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exatekk: evening champions.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Stu7: Evening exa
Stu7: Hoping for Gawn to score around 80
kascadev8: hoping for gawn to score 3x that Stu
Stu7: Ha ha @ kas
bhg26: Gawn dropped a mark?
cmperrfect: Gawn will go big coz I took McCrae as VC.
Stu7: Come on Tomlinson - donít make me regret not trading you
pcaman2003: Love it when Maxi does a clanger and gains 2 pts.
Baldfrog: Hoping for a gawn price drop
Stu7: Na I yh8nk your safe cmperrfect
bhg26: Me too pcaman, more points for me
navy_blues: was hoping umps have a good game here but looks like they off to poor start
pcaman2003: bhg26. His tap outs keep him up there. Should do alright tnite
Baldfrog: Lol Navy your dreaming high
pcaman2003: @navy Blues. Good games from umpires are forbidden this season
Stu7: How can the ball be I. The
Stu7: How x
navy_blues: was hoping this be a great game to watch game of the round
Stu7: How can the ball be in the Richmond forward line so much and Tomlinson not touch it whatís dud
Stu7: Gawn chill!
StuL: Big Max, like the hamburger. Yea. No not like the bloody hamburger.
cmperrfect: Gawn on track for a ton already Stu. Haha.
Stu7: Noooooo @ cmperrfect
bhg26: There he is stu
navy_blues: gawn 2 clangers already going at 66 DE and on 24?
kascadev8: short, is he halfback or a cheeky winger tonight?
original: Bolton wtf
Danstar: Gawn gets points for just being in the field.
ausgooner: what's maxy done to deserve 23 pts?
Baldfrog: Gawn gets a point for every breathe he takes on field
cmperrfect: Dusty off to a flyer. Itís called doing the reverse Cripps.
pcaman2003: Danstar. He got some tips from Bont and CD. lol!
bhg26: Why do footballers feel inclined to argue against every single free
bhg26: Exist ausgooner, but Iím not complaining
Seb78: Gawn will ton up from frees for
Danstar: Ausgoonfumbledd it 3 times 2 HOs to disadvantage
Yelse: SO rewiolt already got me the two now need lynch lol
Danstar: CD isnít scoring. Bont is damaging with his touches. Gawn other than a FF has done nothing
Dondeal: bhg26, you've clearly never experienced high adrenaline team sport
Stu7: On ya Tomlinson
Stu7: Seb78 lol
Danstar: Ps. I got Gawn but my opp. Has him capt. lol I kept McRae score
cmperrfect: 139 will be fine thanks Maxy. Just so I donít get C remorse.
Danstar: Nank has done way more than Gawn has but basically same score
_Wang_: Jordon hS stT
kascadev8: jordon sitting on the bench all day again?? argh come on man
bhg26: Dusty must have had one bloody good touch
Stu7: I traded out Jordan for Cunnington
bhg26: *two
Stu7: Dusty is a bit rusty
kascadev8: maybe its time to abandon the Gulden + Jordon plan then
Pies20: Gulden gone next week kasca
Hazza09: Ffs not this Jordon bench thing again this week
kascadev8: @Pies yep 1000% , just gotta work out who my 2nd is for the potential trade in of Andy Brayshaw or Clarry
Pies20: Jordan doing fine at the moment
bhg26: No Jordon please, I took Scotts score
cmperrfect: Fritsch reminds me of a young Brad Green.
Danstar: Gawn overtakes nank in scoring yet nank killed it first 10 minutes!!!
Pav300: Pies20 are you feeling confident for tom? Ur Pies have a very yng team in
Danstar: Wtf went from 30 to 50
Dondeal: Pies20 did you stick with the C on Gawn?
DrSeuss: Gawnís SC is a joke.
clay007: Does Gawn get more for each touch?
kascadev8: whats jordon on? my scores have frozen
Pies20: Pav nope not at all few changes in the team if I had no interest in the game my money would be with ess
navy_blues: wasnt 50 point qtr and i have gawn
NewFreoFan: Gawn's had 5 contested, 2 frees for, probably some HO to advantage. 50 isn't unrealistic
Danstar: Gawn is the new bont. Points for blinking
Danstar: Also had 1-2 clangers freofan
Fatbar5tad: Went vc Jacrae who got ripped and Gawn gets 50 for that
Pies20: Donedeal after long discussion with you all last game flowered the c with gawn can maybe be do dunkley c still what you
Danstar: Nank had a better qtr.
clay007: Has Gawn been that amazing he is on 54 points?
Phasir: If McGovern had Gawn's stats he'd be on 140 SC by now
Danstar: Gone up to 54 points for speaking at the huddle
Dondeal: I stuck with Maxy. Gotta risk it for the biscuit
kascadev8: neale didnt get any points for that last mark? that sucks only just saw it
bhg26: 4 points for leadership danstar
DrSeuss: Nank owned Gawn - Max had a good last 3 minutes
Dogs5416: 7 hit outs, 4 hand balls, 1 kick. Not sure how gawn got 50
Pies20: Wish i stayed with maxi donedeal good work mate
Danstar: Gawn getting points for getting wet from the rain
navy_blues: dusty 3 possies for 21
bhg26: 20 navy, dont exaggerate too much
Hazza09: Jordon on the bench again? Cheers Goodwin
clay007: Gawn 2 points for almost hitting it to advantage. Nic Nat must be confused
kascadev8: how is that a free to dusty? seriously, he has more of the demons player... seriously
DrSeuss: Haha Dusty with a massive handful of Hibberds jumper. Free to Dusty
original: Do something houli
Baldfrog: Where's the crowd thought Tigers had 120k bandwagoners
exatekk: cant take your pets to the footy Bald, members or not
teddyt: Obviously you dont go to any games at all Bald since you have no idea how tickets are sold atm
Baldfrog: Lol exa I'll give you that
Beast_Mode: probably watching the 2017 grand final baldy
MrWalrus: We're not about to fund the silvertail's opulent lifestyles Baldy
kascadev8: @teddy its a joke dont get sucked in
Baldfrog: Teddy 85 % is allowed at mcg does it look 85% full to you
Baldfrog: Seems they all are lurking on FF
_Wang_: How is that a free kick lol
Dogs5416: 85% but the dees fans wouldn't rock up. And the rest are in standing room just can't see them
Tig-Train: Itís a Melbourne home game retard
Gotigres: Seems a player doesn't get a FF if advantage is taken (Jordan)
Dogs5416: Gawn back to reality this quarter. Mansell
Snarfy: I saw the scores at quarter time and could not believe that Gawn had 55pts.
navy_blues: salem killing it
kascadev8: Gawn can still scale 44 points this quarter dont worry
teddyt: Melbourne home game, Tickets sold through a ballot, Youve been to 0 games this year 100000%, you have brain damage
StuL: Mansell wheels and goes
Snarfy: He didn't do anything worthy of that score. Unbelievable! I said to my daughter before I came out, 20pts. if he's lucky.
Danstar: Gawn next to McDonald at that mark. Gawn 10 points!
navy_blues: lmao pickett just beat gawn in ruck
kascadev8: dang in a Lever v Short matchup, not good so far
Stu7: Tomlinsonís scoring is like watching the grass grow
MrWalrus: Did Pickett just school Max? Why yes he did!
pcaman2003: Is Dusty in Hibernation?
bhg26: When Richmond are under the pump, dusty vanishes
pcaman2003: Nank got a tapout. Quick! Give Gawn some more points
Danstar: Watxh Gawn get 50 points for that passage
cmperrfect: They just did Pca. Haha
Dogs5416: Danstar why wouldn't he? Gawn 1-2 is a 50 play let alone scoring chain 😂
kascadev8: 32 more Gawny, gooo haha
pcaman2003: cmperrfect. Haha! It was right on cue too.
Danstar: Gawn mark! 1 million points!
bhg26: i can imagine nothings more reassuring for dees fans than seeing castagna take a shot
navy_blues: dusty prob wont ton up for the 4th week in a row not a premo anymore
_Wang_: Danstar lol
kascadev8: come on short, you need to at least match lever minimum
Dogs5416: Danstar on fire, but funny because it's true
Danstar: Iím struggling in sc for wins and my opp. Put c on Gawn. Lol
Dogs5416: Dusty is shower, but trade him and guaranteed to rack 120s 5 weeks in a row
Danstar: Iíve literally had every premo or rookie thatís been injured or suspended
kascadev8: scale gawn 16 points please
MrWalrus: Ballllll! This is fun!
Gotigres: It's worth keeping Dusty for his current 80's cause he will wake up after the byes
VodkaHawk: Lol, non Gawn owners complaining about Gawn points :)
Snarfy: At least I could see how Gawn got points in the last part of that quarter.
bhg26: Cheers mansell. Cheers
exatekk: indeed vodka
navy_blues: i have gawn but no way he deserves 84 atm
VodkaHawk: Umm Dogs5416, like him or not, he is a total Gun
tdarian: remember when michael hibberd was a premo?
Danstar: FYI everyone. There is another game on. Itís irrelevant, but yeh itís on lol
Snarfy: He marked, kicked and handballed all to advantage. But that 1st quarter score of 55 was crap.
cmperrfect: Did Maxy just lose points ? What the hell?
Gotigres: Gawn had 3 points taken off. How rude.
Danstar: He lost 1 point lol theyíre just trying to show theyíre not overly bias
Danstar: Theyíll add 33 points when the qtr. starts
Napper: Someone explain why u traded jordon two weeks ago instead of Campbell
kascadev8: @tdarian when was that? i started SC in 2018 so it must have been b4 that
tdarian: @kascade it was when he played for essendon. he was a consistent 100 scorer back then
Gotigres: I remember tdarian
Gotigres: Gawn had 2 more points taken off. Ripped off
cmperrfect: Hibberd was my first picked every year when at the Bombers @ tadrian
Gotigres: At least Jordan seems to be getting the points
cmperrfect: You have much to learn Daniel son @ Kasca haha
Baldfrog: Tigers allergic to water
kascadev8: @cm i do indeed, barely scraping 2k scores at the moment
Gotigres: Gawn going backwards
feralmong: Dees in great form got a good possession game going. will be hard to overcome for tigers.
Dondeal: Grimes another Oscar to add to this collection
Stu7: Tomlinson 3 points in 40 minutes
Danstar: Fk. Wanted tigers to win. Donít want dogs playing them after a loss
kascadev8: @Dondeal Grimes would have a lot of diving awards
bhg26: This is getting ugly
Gotigres: Melbourne have got this I think.
pcaman2003: Geez! Not Dusty as well FFS
Stu7: bhg26 which bit?
bhg26: Sorry boys, brought dusty in this week
StuL: Tiger time is finished. That's a relief.
bhg26: all but the first 5 minutes of the game stu as well as dusty getting hurt
navy_blues: wow bad move bhg im trying to get rid of him asap losing money and not scoring
Danstar: Mansel prob get dropped for next week especially cos I just Brought him in
Baldfrog: But who to Navy butters and dunks out not many good options
VodkaHawk: Dees have got 2 easy wins after this (Roos and Swans) could be 8-0 o-o
Danstar: Gawn 12 points for 1 handball and 1 HO
navy_blues: agree bald im still looking but for some1 who supposed to be best in game he def over rated right now
Stu7: Gawn smiled 13 points
navy_blues: dunks out might save dusty
Baldfrog: Only asked cause I have him to
pcaman2003: Gawn is a poker machine. You just keep pulling the handle and he pays out well.
Danstar: Stu: leave the gawn jokes to me ... :P
bhg26: come on dusty and mansell, do something
hinsch: Why is Gawn not getting SC points
DrSeuss: Short - want to get a touch??
MrWalrus: Nooooooo!
Foursuits: Gawn is a supercoach magnet 🧲
EatEmAlive: Melbourne a ton of free kicks in their forward line. Total garbage.
Danstar: Hinsch. Heís getting points for farting mate
navy_blues: might consider zorko
bhg26: And Short, jesus christ
Tig-Train: Neal Bullen should play soccer
Gotigres: Dusty off the ground and in the rooms
Stu7: Ffs another injury - Iím not sure the stress of SC is worth it 🤬
Foursuits: Who is this Dusty ?
pcaman2003: McDonald and Gawn are sinking me.
hinsch: Take Dunkley and Martin out of SC forwards thats going to be interesting
Yelse: whats wrong with martin?
bhg26: Dunkley and Dusty, as well as glaring problems in my team, this round has stuffed me
exatekk: period pain yelse
pcaman2003: Dusty sinking me as well.
Stu7: Bring on Monday so I can ditch Tomlinson
Gotigres: Short not looking like a top 8 def
runners47: Time to trade in Dusty - others offer better each week
navy_blues: ziebell have to be top sc pick this year
pjw1234: martin got a poke in the eye
DrSeuss: Short with the one touch this quarter
Danstar: Gawn hasnít had a point in a while. Richmond miss = Gawn point
Danstar: And he marks it from that kick in anyway lol
shaker: Dee's midfield has destroyed us and our fwds can't take a mark
Stu7: Ziebell 2nd quarter on 81
VodkaHawk: @Navy, Agreed - Ziebs by far the best sc pick so far
Stu7: 87 sorry
pcaman2003: Gawn will get to 150 easily now. He's a must have without doubt.
Ben_Gogos: Umpires calling last touch out of bounds tonight...
DrSeuss: Ziebell with plenty of possies - but more seagulling than anything. Missing targets. Could be on much more
Danstar: 2 weeks in a row my opponent hasnít had short. :@
navy_blues: be lucky to make 1500 at this rate lol
Danstar: Gawns due for a rest on the bench I reckon
navy_blues: what happened to lambert?
BigChief: Martin ruled out with concussion
Danstar: Martin concussion. Means canít play next week?!?
pcaman2003: So Dusty will miss next week.Sigh!
kascadev8: rip dusty owners
exatekk: no dusty. no tigers
pcaman2003: This game is over. Tigers have lost their claws
Yelse: how is that concussion seriously hardly any force
Baldfrog: Becoming embarrassing now
Pies20: Tiger's coming back down to earth season on surley it's not a dees and dog's season? I predict they will come back as we
Yelse: in all honesty 2-3 injuries game.
Pies20: Well
bhg26: Trade in Butters, syndemosis. Trade in Ridley, next week concussion. Trade in Dusty, concussion. Flower me dead
StarvyJ: Bhg Iíll do you one better by having De Goey and trading in Daniel too
VodkaHawk: Youíd have to be insanely a super team to win 3 in a row in an 18 team comp
DrSeuss: WTF is Short doing. 1 touch since half time.
StarvyJ: Petracca is better than Dusty. Big call but Dusty isnít consistent
bhg26: I also have the pleasure of owning Short starvyj
kascadev8: bhg can u tell me who u have? so i dont get them in
Yelse: @bhg ill assume you also have dunkley?
StarvyJ: Same bhg. And Dunkley. How good
Danstar: And Bont is better than petracca :P
bhg26: These last two weeks for me in supercoach have been showerhouse
_Wang_: Starvy lol pls
bhg26: youd be correct yelse
Pies20: Sorry starvy have to disagree with you on that call, petracca also goes missing and isn't in that level yet
Danstar: I remember when commentators were calling balta as good as ranca. I didnít even know he was playing
pcaman2003: F off Gawn!
kascadev8: short, believe it or not but i need you to match Lever. can u at least try to do that?
BigChief: Well screwed up not leaving C on Gawn.
StarvyJ: Pies20 Petracca hasnít gone missing last year or this year
Yelse: So which forwards premiums are left?
Danstar: Rance*
bhg26: There are no more Yelse that are worth it. Maybe Toby greene?
navy_blues: zorko?
StarvyJ: Ziebell in SC
kascadev8: forward premiums has turned into effective pods
Yelse: Toby can't be trusted suspension injury rested
Baldfrog: Don't forget Ziebel is injury prone to
Danstar: Greene. Then heíll get suspended for 4 weeks when you bring him in
bhg26: Everyone has Ziebell though StarvyJ
StuL: Havent even seen Short this half
StarvyJ: Tom MacDonald is a good POD
kascadev8: where is GOATdusty?? bit quiet tonight
Pies20: He's not dusty level starvy got potential but not there just yet
Baldfrog: Kasca they are all hiding as usual
Ben_Gogos: First time in Dusty's career he has finished with less than 10 touches.
kascadev8: Short learn to handball when its wet, never been efficient with kicks in the wet
Wo0lfee: Writing this season off. Went butters to dusty. Can't remember a fantasy season like this :(
Baldfrog: Alot of pet memberships will be ripped up this week
bhg26: The decent forwards im seeing are atkins, hind, zorko, tex and greene, plus ziebell and impey if you dont have them
pcaman2003: Why is Gawn getting more points when nowhere near the flowering ball?
StarvyJ: Has Zorko got high ownership?
BigChief: Might need 40+ trades this year with all the injuries.
exatekk: bolton worth a look? obviouslt holding dusty but if Dunks is out???
bhg26: 13.6 percent StarvyJ, and will only go higher after this week
DrSeuss: Thatís how SC works Pcaman - for Gawn that is
Danstar: Gawn to get up scaled to 1,320,284 points :)
bhg26: Boltons a yin yang player exatekk, can ton up or get a fifty. if you want to gamble him then you can
cmperrfect: Mundy is the ultimate POD. 0.4pct ownership the start of this round.
EatEmAlive: Melbourne Free kick in the forward line. What's new
exatekk: tigers lost the plot. eat shower
The Ogre: Aah the tigers of old. Lose and whinge about the umpiring... Yawn
navy_blues: poor richmond cant handle losing
kascadev8: @EatEmAlive another undisciplined flog from richmond giving away a free off the ball. whats new
Baldfrog: Tigers still dirtiest team in the afl
EatEmAlive: So Melbourne now attack Mansel and now get granted a second free kick in the forward line. Pure BS
Gotigres: Tiges losing the plot
_Wang_: Oliver great dive
Stu7: Take Gawn off to avoid injury and help my team :)
StarvyJ: Richmond are a pack of animals, sucked in not good enough
kascadev8: cry. wonder why richmond hav a horrid differential, its cos they deliver that garbage more than anyone else
bhg26: Youre right EatEmAlive, Richmond have been spectacular tonight, absolutely robbed by the umpires
Tig-Train: Lol so many salty people around...
pcaman2003: Upscaling already started. Put Gawn down for minimum 150
Baldfrog: Wait for Hardwicks winge in the presser
_Wang_: How did the they play in the gf last year kasc lol
Danstar: Gawn getting points for watching the fight
Baldfrog: Wow tig from the cave
EatEmAlive: @Kascadev8 And yet dispute the worste differential and most free kicks against in the forward line, they still win flags
StarvyJ: Bhg youíd think so with the commentary. Been embarrassing how biased it is
Phasir: So good watching these mutts lose hahhaa
The Ogre: He'll probably blame MRS Hardwicke for this also.
kascadev8: at least ill show what team i go for wang, u care to join in on that?
Tig-Train: Itís funny how itís the Geelong and Adelaide fans with most to say... hmm wonder why they have so much hate
cmperrfect: I asked last week and ppl said wait till the Tigers game. Are Melb they real deal this year?
StarvyJ: Fair play to Melbourne, playing really good footy along with the Dogs
MrWalrus: Hardwick doesn't whinge though sometimes...well you wouldn't blame him
bhg26: Geelong won by like 1000 points today tig train, i think theyre in a good mood
exatekk: cause you lot are a bunch of flogs tig
_Wang_: Kasca I honestly font know how.. So wine
Danstar: Cmperfect did you say Gawn. 139 at start to have no regrets lol
MrWalrus: This week though tiges a little injured and a lot outplayed
_Wang_: Kasca I don't know how.? Truly how is it done
Danstar: Heíll get up scaled to 160 probs though
EatEmAlive: Geelong fans talking about dirty when Diverfield acts for frees and is as dirty as they get.
Hazza09: Jordon played zero minutes in that last Qtr... bullshower
StarvyJ: Good to be here lads, was a boring few weeks when the website was down. Cya tomorrow probs!
kascadev8: didnt ask for excuses wang, u sound like a bandwaggon richmond supporter
Tig-Train: Hahaha still butt hurt I see
Beast_Mode: its just jealousy, same with the hawks when they were good, loved seeing them lose
kascadev8: diverfield??? haha youve had rance and now riweoldt, lynch and grimes. stfu
cmperrfect: Pity no NTP in this game Danstar. Picked it like a dirty nose. Haha. Before scaling.
MrWalrus: Seeya in finals Dees
_Wang_: Dee's way to good
Tig-Train: @Beast_mode first decent thing Iíve read in this chat tonight
Wo0lfee: Great to see Melb and WB up and about.
Danstar: If I had Gawn as C my comments today wouldíve been complete opposite lol
EatEmAlive: Diverfield, clangerfield, most overated player in the game. Always goes missing in the big games playing for free kicks
bhg26: Rance, Lynch, Riewoldt and Grimes are the biggest flogs in football
_Wang_: Hahahahahahah kasc
feralmong: haha and duckwood
EatEmAlive: Goodes is the biggest flog of all time, and his mate Franklin is a close second
bhg26: Richmond supporters are very funny to listen to when then lose, even when they win theyre funny
bhg26: What the flower did you just say EatEmAlive
Beast_Mode: lol yeah flog goodes, couldnt handle it so sooked up and retired lmao
kascadev8: @wang dont speak till u figure out how to put a flag on ur name u plastic supporter
Phasir: Tiges gotta make finals first, @MrsWalrus
EatEmAlive: @bhg26 And how is Grimes the biggest flog? Just a quiet bloke that plays football. Goodes = Flog.
Phasir: Goodes was a massive flog
Phasir: Grimes is good
bhg26: Have you ever see Grimes play eatemalive, if you did, youd notice hes on the floor crying out for a free
kascadev8: i dont think we can really include buddy for sydney. hes been there like 6 years for probs about 6 games
Tig-Train: @Phasir if you think they wonít make finals you are deluded
EatEmAlive: In the history of football I have never seen a bigger flog that Adam Goodes.
Jukes82: jesus christ, evereyone so sensitive lmao. Well played Dees.
Danstar: Grimes = tough. Goodes flog number 1. Dangerfield gun but quiet last 18 months
bhg26: Fair call kasca
Danstar: But letís all just agree. Dogs are dA BoMb :D
EatEmAlive: Grimes doesn't cry for free kicks, Goodes on the other hand cries about people booing him. Waaaaa
MrWalrus: Don't be mean phasir
Danstar: Hahaha Gawn 139 cmgperfect!!!! Love it. McRae 140 looks so good now :D
bhg26: I cant believe what im hearing
Danstar: Stroke of genius keeping McRae score hahahahah
EatEmAlive: In the week where they were celebrating the Nicky winmar moment, Adam Goodes wanted the spotlight and his winmar moment.
EatEmAlive: So Goodes then made up his BS about the little girl upsetting him and pointer her out and walked off the ground
kascadev8: grimes = tough?? lmao wtf r u on about, never seen someone go down so easily in my life, not even neymar
EatEmAlive: Goodes didn't care about the welfare of the young girl who got hammered on social media.
Danstar: Grimes is a gun defender. I think I sense salt lol
EatEmAlive: All goodes cared about was being a flog and his so called legacy and trying to get his Winmar moment. Total Fog
EatEmAlive: There are so many total flog moments by Adam Goodes it's not funny. He took Flog to a new level.
bhg26: Grimes is a good footballer, he dives a lot though
Crippa9: 147 for gawn
EatEmAlive: The biggest Diver in the game is Justin Westoff, but the media never highlight it.
Danstar: Scores already fixed. Gawn 139
bhg26: Watch the final quarter eatemalive
EatEmAlive: The media is laregely responsible for how people feel about players, good or bad,
bhg26: Rance is probably still diving somewhere else EatEmAlive, you might see him in Tokyo for the olympics
EatEmAlive: bhg26 so you said you couldn't believe what I said about Goodes being a flog. I gave reasons, you now agree?
EatEmAlive: Rance did that 1 or 2 times, and they were still showing that 2 months later.
EatEmAlive: In the same game they were replaying Rance's dive from a month before, Justin Westoff dived 4 times and they say nothing
bhg26: No, not at all. Also if you think rance only dove 1 or 2 times, youre absolutely dreaming
EatEmAlive: Then other players are protective species. Goodes knees to people, Selwoods dirty tactics behind play.
EatEmAlive: The media love Selwood and say anything he does is "Tough". The media paint whatever glowing or bad picture on whoever
EatEmAlive: Goodes not being a Flog. You are dreaming.
bhg26: Selwood is the biggest, and i repeat, the biggest ducker in football history. He is flowering tough though
bhg26: Youd have to be if youre ducking 43 times a game
EatEmAlive: I have been to games live and seen Selwood simply punch people behind play. He doesn't even get sited for tribunal.
bhg26: Have a nice glass of warm milk and flower off to bed you sook, take the L
EatEmAlive: The media never talk about dirty play from their favourite Selwood. Other players they try to rub them out.