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Yelse: rowe berry or jordon? who most likely to score better.
snake_p: jordon against Hawks however jordons gaem last week doen't inspire confidencen
snake_p: like my typing :-)
BigChief: I think Berry can get 60-65 today. Jordan can score more, but need TOG
Ash777: The Amart essendon ad is hilarious.
_Wang_: Hi all I've got tecks, Rowe and chapman
MrWalrus: I want what Tex is on!
Stu7: Anyone elseís teams suffering due to Sundayís teams not being announced until Sunday and therefore mucking up your trade
_Wang_: Stu yes this rolling teams announcement is terrible
MrWalrus: Yep, teams yhe night before is balls
Stu7: @_Wang_ why have they done this?
Pies20: Yeah stu it's shower, would i be stupid not to take grundy vc score or run with gawn c?
_Wang_: Stu it's a carry over from last year's covid season.. Like most I have a donut because of clark
Raspel31: Because of the Thursday night games Stu- but agree, don't like it.
m0nty: engineered by Seven to get people to watch their news bulletins
Stu7: @MrWalrus youíre not wrong Iím now playing with only 21 olaye4s due to this crap system
Snarfy: It sucks Stu. Almost as much as the injuries. Talk about stuffing up a plan of attack!
srj2409: Rolling lock out to reduce late changes. BS
Stu7: Iíd go Grundy - money in the bank Pies20
srj2409: Gawn loves playing the hawks. Has a huge average against them
Stu7: Thanks for your feedback guys - looks like Iím not the only one. On ya Seven 🤬
Stu7: Need Rowe & Berry to score OLís if Iím half a chance - go Sholl
Pies20: Get on your bike fyfe
Stu7: @Pies20 - what did you decided
Stu7: To roll with Gawn or Grundy?
m0nty: Hands up who is starting Butts today!
rupertmarn: How bad is the Cerra injury gentlemen?
Raspel31: Bird in the hand Stu. Depends on whether you're playing catchup.
PJ39301965: Me
Stu7: No I have butts the ar5e
Pies20: Still deciding stu, i did Monty
Snarfy: Butts is on the pine m0nty.
Napper: Howís cerra looking
cmperrfect: Kick the goals Tex, donít give them away.
Haydo: When Collingwood play Adelaide we may see big Butts on big Cox
cmperrfect: Hey Fyfe. Shave those sideburns. Haha.
PJ39301965: Be stiff if Cox misses out Haydo
Raspel31: Damian Hardwick not watching this- had a chat walking dogs in Elwood.
cmperrfect: Chappy building nicely. Keep it up young man.
Raspel31: Nice to see Brayshaw off the leash- almost last week's score already.
navy_blues: cerra out
exatekk: my oppo had Ridley C last night and he has Cerra as well...
Napper: My worst week this year wow. Ridley, Cerra, Waterman, Campbell
Raspel31: Bummer navy- at least he got a last handball in.
Raspel31: Add Howe and Hickey to that list-groan.
cwall66: Why is Brayshaw always on the bench!
Napper: Wont be getting 2000 this week what is my luck
exatekk: Im looking at 2300 with luck!
hinsch: maybe 2100 SC for me thanks to some very ordinary Swans rookies time to start culling them
BOMBRBLITZ: do something Rowe Berry
rupertmarn: How does Treacy get a game before Meek ffs?
Torz: Meek is a ruck. Treacy is a key forward and much better prospect.
rupertmarn: Yes but Treacy is an 18yo
Raspel31: Finally Ryan showing last year's form- small mercies.
Yelse: why is berry game time so low
rupertmarn: I'm never picking injury prone players ever again.
rupertmarn: Because Berry is a rabbit
pharace: @ rupert - so is Nik Cox - what's your point
rupertmarn: Why is Nik Cox a rabbit?
BOMBRBLITZ: Nik Cox is a Gazelle
Stu7: Come on Sholl
Stu7: Goos work
Stu7: Good
BOMBRBLITZ: Nik Cox is also a rare unicorn
Raspel31: Rowe- you legend.
_Wang_: Rowe cmon lol
Stu7: Go back to sleep Rowe ffs
original: Donít go quiet Laird. Mundy just jumped huge
original: Mundy gone up about 20 in 2 mins ffs
Snarfy: Rowe at home is very very good, away from home he's horrid!
pcaman2003: Brayshaw off the ground yet again. Brayshaw bros equals low TOG
Raspel31: If Treacy is a key forward- a key to what exactly?
cmperrfect: Sholl in mang scoring chains and DPP. looking good as trade bait
rupertmarn: Freo's forward line is woeful.
Yelse: had did that Kaird kick smothered not count... i got him most possies ffs
MrWalrus: Good to see Berry in the guts, kid is a clearance machine, regularly getting first hands on it
Stu7: Sholl = Legend
rupertmarn: Might as well play a witches had instead of Treacy.
Yelse: geez sozz this auto correct how did lairds
pharace: @ Rupert - no you indicated Treacy being 18 made him less selectable than Meek
Stu7: Although Berryís efficiency is poor though
rupertmarn: Yes @Pharace O stand by that. How many tall blokes have played good footy in their rookie year? None apart from Wayne Ca
pharace: @ rupert - But this was Meek v Treacy and coach already said too top heavy to play Meek and Treacy - have to give games
pharace: @ Rupert, so you don't play King bros then last season?
rupertmarn: Fair point @pharace. I don't like rookie tall s
rupertmarn: Playing every week because it stuffs their body and they don't contribute much.The King bros were handy only last year
pharace: @ rupert - agree it's better to develop slowly but doesn't mean you don't give games and educate
pharace: @ rupert let's judge to King bros as season's end not Round 5
Raspel31: Have you two swapped numbers yet? Must be a club thing.
pharace: haha
Yelse: anyone know the subs for next game?
Haydo: Brockman and Spargo
Water: cousins and sparrow @yelse
pharace: cousins and sparrow
Trade Bait: James Cousins (HAW) and Tom Sparrow (MEL)
rupertmarn: Butts is really having a crack today.
Yelse: so no brockmann and can safely captain him
pharace: Yes Yelse
Raspel31: No Brockman Yelse- hope he has a good game.
pharace: Sholl on track for another ton - not a flash is the pan!
rupertmarn: Here come Freo! Fyfe is about to go berserk.
MrWalrus: I saw what you did there rupert
pharace: Hope so rupert
rupertmarn: Treacy is a classic example of a basketballer playing AFL because the money is better.
wilaj: Good news - Treacy is on my bench. Bad news - he's in my team
rupertmarn: Thankyou, pun was intended.
original: Is laird butchering it?
navy_blues: oh my
navy_blues: what a goal
Yelse: Signed sealed and delivered goal of the year
MrWalrus: @original, feels like the CD person today does not like crows, been very mean
pcaman2003: I hate that Brayshaw does clangers so easily.
Bazza2014: laird hurt shoulder
MrWalrus: Now Laird injured!?
rupertmarn: Laird looks as tender as a filet mignon
circle52: Is delete team an option with all these injuries.
Pies20: Berry disappointed
Raspel31: This year is going to become last man standing- sheesh.
rupertmarn: Ok I'm gonna say it, this week is absolute carnage.
Bazza2014: heave ho
pcaman2003: I'll be out of trades by round 10 at this rate.
BOMBRBLITZ: Berry please hit your projected 58
rupertmarn: It's a purple tsunami.
duckky: Yay... Treacy gives me ... 9 points
Raspel31: Rowe looks like he's warming up.
original: Please tell me Laird isnít subbed
_Wang_: Tecks leg no good
duckky: Ridles scored another8 points after he got subbed out original
Bazza2014: obrien finally take a mark
amigaman: Sorry guys. Brought in Walker this week. I'm the kiss of death
Raspel31: Thanks Wang- make that 5 this week, groan.
Bazza2014: i fired him up
Yelse: tex prob gonna have a rest next week
_Wang_: Sorry raspel, I've got him too
BOMBRBLITZ: Berry is a deadset spud...see ya later
Pies20: Laird just got plenty then shoulder must be ok
Pies20: So you're berry disappointed aswell bomber like me
Raspel31: Walker to Treacy next week?
AlsoGmax: This run with Tex was great fun while it lasted.
_Wang_: Rowe you legend
BOMBRBLITZ: Berry berry upset
pharace: Had to live with Clark out but Butts you bewdy as the E
pharace: Nice idea Raspel, you spooning out for draft picks?
original: Good fight back Laird. Still time for 100
Fatbar5tad: Rowe Adelaide Oval specialist
Ooost: Take Jmacs for VC or gamble on Gawn C?
_Wang_: Ooost easy vc score
Ooost: I thought so too
MrWalrus: Need to wait and see on Tex, loked great again until injured, may come up good next week
Ooost: Opponent seems to be giving up Dunkleys VC for Gawn C
Raspel31: 146 not to be sneezed at oost- anything could happen.
_Wang_: Gawn could go down in tbe first quarter and it's 146
DrSeuss: So is Tex just not moving on the calf? Hasnít scored since HT
Raspel31: Alsothe differential narrows with huge scores- so Macrae deffo.
_Wang_: Raspel exCctly
Pies20: I'm berry frustrated bomber, tipped freo get up
Ooost: Well its done C on Brockman
original: Take any vc over 130 imo
_Wang_: Good call oost
Pies20: I took grundy over gawn just then original
Raspel31: Mr Ryan- welcome back.
Ooost: Yes, welcome back Brayshaw alright
Snarfy: is Darcy still on ground or is my Hickey replacement gone before I could even get him?
NewFreoFan: I wouldn't get Darcy Snarfy, way too injury prone
softwhitee: not like the games on the line but sure brayshaw have another 10min spell on the pine
Raspel31: But anyone know how long Hickey out for NewFreo?
PJ39301965: Waiting on scans tomorrow Rasp
NewFreoFan: I don't know the Hickey situation, but Darcy doesn't feel like the answer
NewFreoFan: Mundy for brownlow
Yelse: hickey they said anywhere from 4-10 weeks
Raspel31: Cheers PJ.
Raspel31: Beyond Grunty and Groan- who the heck is there?
NewFreoFan: Hah, maybe Darcy is the answer. I feel at some point this season he'll miss games though
GOATdusty: how about o'brien 3 tons in a row
Raspel31: Just saw Schultz above Serong and read Schlong- reallymust get out more
navy_blues: rowe is flying
Ooost: Some junk please Brayshaw
RooBoyStu: 2 losses in 2 days for Crom at home, bloody beautiful