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BigChief: Want 150 from you today Mr Taranto.
Gotigres: Emergency ump is my nephew (for his second afl game). Hoping he makes an appearance on field.
Ooost: Opponent has Flynn at R2 :D
zadolinnyj: Awesome
Raspel31: Can the Swans come back from here?
kascadev8: good start taranto
zadolinnyj: Gonna be tough Raspel
PJ39301965: Not the way weíre playing Rasp
Raspel31: Score board ticking over nicely PJ39.
m0nty: This game needs a try on the scoreboard
Ooost: Love a good shoot out like this
Raspel31: Was that a converted try m0nty?
PJ39301965: 18mins for first goal then 2 in two mins
kascadev8: campbell whyy, how about u just score another meh 50 yeh?
Raspel31: Why you don't touch Parker with a barge pole.
kascadev8: watching the other game, where is Gulden in all this?
Gotigres: Up forward Kasca
PJ39301965: Like the other kids nowhere Kas
GOATdusty: scg mate
LMartos: Stone's 3 handballs must have been the greatest ever seen to be on 25 SC
Raspel31: Think Flynn would have given Hickey a tougher time than Mummy- but no complaints,
Ooost: Slow down seagull, I don't have you yet.
GOATdusty: its the contested possies and had some spoils too
Gotigres: 4 contested possies LMartos. 100% DE
Gotigres: Watched the Swans v GWS reserves game (as my nephew was umpiring) and Flynn didn't do too much
Napper: I love the tog for Campbell haha
DrSeuss: Damn the Sydney kids taking this week off?
kascadev8: good boy campbell, stay on the bench, gulden get a touch now
Gotigres: Wow, that's low Napper. Hopefully he gets big minutes from here
cmperrfect: Shouldíve traded Campbell this week. Didnít notice his BE was so high. Doh.
kascadev8: cm i traded about a minute b4, thought he played later today :/ yikes, thankfully went to waterman
Napper: I traded Jordon over Campbell hopefully it works out
kascadev8: taranto 2nd quarter started 15 minutes ago...
Snarfy: Anyone bring in Parker this week?
DrSeuss: Where is Warner playing this week? Moved out of the midfield?
Snarfy: He does that a lot kasca. Starts well then goes missing.
kascadev8: @Snarfy yeh haha thought that last week
PJ39301965: Still in the middle Dr
DrSeuss: Cheers @PJ - just not getting it then it seems.
kascadev8: here comes Parker
cmperrfect: Clever move Kasca.
BigChief: Move your alps Taranto.
cmperrfect: Team named 6.25 for tomorrow guys?
kascadev8: hickey looks good for sydney, doesnt look like a bloke whos been moved around by clubs 4 times
Raspel31: Brought in this week kasca- cut price Gawn.
cmperrfect: Had Hickey as R2 killing it for me since the start. Wish my rooks did the same thing.
beerent11: Kmart Gawn rasp?
Raspel31: That ot Target beer. With a hint of Woolies.
beerent11: Always been behind very good ruckman. Great to see him get a proper crack
kascadev8: good boy campbell, use that bench
cmperrfect: Taranto must have idolised Cripps. Starts well then disappears.
bhg26: Flower off kasca, go Campbell
PJ39301965: Nice goal that one
kascadev8: @bhg.... no. stop campbell
bhg26: No kasca. Go Campbell
Raspel31: kasca and bhg- it's not about you guys- it's about me.
kascadev8: dont make me use the uno reverse. i need something this week with no bulldogs mids
GOATdusty: who cares you traded him
bhg26: No raspel, everythingís about me
bhg26: Thatís your first mistake kasca
srj2409: Campbell is bloody hopeless
navy_blues: think campbell be getting booted
bhg26: Campbell get your alps off your flowering bench and get the footy
Hazza09: Campbell gone next week
kascadev8: sorry rasp, i apologise
srj2409: Campbell should be dropped
beerent11: Heís a rookie
m0nty: bit of a breakout game for Green, he looks lovely
beerent11: Given his tog he probably will be dropped. Upgrade next week
Gotigres: Campbell looks like he's playing on ball now
kascadev8: come on gulden..
beerent11: Seagull has slowed a touch. Plenty of chips left.
Yelse: time to slowly get rid of the swans rookies
Ooost: Seagull is on a diet until I bring him in
exatekk: took him in draft m0nty. he's my sloane cover
original: Cmon buddy
Gotigres: Lloyd has a breakeven of 151
DrSeuss: Has Campbell been dating the coaches daughter? Getting screwed with his TOG
beerent11: Got a nice ranking there bhg. Youíre bennys all stars?
kascadev8: gulden get to 100 surely
Gotigres: Gulden being on 53 for ages
bhg26: Yes beer
Raspel31: A tad worrying Gotigres.
original: Go buddy go
GOATdusty: dont see flynn back anytime soon..
Gotigres: Better than Warner and Campbell Raspel
kascadev8: nope flynn will be asleep for a while
Raspel31: Down to 52 Gotigres- some movement.
Yelse: wtf dow is back in i was gonna use him as loophole
BigChief: Dow is the sub @Yelse
Ooost: Jordan Clark not named, damn.
MrWalrus: No way Mummy can keep going, old & fat lunatic, will need a spell or he'll die
Yelse: Clark not named geez now i got a donut
kascadev8: clark dropped, flower, clark to ridley now it is, ffs
BigChief: There is your loophole Telse
Raspel31: Oh poo- Clark out. Donut time.
original: Flower off mills
kascadev8: Rasp what flavour donut would you like?
Ooost: clark + flynn to lloyd and sweet
original: JClark could be the sub imo. Copping a donut as will hold
kascadev8: doubt clark has a spot anymore, with danger, rohan and paritt back, jezza in nxt week
original: Said it before say it again. Flower off mills lol donít nothing all game donít somehow scrape a 100
DrSeuss: Gotta feel for Campbell only going to play half a game.
BigChief: I can't watch that shower jumper of GWS.
original: Hope in 2022 there is some adjustment in sc to account for the late teams bs bring back Thursday squads
kascadev8: hope Daw is the medical sub for melbourne. taranto do something
Spifflicat: Really Chief, Iím a big fan of it
original: Big chief actually donít mind gws black kit
NewFreoFan: Yeah great kit for the Giants, both their orange and this black one
BigChief: Nope I hate it. I know they are wearing it for a cause. Just a terrible jumper. Just my opinion though
cmperrfect: How is Flynn gonna get back if Mummy keeps pulling these numbers? Not that I have either of them.
Raspel31: They said Mummy would be rested every few games as a fat bugger, But no, not great for Flynn.
Snarfy: I've been away, did Mummy get Hickey or was it an accident?
kascadev8: campbell stop it you, stay under 50
exatekk: what to watch tonite? have 2 premos in each!
kascadev8: your TOG is too high campbell
Raspel31: Oh, Hickey in for one week. Next week a shambles with Howe out.
kascadev8: kosi to jones, howe (using dpp fyfe) to macrae??
BigChief: Hickey subbed out?
PJ39301965: Yeah Big, Knee injury
kascadev8: toby greene coulda been on a mad score this week
BigChief: shower, flower crap. Now I have inj this week.
BigChief: 3 inj that is.
original: Cmon buddy 2 more goals do it
original: Mills such bs 59 at 3QT I was loving the match up
Apachecats: So far I've killed off Draper and Hickey in the ruck this year.Wonder who my next victim will be.
Ash777: of course mumford kills hickey.
kascadev8: @Apache go away dont take my rucks, ill give u free donuts
GOATdusty: who got hickey for flynn this week?
NewFreoFan: Josh Kelly shades of Nick Davis there
Gotigres: Wow
Raspel31: Ditto Apache- bloody Mummy.
Napper: Maybe I should of traded Campbell this week
kascadev8: thats high TOG for campbell tbf
kascadev8: i thought he got a good piece of the barrel, thought it was coming
GOATdusty: greene 1.7 lol
GOATdusty: give him the butcher
Ninty: Donít bloody mention ND
MrWalrus: Where's Kelly's points for the game winning goal? Score barely moved
GOATdusty: geez calm down, it will be adjusted
Spifflicat: Nice win boys