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kascadev8: go bergs
ReggieOz: Dow vest?
MrWalrus: Yep, hope he's not your loophole
Bulky: Dow is like a damn virus. Just can't get rid of him.
srj2409: Dow. Lol. Still canít believe ppl,pick that potato
ReggieOz: lol I was going to use him for the loophole
GOATdusty: houston was a genius pick up in rd1, waiting him to fail. not happening lol
beerent11: Yes sammo!
Bulky: Best game I've ever seen Dow play.
navy_blues: cripps is paddy dow the 2nd in front of goal geez
Yelse: is houston playing mid this year?
beerent11: His best quarter time score for a while bulky
BigChief: Played mid since 2019 @Yelse
PJ39301965: At least heíll get his be if he keeps playing like this bulky
Bulky: LOL beerent11.
kascadev8: ive flowered the decision of fielding either scott or mcneil every week, been wrong every time
GOATdusty: both are spuds
original: Gray should be 20+ surely ffs
Raspel31: Look at the other game kasca- have a bench doing fine things and a player on -4.
kascadev8: @Rasp well ridley in the rooms now, so this is going well smh
Raspel31: Oh golly- really kasca?
MrWalrus: Houston has a problem
arbel: Damn I bought in Houston for Clark hope he is ok
Gandhi: Why did GOATdusty have to jynx Houston like that :(
kascadev8: @Rasp yeh, ridley subbed off, possible concussion issue
m0nty: Hartlett looking distraught
Raspel31: That's just his face m0nty.
beerent11: If the blues can keep the ball away from Cripps theyíve got a chance
Bulky: First time this year that Carlton have had 18 players on the field. Previously it was 17 players plus Dow.
cmperrfect: P plate for Lachie Jones @ m0nty
beerent11: Resting distraught face
BigChief: Carlton can not defend to save themselves.
beerent11: Jones getting involved now
Beast_Mode: Houston subbed out?
Beast_Mode: oh never mind he back on now
arbel: @beast pretty sure he's back on
Beast_Mode: thx
cmperrfect: Start laying bets Cripps wonít pass 85
pcaman2003: Luv ya work Walshy.
Bazza2014: houston will be subbed out, he's carrying his arm like someone shot him. dammit
Beast_Mode: hoston looks cooked, cant move his left arm at all
beerent11: Heís a star pcaman
navy_blues: way injuries are going we need 50 trades lol
Bazza2014: carl still 17 players, carrying betts now
MrWalrus: Houston does not look good, Betts still way better than Dow
macvinnie: Georgiades should dominate if he is on Rotham
duckky: IS there a Nearest the Pin?
Bazza2014: betts is running around , like he's looking for loo paper during lockout
pcaman2003: Beerent..A bit off the past couple of games but good this week so fare sure is.
arbel: had managed to dodge the injuries ... until houston after clark out was between he and docherty ... fail
arbel: yep subbed out now ... that sux
beerent11: Still got it Eddie
Beast_Mode: wonder how much time houston will be out for
BigChief: Houston subbed and Hartlett still in rooms.
colin wood: Classic Oatty
beerent11: Jones injured
BigChief: Well Hartlett was, now fwd and can't hardly move.
pcaman2003: Walsh in this and Zerrett in the other, I'm happy
Yelse: what happened to cripps why he stop
Beast_Mode: no he isn't wtf u talking about
Wo0lfee: Lachie Jones looking ginger, wants to come off
beerent11: Limping around beast canít get off the ground
beerent11: Thatís what Iím talking bout Willis
BigChief: You were saying Beast???
beerent11: Warm up paddy
Bulky: Dow may be about to be injected into the game. Oh no.
beerent11: Hope no one had Dow as their loophole
BigChief: The skills of Carlton are terrible.
navy_blues: i agree chief
srj2409: Lachie Jones done?
beerent11: Big lachie back on
navy_blues: saw them against freo 2 weeks ago and they played heaps better
navy_blues: 1 of most frustrating things in footy is passing the ball to some1 standing still and carl do it all the time
beerent11: No way weitering should be back on the ground. Not taking the concussion dangers seriously.
GOATdusty: walsh a better player than cripps
GOATdusty: dr beer in the house lol
beerent11: He was snoring goat
beerent11: Iíd go to a doctor called dr beer.
srj2409: How can weitering still be out there. He couldnít even walk straight.
BigChief: You would know all about not walking straight
srj2409: Hereís the troll again
MrWalrus: Weitering is fine, just got rattled
Bulky: It was a choice between Dow and a player with a mild brain injury. It was an easy choice.
srj2409: lol bulky.
beerent11: Hopefully we get a close game or two tomorrow
beerent11: Keep talking Jones up gaz
beerent11: Lol srj calling someone else a troll
Ash777: atleast get to 70 cripps
BigChief: @beer he was calling himself a troll.
navy_blues: garry lyon is the biggest flog commentator
navy_blues: him and lloyd be a great pair
srj2409: agree navy. Ainít too many good ones anymore
srj2409: No I was calling u a troll bigchief
BigChief: That's a compliment coming from the biggest troll ever, so tyvm.
srj2409: My pleasure champ
Ben_Gogos: Rozee getting amongst it late
pcaman2003: Good to see Bergman and Jones rack up a few points to earn a few bucks.
Gotigres: What happened with Cripps? Poor disposal?
Wo0lfee: Coupla clangers, FA, too many handballs @gotigres
Wo0lfee: Heart for Hartlett and Jones playing sore?
Gotigres: Thanks Wo0lfee
pcaman2003: Well played Mr Walsh.
GOATdusty: should i loop bergman over rowe?
srj2409: Yes goat
Wo0lfee: @goat yep
Raspel31: Absolutetly GOAT
GOATdusty: cheers, thinking that
kascadev8: @GOAT shouldnt you be doing something else? on FF a bit too much maybe leave home;) (if you know you know) <3
Pies20: Champ again srg? Maybe have tomorrow off Muppet
srj2409: Nah ff wouldnít be the same without goat
GOATdusty: lol, only been here for a few games this round
Fatbar5tad: flower sake Zilliams struggling in Blue.
ElstyBoy: Does anyone have Ridely, Howe and Houstan :/
beerent11: Huge effort boak with the tag
kascadev8: @GOAT haha nah all good man, just having a laugh on a saturday night, no hard feelings
_Wang_: Cerra ankle iced out of game
J.Worrall: SC H2H had Ziegull projected at 85 ...