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Snarfy: Evening all! Got Flynn back in tonight. I hope the 2 doggies big men take it easy on him!
kascadev8: whats this about caleb daniel starting on a wing?
Yelse: as long as he takes the kick ins
Yelse: who do i bring in oliver macrae or Neale ?
Yelse: was hopping macrae would drop down in value by now
PJ39301965: Evening all. @Yelse, Neale has just about bottomed out with a be of 98
GOATdusty: hmmm wgat should i do with my VC and C? Have maccrae, dunks, grundy, gawn
hinsch: Neale will probably get tagged
exatekk: Howdy all! Bont, Dunks, Flynn on pine in this
wadaramus: Macrae has been most consistent I think? I have locked his VC twice I think.
GOATdusty: what should i do with my vc and c this week? have macrae dunks gawn grundy
ElstyBoy: Macrae must have
wadaramus: Macrae Dunks VC methinks.
GOATdusty: cheers lads
kascadev8: gulden is playing, that is good news. if u had campbell is anyone holding?
wadaramus: Mind you, Gawn has matched Macrae with his scores so has been no super gain locking in Macrae VC.
navy_blues: on bench
PJ39301965: I am Kas atm bigger trades to do like Dow. Lol
navy_blues: im hoping highmore comes back in lol
Bazza2014: finally got rid of cat, that ive tried to get rid of for 3 weeks
kascadev8: yeh thats fair @PJ, was he dropped fully or just emergency?
Yelse: went with Marcea might trade cipps for neale or oliver as well
navy_blues: dogs by 36+
kascadev8: i just went Howe > Stewart, jones out for a month will b the chapman downgrade
GOATdusty: lol what are u thinking? shouldve trade campbell a week ago. all downhill from here
PJ39301965: Named as an emergency
N-train4: evening lads
kascadev8: @GOAT i traded campbell last week, think a few in here kept him tho
bhg26: Lin Jong might make my team the way heís going
Yelse: seriously Caleb where are you get off the pineee
Pies20: He's gone this week kasca with clarke, vc dunkley tonight
navy_blues: macca on fire
kascadev8: daniel is on field btw
circle52: Evening all - All these outs and not knowing Sunday teams is making trading this week difficult,
Donk: Nobody wants to give it to Caleb, overlooked twice when he called for it. Or he's too short and they didn't see him.
Napper: Took vc off macrae last second...
The39Steps: Flynn IS the new Gawn.
toddless: Daniels not a premo, should've traded him 2 weeks ago mate
circle52: ATM Considering Campbell to McCreery and Clark to Lever/McGovern/Scoll or Brodie Smith
srj2409: Comparing Flynn to Gawn. ROFL.
circle52: Thinking Lever living off interecpts and could be a nice POD.
Yelse: @toddless been hard to trade players when injuries forcing your hand
srj2409: Perhaps. May is back this week and heíll take the kick outs
wadaramus: Jack Mac SC is a rip off!
Yelse: tarrant really struggles in SC
tommy10: Jeez CD are tough on Taranto. Zero points for mark and kick ffs
srj2409: Caleb will score 112 tonight
PJ39301965: @Circle, May coming back might impact Lever
circle52: Thanks PJ
Baldfrog: Scott doin alright so far
Spifflicat: Wtf is a chiseler?
original: BSmith sheesh did he go down a point for a contested gather and effective disposal? Going at 100%
MrWalrus: A person who chisels?
wadaramus: A chiseler is SHARP!
srj2409: maccas score is rubbish should be 50
wadaramus: Zacly srj!
Pies20: Jong gone!
kascadev8: McNeil coming on boys
Hazza09: Jong hammy. Thatís just tough luck for him
bhg26: A minute silence for Lin Jong
Grimes Jr: Kelly has killed me this year
kangablues: Jong gone
wadaramus: Jack Mac is a deadset GUN!
AlsoGmax: Does the season truly start until Lin Jong gets injured?
Bazza2014: Bont hamstring soreness, doubt it !
Apachecats: McRae 1 possies @ 90% plus a tackle =38 -joking.
Apachecats: *11 possies
Migz: atleast both my subs have entered the game. earn me some cash boys. unlucky for the injuries
Tig-Train: Coming
MrWalrus: Me too Grimes, between him and injuries it's been a struggle
bhg26: Alright Macrae I didnít put the vc on you, you donít have to rub it in
Tig-Train: Cmon macrae, give me a captain and no worries for the weekend
navy_blues: 229mg already
srj2409: 12 possies, 7 kicks, 2 tackles, 2 marks, 2 intercepts, 3 contested, 90% DE = 47
cmperrfect: If Flynn had a surname of Gawn, heíd be on 50 by now.
original: Took the vc off macrae 2 seconds before kickoff. I know sc boys
Migz: oh shower bruhn, put the vest back on
wadaramus: Flynn 25% DE, if he tons up = happy :)
DrSeuss: Tossing up Dunks or Macrae VC. Went for Dunks...hoping he can catch up
Grimes Jr: Was between Gawn and macrae vc in to Grundy. I went Gawn of course
GOATdusty: mc c-mac, have been lucky enough to use my VC score every round so far, looks like that again!
wadaramus: Jack Mac the only thing I did right with my starting team this year :)
Belegur: Ex Hawthorn player accusing another club of throwing the football. Unbelievable
Snarfy: Flynn got heaps of the ball that quarter. 25pts. is a joke!
Olli32019: Wish I had jackson
kascadev8: @snarf flynn is at 25%
Apachecats: He was off target though Snarfly
Fatbar5tad: Ah...a Scott Cat fans can appreciate. Keep going son!
GOATdusty: no its not, that score is fair if you have a clue about scoring in sc
Migz: yeah the 25% will kill any score. mitchell had like 33touches last week at 55 and scored 76
pcaman2003: Duryea 3 good disposals from 6 @50% and 31 points. LOL!
Bluebagg11: Yyeewwwww beauty! Go VC Macrae
Patty19: Poor Jong couldnít walk off the ground, looked like a terrible hammy
Baldfrog: Daniel on Greene lol good luck
pcaman2003: very happy with VC Macrae. Let's hope he keeps up momentum.
Apachecats: Trouble is nearly every one I'm playing has Macrae VC.
original: Love toby
original: Howís that a free against toby umpires are a joke
Migz: cant see how anybody looks at toby and has good thoughts. dude is a dog head to toe
kascadev8: the year of toby greene as a top 6-8 forward. interesting.
MrWalrus: Umps don't love Toby
pcaman2003: C'mon Dunks and get moving again.
Baldfrog: Dog throws everywhere tonight
Apachecats: McNeil making the most of his reprieve.
beerent11: Got be McRae but probably no loophole player if brockman is named
exatekk: brockman VFL beer
wadaramus: Jack Mac taking second quarter off :(
Apachecats: Got plenty of non players beerent if you would like one.
Snarfy: Hey beerent11, I'll lend you one, I've got heaps of non-playing loopholes!!
pcaman2003: Get back on the ground Macca
beerent11: Got some non players just not in the right places
beerent11: Cheers exatekk
Baldfrog: Hodge has such a terrible voice for TV
beerent11: Greene is one of my favourite players to watch migz. Gun.
bhg26: You ever heard Brownies voice baldfrog
navy_blues: rather hodge than brayshaw
Olli32019: Better then Brian Taylor's
Napper: I guess I got treacy on field now wish me luck
Hazza09: Useless Baz, just useless
navy_blues: my doggy trio scoring well again
DrSeuss: Nice of Flynn to take this quarter off. Come on young fella
pcaman2003: Flynn has come back to earth this qtr.
original: Caleb letting dale take all the kicks
kascadev8: @original ive seen Daniel take most of them tonight
Apachecats: Reckon I'll take Macraes 140+.
beerent11: Thought that too kasca
jfitty: Kelly needs that forward pocket icon
Baldfrog: Wow these umps
Olli32019: Too right umps are gross
navy_blues: ash doing well again for gws
original: Kascadev I was definitely exaggerating in fury lol
pcaman2003: 100+ by half time please macca.
kascadev8: @original haha, not good enough from daniel, willing to let someone else take 1, very disappointing
navy_blues: macca could be 100 at half time
NewFreoFan: umpires taking an extraordinary amount of power
Spifflicat: Umps... really... some muppet has to whine about umps
Migz: were the dogs looking to trade out dunkley or did dunks want out? whata midfield squad they have
MrWalrus: To be fair spiff they are screwing your lot hard
Apachecats: LAsh a big improver this year.
pcaman2003: @Migz. Scariest midfield this year by far
navy_blues: kelly playing inj? he is nowhere near his normal scoring?
toddless: dunks wanted out migz
cmperrfect: Any1 bring Lachie Neale in this week? Or Curnow a factor?
Apachecats: Doggies for premiers this year.Barring injury this is a very good side.
Baldfrog: Walrus i was on spiff side lol
Hazza09: Daniel should have been traded last week, no longer a premium
Baldfrog: Umps think so Apache
Nurfed: im about to challenge Leon Cameron to a duel if he doesnt put kelly more on ball
kascadev8: little sleepy this week daniel?? thats ok, just get to 80 today
Migz: did dunks want out due to lack of midfield time @toddles
Apachecats: It all helps BF ,Ive backed them anyway.Got a nice double going Doggies premiers -Sholl rising star.
Pies20: Is taranto hard done by sc?
Snarfy: Scott's scoring OK!
MrWalrus: I think so pies, always seems that way
Baldfrog: Hope sholl gets RS but usually goes to a vic kid Apache
MrWalrus: Cumming may be my best choice this year
Pies20: Frustrating walrus I've got him, do sc have a elimator like rdt?
Pies20: Eliminator
kascadev8: taranto daniel scott lets go, big 2nd half for u all surely
pcaman2003: LOL! Just noticed my oppo has Scott on the bench and Bruhn in as med sub. Ouchee!
Ladbrokes_: taranto behind a bit cos too many points going around. look @ dogs mids
Pies20: Surley he'll get a few back on them @ladbrokes it's a bit one sided
Pies20: shower jb doesn't look healthy anyone just see that?
Baldfrog: All the drugs Pies20
Migz: bruhn almost half way to his BE
Grimes Jr: Thanks josh. Iím actually going to have to burn a trade on this spud next week
DrSeuss: Ok Dunks back on the ball now mate.
kascadev8: Daniel to who? thats what ive gotta work out now, probs to rich
jfitty: Caleb playing forward now
srj2409: Upgrade Daniel to Mansell
Bazza2014: geezus naughton can miss some sitters, giving them a sniffage
DrSeuss: Flynn with no possessions, a couple of hitouts and tackle since qtr time. Pick it up
Apachecats: Daniel one of those players who will come back to bite you if you trade him.
original: BSmith cmon man draft team needs u to get some
beerent11: May as well hold Daniel can make him last upgrade if you have trades at the end of the season.
Baldfrog: Glad BT is not barracking for the dogs
royboy16: is Dunkley their best mid?
Spifflicat: BT is a chiseling flog
GroupOne: Looks like you put the moz on Cumming @MrWalrus. I have him also
beerent11: Nah McRae a better ball use I reckon royboy
Apachecats: You are too kind to him Spiffilcat.
Spifflicat: Kelly on the ball OMFG!
Nurfed: its a mirage spifflicat
Migz: bruhn almost half way to his BE - i said that how long ago and it hasnt moved
wadaramus: Well, the stand the mark is sure helping a high scoring game style..
wadaramus: Well done Steven Hocking.
original: How boring is this game play. I like both these teams generally but not great watching tonight. Too cold?
oc16: rip to the people who brought in Ward
Hazza09: power weak Baz
cmperrfect: Cmon Flynn. Mummy will be straight back in at this rate.
Apachecats: Reckon Flynn was on 30 something at 1/4 time.
Apachecats: VC Macrae looking good for the 140+
StuL: Bruhn exists. I saw him once.
duckky: Flynn struggling to make his breakeven of -34
GOATdusty: he was 26 1/4 time 36 half time
Migz: surely bruhn got credited with that tackle on dunkley. what
wadaramus: Come on Errol LIFT
Baldfrog: Lol duckky think you need specsavers
kascadev8: cm any donuts for u this week???
Yelse: seriously Laughton get to 2 goals to win my multyyy ffs
Apachecats: Smackable face just kicked a goal.
Catatafish: I think he was being ironical
Yelse: flynngetting rested stuffed him up and his form
Nurfed: BT like a small child who just learnt a new word with his use of chiseler tonight
navy_blues: chiseler BT word of the week lol
Apachecats: Should have 2 now yelse.
Baldfrog: Yep yelse hard to play well when ur in and out
DrSeuss: Dunks you were supposed to catch up to Macrae
navy_blues: need bont to ton up now
duckky: I haven't had any complaints about my in and outs ;-)
The39Steps: Great to see these new rules result in an open game and a flood of goals. Hocking really has earnt his $1.3m this year.
Baldfrog: BT tries hard to be Rex Hunt but does a bad job at it
wadaramus: There is only on Rex Hunt, no impostors!
Raspel31: Ah - just home from social engagements- now to the meaning of life. Good lad Macrae.
navy_blues: 1 word of rex hunt that describes BT is???
Dondeal: BT is a gun. Brings some life and something different. You blokes are sooks.
wadaramus: Come on Jack Mac, beefy VC please :)
GroupOne: Here we go Yelse
navy_blues: schizenhausen
wadaramus: Shizenhauzen.
Yelse: ffs naughtonnnnnn
wadaramus: Yes Navy Blues you legend!
blonde0na: how is that not a throw by macrae??
srj2409: bt is terrible. another washed up ex footballer. Commentary used to be an art
Baldfrog: Lol wada and navy
wadaramus: I miss Clinton Grybas :(
kascadev8: i miss good scores from daniel
Patty19: Huge start flynny go son
Apachecats: BT in the rooms after the game is a complete embaressment -cringeworthy
Baldfrog: Nice to see our one and only dees sup make an entrance
navy_blues: young taylor playin well for gws
dezlav: @Apachecats. Yes, but its like a car crash....I just cant look away.
Raspel31: Bt is as welcome as your grandmother slipping the tongue at Christmas.
Yelse: if daniel took the kick ins he would have a good score
kascadev8: Apache "what did duursma do for valentines" ... uhh i was at school. BT: oooooo
Baldfrog: Oh Raspel really
Spifflicat: Rasped, that is awful... lol
beerent11: Iím holding Daniel through this rubbish but if I was trading Maynard looks ok without Howe.
Wo0lfee: @kasca and Raspel. Best was when Chol's mate kept calling him 'Beats' he hated it.
pcaman2003: C'mon Jack,the qtr has started mate.
Apachecats: Yeah Kasca real in depth stuff eh?
Grimes Jr: kelly 23 mid way through 3rd term. gets moved to midfield... ffs cameron u r a drongo
kascadev8: @Wo0lf. "sure thing Beets" xD
dezlav: Lets Go Greene, Ton up son.
Raspel31: Good call Woo0lfee
kascadev8: @Apache felt bad for her, dont think she needs to be telling us all she's at school, although she isnt now
Olli32019: Haha ups hate tobt green
marls: Daniel 3-4 touches and hasnít moved from 65SC
pcaman2003: Half a qtr and Macrae only added 3pts. C'mon VC.
Apachecats: Bont -goal of the day.
pcaman2003: I wish someone would nobble Bont.
Migz: oh shower bruhn, put the vest back on - i said that in the first qtr. it still holds true. Whats he even doing out there
Wo0lfee: Yes Marcus!
Apachecats: Class starting to tell now.
Migz: plus CD stole a tackle from him
Migz: oh. missing goals is what hes doing :)
beerent11: Not gonna get the huge vc scores from the dogs. Probably capped at about 140-150 too many mouths.
Raspel31: Naughty pcaman- told you once. Never wish an injury on a player- poor form.
Baldfrog: Hunter flops everytime he's tackled
GOATdusty: dunks tombstone
AlsoGmax: Oh, crap.
Bluebagg11: Dunk ouch
dezlav: Go Bont. Giddy up son.
tommy10: Nooo Dunks
wadaramus: Dunks shoulder :(
TheFlagger: Rip Dunkley
Cotchin8or: Leon Cameron is the worst coach in the comp by a bit. Even worse than Buckley..
Baldfrog: Sadly yes Goat
DrSeuss: Nooooo Dunks
Olli32019: Green is a machine
Raspel31: Oh no- Dunks dislocated shoulder- aarghh!
beerent11: More trades
duckky: flower. Dunkley!
Nurfed: Buckley is just as bad for sure cotch
kascadev8: dunks did his shoulder? oh no
Yelse: this season just getting worse and worse
TheFlagger: Dunks' shoulder is back in
Torz: Give Dunks the heart if he comes back on
GOATdusty: dunks back!! lol
kascadev8: nah dunkley back now, nothing to see. daniel kickins please, or ill take them
navy_blues: might look at bringing ash and toby in
Raspel31: We need another 20 trades each just to reach the byes.
Baldfrog: English gone to
duckky: English gone.
navy_blues: english down now
wadaramus: Naughton you hack!
beerent11: Heís a tough mf
pcaman2003: Macca had huge lead of Bont,now lost it. FFS Macrae. 5 pt qtr?
MrWalrus: Just stay off Dunks, don't completely stuff it
wadaramus: Get a haircut!
exatekk: yeah tombstone. pfft
dezlav: Swapped VC from Bont to Fyfe 20 mins before the game....Whoops
Gandhi: Spud for GOATdusty
ElstyBoy: Wouldnt bring Ash in, playing Whitfields role who will be back before byes
TheFlagger: Commentators love the name zimmerman
DrSeuss: Agree Walrus. I want Dunksís points - but not if he takes himself out for weeks. Be safe Dunks
Apachecats: Same here Suess
navy_blues: 1 way traffic now
jfitty: Heart for Dunks
kascadev8: good boy taranto, good ton
ElstyBoy: flower dunks put it out again with that slap on
Apachecats: Banking whatever Macrae gets now.
Yelse: dunks shoulder popped out again
Patty19: Oh no dunks again
Raspel31: Might bring in Macrae, Dunks, Bont and Libba next week.
DrSeuss: And that is why you stay off FFS
_Wang_: Dunks done flower
GOATdusty: Spud for Gandhi
Apachecats: Shoulder out again .Wont see him again for weeks ,that'll be surgery now.
Wo0lfee: Atlas for Greene
MrWalrus: Dunks is cooked, looks exactly like what I did, could be season
Hazza09: Could be surgery
Tig-Train: No English and Dunks for next weeks game...
kascadev8: surprised dunks didnt strap up his shoulder, unusual that u dont strap it up after it comes out
Raspel31: Nossarily Apache- depends if the muscle was torn.t nece
beerent11: Did ya shoulder did ya walrus?
TheFlagger: graveyard tonight with all the tombstones
Wo0lfee: Ditto Kasca. Did mine, strapped it to come on, couldn't lift it. Ended up ending my career at 31
Raspel31: Pardon- key board locked. If the muscle wasn't torn- back in a week or two.
MrWalrus: Yep, same way, got hit with my arm up
Apachecats: 2 dislocations in 15 minutes wont leave much rasp ,it'll be reconstruction surgery .
Yelse: Dunks had a tear in his Right eye looks like another trade :(
MrWalrus: Put it back in, ran off then it just fell out a bit later
navy_blues: just when i was lookin frwd to next fri night game dogs v rich injuries occur
beerent11: If itís long term put him in the midfield and get in bont
navy_blues: def take maccas score now
Torz: Macrae with a cherry on top
Apachecats: Macrae ices the cake.
TheFlagger: Macrae with the cherry on top
pcaman2003: Go go Jack baby! You bewdy!
bhg26: Footy is really starting to shower me now, Butters, Ridley, Dunkley, whos flowering next?
MrWalrus: Even after having it fixed has never been right
beerent11: Superstar
kascadev8: sad to hear Wo0lf, ive never done mine. just thought it was standard to strap it up if it came out
djtranny: Dunkley is dunski
Yelse: ablett was done after he did his shoulder
Raspel31: Thanks beer but have macrae, bont and dunks. Good work macrae.
DrSeuss: Canít believe they put Dunks back on - no strapping or anything. Crazy decision
TheFlagger: First syndesmosis and now shoulder dislocation, got to feel bad for dunks
Tig-Train: Hasnt been any sc points left for awhile lol
wadaramus: Jack Mac 39 possies is ripped off compared to Bont and Dunk.
kascadev8: SC foward line just got even harder to fill :/ poor Dunks, such a gun
Apachecats: Yeah tig Macrae got sfa for that goal.
GOATdusty: Gandhi ya flog where are ya mate lmao
hokkien34: Always give out too many SC points then take them away. Annoying
Wo0lfee: Game was over apache.
Apachecats: Yelse!!
Silz90: Gandhi vs Goat... more exciting than tonight's game lol
Tig-Train: Macrae should be on 180...
Yelse: ooommmggggggggggg
Nurfed: hey there is that guys multi!!
kascadev8: daniel 79? wow ok only 4 off projected, thought it was worse
GOATdusty: lol
srj2409: Macca gave away a 50 straight after goal tho thatís minus 9 or 10
Gandhi: GOATdusty calling it before he came back on, you're still a spud
Yelse: thanks naughtoonnn u my hero 635 bucks
beerent11: Ahh well.
pcaman2003: How Bont got to within 10pts of Macrae has me buggered
Apachecats: Nice bet Yelse ,well done.
wadaramus: Jack Mac flowern totally ripped off for 40 touches!
kascadev8: if dunkley is out for a while, does treloar suddenly become a bigger look at?
GroupOne: Yelse pulls multi win from the fire. Unbelievable.
Silz90: how did naughton get +9 for his goal
GOATdusty: who cares muppet, i was right. case closed
Tig-Train: 40 disposals, 6 clearances, 6 tackles and a goal... who cares about a 50 against lol
DrSeuss: Was thinking the same Kasca - he has certainly been building
_Wang_: Any scaling guys?
royboy16: they bat deep the Doggies, high scorers in a game that was tight early
tommy10: Bont still farting and getting points as usual
Fatbar5tad: Go home Champion youre drunk.
J.Worrall: no scaling