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shaker: Razor umpiring tonight he got taken back a peg or 2 umpiring finals will he continue to hand out frees to the Pies like
shaker: Boiled lollies
kascadev8: evening legends, grundy and howe in this, excited to see Macrae
navy_blues: nic nat to crush grundy
PJ39301965: Evening everyone I just brought in Grundy. No choice as Flynn not named. Not trusting Meek getting picked again
BRAZZERS: Being waiting for you to tell me who you have in this game mate, thanks! Couldn't sleep last night in anticipation!
Ash777: get ready for a potential sub 100 score from grundy.
exatekk: Moore forward? Are the Pies high?
PAFC4eva: hi all just grundy this one macrea on bench trade for dow
navy_blues: hope colliwobbles continue
kascadev8: thanks Brazzers, any new videos lately ;)
BRAZZERS: lmao, no doubt about that!
Nurfed: Evening all
kascadev8: go witherden, anyone need a donut this week?
_Wang_: Hi all
Rach: Evening! Cmon Eagles :)
Ash777: Is Moore actually playing forward?
kascadev8: @Ash yep haha
Ash777: Crazy because he's their best defender.
Yelse: moore fwd is just dumb they should rest grundy fwd rather than bench
poolboybob: Crispy muppet
Ash777: Grundy is pretty useless fwd but he's ok in defence.
DrSeuss: Buckley clutching at straws trying to keep his job.
Ash777: Howe would be better fwd than Moore
kascadev8: witherden could be a look, but i had him last year and was rarely used at brisy, worried itll happen at WCE too
DrSeuss: How long is Hurn out for?
kascadev8: month i think, maybe they drop Nelson when Hurn is back idk
Ash777: Think I heard a month.
Yelse: grundy playing well should have left VC on him
Stu7: @DrSeuss - AFL website says 2-3 weeks
DrSeuss: Hmmm 2-3 weeks. Does he stay in when Hurn gets back is the major concern
Gotigres: Same Yelse
BRAZZERS: grundy needed to playt well around the ground, not going to get many hitouts tonight
BRAZZERS: got the vc on him
Gotigres: Grundy on target for 200
pcaman2003: Go Grundy,but lift Howe.
exatekk: ill take 56 at QT
Yelse: more struggling fwd he looks lost
MrWalrus: Grundy is a stud, easily pies best player
Stu7: So regret no VC Grundy
exatekk: glad i did so far!
original: Took vc off Grundy just before the bounce
Wo0lfee: Wow...went Steele VC thinking Grundy wld struggle vs NicNat :/
pcaman2003: Grundy is "The Man".
Yelse: looks like grundy going fwd more
Nurfed: absolute hero grundy
beerent11: At 456k youíd be picking witherden as a keeper. Will be out when hurn is back
m0nty: Grundy on for eight goals
beerent11: Anyone vc grundy?
TheFlagger: Grundy and Cameron blankets Nic Nat all the time
Gotigres: Of course the one week I don't have Grundy vc
BRAZZERS: i hope bucks doesnt play grundy at full forward all game now lol
Stu7: @Gotigres - same!
shaker: Buckley finally made some changes
kascadev8: grundy wtf
softwhitee: effectively traded butters for Grundy this week, very pleased
Dondeal: Had VC Steele into Grundy till bounce, switched to Gawn C. Spooked by Nic Nat. flower
BRAZZERS: Brodie Goaty
navy_blues: well if collingwood can keep that up i think ppl will start asking questions bout the eagles
Ash777: No hurn no eagles.
beerent11: Nah you couldnít go vc grundy vs nicnat
MrWalrus: True Navy, pies doing well but eagle's been poor, lot of single figure SC scores
Rach: Hmmm. A little nervous. And regretting no VC on Grundy - like most!
MrWalrus: It's the perfect time to VC Grundy because he plays before Gawn :P
Manowar: Who the hell is on Grundy?
Pies20: I'm in Cairns watching this go pies!!
beerent11: Gee fin McRae is a lot like his bro
BRAZZERS: howe tombstone
kascadev8: ah gee, howe out next week
Pies20: Keep going pies howe gone need the next one
circle52: Evening all Keep going Grundy my VC.
kascadev8: howe to ridley looking good next week
pcaman2003: Damn! Howe looks finished along with my round.
Stu7: @circle52 - so spewing I took VC off
BRAZZERS: quantity of your trades dont look good tho
Gotigres: Thankfully none of my opponents Manowar
navy_blues: allen playing well
TheFlagger: allen is going to look good in navy blue after a straight swap for crippa
kascadev8: @BRAZZERS yep, was gonna use 2 this week (Bowes + waterman in) and 2 next week now (ridley and jones in)
pcaman2003: You can at least put in an effort Grundy.
circle52: TBH Only reason I did it was loophole option is either Fullarton or Flynn who play tomorrow,
circle52: So sitting on trades to see if any are medical subs. So either Jordon/Fullarton to Waterman and Daniel to Houston/Bowes.
BRAZZERS: didnt you run out of trades last season kasca?
DrSeuss: Of course Duggan plays the game of his life when my opponent has him
kascadev8: @BRAZZERS yeh, from injuries, gonna happen again this season too if it keeps going like it is
Wo0lfee: Sier is activated M0nty
cmperrfect: Evening all. Do we think Kozi will come back in this week?
Stu7: Go Moore - moveeeeee
kascadev8: but looking at howe i dont have a choice besides to trade him, gonna hold neale + daniel for the year tho
navy_blues: gee been lot of injuries this year already
Nurfed: de goey done for the day too? fml
Yelse: With all these injuries you think SC will give us more trades
BRAZZERS: you can't do more than 3-4 side ways trades, if you;re fair dinkum about having a good team come seasons end
beerent11: Nope yelse part of the game
Yelse: seriously move moore back ffs
original: Lol yelse dream on
thesilentl: Free kick west coast
kascadev8: @BRAZZERS if i dont have to trade howe im not gonna, but looking at that it didnt look good
BRAZZERS: you cant help injuries, gotta makes trades for that
Ash777: Looks like Bucks is going to commit suicide
Gelly: bucks has to go, shower coach
Ash777: career suicide that is.
BRAZZERS: i've trade neale and danger out, plus sharp who made no money, team is settled now tho
thesilentl: Another free kick, another goal
Gandhi: Dirty pies
Phasir: This is such a conflicting match for my SC team... Grundles VC, but De Goey and Howe on field :(
Pies20: Where's degoey get out there we need you!!
Gelly: degooey playing games on his phone in the rooms
cmperrfect: Has Grundy fallen in a sprinkler box?
navy_blues: omg that was a mark to kelly
Ash777: Degoey gone pies20 he was subbed out with nose/face problem
Phasir: Will T.Kelly get a week or 2 for that bump on De Goey?
original: Would have been holding the ball if not played in Perth. Same as houli last week
MrWalrus: LOL silent, it's just Buck's tactics to give frees away
Ash777: very soft free
thesilentl: West Coast fans have to be the dumbest in the league, boo the clearest high contact free kick ive ever seen
Gelly: good to see collingwood getting their moneys worth out of degoey
MrWalrus: K-Mart Dusty, such bad quality he couldn't last the game
cmperrfect: Did I hear right that there are no more Thurs night games for the rest of the season?
BRAZZERS: he probably will get a week imo, based on this season
thesilentl: Good to see west coast fans celebrating an injury to de goey, typical for the worst fans in the league
Pies20: Ash cheers mate, was hoping he would get out there after seeing howe join him in the rooms hard work from here for pies
TheFlagger: even kmart dusty is a bit generous
poolboybob: Mate I am surprised that a Pies supporter is even literate enough to participate in this chat
BRAZZERS: lol the irony of that comment lmao
srj2409: Hahaha. A Collingwood fan bagging wc supporters for booing a clear free kick
Stu7: Grundy run out of batteries
srj2409: Itís almost like said Collingwood fan has never been to a Collingwood game
Raspel31: Thank golly I held off my trades with Howe gone- Ridley next week.
DrSeuss: Bucks has seen Grundy kick 2 goals so now he is a forward not a ruck any more
Gelly: degoey should get a week for being a soft little flower
beerent11: Thatís the clubhouse leader poolboy
TheFlagger: very ironic from a collingwood fan
srj2409: Collingwood fans so dumb they even booed Treloar a
srj2409: After they got rid of him lol
Stu7: Is Moore social distancing?
navy_blues: but ruck taps are nothing according to bucks lol
TheFlagger: allen is such a gun
kascadev8: grundy any danger of doing something that quarter?
TheFlagger: moore in the forward line goodbye buckley
srj2409: Also how good was the 2018 granny?
BRAZZERS: grundy gave away a few clangers hurt him that 1/4
Pies20: Srj Muppet
DrSeuss: Redden quietly up to 24 possessions. Also Duggan can go back to being average please
Phasir: Can someone just ban silent? absolute muppet commentary every pies match
thesilentl: West Coast have a greater home free kick differential this century than every other afl team combined. Joke of a club
cmperrfect: Did Grundy go backwards that qtr?
thesilentl: Grow up @phasir, only muppets are those in here celebrating injuries to players
beerent11: Doesnít sound like a real thing thesilentl.
Pies20: Passionate obviously @phasir
DropCox: srj2409 anything else mate?
Trindacut: K-mart Dusty injured on 4, what a spud
Phasir: Not even a WC fan, and prefer Pies to Tigers, but will call a flog like silent a flog if they be one?
Trindacut: Gets a tap to the nose and now he's on Grindr in the rooms
kascadev8: im actually gonna agree with @Trindacut lmaoo
thesilentl: No need for personal attacks phasir, sounds like you need a ban of you cant behave
m0nty: back on the game please
colin wood: Trindacut - tough talk right there
Baldfrog: Maybe he's hooking up with Eddie trinda
Cr1cketeer: Pretty sure Collingwood fans were cheering Treloar... Allen is gonna be huge in the coming years
Pies20: Hanging with the social miss fit @kasca bad form
colin wood: Internet heroes are my fav.
Trindacut: No one has paid the price for their list mess.
Trindacut: If Guy hasn't gone, Eddie is the reason they pay 1mil per player there
Trindacut: Even the rookies are getting 500k a year
Pies20: And here's the crow's f wits
thesilentl: They will @trindacut, eddies gone, bucks and guy won't survive the year
Trindacut: Kmart dusty is on 750k a year
Phasir: Mark Keane might be signed to Richmond end of this season! right up their style
Phasir: maybe try to keep it PG, Pies20?
Trindacut: 100k a goal so far. Plus the 300k a year for Treloar
Trindacut: Think you're right @thesilentl . Money on Buckley gone by Rd 12. Guy might stay, he might have been getting overruled.
beerent11: Always an edge to the chat in pies games.
Pies20: Sorry @phasir didn't realise you and your kids are on this site tonight my apologies
Phasir: Grundles should power over the top of NicNat for the 2nd half.
kascadev8: mark keane? any relation to the goat named Roy Keane?
Phasir: Back on the game, champ. @Pies20
Trindacut: Phisar is almost as soft as Kmart Dusty
PJ39301965: Grundy was on target for 200 plus at one stage now lucky to hit 125 i think
Phasir: Grundy will go 150+ I reckon, PJ
MrWalrus: Grundy still on for 150
Phasir: Back on the game, champ. @Trinda
amigaman: Done with SC. Never get to do upgrades as always replacing injured players
SALAH: Phasir the phlog
srj2409: Gonna be a disappointing year this year. Canít see Collingwood making the granny to be able to choke get again.
Pies20: Champ haha you are an old fart obviously @phasir great lingo
beerent11: Not meant to be easy amigaman
Baldfrog: Oh God the old attacks are starting again
Phasir: Back on the game, champ. @Salah
MrWalrus: I'm going to give Kmart Dusty a pass on the nose, looked bad, rubbish player still though
amigaman: Yep kiddies at the KB again
kascadev8: have a special offer tonight, am also selling popcorn for those wishing to watch this fight
beerent11: Hopefully McRae can get involved this half
srj2409: Collingwoods played in 6 grannies in 20 years. Won one. Lol.
NickR9: some elite champing here
Cr1cketeer: You don't stop, do you srj? Hope this 2nd half's as good as the first!
Pies20: Srj Muppet
Phasir: Back on the game, champ. @Pies20
BRAZZERS: the muppets are on show tonight in ff, comedy hour
srj2409: Hahahahaha
Cr1cketeer: Calling people names or whatnot on here ain't gonna achieve anything, lads
kascadev8: can i interest you in some popcorn BRAZZERS?
BRAZZERS: lol, i'll take a large thanks
srj2409: Cwood fans bags west coast supporters and then have a sook when we respond. Grow up flogs.
Baldfrog: When u gunna have something healthy Kasca?
PAFC4eva: change of subject who in ff league is who dares wins
kascadev8: @Bald when rowell gets a full season without an injury ill eat healthy
PJ39301965: Me PAFC I assume your 22guns
Pies20: I like popcorn
Baldfrog: Ok Kasca fair deal
PAFC4eva: yes looks like it might be a close one
MrWalrus: Fruitchocs Baldfrog?
PJ39301965: Itís looking that way
Stu7: Someone please put a fire cracker up Mooreís a55 please!
BRAZZERS: grundy just keeps giving up clangers..
DropCox: Nice srj2409, cheers
Yelse: that was not a kennedy free
Baldfrog: Yum Walrus
Cr1cketeer: Pretty sure the ump pointed the wrong way for that free
thesilentl: Another free kick another goal, add it to the tally of soft frees
Phasir: Genuinely curious what NicNat's highest mark tally is
Ash777: Moore back fwd...
kascadev8: witherden looks good
zadolinnyj: is defoe you playing still or out
Pies20: Google's handy phasir champ
yablettt: Nic Nat is the best ruck in the game for SC imagine he had more tog
PAFC4eva: unlucky you had heeney butters and daniel go down in same week
TheFlagger: allen you star
Phasir: Thanks, Pies20. I used your suggested search engine and found my answer! Six marks is his highest tally!
Cr1cketeer: Why has the switch worked against us every time tonight?
PJ39301965: I know, but thatís the game, Flynn out did force me to bring in Grundy though
PJ39301965: That nullified him in all my leagues
Yelse: ffsbucks enough is enough get moore back
BRAZZERS: hopefully mumford has a mare this week
Stu7: Moore hasnít touched it for over 30 minutes
PAFC4eva: noticed neither of us put the vc on him
Nurfed: Sier is trash, been on almost two quarters and nothing to show for it
The39Steps: Sorry, may have missed this but with Howe and DeGoey out why hasn't Sier been activated?
Baldfrog: Why do we have to wait till Saturday for Sunday teams now screws up trades
shaker: Moore experiment failed why won't Buckley make a move
MrWalrus: Nic Nat best only 6 marks? That's very surprising
The39Steps: Ok, now seems he has been!
PJ39301965: Yeah only in the one league Iím not fussed with has the VC on him
BigChief: Naitanui never been a big disp player
PJ39301965: The bulldogs Vc choices will be interesting though
Baldfrog: I have VC on dunks Pj
PAFC4eva: hoping macrae goes big should against suns
MrWalrus: I know chief but he is an excellent mark, 6 isn't many
PJ39301965: Me too Bald
Stu7: Redden what a gun
Yelse: thinking VC gawn captain danger
PAFC4eva: quiet one for dunkly
pcaman2003: Pies have 15 players under 50 points.
Baldfrog: Danger will be a watch for sure Yelse
kascadev8: come on grundy, help cover up for howe
beerent11: Afl donít care about sc baldfrog.
kascadev8: witherden would have to be a lock in for west coast now surely
BRAZZERS: not really, will struggle when hurn is back
Phasir: the majority of his disposals and meters gained came from those chips around in the first Q, though kasca
beerent11: Only while hurns out kasca. Pick him when hurn retires.
Baldfrog: I know beer but had butters and Daniel out so if meek doesn't play will have a donut
poolboybob: Witherden is better than some of the bums who have been playing for WCE
Phasir: Witherden is definitely more productive than Cole
beerent11: Afl donít care about sc baldfrog
DrSeuss: Duggan is going full Lloyd / Seagull mode tonight
Ash777: Duggan repaying the faith!
Cr1cketeer: Didn't Thomas handball it?
beerent11: Weíre all in the same boat but if you feel you have to vent, weíre here for you bro.
blonde0na: you know your ball movement is slow when you make wce look like richmond
Gotigres: Nice tap by Grundy to Nic Nat
Baldfrog: Lol na hoping Kasca cooks some donuts this weekend just in case
kascadev8: i been thinking that Hurn would come in for Nelson, idk how likely that is tho, he was always in and out of a team too
thesilentl: Clear handball cr1keteer, just another free kick west coast
MrWalrus: Wither's problem isn't his productivity, it's that he is a defender who can't defend
Phasir: Having Wither & McGovern would be a very leaky defence.. neither of them want to play on their man
Ash777: Goodbye bucks
poolboybob: Shouldn't be an issue Walrus, West Coast have plenty of midfielders who can't get the ball
royboy16: bang, bang, bang
pcaman2003: Last 2 qtrs and Grundy puts on a lousy 31 pts.
BRAZZERS: lol allen was in the 8th row when he kept that ball in play lmao
Gotigres: Sheed 3 goals in 3 min
Gelly: sheed what a gun
beerent11: Amen walrus. See exhibit ziebell.
DrSeuss: Goodnight Bucks.
cmperrfect: 3 capes in 3 qtrs. Wowee.
Baldfrog: Time to relocate collywobbles to Rwanda for a tassie team
Phasir: Allen is phenomenal
Manowar: It's all good Nathan! tomorrow morning I will send you your application for jobseeker!
Phasir: Collingwood have a pretty good list, they just drop off a bit.
Gelly: time to put darcy moore on sheed
Baldfrog: Na manowar rather an extension
Trindacut: Buckley gone in the next 3 weeks. Heard it here first.
Phasir: Pies have so many x-factor players that sometimes they have bad games and everyone loses their minds
beerent11: Funny when the eagles play prime time all the vic supporters are surprised how many good players they have.
Trindacut: @Phasir They have a good list if they were playing VFL
MrWalrus: Allen is ok, feel if Moore were back he'd be having a tougher time
zadolinnyj: so degory out for game?
Phasir: If healthy, their back 6 (with Moore back) would be top 4. The Fwds are pretty scetchy tho
Gelly: put darcy moore in the coaches box
Trindacut: @Phasir "X-Factor player" is code for overpaid sht player who occasionally plays above the norm
beerent11: Allen goes great when Kennedy and darling are there take one away and heís just ok
TheFlagger: witherden the forbidden seagull
Phasir: Stephenson, De Goey, Elliot are a crazy dynamic trio. Shame it never got a chance
Baldfrog: Any forward would do well next to Kennedy and Darling
Gelly: its ok darcy moore going to kick 7 goals this qtr, and bucks will be procliamed a genius
Trindacut: @TheFlagger bllody spewin I dropped him in Draft 3 weeks ago, missed him this week.
MrWalrus: Flagger, very nice
Ash777: Allen is only 22yrs old so not quite in his prime yet.
Trindacut: @phasir "Never got a chance" hahahahahahhahahahhahahaah
beerent11: Wayne careys head would explode if that happened gelly
MrWalrus: Trinda, as mean as you're being you are right, pies are pretty below average
Phasir: I'd probably say pies list is better than tigers. But tigers have a competent football dept.
beerent11: Nicnat has had the better of grundy since quarter time
beerent11: No way phasir
Baldfrog: Na Phasir cant agree
MrWalrus: @Phasir go home, you're drunk
beerent11: Richmond better in both
PAFC4eva: crazee phasir
Gelly: sheed has gone back to stop the impact of darcy moore
Silz90: Can I order a choc top and some popcorn.. if your still taking orders
exatekk: waterman = gehrig
MrWalrus: Collingwood is kmart Richmond
BigChief: Only spot Pies are better is Ruck @Phasir
poolboybob: Muppet-cek
pcaman2003: Pies have lost the plot since qtr time.
beerent11: Pies list very top loaded whereas Richmond very even
shaker: Bombers will be licking their lips
Phasir: 2-3 years and Pies will be miles ahead of Tigs. (if something changes with the football dept)
Gelly: i mean cox could get a game in any team other than collingwood, no room for him and moore in the same forward line
navy_blues: mcrae looks like his bro with the ball could be 1 to watch
MrWalrus: Apart from Grundy who'd even get a game at tiges off pie's list?
Beast_Mode: lol you muppet, richmond considered one of the great team, pies a joke. clearly trolling or clueless on the sport
PAFC4eva: do they have internet service in the nuthouse phasir
poolboybob: Gotta lose the man bun, McCreary
beerent11: Moore was injured in last weeks game. May be why he played fwd tonight
BigChief: @Walrus Pendles would
Phasir: a great team doesn't specify a great list, BM
Baldfrog: Wouldn't call Richmond one of the greats never leave mcg and rarely win interstate
thesilentl: @mrwalrus you think guys like Adams, Moore and degoey wouldn't get a run?
Phasir: Richond's belief and coaching wins more games than anyone on their list
Baldfrog: Gelly cox is rubbish
beerent11: Here we go gelly
MrWalrus: Don't think so cheif, I'd have him the number 1 backup to our preferred midfield
Trindacut: @baldfrog yeah they are shower. 3/4 flags isn't 4/4 the useless flogs
blonde0na: pendles > cotchin as a player 100%
Beast_Mode: never considered your opinion, just what former afl players have said
pcaman2003: If Nic Nat had more TOG,Id consider him.
PAFC4eva: they won interstate last year bald
TheFlagger: the rare triple seagull
Gelly: mayeb collingwood should recruit boomer harvey, heard he still wants to play
TheFlagger: oh wait no its a quadruple seagull
MrWalrus: That's right silent, maybe Moore though, I'll pay that
Raspel31: Howe my only interest in this- not doing much.
Beast_Mode: they played all home games in qld last year lmao
Stu7: Moore youíre alive!
Baldfrog: And Simpson Gelly
poolboybob: Never undeerestimate the Eagles ability to not run out the game
beerent11: Yeah been quiet by his standards raspel
toddless: could be due to his hammy raspel
Trindacut: Not over yet. They might might get Eddy back to save the game
Silz90: pies might have a chance here.... imagine the drama in this chat
poolboybob: Pretty sure the Eagles don't exercise in the offseason, they always shower the bed in the fourth quarter
Baldfrog: Yep Silz alot of mispelt words
BigChief: If the Pies win this chat will shut the internet down.
Gelly: woudl love to sheed kick one after the siren to win
Trindacut: hahaha
Ash777: razer trying to get the win
kascadev8: grundy rapidly went to bed after quarter time
Trindacut: Come on Razer, you can do it!!
Trindacut: lol @Gelly
Gelly: quick get degoey back on the ground
shaker: Razor loves the Pies
MrWalrus: Grundy lifts the pies lift
Silz90: Sheed from the boundddarrryy
Trindacut: Razer forgetting which team he goes for
TheFlagger: Collingwood loses the world wins
thesilentl: Another soft west coast free kick, another goal
Ash777: there's the game.
Baldfrog: Razer back in the vfl next week
poolboybob: Christ he landed directly on his back, learn the rules of the game buddy
monkebuket: maynard should lose 20 superpoints for that
Phasir: Never change, champ @silent
zadolinnyj: he was holding him and then fell in his back. free every day
Ash777: thesilent or theblind
Trindacut: Delist Moore. R Tard
Gelly: i means its a double edge sword, is collingwood wins they have to keep bucks
MrWalrus: Soft free!? He penetrated him!
pcaman2003: And that's why Moore shouldn't be fwd.
JockMcPie: is there a way to block a user? this trindacut guy is ticking me off and i would like to not see their comments anymore
Baldfrog: Glad u said it Walrus
Beast_Mode: lmao jock
Silz90: Moore is a gun wtf u smoking lol
BigChief: @Jock nope, but maybe M0nty can look into that option.
DrSeuss: Haha first time I have ever had an opponent with Duggan he pulls out this BS
Gelly: moore already has all aus backman wrapped up so time to earn a forwad spot too
Ash777: duggan making up for short's poor game.
JockMcPie: ok, cheers lads
pcaman2003: Should have an ignore button like on Hot Copper.
Raspel31: Wan't happy with De Goey- perhaps time to trade?
Beast_Mode: would you take grundys vc 130sc?
Bazza2014: i have duggan
Silz90: Same DrSeuss - i'm versing some with duggan and hunter clark in my cash league
PAFC4eva: solid first game macrea
TheFlagger: absolutely beast mode
Baldfrog: Yeah beast its guaranteed
poolboybob: How is Noble so pale playing an outdoor sport?
PJ39301965: Maynard scoring back to last year with no Howe
Baldfrog: All the sun in Victoria poolboy
Beast_Mode: yeah i'll probs take it but, gawn usually goes massive against the cats
kascadev8: huge head clash, wow
Gelly: @poolboybob - he caught ranga
BigChief: Beast Gawn v Hawks not Cats.
Ash777: gawn is facing hawks not cats
beerent11: McRae will be much better for the run if picked next week.
thesilentl: Hope this isn't a serious head injury here, looked brutal
Phasir: Poor taste, but good news for Witherden with that head clash...
Trindacut: Noble to get 4 weeks
Raspel31: How rude to talk about Maynard to thoseof us who lost Howe PJ39
MrWalrus: True beast but he could tweak a hammy in the first 1/4, Grundy can't
Beast_Mode: oh my bad
Gelly: surprised the did not stretcher degoey off
srj2409: Eaaaaaaaaagggggggllllllllleeeeeessssss
thesilentl: Noone in here cheering on that headclash? Must only be eagles fans that cheer injuries
BigChief: @Gelly stretcher bearers couldn't lift De Goey's bags of money.
poolboybob: Pies fans constantly yell racist abuse at opposing players, but yeah Eagles fans are the problem here
Trindacut: @thesilentl Noble to go for 4 weeks for that. His fault.
pcaman2003: Nice to see Howe power along to 17 points just then.
Phasir: Who was cheering injuries?
beerent11: Ha look at my clubs percentage 43
Gelly: did the eagles get the jonas brothers to cover their song?
Phasir: Can we petition to get rid of this garbage song?
MrWalrus: I was kind of happy when DeGoey busted his nose to be honest
thesilentl: Half a dozen Eagles fans in here earlier @phasir, try to keep up
beerent11: Now the dockers donít have the worst club song in the west
Ash777: no one was cheering injuries.
Trindacut: Buckley might be one of the worst coaches in AFL history. What's his W/L??
Beast_Mode: dont start something you can't finish next time, you clearly can't handle it
thesilentl: @poolboy I've been to many pies games and wc games ans trust me wc fans are waaaay more likely to yell racist abuse
Trindacut: @beast_mode Are you talking about Collingwood playing in the AFL? If so, you are correct sir
Trindacut: Collingwood are on tape being the most racist club in AFL
Beast_Mode: lol pies fans really are delusional
poolboybob: Nicky Winmar and Adam Goodes could not be reached for comment
Beast_Mode: lol trida
kascadev8: witherden = gun
Beast_Mode: eddie and bucks are proven to be racist, this is comedy. stop sooking up a storm
MrWalrus: Witherden = forbidden seagull
Beast_Mode: lol 3 seagulls in one team lmao, savage
Beast_Mode: i mean 4! lol!
Trindacut: @beast_mode is on point
kascadev8: Beast huge 4 seagulls, where are the scarecrows or the wires to scare them off? it didnt work
navy_blues: bucks press conference be interesting
Trindacut: You know what? @navy_blues is flowerin on the money. I'm tuning in