have to take mansells score
navy_blues: lynch on eventually
Stu7: Crows play like St Kilda donít know how to finish a team off
Dredd: 6 raspel. Walker, Laird, Rowe :|, Kozzy, Jiath and Phillips
bhg26: Awesome mark
poolboybob: Doodee also deserves the witches hat
Raspel31: Share Kosi, Walker and Rowe with you - and Titch who has dozed off.
Stu7: Crows gone to sleep - predict them to lose
Stu7: I swear Sholl has t scored in 40 minutes
bhg26: brilliant kick rowe
cmperrfect: Another ton to Jiath. 4 out of 6 games now.
original: just turned game on. yuck jumpers - is it jarring for anyone else?
Kidult: Rowe dropped just from that lack of effort there.
bhg26: how many points will rowe get when he kicks the winning goal?
cmperrfect: Tex going backward. Get a kick please.
Raspel31: Yes, clashes with my living room original.
_Wang_: Tecks going backwards lol
PJ39301965: Impey can still ton up
Beast_Mode: wheres your flag big wang?
_Wang_: I've got tecks, impey, Rowe and cj
Beast_Mode: a few players losing points, not just tex
_Wang_: Beast had to log out and back in on the ipad
cmperrfect: ROB killing it today.
bhg26: Kozzi should have kicked 10 by now
kascadev8: afternoon all, thanks to kosi im now gonna win
DrSeuss: Tex has taken most of the 2nd half off it seems?
Tig-Train: Where all the Adelaide wonkas from last night? Hahahh
Raspel31: Rowe's amazing burst in qtr 3 has done for him. Come on Titch.
Tig-Train: Havenít seen a choke like this from Adelaide since 2017 GF
original: bottled it c
cmperrfect: Still 115 odd scaling points to be had.
Wahab_18: Supercoach scoring is a joke.. How did impey beat all my 3 players :(
kascadev8: can titch and kosi get most of this scoring please :)
Stu7: Useless Adelaide
kascadev8: wonder what Kosi gets to when it scales. i dislike supercoach putting it in b4 scaling
Beast_Mode: kozi will get 5-7 pts