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ElstyBoy: Bowes, Lloyd, Warner and Gulden, deliver for me boys
Beast_Mode: cool story bro, been waiting all morning to know who you have in this game
Manowar: sounds like another cookie cutter SC team!
Baldfrog: Lol beast starting early aren't you
ElstyBoy: somehow think im higher ranked than you @manowar
Beast_Mode: ive had a gutful, still powered off about dunks lol
Baldfrog: Same seems an injury everyweek
Raspel31: An injury- you're doing well Bald. A year of side way shuffling.
original: Wow did not know this game was on RIP sc planned trades of campbell
Beast_Mode: hopefully campbell gets subbed into the game 20mins in the 4th quarter
Baldfrog: Think you'll improve Raspel when ur granny stops tonguing you
Raspel31: I wish Bald.
Hazza09: anyone seen Gulden?
ballbag: @bald thats OK. Joe Biden tongued his granddaughter on stage in front of the world
bhg26: This is flowering showerhouse swannies
Yelse: omgggg didn't realise this game was on didn't get to trade cambel and he in my starting lineup
DrSeuss: Farrar, Gulden and Warner - perfect start
Hazza09: Hewitt concussion test
feralmong: he might be on very soon Yelse
Baldfrog: Time to sell the Sydney kids
ballbag: bring oncampbell. last $$ before trade
MrWalrus: Wish I didn't trade heeny, thought he'd be gone longer, also what a tool
bhg26: Iím about to put my head through a brick wall
Hazza09: Agree @bald, gulden and Campbell both need to go
Beast_Mode: sydney are cooked, peaked when they beat the tigers
DrSeuss: Traded Campbell to Farrar - watch him come on as Sub and get an 80 while Farrar gets 30
Baldfrog: Yeah Walrus also thought heeney was out longer
Napper: I was gonna upgrade this week but gonna trade Dunkley now
Baldfrog: How long is dunks out for have they said?
Beast_Mode: not scans yet, we have to wait and see baldy
Baldfrog: Cheers beast
Raspel31: At least Campbell outscoring Papley Yelse.
Beast_Mode: they said best case is a month out worst case season.
bhg26: Campbell coming on
rupertmarn: Lloyd to score 180
rupertmarn: Campbell ready to score big
beerent11: Ohhh errrrol
beerent11: I would give anything, if he would do something.
beerent11: See what I did there?
Danstar: Noob q. If sub doesnít play do I get my Emg score?
bhg26: We miss rampe and mccartin
Danstar: Nm. Just seen Campbell subbed in :/
Baldfrog: Don't give up ya day job Beer
bhg26: Sinclair is the number one ruck in the comp, and you canít change my mind
Raspel31: And Gulden bhg- wish he was playing.
beerent11: Ok bhg
bhg26: Me too Raspel
Snarfy: Swap Hickey to Sinclair bhg26 or would you use Hickey/Dunkley to get Gawn?
rupertmarn: All that glitters is not Gulden.
cmperrfect: Afternoon all. Whatís happened to Errol?
PJ39301965: Ohh Iím Errol Iíd do anything just to get a kick
Baldfrog: If dunks is only out for 4 people gunna trade him. Cost alot to get him back
bhg26: As a swan fan get Sinclair, as a SuperCoach player get Gawn
bhg26: Weíre so good at hitting the post weíre hitting both of them
Snarfy: That doesn't help another swan supporter much. Any other team supporter no worries.
Ooost: Perhaps Warner and Erol become premiums next week
Snarfy: In other words - Go Go Gawn!
Baldfrog: Errol is just waiting for Beer to sing the 2nd verse
Bluebagg11: Gulden, youve been golden. But byebye.
bhg26: I nearly canít watch this, this is pathetic
phivee: this is just pathetic
Baldfrog: Gulden to walsh unless walsh injured
Snarfy: All right then dudes. Wh oare we going to bring in for the Warner/Gulden trade? Me I'm going Neale.
bhg26: I might bring in Comben snarf, scoring the same
beerent11: Sydney kids just not handling the suns pressure
pcaman2003: Shame I selected Gulden over Campbell. Just kick me now.
Ben_Gogos: Miller hasn't touched it this Q after 16 in the first.
DrSeuss: Ok Farrar donít stop now. You either Lloyd
Snarfy: On the radio they said that Warner was now tagging Miller Gogos.
circle52: Watner following Miller Ben so maybe record as tag.
Baldfrog: Warner is on him Ben doing a good job
BOMBRBLITZ: Hold the Swans Rookies they said
davywap: Gulden needs the wall icon
pcaman2003: Time to start this qtr Bowes. When you're ready
rupertmarn: Lloyd has gone MIA
bhg26: Why is Warner tagging
phivee: time to go do something else, swans are just embarrassing yet again
pcaman2003: My players in both games frozen in time. 4 players doing FA
Snarfy: Becuae he's scoring more than Gulden bhg26.
bhg26: Start by hitting a flowering target
bhg26: Letís get an attacking midfielder in Warner and make him not attack
Baldfrog: Gerard 3 weeks ago said swans lock top 4 lol
Snarfy: I think I've caught a dose of dyslexia
davywap: Sydney need the wall icon too
bhg26: Iíd rather watch north than this flowering shower
bhg26: Hooray!
TheFlagger: The traffic cones score
Raspel31: Nobody would rather watch Norff bhg- wash your mouth out.
bhg26: Sorry Rasp, went too far
beerent11: 6609 people traded in lachie Jones this week. Oops.
bhg26: They wanted a loophole option beer
Baldfrog: I was nearly one of them Beer
beerent11: Great tackle errol
beerent11: They got one bhg
Raspel31: They can have several of mine bhg.
Baldfrog: Ben which Sydney player is out for match? No cross or tombstone
Snarfy: Anyone watching the game, what do you think of Farrar. Is he worth considering for next week if he lifts his scoring.
bhg26: Hewett baldfrog, concussion
Baldfrog: Oh ok thanks bhg
j959: Still in it, Monty has put penguins against every single Eagle in the other game v Geelong
kascadev8: afternoon all
Snarfy: The other game not worth watching Kasca?
Raspel31: kasca- plaisir comme toujours.
j959: it's over Snarf ...
kascadev8: @Snarfy i just got home, got both games on, 1 on the tv 1 on the laptop
Snarfy: Duncans in fine form.
bhg26: I think cats fans are pretty confident in their game. Wish I could say the same about this one
Snarfy: Too true bhg. Started to show a bit towards the end of the quarter.
Tig-Train: Sydney will lose this game and the next 4...
Tig-Train: The confidence and adrenaline has worn off these kids and reality is hiting hard
j959: Swans have hit the wall, listening on radio so can't see but sounds like they've lost the defensive pressure and run
kascadev8: gulden get the footy, no real options to bring in for u, even with 130k spare
Snarfy: I'm hearing you all. We haven't been the same since we thrashed Tig-train's mob.
navy_blues: any1 heard wether highmore in? heard he wasnt named for vfl
Tig-Train: Yup exactly... that game was insane and then you should have loss to Essendon to be fair
j959: Highmore was going to be my VC loophole captain!
Water: highmore could be travelling emergency navy
Phasir: Its hard to get a read on GCS this year.
navy_blues: he deserves another game
hinsch: SC loopholes several in my league have Campbell as their C LOL that's a fail
navy_blues: guess i wait til 6:30 to see
Raspel31: Surely Highmore has to be in after last week's dismal effort?
Snarfy: Absolutely Tig-train. Have struggled with injuries. No excuse but it shows how we lack depth.
j959: that's why last season was hard with all the injuries Snarf
j959: Really missing McCartin, he would have gone to King
Baldfrog: Farrar looks alright
TheFlagger: Sydney always are hit hard with injuries, normally mills is down as well
Tig-Train: I really rated Sydney before season started and still do, just donít believe they should have been 4-0 and final 8 locks
beerent11: To be fair gulden is playing small fwd in a team getting flogged
Phasir: Is this GC playing well, or Syd stinking it up?
Tig-Train: @Phasir suns are on something, tackling like crazy
poolboybob: Gulden brick wall
Baldfrog: Bit of both Phasir
TheFlagger: Both Phasir
Ben_Gogos: Sydney not at the races today
shaker: Time to unload Gulden he's been garbage for 2 or 3 weeks now
Torz: Farrar is a good player. His JS should be solid.
Snarfy: Is Farrar running off on the backline or manning up?
Baldfrog: Seems to be on heeney snarf
Phasir: Farrar looks like a solid unit
davywap: The chip scab must've gotten a foot bitten off
Snarfy: Thanks Baldfrog.
kascadev8: @shaker yep, too bad there are like no options though
Phasir: Wow, Farrar's SC is surprising. 90%, decent MG
Snarfy: I'm hearing good things from Jay Rantall/Fin Macrae kasca.
TheFlagger: Gulden to Oliver for me and Warner to Ridley the week after via dpp
Ben_Gogos: @Snarfy Farrar is a defence minded player
Snarfy: 83 pts last week Phasir and 184k on the bubble.
kascadev8: @snarf i was now looking at Brockman > F macrae and Gulden > T Atkins
Baldfrog: Yep Ben and probably a slow burner but a good break glass emergency
bhg26: One of the worst flowering performances from a football team. They should be ashamed of themselves
Phasir: He's Def yeah @Snarfy?
Stu7: Is Papsmear still playing?
Phasir: I genuinely don't recognise all the Swans players anymore. So many young guys
Nurfed: look no further than west coast today also bhg
Phasir: Is it Melican on King?
j959: lots out bhg but sounds like the effort isn't there either which is a worry moving fwd
bhg26: At least geelong are a finals team nurfed, were losing to flowering gold coast
Snarfy: Atkins is going OK kasca, I've had him since rd.1. Didn't get Impey/Tex though. They're my big misses.
beerent11: Give gulden a run in the midfield horse. Need a bit of pace through there.
Raspel31: Not losing bhg- be postive. Getting massacred.
Baldfrog: Bhg going to Geelong is like going to Yemen no one wants to
Beast_Mode: lol you finished 16th last season, lower your expectations
kascadev8: @snarf i traded cripps to impey after round2, started ziebel, thinking atkins could be a good pod
Baldfrog: Atkins to expensive now
navy_blues: i agree beer gulden has pace and good foot skills wont hurt to try him in middle
Snarfy: That was a good trade kasca. All I can say about Atkins is that he has been consistent. In the forward line that's rare.
Baldfrog: Then Markov burns Gulden off lol
DrSeuss: Keep going Farrar
kascadev8: @Snarf yeh atkins is great off halfback this year, @Bald yeh but he's averaging 80ish i think, cant get anyone else
Snarfy: I might have to trade Warner/Gulden this week, otherwise they might lose too much of their gains.
Stu7: Is Papley still playing?
Baldfrog: Stu7 Paps went for a pie out the back
Stu7: Or social distancing for the ball?
Baldfrog: Rekon warner has another week
Snarfy: Kasca, I'm trying to fill my mids first and leaving the forwards to fill last.
kascadev8: @Snarf yeh thats what i was trying to do, still got t phillips tho, no good mid prices for mids so ill just take atkins
Snarfy: Brayshaw from Freo is only 484k kasca. They have to stop tagging him soon surely.
Beast_Mode: lmao getting atkins
Raspel31: Had a good game last week Snarfy- when he wasn't tagged. Still scared of Gaff.
Baldfrog: Yeah Snarf Fyfe back helps brayshaw
Hazza09: Were has Gulden been playing today?
kascadev8: yeh, going brockman to finlay gives me a total 130k extra ontop of gulden, not much there really, short on brayshaw
Snarfy: Absolutely Baldfrog. I really rate him. Fyfe's not a bad player either !-).
bhg26: Guldens been playing Hazza?
Hazza09: What position @bhg
Raspel31: Jealous of those with luxury upgrades- just trying to cover injuries.
Snarfy: Will someone please throw some chips out on the Swans backline.
Baldfrog: Sorry snarf ran out of chicken salt
Snarfy: Today shows that Sydney aren't as good as everyone was thinking ans GC are better than what everyone was thinking.
Snarfy: to clarify, should have said - 'than what the results show'.
j959: Snarf, i just want the effort and pressure back. I didn't think we'd finish any higher than 12th this season
j959: but the start of the year gave me hope for the future ... won't be there without the effort/heart
SwaggyP: i thought campbell was out so i put the c on him lolo
Snarfy: I'm not being negative j959, contrary, I am really enjoying the injection of youth.
Raspel31: Today just shows 2 pretty ordinary teams.
j959: no, i didn't think you were being neg Snarf - we're just disappointed with the effort or lack thereof
kascadev8: so Gulden plays with the king of seagulls, jake lloyd, but still hasnt learnt how to seagull.. disappointing
Snarfy: yep, I feel our pain!
Snarfy: But I do have Mills though!!!!!
kascadev8: gulden at least get to ur BE please
Beast_Mode: gulden has to go next week, be will be 75 plus
davywap: Gulden and Campbell to lose $ this week, fmscl
Stu7: Does anyone know what Papley is doing apart from nothing ?
kascadev8: gulden has butchered the ball so badly since his last 100+ score
Snarfy: He will probably be rested next week Beast Mode
kascadev8: @Snarf he'll be rested from most peoples SC teams with that trade button
Beast_Mode: probably a good thing snarfy, ppl have many other things to worry about regarding trades lol
Manowar: Well done Sydney back to normal
Beast_Mode: warner would be a 90 plus if not for the butchery
Snarfy: Are you talking about INJURIES mate!
cmperrfect: See ya Errol. You will be Neale next week.
Hazza09: Would love to worry about what to do with Gulden
Raspel31: Me too Hazza- luxury.
BOMBRBLITZ: so Warner kicks a goal and gets ZERO SC points??
Stu7: Do I take Farrarís 74 or risk playing Rowe?
Beast_Mode: rowe will get a double ton
kascadev8: dont risk rowe
Beast_Mode: spudblitz relax, plenty of scaling to come
davywap: Sydney are poo
Dogs5416: 207 points to go
j959: applauds to Warner, still making us all money!
BOMBRBLITZ: thanks Spud_Mode
Stu7: Thanks kas
Stu7: Good one Beast