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Bluebagg11: Letís go baggers. Todayís our day.
pcaman2003: Let's go Walsh. Big score please young fella.
Beast_Mode: brisbane by 80
Yelse: neal daniher need a huge one from both to make uo for cambel
DrSeuss: Daniher and Stocker - big games please, Walsh can take the afternoon off. Go Lions
Beast_Mode: neale tagged or not?
TheFlagger: doesnt look like it beast
TheFlagger: ed curnow usually takes neale
Yelse: trust ne to get rid of crips and he will go hugeeee
TheFlagger: yelse cripps loves playing the lions, had 38 and 4 goals a few years ago
kascadev8: go neale
Hazza09: Neale is nowhere to be seen
DrSeuss: Of course my opponent has Walsh and Zilliams
Beast_Mode: neale was on the bench for 5 minutes, he back on now
j959: is Daniher chop out rucking??
BOMBRBLITZ: Daniher never change mate
Raspel31: May I say, having dropped Neale- tag the hell out of him Blues. He does not like naughty stiff.
TheFlagger: Deadeye Daniher
Raspel31: May I say, having dropped Neale- tag the hell out of him Blues. He does not like naughty stufff.
MrWalrus: Yelse how on earth have you got the luxury of trading cripps?!
DrSeuss: Where is Stocker playing?
Beast_Mode: neale injured
TheFlagger: Neale ankle ffs
Gotigres: Neale hobbling
navy_blues: oh no poor neale
Yelse: great i just picked up neal lol he is out goneeeee
NewFreoFan: Neale ankle
Bluebagg11: Carnage at Marvel!!
Raspel31: I meant no ill wishes.
TheFlagger: Stocker is down back
Hazza09: Neale looks ok
Stu7: 2021 the year of injuries ffs
Beast_Mode: neale on ground clearly not right, needs a jab
DrSeuss: Cheers Flagger
kascadev8: neale ankle? did he roll it?
Stu7: Itís now officially a kankle
TheFlagger: yes kas
Gotigres: Probably rolled ankle kasca
Beast_Mode: well obviously kasca
Gotigres: Neale down in the rooms
Tig-Train: 2 disposals for 25... standard neale bs I see already
TheFlagger: 4 tackles tig
pcaman2003: Docklands still a rubbish ground with players slipping everywhere.
mattmac24: Tig-Train... Completely disregarding the 4 tackles?
DrSeuss: Might have gone a little early on Stocker
Hazza09: Neale could be done
Wo0lfee: Ffs...just traded in Neale
Stu7: WoOlfee damn
Tig-Train: Ohh I didnít see that... my bad lol
TheFlagger: McKay stop being soft
BigChief: How was that a block when McCluggage marked it?
Beast_Mode: neale will come back on dont worry
beerent11: If itís just a rolled ankle heíll be ok
kascadev8: its alright, strap up that ankle very nicely Neale, strap it up, and go you gun
duckky: Cripps had 6 touches in the first 5 minutes then nothing
sMiles: umpires not playing fair
Dondeal: Neale might come back on, but he doesn't like playing hurt. Sub 80 score coming.
duckky: With Neale, I am sure it is either gangrene or leprosy
pcaman2003: Hit a target Walsh. Preferably your own player.
Beast_Mode: lol
Malaka: Ha ha ha! I just noticed my SC opponent put the C on Braeden Campbell, planning on getting Macrae's 140 VC score.
TheFlagger: riewoldt is a muppet
kascadev8: @Malaka someone in the Geelong game chat said they did that
pcaman2003: @Malaka. Good one! That's a big help
navy_blues: glad i dont have neale
Manowar: Yeh, caught out making up stories!
duckky: Cripps on target for 80 again
Yelse: wasn't cambel rested? why was he even emergency
BigChief: Campbell was dropped @yelse
Pies20: Is berry definitely out for the crows? Will loop Robertson with him if he keeps this up over playing jj
Trindacut: Campbell was med sub
Trindacut: Not definitely @pies20
Stu7: shower kicking
StuL: Cripps is a shell of the player he was at StKilda
StuL: Starting Neale. Doh
Trindacut: Neale should get the superman symbol for saving my SC side
Gotigres: Damn you Robertson
Pies20: Afl site said he was yesterday but flower knows cheers trinda
rupertmarn: Neale back in town. I'm glad I've got Neale.
BigChief: Get in the queue. Bris are home.
Pies20: Traded in Robertson and zorko for Campbell and clark
wadaramus: Cripps you hack!
cmperrfect: Should I take McCrae or roll the dice on Gawn for C?
PJ39301965: Whatís your team name Gotigres
Stu7: Come on Doc pull finger out of rectum
beerent11: Teams announced in about an hour. Check then.
Stu7: Cmperrfect - take Macrae
Raspel31: I'm glad you're glad you have Neale rupert.
pjw1234: lucky for me missed swapping robertson for scott with a degoey loophole :)
Pies20: Same cmp do i take dunks 132?
duckky: Cripps playing like he had a big night last night
Gotigres: Hillbillies PJ39. How about you?
beerent11: Iím enjoying not being on the Neale roller coaster
PJ39301965: Who dares. This will be close I think
Stu7: Poes20:take Duncs m9ney in the bank
BigChief: Belly Hill music please m0nty.
Raspel31: I went Gorn as have to make up some points.
TheFlagger: muppet stocker
rupertmarn: Welcome to the Lachy Neale show.
Stu7: Nice release of the finger Doc
Stu7: Keep,it up
beerent11: Walsh stuck on the pine
Baldfrog: Crows would like to thank Carlton for swapping pick 14 for stocker
Stu7: Neale will still go big
Gotigres: Robertson making up for Cripps PJ
TheFlagger: muppet for all carlton players
pcaman2003: Where are you this qtr Walsh?
kascadev8: keep going Neale, good boy
Hazza09: Neale canít kick, heís in pain
TheFlagger: baldfrog didnt you take mcasey
wadaramus: Cripps 7 muppets, no wonder he sucks.
PJ39301965: I know, lucky I brought him in so far
Stu7: Doccccccccc
HugeHead: chose a good week to bring in neale
Dondeal: He will struggle coming back from half time colling down
kascadev8: does neale want a foot? he can have my left foot
beerent11: Need a goal to get Sam on
sMiles: Stocker. lol. Umpires have had a chat and decided not to keep on cheating
Baldfrog: Na fllagger he was our first pick about 6. Can't remember who we took m8
TheFlagger: ah ok
BigChief: @baldfrog didn't Adel trade that pick to Suns?
Gotigres: Neale facial injury
Hazza09: Now Neale bleeding FFS
Baldfrog: Chief no idea lol
clay007: Does Cripps run hard enough? If he was at Richmond, would he be so listless?
Stu7: Neale ready for triage to ICU
kascadev8: Neale the mummy. so happy i ditched cripps after R2 what a garbage pick by me
DrSeuss: Good choice - Stocker over Robertson. Genius
duckky: Cripps is being double teamed at stoppages. He isn't arunning player
Raspel31: Shoulder and now ankle- wouldn't pin my hopes on Neale.
TheFlagger: cripps is only useful around stoppages, so when tagged pretty much useless
duckky: Haven't been able to ditch Cripps with the carnage this year
kascadev8: anyone know what the record number of muppets in a game is? cripps is surely well on his way
Gotigres: Cripps up forward
BigChief: Carlton might be better off letting Cripps go and try get someone like Merrett.
TheFlagger: flower me put some pressure on and win a clearance
Pies20: Please don't play tomorrow berry
TheFlagger: walsh you beauuuuty
clay007: Walsh-What a gun! I think he is better than Rozee at this stage.
HugeHead: what do we reckon trading Dunkley for Walsh if he's out for a while
beerent11: Gun
beerent11: Not even close clay
DrSeuss: Opponent has Walsh, Robertson and Zilliams, I have Daniher and Stocker. Goodbye Round
TheFlagger: Walsh is in AA form, Rozee is in VFL form
clay007: Some try and argue that Carlton got that draft wrong Beerent11. I love him!
Beast_Mode: lol forget rozee, walsh is better than cripps
Baldfrog: Chief Carlton have enough outside players don't think zerrett will help
clay007: Robertson is better than Cripps at the mo
beerent11: Got a heart there somewhere for Neale m0nty?
Pies20: Agree bald for once we agree!!!
navy_blues: def take walsh over rozee
TheFlagger: Trade Cripps for Oscar Allen, i dont want to trade for Merrett becuase of DODO
kascadev8: neale can have my heart
Baldfrog: Allen is worth more than cripps atm
Beast_Mode: lol you wanted to traded him 2 weeks ago
Bluebagg11: Goodnight blues.
TheFlagger: I agree baldfrog and WCE also rate him highly
Stu7: Come on Doc
Phasir: O.Allen is like a more athletic Drew Petrie imo
Gotigres: Robertson BOG
navy_blues: typical carlton play 1 qtr then nothing
TheFlagger: bloody hell the blues are miles off, another 12th finish
BigChief: @flagger 12th might be a little high. 16th might be closer.
beerent11: Dunks to dusty or Zorko if long term? Other options?
TheFlagger: id rather that chief for the draft pick, season is cooked already
Stu7: Dusty
duckky: Dunkley to Macrae
kascadev8: dunkley to walsh if u can work it in
Stu7: Yes Macrae a better option
TheFlagger: Levi Greenwood apparently plays for the blues
Pies20: Thinking that as well ducky
Trindacut: Neale made of harder stuff than Cripps. Having a Coniglio type year
Stu7: Carlton have a lot of dead wood in their team
Trindacut: Dunkley to Lyons
hokkien34: Is Saad even playing
cmperrfect: roger that Kasca, def on the cards
kascadev8: sadly just not on my cards cm
beerent11: Mids almost set need fwds
hokkien34: Oh there he is
navy_blues: and saints dont stu?
duckky: I just need a week without 2 onfield long term injuries
navy_blues: 2 x 75+ floggings dont say a lot
davywap: Bloody Cripps smh
Baldfrog: Flagger was hoping we'd finish 16-18 as we need an elite mid but don't think thats happening
pcaman2003: Eddie should've retired gracefully,not like this
Pies20: Early days bald
davywap: He didn't say the saints didn't navy blues
Yelse: so here we go again i need daniher for two goals for the multi why can't it just be easy
navy_blues: i know davy but was just responding in general to his comment no probs
m0nty: relying on Daniher for goals is always dodgy
navy_blues: i agree we have deadwood and carl have players there that i didnt want at the club
Baldfrog: Collingwood are looking for some Navy
Trindacut: Blues and Norf would be locks for lower league in relagation format. Sick of seeing them in the AFL
Trindacut: Ha, Neale might cop a week for umpire contact
Pies20: Big second half zorks let's go
Baldfrog: Think that is ridiculous trinda
Tig-Train: I was thinking same thing when he touched him haha
Pies20: Crows have got plenty navy
Baldfrog: Robertson good downgrade for gulden
Pies20: I'm also relying Monty think 3 this half yelse
Stu7: Come on Doc big last half buddy
navy_blues: baldy u can have edie and mitch mcgovern back no probs
navy_blues: eddie
Baldfrog: Haha no thanks
Stu7: Yes St Kilda has heaps of dead wood too and other clubs rejects
Olli32019: Eddie mcguire commentating makes me sick
sMiles: Magician!
Dondeal: Get a bicket
beerent11: Think Teague is tanking. Started his best player on the pine again.
davywap: Blues coming back, perhaps Crom will take back their bottom 4 spot
sMiles: umpires are killing the lions
davywap: McKay is definitely not dead wood
Baldfrog: Well yours is already guaranteed Davy
navy_blues: lol smiles
duckky: Must be some wind at the ground. Only one end is the scoring one
Beast_Mode: umpiring has been fair, harden up
Dogs5416: Gulden to Robertson only a good downgrade before this week otherwise missed it
davywap: Yeah mate if it makes ya feel better
BigChief: Umpiring bad for both teams imo
navy_blues: nice throw from zorko
Hazza09: Walsh is a near certain must have
circle52: Agree Bigchief so much holding go both ways.
NewFreoFan: Started with Walsh, knew this was gonna be his year
_Wang_: Zorthrow
DrSeuss: Daniher - get involved FFS.
duckky: Berry, Waterman, Jones out
duckky: Pity - I just picked up Jones for a guaranteed dougnut
Baldfrog: Teams in duckky?
cmperrfect: Jones has been out all week. Never going to play.
navy_blues: highmore a emg omg what does the poor guy need to do
duckky: Teams in
cmperrfect: Waterman dropped too for those who have him.
Yelse: daniher just one goal this quarter to give us hope
pcaman2003: Will someone put a sock in McGuires mouth? Worst commentator around
davywap: Lynch dropped from Crom, must be struggling
navy_blues: u still complaining bout umps smiles?
duckky: Benny Hill music plays again
BigChief: Oscar McDonald now playing for Bris?
Dogs5416: Pcaman no way. Eddie 10000x better than BT, Derm, Underwood
royboy16: Imagine if calrton played with the same number of players, replacing Casboult
royboy16: Dog5416, they are all pretty ordinary
pcaman2003: @Dogs5416. Think I'll put them all in the same basket.
Pies20: Agree with dermi dogs but bt i like
Tig-Train: BT is the worse commentator around...
Beast_Mode: still no highmore, houston named, waterman dropped
Pav300: BT rocks! passion + fun
Pies20: He's entertaining tig at least
BigChief: BT is a spud.
wadaramus: TV commentary sucks.
Pies20: Pav agree!!
navy_blues: BT doesnt know whose playing the amount of stuff ups is unreal
wadaramus: Listen to the radio, or just listen to music :)
Dogs5416: BT is obnoxious and a w*nker. Tries inventing new words, talks absolute rubbish. Hate him, I'd prefer mute
Tig-Train: No he isnít... he is dumb as hell, if 7 have the coverage I watch it muted
Baldfrog: Be good to see Tilthorpe play Wada tomorrow
Dondeal: Yes yes, you are all commentating purists and BT is rubbish. Get over it boys, its just your subjective opinion
Pies20: You guys miss Bruce let's be honest
kascadev8: good boy neale, great stuff soldiering thru this game. keep scoring legend
_Wang_: Yeah BT is an oaf
BigChief: If Teague has any balls he will drop Betts next week.
wadaramus: Yep, not sure he's a walk up gun though?
Baldfrog: Time will tell Wada
Gotigres: Neale will score 100+
wadaramus: I hope he is! We need one!
Beast_Mode: betts is cactus, needs to get the Capuano treatment
kascadev8: in a Neale + 40 (once you calculate ridley-kosi) v Zorko+Rich. will b close
NewFreoFan: Need Neale to get to 25 disposals
Hazza09: Who needs to be traded for Fin Macrae, Berry or Brockman?
cmperrfect: Berry is injured Hazza
DrSeuss: Stocker gets ignored by his team mates down back so many times itís ridiculous
Beast_Mode: maybe thats because he's a ball butcher and and a clanger machine
Gotigres: Has Walsh ever been tagged?
sfenda1: walsh is too good for the blues
kascadev8: @Gotigres yeh mate, he was too good for me, horrid tag from me
TheFlagger: light tag from weller v suns tigres
Baldfrog: Where did u tag him Kasca Facebook or Twitter
Gotigres: Not good enough from ya kasca
Pies20: Beast you are so direct with your replies
kascadev8: @Bald the old trifecta, school footy, facebook and insta. didnt work anywhere
Baldfrog: Sorry Kasca forgot insta
BigChief: Is Andrews out?
Gotigres: If I get Walsh in i'm sure he would be tagged.
royboy16: didnt realise Curnow got so much of it
StuL: Apologies international viewers. Eddie is not a real caller. Just a man child playing at being one
kascadev8: 24 more points neale, BallMagnets like u can do that easy
NewFreoFan: Curnow can get his hands on it when he's not busy tagging
Beast_Mode: its funny eddie fake cheering for the blues, when he has nothing but pure hatred for that club
Gotigres: Can you do something please Daniher besides elbowing your teamates in the head
kascadev8: 23 more Neale
Pies20: Sarcasm at it's best beast
Olli32019: How the hell are these idiots constantly slipping over
Stu7: Pi55 off Hipwood
Pies20: Run the gauntlet with maxi or take 132 with dunks?
Stu7: Dunks
Dondeal: Gawn's last 3 against Richmond are huge Pies. I'm in same boat, gonna risk it with Gawn
royboy16: Pies, take the points on the table
cmperrfect: I took McCraeís 140. Weather could be a factor tonight too for Gawn.
Hazza09: Daniher is a one game wonder
kascadev8: risk it for the biscuit. i do biscuits now too, just for cm
Pies20: Hmm did it last week and got burnt by 38 dondeal what you thinking?
DrSeuss: Daniher - feast or famine it seems.
cmperrfect: Are they like Subway ones Kasca?
Beast_Mode: lmao not happy with 132..
kascadev8: i can do it any way u want
Stu7: Docca good boy
Pies20: Better be cmp or they will be shower no offence kasca
Fatbar5tad: Zilliams such a 5hittruck
BigChief: Dwayne Zorko? Who is that?
kascadev8: dwayne zorko
kascadev8: dwayne zorko* the rocks cousin
bhg26: I think heís a new rookie bigchief, might be able to downgrade Errol to him
Pies20: 132 in dt a lock first year sc player think that's par beast
Beast_Mode: so being a flog runs in the family
bhg26: Also doesnít beat Zayne Dorko a few years back
kascadev8: @bhg Mustin Dartin. seems like a good bloke tbf
Pies20: What beast?
bhg26: Shower kick Dwayne
BigChief: Hmmm not sure if Dwayne or Errol is better.
bhg26: Dwayne is cheaper and Errol is looking to lose cash chief, seems like a no brainer to me
TheFlagger: Nick Riewoldt please shut up
Kidult: Damn a ton from a 176k Mid/Fwd
BigChief: Couold be right there bhg
DrSeuss: Put Daniher forward or on a wing. Spare man back isnít doing anything
kascadev8: 4 more neale, good boy
Yelse: cmonnn daniher one more like naughton last night
Stu7: Great effort Doc
cmperrfect: Gotta get Walsh in next week. Heíll be top 5 mid this year.
kascadev8: that feeling when you cant get walsh.... it hurts. again.
Beast_Mode: yelse you're cooked mate
BigChief: Doc's best game since doing his knees I think.
Pav300: Yes Docs back
Baldfrog: Thanks Doc
Beast_Mode: lol bigchief, doch had 185 last season
kascadev8: yes Neale, absolute legend
royboy16: NEale mark - will it get you the ton?
Yelse: time to put on next multi damn daniher
pcaman2003: Glad I have Walsh now and not Cripps.
NewFreoFan: Had Neale for 25+ in my multi, that hurts
_Wang_: Jordon has started ok