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kascadev8: go riddles
Apachecats: Small guys picnic tonight.
kascadev8: apache sounds like my type of event
Apachecats: Talking about height kasca
kascadev8: oh, well im not tall :/
DrSeuss: Please let this be the last round I have to keep holding McGrath the freaking SPUD
Ash777: Lions lucky they got to play in the rain last week so should be better this week.
Raspel31: Had a perfect trade stratagem next week DeSeuss- but Hickey and Howe gawn- sigh. Go Zerrett.
faisca7: Less clangers tonight please Dayne and Zach
cmperrfect: Reid got massive shoes to fill wearing that number young man.
GOATdusty: josh kelly 98sc
Ash777: there's going to be heaps of clangers in this weather
Snarfy: I know how you feel Raspel. I brought in Hickey this week as well. I'm gutted!
GOATdusty: finally traded neale lol smh
Raspel31: Onwa Snarfy- sigh.rds and upwards
Snarfy: He would of easily got 120pts too.
Raspel31: Whoops- onwards and upwards Snarfy-sigh.
GOATdusty: dunks 148, macrae 146
kascadev8: great start merrett, keep it up
_Wang_: Thanks goat
Ash777: every goal is going to be like 3 goals worth in this game
duckky: Will there be enough players left uninjured at the end of the season for AFL team sto play in finals?
MrWalrus: Haha GOAT, saw Kelly got all the scaling
GOATdusty: np
GOATdusty: lol he got like 24 points
beerent11: Hey snarf are you snarfstas?
duckky: Laverde getting 30 is already worthy of a blue moon
Raspel31: If you got the pill down the other end Dons- Waterman might do something. My bench killing him- not hard.
beerent11: Surprised waterman isnít revelling in these conditions
Yelse: is neale back is neal backkkkk
kascadev8: waterman is just doing a james rowe against norf at the moment
GOATdusty: waterman was a nervous pick, woulve scored 35points last week if wasnt for those goals
Raspel31: Tres amusant beer.
colin wood: didnt go to watermen will be one of the first dropped when bombers play rubbish football again
kascadev8: good boy Neale
beerent11: Neale 585k be168 might be coming in soon.
Napper: Waterman really gets -4 for a kick
duckky: Rookies are starting to falter Colin
Raspel31: Zerrett rather offset by Waterman- can I sub him out now?
original: Shoulda kept Dow over waterman at this rate
kascadev8: ridley down in the rooms, ur kidding
colin wood: Keep going McGrath perfect conditions for him
Apachecats: Ridley gone down into the rooms ffs.
DrSeuss: Ok McGrath, keep this up and you can last 1 more week
GOATdusty: waterman isnt exactly leaking sc points
navy_blues: mcgrath on fire apache
kascadev8: live Ridles live
Apachecats: Like I said navy blues ,break out year.(tongue firmly in cheek)
MrWalrus: What happened to Ridley? Just got him in....
Raspel31: We got this one Dons.
kascadev8: Berry on report for a sling.. Walrus so did i, some issue with his face i think, just too good looking i reckon
cmperrfect: McGrath killing it @ Apache. Master stroke.
Apachecats: bit groggy I think Walrus.
Apachecats: haha CM
Trade Bait: Jaxon Prior will be on the bubble this week, he's not on debut @Ben
kascadev8: dons medical sub warming up, dont u dare come on for ridley
Ash777: Ridley Subbed out.
cmperrfect: Bombers could go goalless in this. Donít look like scoring at all.
MrWalrus: Thanks all, also FFS
DrSeuss: Great decision Ump - useless flog. You called play on toss
cmperrfect: And then Hooker kicks one. Haha
kascadev8: what the flower has ridley done wtf
exatekk: my oppo captained Ridey
Catatafish: That's it, I'm deleting SC. Stupid shower.
Napper: Thanks ridley
GOATdusty: my opp traded maynard who scored 125 for ridley lol
beerent11: Got the c on waterman
kascadev8: welp, i have 2 injuries next week now...
bhg26: Flower off footy, not Ridley
Tig-Train: I just worked out enough money to go Howe to Ridley... hmm now what lol
MrWalrus: There are people out there who's SC team have not had an injury yet because I've had them all
Raspel31: Does that make you -4beer?
kascadev8: ridley concussion?? everyone gonna have him in 3-4 weeks then when he plumets in price
_Wang_: Ridley a good target in a few weeks for us who dint have him
Ash777: Rain has easd up now.
bhg26: Butters then Ridley. Flower off
Tig-Train: Iíve had Danger, Rowell, Howe, Daniel and throw in I started with Neale and cripps and traded useless flowers
duckky: Can't Waterman swim?
Raspel31: If we have enough trades left kasca- bodies falling left, right and centre.
kascadev8: projection gone from 2200 to under 1800... wow
Ash777: I traded for Jiath over Bowes. So far so good.
GOATdusty: ridders will be a nice pickup in a few weeks
beerent11: Spot on wang
circle52: Lookslike we are playing 23 Dr
kascadev8: ill see you all next week, no more donuts unfortunately
Napper: Does that mean Ridley misses next week because of the concussion protocol
Ash777: I mean trading out butters. Would of went Ridley if I had the cash.
duckky: Butters,DeGoey,Ridley, Hickey, Heeney and that's just the past 2 rounds
Ash777: yes Napper.
Ash777: Neale is back
Dondeal: That's not 50 flog
Raspel31: Did you buy a tatts ticket duccky. Not much better here.
Ash777: Umpires having a mare game.
DrSeuss: Umps with some terrible decisions both ways - no chance that is 50 and others just as bad
duckky: Essendon is the only team that doesn't believe in tagging
Cottees: I swear to god if theres any more injuries this week, im done. Also HIGHMORE be named please
circle52: At the ground and no comments ob umpiring leet you see for yourselves
duckky: The AFL has set it up for more injurie
Raspel31: I'm running a campaign to set Highmore free Cottees.
DrSeuss: Rain stopped and now so has McGrath.
Apachecats: Free Highmore now.
Cottees: I honestly still do not know why he hasnt been playing lol
Ash777: dons should of went with McCluggage.
Raspel31: Lol Apache.
Beast_Mode: did u watch stk games that he played?
Yelse: ohhh my just logged on what happened to riddles
Ash777: Suspected concussion Yelse.
Cottees: highmore has not been worse than some other defenders in saints lol
Apachecats: Concussed we think Yelse ,few of the fan footy bretheren have headed for the bar.
Yelse: ffs that means his out next week
Ash777: could be worse, could be a hammy.
beerent11: Neale gets curnow next week. Weíll see how he goes .
pcaman2003: How Daniher is only 10 pts behind Merett has got me flowered.
Apachecats: The Sportsbet special multi needed 2 goals from Stringer and one from Cox ,I think Sportsbet worked that out very well.
duckky: LoL at the free kick count ... is this the even up week?
hinsch: Bombers struggling with free kicks so far should be at least 35
beerent11: Classic bombers even when they win the free kicks still sooking
srj2409: If youíre losing the free kick count it means youíre cheating more than the other side
DrSeuss: Letís see if Essendon can kick a goal without it being a free kick
pcaman2003: With Zerrett in this and Walsh in the other,I'm happy
beerent11: Good news for Neale holders.
Torz: Berry injured is probably good news for Robertson.
srj2409: Neale owners shouldnít be happy. 2 goals. Would otherwise be on 70. Only 24 possies.
_Wang_: Neales been good, owners satisfied I'd say
exatekk: but hes not on 70 srj. hes on 110+
kascadev8: decided to return, to watch main man Neale, hes had 26 touches + 2 goals with a quarter left, thats good
beerent11: 24 possies in 3 quarters not to shabby srj
Ash777: I think Srj got rid of neale and is a bit salty.
hinsch: bombers should be able to get 50 free kicks this game
srj2409: Nope never owned him
Gandhi: I'd be happy if I had Neale
BigChief: How bad is Ridley's injury?
BigChief: No srj just likes to cause a stir.
hinsch: lots of SC points left
Wo0lfee: Pls get to 40 Waterman, been a horrific round again
Pies20: Absolutely chief he's a flog
kascadev8: @chief its a concussion, so probs just miss a week
kascadev8: i was talkin about VC neale to a mate this week, i didnt do it cos i was scared.. now look, i dont respect my genius
Pies20: Did or has anyone traded this week?
BigChief: Thanks @kasca. watching other game (not sure why though)
kascadev8: @Pies yep, Clark to Ridley with 55 seconds before the bounce to avoid a defence donut, i look like a clown now
Pies20: Kasca with the most respect but please tell me you have a life outside of sc?
exatekk: well you avoided a donut kas
kascadev8: @Pies yeh i do haha, if i didnt i dont think id be this bad at it
Pies20: Good to hear @kasca
DrSeuss: Great - Daniher has stopped and Cox forgot to start
Pies20: Ton up daniher please
pcaman2003: Zac 30 touches only 1 clanger 14 CP's and only 105? FO
srj2409: 50% of his possessions have been ineffective and uselessso heís only really had 15 possessions
kascadev8: @Pies i just like my footy and the stats of footy, maybe a little too much
Gotigres: Still time to ton up Joe
GOATdusty: kasca how many games have you been in the FF chat this round?
JockMcPie: I think ive been on ff for 98% of games this year. nothing wrong with taking an interest!
kascadev8: @GOAT idk, probably all but i float, i do other things at the same time. multi-tasking 101
kascadev8: ill miss all of tomorrow games anyway
GOATdusty: Jock I wouldnt call it taking an interest when you dont leave your house all weekend
Pies20: All good mate kasca
JockMcPie: Almost like there's half a day before games start :o dont shame people for their hobbies
Pies20: Neale joe and zeret good game for me
GOATdusty: lmao
Pies20: I'm in Cairns couldn't believe how wet it was in the first half no rain up here in the last few days
kascadev8: ive had from 6am - 4:35pm to do what i needed to GOAT, thats a lot of time
Fatbar5tad: Why should anyone have to justify what they do in thier spare time? Strange comment.
DrSeuss: Does GOATDusty understand the use of mobile technology? You can chat on your Mobile Phone as well
Ash777: Joe's first ton and against his former team.
Raspel31: I popped out for a beer and a Long Island Tea and a pizza- and you ladies are squabbling already?
exatekk: calling people out who are on FF while on FF...
Ash777: Give joe that bin icon
Gotigres: Well done Joe.
DrSeuss: Agreed @FatBar5tad. It is GOATDusty though - he has Troll history
srj2409: Neale owners would now be happy 37 possie game. Looking for him to back it up
tankin: flower ridely got looked after. 2 touches and 2 tackles for 30SC
Raspel31: Watch Neale get 50 next when he's tagged. Dons don't tag- poor form.
Silz90: Did anyone bring in waterman over. Bergman. Not looking good
GOATdusty: neale great, but will still have bad games. he has said he's playing with a lot of discomfort
beerent11: Ok srj now they would be happy hehe
GOATdusty: he wont be the same player as last year
GOATdusty: plus this is essendon..
beerent11: Curnow next week lachie
srj2409: Yeah not in any rush to grab Neale
srj2409: Happy for those that stuck phat tho
beerent11: Waterman is much better in dry conditions. Go figure.
Silz90: Lol beer go figure. How bad is the weather?
ElstyBoy: still 200 points of scaling and a few players look underscored so should fix that