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Manowar: Fyfe quite so far tonite!
snake_p: yeah having a shocker!
Pav300: Zeebs & Fyfey gunna get leather poisioning tonight
Stu7: Ziebell is having a nuts year
DrSeuss: Stephenson get off the bench and find the football
kascadev8: stay low brayshaw, stay low
Pav300: nice spray Seuss!
kascadev8: cunnington go away, let fyfe score huge for me
DrSeuss: Youíre welcome Pav. Might need a few more throughout.
Yelse: great to see all the Pies trade outs doing well ffs
Stu7: Come on Ziebell ffs
NewFreoFan: Been nervous about this game all day, don't wanna be the team that loses to North
kascadev8: fyfe v brayshaw, short v lever. thats 2 of my matchups, and im losing both :(
Pav300: Its alright NewFreo - Weagles lost by 100
Baldfrog: Ziebel, powell and young humming along nicely
NewFreoFan: Ah Mundy, I bloody love him
Pav300: Yes Mundys a beauty, worth a stab at the brownlow
Beast_Mode: started powell over jordon, was nervous but happy so far!
NewFreoFan: I put 20 on Mundy for the Brownlow when he was 501-1, he's shortened to 80-1 since
Pav300: wow ! good work
Baldfrog: Wow doubt you'll win but enjoy the ride
kascadev8: cunnington go tag brayshaw
Napper: Do they have 2 taggers??
cmperrfect: Jordon on track for a ton Beast
Gotigres: Menadue?
PAFC4eva: looks like freo fans are happy for crosstown rivals losing sounds familiar
Hazza09: Ffs Chapman
Pav300: yes PAFC, Weagles & Crows love Champers
NewFreoFan: I forgot Menadue existed
Baldfrog: PAFC you and pies20 should get together and talk about your empty cabinets
PAFC4eva: how long ago did crows win one
Baldfrog: 2 years ago aflw m8
PAFC4eva: you count them do you wow you are clutching at straws
kascadev8: i have to agree with @PAFC there, didnt think they were counted
NewFreoFan: Enjoying how a Freo North game has turned into some SA banter
Beast_Mode: lol he's trolling
Baldfrog: Still an afl premiership is it not?
pcaman2003: Shame Brayshaw didn't have the Gawn name. He'd be 70pts by now
kascadev8: no. its an aflw premiership Bald
Beast_Mode: its not
Baldfrog: Go away beast lol
Beast_Mode: lol
PAFC4eva: aflw baldy diffrent
DrSeuss: Still no idea why they play Stephenson at Full Forward. Let him go win the ball
m0nty: back on the game please
Beast_Mode: the genitals are different mate
Baldfrog: Gee m0nty your no fun
NewFreoFan: Would love Freo to get a goal kicking coach
Gotigres: Don't overdo it Chapman
Stu7: Siebel what are you on!
Pav300: D Mundy 3 votes
NewFreoFan: Just give Mundy the brownlow now
Hazza09: Get moving Chapman
cmperrfect: Chappy knows heís made his break even. Haha
DrSeuss: Put Stephenson on the ball FFS - ball is getting past halfway
BigChief: @NewFreo BnF maybe, Brownlow I doubt it.
DrSeuss: Ball isnít getting past halfway
NewFreoFan: How dare you doubt our lord and saviour David Mundy
Pav300: Yes the father son and holy FREO GOAT
BigChief: I don't doubt Mundy, I doubt Freo can win enough games.
Pav300: Roos look like they have given up now
Stu7: Ziebell has stopped
NewFreoFan: Even if we don't, I still believe Mundy can 3 vote in a losing side with his form this year
Beast_Mode: you been hanging with ben cousins lately?
NewFreoFan: What's cousins up to these days, is he in jail?
Beast_Mode: you're clearly high
Dogs5416: 35 down and tagging fyfe and brayshaw. Obviously not working. North genuine trash
PAFC4eva: thought ldu was the next big thing not
NewFreoFan: High on Mundy
Gandhi: What's the point of feeding Ziebell 40 touches if they can't get it forward. Awful gameplan...
Stu7: Come on Cunnington ffs
Baldfrog: Geez go away for 10 mins and Freo flogging them
DrSeuss: Stephenson sulking - playing weak af around the ball
Pav300: Have another break baldy
bhg26: Supercoach points gandhi
NewFreoFan: I'd be sulking if I got sent off to North too
Stu7: Stephenson another wash out
bhg26: Also Heath Chapman wtf
Pies20: Powell to win rookie of the year?
Pies20: In a shower team?? Swans rookies have stopped
runners47: Keep it up Ziebell - you may rescue my weekend
Stu7: @runners47 - me too
Pav300: Yes he is similar to Serong, knows how to find it
Dondeal: Ziegull killing it again
cmperrfect: Is Cox playing with Bonar?
Dondeal: Cox handling Bonar with ease
Gotigres: Ziegull becoming vc/c option
pcaman2003: Poor qtr from Brayshaw. Barely saw the ball.
Hazza09: Ffs Chapman
Gotigres: Well done Chapman. You reached your breakeven of 5
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw can't handle a tag yet
kascadev8: fyfe stop giving away frees
BigChief: That was dumb from Turner.
Yelse: fyfe been giving a lot of frees this year
DrSeuss: Donít watch much of Norf - but Stephenson looks scared of the contest
pcaman2003: Mundy is a stud. Would like Brayshaw to catch up a bit.
kascadev8: brayshaw stop please :(
DrSeuss: Stephenson on the ball gets meaningful possessions. Ziebell racking it up but canít hit a target
Yelse: seriously how bad is fyfe kicking for goal why play fwd
NewFreoFan: Agreed Yelse
Pav300: cmon Powell - Pies20 u stopped him
Pies20: Sorry pav
Pav300: lol
Stu7: Any thoughts on Ziebells score?
Yelse: did fyfe get hit in the head getting a black R eye
Baldfrog: Nice to see Chapman having a spirt
NewFreoFan: He seems to have a permanent black eye
pcaman2003: Onya Brayshaw. Keep it going.
Phasir: Imagine how good Serong will be once he learns how to hit a target or make good decisions
kascadev8: ohhhhhh its a grand old flag
pcaman2003: Give less TOG for Fyfe and more for Mundy and Brayshaw
bhg26: Its a high flying flag
_Wang_: Cmon Chapman
kascadev8: i thought fyfe was working on his goal kicking after the game 2 weeks ago?
DrSeuss: Stephenson off the freaking bench and get the ball.
Hazza09: Only need a 60 Chapman FFS
cmperrfect: Dollar sign for Chapman.
kascadev8: unless brayshaw is tagged out so badly where he loses 40 points ive lost. only remaining pod to my opponent is the texan
_Wang_: Can someone please tell me how to display teh team I follow i have been trying on teh ipad and now desktop without any l
_Wang_: luck
PAFC4eva: wang put cursor on login click account and choose your team to follow
DrSeuss: Lloyd has officially been overtaken by Ziegull as the ultimate seagull down back.
PAFC4eva: sorry click on options
cmperrfect: Bonar is rising up nicely.
Water: Wang you must also change the colour scheme to your fave team
Torz: This is seagulling like weíve never seen before
Raspel31: For ffs sake- Hinkley, Howe, Duncs. Martin and Lambert in 2 weeks where to go fron here>
bhg26: lloyd will do his best to regain the title drseuss
Wo0lfee: Ziebell is becoming Joel Bowden
Jukes82: ziebs must surely be a vc option now
kascadev8: ziebell wtf
runners47: Atlas for Ziebell already
Baldfrog: Sadly everyone has Jack so no advantage
Jukes82: i remember joel bowden taking 24 marks as a defender lol
Stu7: The Ziebell Show all aboard!
DrSeuss: No Atlas for Ziebell has literally just sat at the back waiting for handballs and dinky kicks. A few good intercepts
Wo0lfee: @jukes my fave fantasy player. Obscene scores from a backman
Kidult: Ziegull to 200 at this rate
bhg26: Cox is hurt, lol
Phasir: McGovern would be on 250 Sc with Zieb's current stats
_Wang_: PAFC4eva and Water yes I get to the selct colur scheme and Iit wont stick I will keep trying
kascadev8: go fyfey come on, go with ziebell
pcaman2003: R U going to score this qtr Brayshaw?
Hazza09: Hooray Chapman got a kick
Baldfrog: You have to log out to take effect Wang
_Wang_: baldfrog I will try that now
Raspel31: Martin out so I bring in Zeibell. No, I put a curse on you.
_Wang_: Baldfrog - success I think thanks mate
Baldfrog: Well done Wang
_Wang_: Working - Thanks all !!
_Wang_: Thanks baldfrog
_Wang_: its had me stumped for the last 6 weeks
kascadev8: fyfe come on, only 80 points needed from u
Hazza09: Hooray another tough Chapman
Jukes82: big wang welcome to flag status!
Yelse: is fyfe the most inaccurate kick for goal
Baldfrog: Daniher not good yelse
_Wang_: Ziebell WTF
bhg26: Chapmans been having i nap i see
DrSeuss: Stephenson spends way too much time on the bench for someone that doesnt get involved much
bhg26: I would say Lloyd 2.0, but hes become something else
Jukes82: powell is going to be a gun player
bhg26: I seriously feel for the people who still dont have ziebell
Raspel31: Don't overuse your commentsWang- 3 free a night- after that?
Wo0lfee: Senor Wang!
pcaman2003: Ziebel against Demons next week so plenty of opportunity. Possible VC option?
kascadev8: haha knew it wang
Pies20: I don't bhg, and don't think i will don't like the bloke out of stubbornness i choose not to have him haha
bhg26: Im thinking just chuck the c on him straight away pcaman, why bother with a loophole
bhg26: Are you one of the people who only have the hard, gritty, old fashioned footballers in your side pies?
Raspel31: Agreed Pies- would never , ever have Ziebell. Hmm?
kascadev8: did anyone have the C on Seabell?
_Wang_: kasca never was trying to hide it just didnt know how to do it :)
bhg26: God did kasca
Stu7: Yes I did
Jukes82: give ryan the bin or yingyang. something!
kascadev8: fyfe kick a goal ffs
Phasir: When did you change from essendon to 9nthmond, jukes?
Stu7: @kasca - yes
bhg26: Giving Chapman the cash logo is generous considering hes making bugger all money this week
Pies20: Correct bhg, now can you please tell me who they are so i can get a good score haha
Stu7: Fyfe - 2 more points and heíll have the equivalent to a goal 😂😂
pcaman2003: Bloody Brayshaw taking off again,FFS
Hazza09: Hooray Chapman
Jukes82: huh, i've never changed. didnt even know your could change
bhg26: Couldnt tell ya pies, my team is full of seagulls
Jukes82: and you mean 3 flags in 4 yearsmond
Stu7: Ziebell - 40 possessions maybe?
kascadev8: ah well, thats a loss now, unless tex can score 180
bhg26: 9thmond sounds better Jukes
Jukes82: pretty sure thats Jukes not Jukes82
Baldfrog: Thats a no from Tex Kasca
Jukes82: sounds better questionable, 3 flags in 4 years is reality tho
Phasir: Last 4 years been a weird blip for tigers, they'll return to mediocre very shortly :)
bhg26: Hed have to play against our backline today kasca to get that score
Raspel31: Martin, Dunks, Lambert, Hickey, Howe, Connigs-oh what a superb year.
Manowar: I think the final siren sounded? Game over!
bhg26: Who cares about reality jukes, i chose to live in ignorance. Swans premiers 2021
Jukes82: will always be remembered as the greatest team of all time ;)
Phasir: Hawks, Cats, Bombers, Eagles & Lions all been better across the last 20 yrs
Jukes82: good to see you're too scared to show your team tho
J.Worrall: 50 leftovers to share
bhg26: Nah, i still think that hawthorn dynasty is the greatest, unless richmond can 3peat, then ill reconsider
Jukes82: eagles are trash
bhg26: They better all go to Ziebell J. Worrall
pcaman2003: Good boy Powell. Nice work.
bhg26: Also dont forget Swans Phasir
Phasir: Not scared
bhg26: Just ashamed Phasir?
kascadev8: no left overs after ziebell helps himself
navy_blues: of all time?
Phasir: Nah
dezlav: @Ohasir. Bombers??
Jukes82: lmao
bhg26: I liked you before Phasir, now im not so sure
Phasir: I'm trolling, bhg
Phasir: Only mutts support tigers
Jukes82: im pretty sure its wce
bhg26: You gave me a heart attack Phasir, dont joke about that
Phasir: Apologies
bhg26: You know im prejudice against all richmond supporters