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Haydo: Need danger to go huge if I'm any chance here
Wahab_18: Hoping Clark comes on late, opp has C on him with Macrae VC hehe
Bazza2014: im glad clangerfield is back
rupertmarn: Surely Ziebell is a keeper this year?
Raspel31: If you're a Cat's fan and you lose this- Seppuku is the only honourable answer.
Ooost: Come on Clark, time to get subbed on son
DrSeuss: Are they Are Norf still playing Stephenson at Full Forward
Raspel31: That would save me from a donut Oooost.
Stu7: @Raspel31 - same here!
Stu7: I need Clark on big Time
exatekk: Ziebell is a keeper until he's not rupert lol
Haydo: Danger + Powell vs Guthrie +140 am I any chance?
MrWalrus: Wing Seuss
GOATdusty: no chance
Ooost: Not wishing an injury but say if Menegola felt like he'd be better on the bench well... Clark is there.
MrWalrus: Maybe Geelong really are suffering Tiges post grand final stress disorder
davywap: when geelong leading at every change is the easiest part of your multi :(
rupertmarn: Yes I agree MrWalrus.
GOATdusty: need a cats win for my 6th leg of my multi :/
Ooost: Imagine losing to the Roos at this stage
Raspel31: It will not happen Ooost- unimaginable
Dredd: Come on Roos! Just find a way
Ooost: Surely not Raspel31
MrWalrus: Nahhh, couldn't possibly
Bazza2014: clangerfield hitting targets since 2011
Ooost: I feel Geelongs will go away by exploiting the medical sub rule. Bring on Jordan Clark!
Ooost: woes*
Raspel31: If Norff win this- I will eat my hat. and yep Ooost.
GOATdusty: Zibell the new Chips king
GOATdusty: ziebell*
DrSeuss: Stephenson really needs to leave my team. Powell - keep going you jet
Water: Ziegull
beerent11: Counting on ziebell to finish f5 or f6
Migz: not gonna lie i traded out clark at news he wasnt playing so i secretly hope he gets subbed in q4 and tanks.
beerent11: Thatíll work water
m0nty: top call Water
DrSeuss: Where is Atu playing gents? Seems to be going pretty well
GOATdusty: i challenge ziebell to a 30 plus possie game with 0 contested ball
StuL: Pretty scrappy rubbish game really
Bulky: The sooner Geelong get rid of Chris Scott the better off they'll be.
beerent11: Just curious. Since Iíve been playing sc I care less and less about how the team I support goes. Anyone else found that?
beerent11: Might be because Iím a norf supporter.
beerent11: Would never have picked the one time contested beast ziebell to become ziegull
Napper: L plates for bosenavugli?
MrWalrus: Only for first game napper
Raspel31: Aint going near the Ziebell- time will tell.
RooBoyStu: Napper are you a real skunk supporter? He played 3 games for you last year
MrWalrus: Started The Ziegull at almost rookie price, very happy
RooBoyStu: L plates should be for De Koning
beerent11: Good call raspel heís only averaging 111 points.
bhg26: This week has made me very much dislike SuperCoach
Raspel31: I have a policy of no Norff players beer. They go flat.
Trindacut: Ziebell a good chance to with the Brownlow.
beerent11: Fair
bhg26: Please Powell and Ziebell, try salvage my week
Trindacut: Would have polled 8 votes so far.
rupertmarn: Nice call Trindacut
beerent11: Yeah.... not sure bout that trinda
Water: when would he have polled 8 vote norf have lost evry game
beerent11: Have a feeling he might be taking the power water
Hazza09: Danger BE of 151, will be interesting to see when yo bring him back in
exatekk: When Jezza comes in thats when i'll look at Danger
beerent11: Letís go Stewart give me a chance to come back.
Raspel31: When Danger hits 11 cents I might consider.
bhg26: Powell. Please
Hazza09: Selwood looks proppy, Clark could come on
beerent11: Need 177 from young and Stewart and dekoning to go under 24
Raspel31: He's a tough bugger Hazza- he'd have to be dead. But I hope so.
Torz: Little purple patch for Stephenson. Needed it.
Wahab_18: Praying that Clark comes on halfway through the 4th quarter!!!
Raspel31: Bosenvulagi- just testing if I could spell it.
J.Worrall: Bosenvulagi - me too!
Water: Bosenvulagi
faisca7: Bovusenlagi
J.Worrall: Bovusenlagi?
faisca7: Please stay off Clark 🤞 Accidentally left him on field
navy_blues: danger off for clark?
Raspel31: Vbenloogia- yep, get's harder after a few beers.
The Ogre: Boobsenlager?
Raspel31: Otto von Tittszlinger- the actual inventor of the bra. It's true.
navy_blues: another ton for ziebell
faisca7: I thought his name was Holtzem Fromfloppin
StuL: If Clark iuls unused does he lose cash still?
GOATdusty: ffs, no he wont its a dnp
beerent11: Yep and another good impey score today too navy. Been supavalue
J.Worrall: BenSilvagni
beerent11: Testy goatdusty
GOATdusty: well its common sense
beerent11: Just six more points from Stewart/young and no more fire dekoning gets me an unlikely win in ff league
beerent11: I think
J.Worrall: fire dekoning?
navy_blues: hawkins getting touched up by mckay
Gotigres: Why did I keep you Danger. You are pathetic. Oh, at least you made a good capt loophole
Raspel31: The lure of live music on a Sunday calls me- good luck ladies.
Hazza09: Danger looks sore
beerent11: From dekoning
beerent11: Who you seeing rasp?
Raspel31: Peptides beer .
GOATdusty: James Hird in the band mate?
Raspel31: Naughty, naughty GOAT. Must dash.
Migz: come on cats. rest danger.
beerent11: Have fun
Bulky: LOL GOAT. Johnny Diesel & The Injectors are the support band.
StuL: Isaac Smith one of our best this year. Not going great.
Nurfed: hes sitting in the goalsquare with a sore ankle migz
Stu7: Great picked up 2 injuries in this game
Stu7: Come on Smith 100 please
Thomas1234: what are we all scoring this week
Migz: i feel like m0nty just needs to start the seagull on ziegull
J.Worrall: Better than you, Thomas1234
m0nty: Dangerfield in the rooms, Clark up on the bench...
J.Worrall: OH dear, sorry for Clark owners
Stu7: Should of traded that useless policy danger
Migz: almost 1km gained for zeib haha. mad lad
Gotigres: I'm headed for about 2190-2200
Thomas1234: worrall i'm looking at 2230-2250 how about you
beerent11: Lost rookie roulette this week
J.Worrall: Similar actually, Thomas1234
GOATdusty: hilarious if clark comes on now
Yelse: why did i keep danger FML
J.Worrall: Probs more, as tewart and Ziebell are overperforming
Thomas1234: 2247 with scaling to come worrall
navy_blues: overperforming? i will take that lol
J.Worrall: Closer to 2350 actually
J.Worrall: navy_blues ... 60 and 40 beyond predictions ...
GOATdusty: 2469, 7 blokes 140 plus will do that, happy days
J.Worrall: ... and there's not a lot of scaling here ... only round 60 to share around ...
navy_blues: ziebel got ton every week i think
GOATdusty: no he hasnt navy, had a 72 one week
J.Worrall: 2362 after scaling