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Stu7: What a55 is tagging Kelly?
Baldfrog: I predict Geelong winning by less than a goal by umps non decision
Beast_Mode: cats lose, they wont play finals.
DrSeuss: Game has started Gaff
original: Chris Scott must have no idea tbh. Look at his team over the years vs others
SeasickJac: C'mon Duncan and Menegola
arbel: That play on call was horrible. Never stepped off his line. Disgraceful call
pcaman2003: Stewart been off quite a while. C'mon Scott and put him back on.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Mark Blicavs has joined the Muppet Show.
Belegur: Umpires lost the plot here. That's +2 goals Geelong
Beast_Mode: lol the muppet show
pcaman2003: At least the Muppet show was entertaining. This is just annoying.
Phasir: McGovern's SC is a joke
pcaman2003: @Phasir. CP's worth the price of gold.
Beast_Mode: power off guthrie
circle52: For those not following other game Hwett concussed and Campbell on.
poolboybob: Bloody hell Langdon is a shower kick
poolboybob: Geelong to win by 80
Raspel31: Golly Guthrie benefits from no Danger- no complaints.
JRedden: sheeds such a spud
rupertmarn: I'm not diggin Duggan.
Phasir: Hawkins towelling up McGovern. Suddenly McGovern is "injured" again. Can't believe WCE pay that spud $1m
StuL: It's all coming together today
navy_blues: wc are ordinary away from perth
poolboybob: Guthrie/Duncan star, Rohan x factor
pcaman2003: Pick up the pace Stewart and start scoring again.
Belegur: What game are you watching? McGovern Eagles best player today and Rohan has gone ballistic since he's been off the groun
Phasir: McGovern is literally as resiliant as a wet noodle.
Phasir: McGovern hasn't even been playing anywhere near Rohan haha
poolboybob: Eagles are trash without Yeo and Shuey
Belegur: Who's been West coast best player this year other than nic t
Phasir: I'd like to see Jermaine playing a bit of back pocket once Willie & Flyin Ryan are back
Belegur: Because he's off the ground nobhead. Did you see Rohan in the first quarter?
Phasir: McGovern was on Hawkins... you watching the right match?
Belegur: Eagles backline is shakey already without Hurn, McGovern has been holding it together, was playing well on Hawkins
poolboybob: Hawkins has 1 goal and 3 marks, how is that toweling up his opponent?
Belegur: You realise teams need to shuffle players when someone goes off yeah?
Phasir: Hawkins could have had 3 goals in 30 minutes of playing against McGovern. He missed his chances
Manowar: West Coast soft pussies away!
Belegur: Phasir is a known troll yeah?
Phasir: @Belegur, nah, I've never seen a player rotation. Try explain it for me mate
Nurfed: this got very ugly fast
Dogs5416: Few sensitive souls today 😂
Phasir: Hilarious how McGovern's SC is still going up
poolboybob: To be fair West Coast are also soft in Perth
Dogs5416: Is the penguin because they've gone from hot to cold?
Stu7: Is McGovern playing?
shaker: No heart from the WC down hill skiers no chance this year
Bluebagg11: PengWings!!!
Phasir: McGovern has become "injured", Stu7
Baldfrog: Are they Phillip island penguins
j959: they do have a lot out shakes, but agree, no excuse ...
Belegur: McGovern would be 2nd in WCE b/f this year. It's a clear groin injury
bhg26: My west coast tip isnít looking good
Belegur: McGovern get up from the grave to win a premiership over over Collingwood but I guess he's soft
Phasir: I think even Oscar Allen would be ahead of McGovern in the BF tbh
j959: bhg, jeez away from home - but this was their best chance to prove not flat track bullies this year ...
Stu7: Phasir thank you
Belegur: Never mind what gaff is dishing up, alot of soft West coast players, not sure why you would call out the one who was goo
Belegur: Troll work
kascadev8: afternoon everyone
Phasir: Because he's soft as a wet noodle and plays up every rib tickle he gets. Do you see Sheppard carrying on like that?
Phasir: Back in ya box, @Beletroll
navy_blues: lol now geelong supporters appear
rustyc: Premiership footy by the Catters in that quarter
Belegur: It's a clear groin injury
kascadev8: @navy u better not be including me in this, thatd be mean
Phasir: I suppose you've seen the scans and are privy to that kind of clear injury information haha
Phasir: Penguins are gone! generous m0nty
Belegur: So you pick West coast toughest player to gauge that against
navy_blues: hi kasca i was only cos u were 1st geelong supporter i saw my apologies
Belegur: Gaff is serving up trash why not call him out?
Phasir: Why are you trolling for an argument?
shaker: How do you call it premiership footy with no opposition
kascadev8: i brought stewart in this week, sorry all
navy_blues: u can get me back soon when carl get flogged lol
Phasir: I brought in Withers, kasca.. thought he'd at least wrack up the kick ins
Belegur: It all makes sense now
m0nty: they don't play the GF at Kardinia, thankfully
Belegur: You brought in a mid year defender off one game with no job security
Belegur: Goodluck with that clearly don't know what your on about
Phasir: Haha Belegur try enjoying the footy mate. My SC season was tanked already, I'm half arsing it atm. I coach footy not SC
Phasir: Withers will play for the next 4-5 weeks, when my other premos will be back
original: Anyone on geelong look sore and like being subbed? Held Clark lol
Stu7: Over these injuries
Phasir: How good is Duncan! Smother with his face into a goal. Solid play fella
Raspel31: Me too original - had no choice. Come on now Clark to avoid donut.
Phasir: And McGovern's score is still going up hahaha. Classic.
Dogs5416: Phasir do you understand how scoring works mate?
poolboybob: That happens all the time for injured players in SC, brain genius
Phasir: @Dogs, yeah bud. Its due to the total combined score and needing to distribute based off prior events which will scale
Phasir: Calm down fellas
Phasir: The fact McGovern's impact probably warrented 35 SC makes it funny
Raspel31: Golly- the possession differential is pretty wild.
Phasir: People get very worked up over this chat it seems
poolboybob: Apparently the Phasirs are set to stupid
j959: just trolls phasir
Phasir: Look at it this way; if this continues, McGovern will end the match on 100 SC... how is that not ridiculous?
shaker: This is embarrassing to watch
Raspel31: Feel The Eagles might struggle to win from here- just a hunch.
Snarfy: Cameron with 3 snags. Good boy!
DrSeuss: Gaff - if you could stop going backwards since half time - that would be great.
cmperrfect: Give Raspel the crystal ball m0nty. Call of the year. Haha
kascadev8: @cm any tasty donuts for u today? might hav to go Gulden to Atkins next week, not the best, but no options
cmperrfect: Cmon Stewart. Need some serious seagulling from now on.
TheFlagger: Eagles are not consistent at all
original: Witherden score makes me smile
penguins00: Too early to star Duncan?
poolboybob: Sheed mare, Nelson and Langdon potato
cmperrfect: Hey Kasca. By some miracle I have managed to field an entire team this week. Phew.
Stu7: Whoís tagging Kelly?
pcaman2003: McGovern still second highest scorer for WC with only 42%TOG. Says it all.
Stu7: Come on Selwood
poolboybob: Ainsworth having a strong impact as sub
Stu7: Come on smith you dudd
Phasir: McGovern still tracking for 95+
kascadev8: @cm im a little disappointed there, was preparing a variety pack for u this week
pcaman2003: Someone please cut Guthrie off at the knees.
Raspel31: As pals I find that comment offensive pcaman- go Guthrie.
Ooost: Stew it's time to collect that junk
hinsch: WCE think they are in lockdown
Phasir: McGovern picked up over 20 SC that quarter haha, classic.
cmperrfect: Anyone projected over 2400 this week?
kascadev8: atkins slow down, i want u now, gulden can go and ive got no $$ for a big trade
FLAG: lol guthrie thw tripod
davywap: Weagles - McGovern = Poo
Phasir: They may as well take NicNat off too tbh
Stu7: Camperffect - not I with all these injuries
DrSeuss: Damnit Gaff - only needed you to beat Stewart.
Dogs5416: Atkins and stewart please just scrape to 100
pcaman2003: @Raspel. 2 days running I've offended. Lol! Poor man!
Beast_Mode: lmao getting atkins
StuL: Kelly is shell of himself as a cat
kascadev8: either atkins or i still need brayshaw to drop about another 20k
Raspel31: How rude kasca- hope Brayshaw has a blinder- but he'll drop anyway.
kascadev8: brayshaw has norf, dont think he'll go down the 20k i need
cmperrfect: Stewart missing out on at least 6 kickins with the Eagles not hitting the scoreboard
Bluebagg11: If my opp has Clarke on field
Bluebagg11: If my opp has Clarke on field and he doesnít play, does he get a zero?
Raspel31: Please don't come on now Clark- please?
pcaman2003: McGovern has done well since going off. His score rising nicely for his owners.lol1
Stu7: Bluebag11 thatís correct
Raspel31: Oh no- Clark coming on- groan.
Stu7: Come on Telly
Beast_Mode: give bluebagg the muppet
Stu7: Go Telly you good thing
original: Clark ffs
Stu7: Did anyone have VC on Clark?
Stu7: Captain I mean
kascadev8: @Blue hes on now
mattmac24: If a sub does not get subbed on for the game, it is counted as a non playing player for SC
kascadev8: @matt it comes up as a DNP
Raspel31: Come on Clark- ton up. 15 minutes left.
duckky: Seagull time for cats
kascadev8: stewart = more seagulling please... atkins = less seagulling please.
runners47: Get some ball, Sheppard - only consolation I have is that my opponent has McGovern. Make it count!
mattmac24: More seagulling from both please Kascadev, Starting Atkins R1 was a great move!
kascadev8: me not starting atkins was very silly, he is my fallback option this week if i cant get enough $$ for brayshaw
davywap: C'mon Nic Nat you inconsistent bugger
Raspel31: Well done Hawkins- Cats deparately needed that boost.
runners47: Ton up, Stewart
pcaman2003: How does Stewart only get 3 points for a mark and kick to a team mate? WTF CD
davywap: Not sure if Geelong are back or Weagles are poo...
Beast_Mode: 3 things in lfe you can guarantee death, taxes and sooks crying a river over CD
Baldfrog: Bugger so Clark will lose money now
Manowar: that's what you deserve for having Clark!
Haydo: They are 98 points up pca, you can basically halve any points they would usually get
Raspel31: Well, Eagles were competitive first qtr.
pcaman2003: @Beast. Haha! Seen you sook plenty of times bud.
kascadev8: round stewart to the 100, ill b even happier
m0nty: fair bit of SC scaling to come
davywap: This proves nothing good ever comes from the sub rule
Beast_Mode: nah mate, not over cd. not once.
duckky: West Coast = home ground bullies
runners47: So will I, kascadev8
Beast_Mode: WCE couldnt beat an egg outside WA
j959: Eagles poo away from home Davy ... flat track bullies are back!
NewFreoFan: Great way to spend a Saturday arvo