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kascadev8: where all the games pushed back because of the AFLW?
navy_blues: yes kasca real footy at 4:35
navy_blues: de goey and howe in trouble for being on their phones
zadolinnyj: To be fair blues they wee answering about trades to other clubs on phones
Yelse: should i get Jiath or heath chapman for C.daniel?
navy_blues: daniel suspended
zadolinnyj: Jiath
navy_blues: i went chapman
exatekk: when do the teams drop for tomorrow arvos games? Hi all
Stu7: Jiath everyday - even if Caleb was playing
Yelse: do you think jiath could be a keeper ?
BigChief: Same time every day @exatekk 6.25pm
navy_blues: what price is jiath?
exatekk: cheers chief. I actually thought it was earlier.
BigChief: Oh wish it was earier, like 6.25 Thursday would be great.
zadolinnyj: In the 3 hundreds and is looking like going up majorly
navy_blues: he is 400k so can he make u money and how much vs is he a keeper?
navy_blues: proj to go up 38k this week
kascadev8: im holding daniel, probably go kosi to jiath tomorrow with teams, campbell to waterman tonight, howe to ridley next week
navy_blues: proj to get to bout 477k mark round19 so prob wont make a lot after this week if that helps
Ash777: Jiath currently avg 115 abouts in his last 3 games.
Hazza09: Need a good game from B Smith today, last chance
Gotigres: Go vc Dunkley. Big game please.
cmperrfect: McCrae into Gawn. Cmon Macca.
beerent11: McRae wouldnít have started on the bench for a while
Raspel31: Ah, you had Howe too kasca. Bummer that.
beerent11: Holding Daniel too kasca. Went dow to waterman and will go butters to impey if heís named. Clarry in next week
kascadev8: rasp yeh i did, hello riddles nxt week
BOMBRBLITZ: Great start VC Dunks
GOATdusty: go massive dunks need to to make up for Short's score
navy_blues: this could be a landslide
Stu7: Wtf Macrae in the bench for?
Raspel31: Same kasca. Hmm- perhaps Dunks a better vc pick than Macrae?
beerent11: Donít worry about McRae still very early.
Dondeal: Dunk gonna look awesome in the red and black next year
kascadev8: fielding mcneil over scott, pls score well
Stu7: Dunkley would be a good VC option the way he is tracking
Gotigres: Keep going Dunkley
Hazza09: Canít believe I got sucked into Bailey Smith
original: Ok dunkley I want 100 but not 200 thanks (draft league vs)
Raspel31: Bonts, Dunks, Macrae- what are you doing?
Migz: i love some players that you need to have. Macrae kick leads to a direct turn over. 1 clanger added - no points deducted
beerent11: Shame Daniel got rubbed out this uncontested stuff is right up his alley
kascadev8: when you dont have macrae bont or dunkley :/
Raspel31: Suns starting to pile on the pressure. Good point.
cmperrfect: Dunkley, Bont , McCrae all sharing the pine equally.
kascadev8: any donuts for u this week cm?
DrSeuss: Damn Jordon Sweet seems to be going ok. Not much in the ruck for GC though.
Ooost: opponent has VC on Dunkley, JMac for myself both have C Gawn
beerent11: Had faith Macca. Go brother!
Raspel31: Okay Macrae- you've made up for warming your bottom so long.
BOMBRBLITZ: Macraeis a deadset seagull
Stu7: Macraeeeeeeeee
navy_blues: hope top 3 dogs keep scoring like that
Hooks: @Raspel They're dominating?
cmperrfect: Hey Kasca. If Kozi isnít picked, maybe. Haha
kascadev8: if kozi doesnt play im just going to jiath, 200k saved to go howe to ridley, chilling after that
Snarfy: The Suns are going to have to put a tag on Macrae, Dunkley and the Bont!
cmperrfect: Surely a SC 50 trumps a DT 50 for a cape? DT is junk
Apachecats: 5 contested possessions for the 1/4 does nor equal
feralmong: C on dunks. liking the start
Ooost: GC throwing anyone into the ruck that wants a go
Apachecats: *does not equal seagull.
cmperrfect: Hey Apache. What did you do with McGrath?
cmperrfect: Need a P plate on Farrar m0nty
Apachecats: got to keep him and hope ,keeping a lid on trades as I have had a few forced ones already CM
Ash777: Naughton needs his own icon
Ash777: He already has a media nickname
Ben_Gogos: @cmperrfect Farrar has played a match in 2020.
cmperrfect: How bout an Astronaut helmet icon @ Ash?
BigChief: @Ben P plate = game 2, L plate = debut
FLAG: just swallow sweet english wood for me
Ash777: it's already being used
Ben_Gogos: @BigChief not a bubble boy. He'd be P-plate if it were in the same season.
Raspel31: I think bringing in Treloar would just be to have too many doggies.
BigChief: 1st time I have heard that @Ben. Must be just you doing that as M0nty doesn't.
Ben_Gogos: @BigChief could be a different interpretation
Ben_Gogos: Thanks Chief!
NewFreoFan: The Suns aren't playing too badly, the Dogs are just that much better than them
Stu7: How big for Macrae do people think?
BigChief: Also need to add L to Sweet.
wadaramus: Got him VC Stu7, hopefully 150.
feralmong: with a midfield like this kicking goals it will be a wasted year without a GF appearance.
BigChief: I think Treloar loves being at the Dogs. His DE much better this year.
kascadev8: treloar is good, unlucky collingwood
cmperrfect: Gotta admit was a little peeved when I saw McCrae start on the bench. Wowee.
Ash777: Fox said it best. Different role at dogs.
Raspel31: About 190 centimetres for Macrae I think Stu.
kascadev8: dont think ill be getting macrae any time soon, last time i dont start him...
GOATdusty: umm they traded him, he wanted to stay
cmperrfect: Time to switch to the other game. This one is all over.
pcaman2003: Hi all! GCS are a magoo side at best.
wadaramus: Poor old Stuey Dew :( Can't get the GC firing.
Raspel31: But they were 3 very good points pcaman.
kascadev8: @GOAT im assuming that was directed to me, if it was thats why its unlucky, cos they got rid of a gun.. they could use 1
Ash777: Shows how important a ruck is for a team.
pcaman2003: Raspel. That might end up their game total too.
NewFreoFan: On the live ladder the Dogs are 192%, that's insane after 4.5 rounds
pcaman2003: Dunks you are a star.
BOMBRBLITZ: my man Dunks!
MONEY TALK: where r the witches hats
BigChief: Star for Dunks already? I think so.
beerent11: Gold Coast flogged my team.
bones351: Brought Dunks in this week for Phillips. Had to be done.
wadaramus: Potatoes?
Raspel31: Hmm- thank god I moved Dunks forward. It's working.
GOATdusty: this is embarrassing for the league
Bazza2014: treloar doing great, im glad.
Apachecats: Doggies for flag this year ,still $6.50 on Neds.
wadaramus: This is a training drill, got to be witches hats.
Raspel31: Can the Suns come back after a good half time harangue? One ponders.
Gotigres: So far very happy I went Dunks vc instead of Grundy
NewFreoFan: I dunno goat, this is a great watch. Absolute clinic.
wadaramus: Dunks, Bont, Macca and Treloar all to double ton!
NewFreoFan: Comeback's on
Hazza09: Cya later next week Smith, has to go!
Snarfy: Gunna be some massive supercoach scores this week!
kascadev8: i will not be on of them @snarfy, im the idiot who didnt start 2 of macrae, dunkley bontempelli treloar
original: Thatís enough thanks dunkley, own you in sc but not draft and ya killin me given he has vc on u
Raspel31: What Snarfy- I thought I was the only one to own Macrae, Dunks and Bont. Damn.
kascadev8: feel like im falling further and further behind this week, only way is up i guess
BOMBRBLITZ: what VC score are we taking for Dunks?
kascadev8: bomb, itll be whatever he is on in about 8 minutes
BOMBRBLITZ: 160+ would be just lovely
Hazza09: Cya smith
Phasir: Crozier's SC seems a little harsh?
beerent11: We get it hazza smith is being traded out
Migz: 0 contested possies will kill any score
srj2409: 130+ locked in
BigChief: Just delete your team hazza.
Raspel31: Because i'm upset I put the vc on you and not Dunks- you're benched next week Macrae. Useless.
GOATdusty: dunks 7 clangers damn, imagine his score is those were cut down
beerent11: Does the dollar sign mean theyíve passed their be Ben?
BigChief: Great goal from the umpire.
Ben_Gogos: @beerent11 yep
Yelse: just realised i can't loophole Dunks VC as all the non playing players have played
cmperrfect: Kozi named. Wonít need the donut this week thanks Kasca
beerent11: Cheers
cmperrfect: Do you have Brockman @ yelse for loop.
NewFreoFan: I was joking when I said comeback's on at half time
kascadev8: kosi named? do i save the trade then or go to jiath, hmmm
srj2409: Kick a couple of goals Macca come on
navy_blues: bailey smith only interested in show pony stuff wont get hard ball
NewFreoFan: I reckon Bevo will unleash one of the all time sprays at 3/4 time, Dogs have stopped
Raspel31: Ah kozi named- sacrificed to the trade gods next week but phew. Cheers.
beerent11: Jacks coming
original: Only what, 1000 sc left to distribute, so worst case dunkley ends up on 1130
navy_blues: gonna have good 3qtr time sc score in this 1
navy_blues: 355 for 3 players
beerent11: Who wins out of McRae and dunks? Macca for me loves junktime.
navy_blues: vc on macca
Ooost: Jmac loves some junktime dining
original: Thought my multi was a certainty after bont and AT both had 2 goals in Q1. Why did I stretch it more
Raspel31: Macrae been very disappointing this game beer.
beerent11: Righto raspel. That gets a bit old after a while mate
Gotigres: Need you to keep going Dunkley
Raspel31: Well, so am I beer. I forget things.
kascadev8: jordan clark dropped, flower, theres me donut
BigChief: J. Clark dropped to be Em
cmperrfect: Your turn Kasca. What icing this week?
kascadev8: cm ive still got a trade left haha, was saving it for this very reason. no donut for me, just 1 Jordan Ridley
beerent11: Who was subbed out for the dogs?
cmperrfect: Touche kasca. Well played young man.
Ben_Gogos: Bailey Williams
beerent11: Did Williams get injured? Or another coach cheating?
exatekk: traded Jordan for Jones. Had Highmore on field so calculated risk
Raspel31: Lucky you kasca- Clark out- donut for me, Set Highmore free!
exatekk: Loop A. Scott or chuck Treacy on field? No meek suggests that Treacy might go ok
bones351: Clark out means a donut for me unless medical sub. That would probably be bad for his b/e though.
kascadev8: what donut do all u guys copping a 0 want?
BigChief: Lobb back for Freo will meant Meek and Treacy might struggle from here
beerent11: Whatís big max gonna get v hawks?
exatekk: 180+ im hoping beer, decided to risk Grundy's 134
original: Pineapple donut pls
kascadev8: will do @original, gee im happy i didnt trade daniel now, woulda had a donut if i did, and ive eaten enough after games
beerent11: I normally take the vc if itís higher than the captains average. In this case 132.
MrWalrus: C Taranto (was drunk) v Dunks is not looking so good now (still drunk)
Gotigres: 150 please Dunkley
original: Smith wow coulda got two goals and got 100
GOATdusty: never unstand why ppl have taranto, never been that good in fantasy
cmperrfect: Cmon Macca. Need a 140+ so Maxy can rest easy.
MrWalrus: Fantasy that is, VC Grundy locked.
BigChief: @goat 460k and avg 95 is why.
BOMBRBLITZ: take the Scott 50+ or go Rowe?
kascadev8: @GOAT thats all some of us could have afforded after rowell went down
original: @bomber if me Iíd go rowe
Raspel31: Id throw the dice on Rowe BOMB- but hard call.
beerent11: Scott bombr
original: 4-500 sc points left. Dunks has enough imo
cmperrfect: Give them to Macca plz scaling gods.
kascadev8: maccas? yehhhh do doo do do dooo
original: Dale took all calebs kicks last week, was a certainty to get 20+ this week
Raspel31: Hickey out, Howe out- next week a shambles for me kasca.
kascadev8: @original the conditions didnt suit daniels kickins, he's too small to kick over 30 when its windy
kascadev8: @Rasp iive got 1 injury for next week, hopefully that stays at 1, probs sounds worse than its intended to be
ElstyBoy: Bowes 9 touches this quarter at 100% for 15 points?
ElstyBoy: 250 points worth of scaling explains the underscoring thus far I think
_Wang_: No scaling?
GOATdusty: be patient it will happen
pcaman2003: Macrae went back a point after a great pass that resulted in a goal. WTF?
GOATdusty: see the scaling now you muppet?