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PJ39301965: Evening all, letís go short and another downer from dusty would be nice.
kascadev8: evening everyone, boy oh boy its cold tonight. just got short in this
exatekk: Hey PJ, Evening all. Only Dusty and Clark in this one. Highmore on my field but hoping for an E in Murray or Sharp. eek
navy_blues: if dusty fails to to tonight he is gone
exatekk: Dusty peaks late though Navy. hes in my side til the end
Bazza2014: dusty tagged by sebb ross, mail is
exatekk: freezing in Tassie Kas. feels like 4 degrees
PJ39301965: Dusty in 70 percent of teams but not mine yet but will come in at some stage
Bazza2014: a glorious 12 in Moonah
PJ39301965: Not much better here at Mount Eliza 14 Baza
bhg26: Chucking the vc on Steele tonight
PJ39301965: Nice bhg thatís a smart move I think
Bazza2014: yep long winter i believe
navy_blues: my son up to 20 overall kicking my butt
PJ39301965: Nice for your son Navy
navy_blues: yeah he studies it a lot tho i dont
exatekk: wow good going navy. best i finished a season was 37th overall
navy_blues: last 3 weeks he was 179ish 44 now 20
Bazza2014: crouch tagging dusty?
PJ39301965: Interesting how Houli and B Crouch goes tonight
navy_blues: only takes 1 week to stuff ya tho
navy_blues: i agree pj
DrSeuss: Short, Steele (VC) and Hunter emergency on the bench.
Migz: anybody else chuck the VC on martin? He's due a big one.
Bazza2014: i did in 1 team
kascadev8: i put the vc on short, small ground should get a few more kicks, thought id try it
exatekk: how many teams you have bazza?
PJ39301965: Thatís a different way to go Kas, good luck
Bazza2014: 2 in each
Bazza2014: any more than that and its too much work
exatekk: any more than 1 is too much work LOL
Bazza2014: yeah, fair call
GOATdusty: lol you're a strange unit
Yelse: Short lift your game
duckky: Not knowing all the teams/squads on a Thursday night is giving me the squirts
Bazza2014: agreed duckky
Ash777: got a new problem with chrome. Now cant find my account when I tried to login. Firefox is fine however.
navy_blues: saints player wins the ball of richmond then free kick richmond no use trying to win the ball
exatekk: chrome here is fine ash. just weird
DrSeuss: Richmond getting a nice rub of the green with Umps so far tonight.
Dondeal: Good to see the standard of god awful umpiring is continuing
GOATdusty: it was a free kick tho muppet, learn the rules
DrSeuss: Steele and Hunter get off the freaking pine
kascadev8: steele stay on the pine, im trying to bring u in
navy_blues: i know muppet but just saying no reward for going for rthe ball
kascadev8: houli could be a look at nxt week
exatekk: houli does well during ramadan kas. leaner, fitter, stronger
Bazza2014: wow king free kick wow
Apachecats: King free pretty soft.
GOATdusty: lol rubbish free
Bazza2014: it was duck river
exatekk: soft frees for both teams, call it even
kascadev8: short wakey wakey
Bazza2014: King monstering Balta like u16 vs U12
Bazza2014: umps are on carck on a school night
cmperrfect: Bugger off Bachar. Short for kickins.
DrSeuss: These high tackles have been BS
Napper: Thanks Steele
Migz: How do some of these players actually make it to a professional level and not be able to have a decent ball drop
Apachecats: Wow Steele got wacked for that 50m ,back to 10SC.
pcaman2003: Whenever you're ready Dusty,you can get the ball.
Spifflicat: Bazz, someone whines about the umps EVERY GAME. Donít be that person
navy_blues: dusty gone missing
duckky: Dusty on track for his regular 85.
bhg26: Stop ducking ffs
Bazza2014: gotta get in early, log in been locked for two years!
Dondeal: Grimes the worlds greatest actor gets a taste of own medicine
Yelse: Short spend way too much time on the pine fml
Napper: Just traded Steele in this week. Iím trading him out next week
DrSeuss: Nice Short - spend the final 10 minutes of the quarter on the bench
cmperrfect: Crouch looking good for next week.
wadaramus: Go Hunter :)
duckky: He certainly is cmperfect
wadaramus: I think Crouch = trap!
kascadev8: lot of time on the bench so far for short. hmm
bhg26: Steele and short...
navy_blues: wonder if houli gonna regularly take kick ins
Ash777: vc on short not going well.
DrSeuss: Short was taking most kick ins when he was actually on the field
a1trader: put Hunter in for Meek on the bench
GOATdusty: short generally shares the kick in's with bachar
kascadev8: Ash ditto
kascadev8: gee whiz Jayden is Short on TOG so far
Apachecats: 3 set shots down the drain Sainters.
Yelse: martin didn't hit one target this quarter but SC went up by 10
GOATdusty: yoU actually get points for contested footy
Bazza2014: good goal picket
Bulky: Good God Hill is lazy.
pcaman2003: Hill kicks to Nank who marks it and DE goes from 66 to 75. Go figure!
Bazza2014: bolton copped one in his bolt
navy_blues: and now turnover to martin which ended in goal to saints
Crave: Dusty does his best work when Richmond are 5 goals ahead
Apachecats: Steele for Brownlow and not too late to get on.Had some more at $19
bhg26: And in finals Crave
Dondeal: Cotchin is a cheap hit dog
kascadev8: good boy short, get that pill. steele just a freak, so good for the saints, on another level
navy_blues: agree don i saw that
DrSeuss: How many times did St Kilda miss Steele open in the middle of the ground
pcaman2003: Dusty is going to have 3 sub par games in a row. Might have to trade him.
Bazza2014: cantstandya
kascadev8: Don 100% for a captain youd expect better
Crave: Saw it too, nothing from the commentators though, Cotchin fake nice guy
Dondeal: Gets away with it all the time
navy_blues: martin hasnt hit a target yet
navy_blues: gonna have to trade too i think
navy_blues: maybe martin to graham
Yelse: theres a rumour taylor walker might not play anyone else hear it?
DrSeuss: Short on the bench again.
navy_blues: yes hurt calf at training but dont know how bad
lisapizza7: Walker has calf soreness
pcaman2003: Yelse. Rumour from where?
Ash777: maybe they're saving short for the second half
kascadev8: @Yelse yeh i heard it, they said he should be fine to play though
shaker: Yep calf problem left training coach says he should be ok
bhg26: You sure its not back pain from carrying the crows
exatekk: Have Battle in draft. hopefully making up for Sloane out
pcaman2003: Lift Dusty and get that DE up too.
Yelse: Lets hope he plays, really hating the day before naming of sides
pcaman2003: Yelse...Hear hear!
Bazza2014: webster subbed, due to poor SC score
kascadev8: @Yelse yeh same, held my trades so far to make sure i dont get a custard donut if kosi doesnt play
exatekk: csrrying the crows? clearly havent watched their games. team is gelling
kascadev8: tom lynch the cherry picker hahaha
Spifflicat: Tigers warming into 2021 nicely
bhg26: im kidding exa, they look good. Tex being on track for 100 goals helps them heaps though
Gotigres: Was thinking Walker as a possible vc
Bazza2014: saints smashing tigers and clearances, yet getting smashed due to turn overs. #pressure
Yelse: whats the actual reason for delay in naming teams?
bhg26: It was for COVID yelse since they played nearly everyday, but they havent changed it back
exatekk: love to see a 100 goal season!! Took Tex at $67 for coleman! im a bit biased, love seeing them play for each other
bhg26: You had no reason to go for Tex based on last season, but good punt nonetheless
exatekk: im ashamed to admit i thought the game has passed by tex
EatEmAlive: The Tigers have twice as many goals than St Kilda (8 to 4) despite St Kilda having twice the free kicks (14 to 7)
Tig-Train: Richmond wonít win the free kick count all year...
Crave: lol once again nuffie tiger supporters bring up free kicks
zadolinnyj: Gents and Ladies
EatEmAlive: Eactly. They never win the free kick count and lose it by large margins each games, yet nuff nuffs say otherwise.
kascadev8: crying about free kicks, dont play dirty and "professional foul" to set up behind play and you wont be losing it. simple
missmagic: can we put a line through mckenzie dunstan and webster forever please?not up to the level & injured
Tig-Train: Itís the way we play... we play at high pace and aggression, so will make mistakes
Ash777: many tiger frees are there because they're part of their game plan.
Crave: its an AFL conspiracy obviously, from always being positive before 2016 and since then being negative.
Tig-Train: Oh wow thatís a new one @kascadev8
Crave: Not like Richmond completely overhauled their game plan in 2016
missmagic: give all 3 a farewell game rd 23 if we cant make finals
Patty19: Gday guys, can you get full stats (DE, TOG, CP etc.) while on FF mobile? Or do I need to jump on the computer for that
m0nty: go go Steele (vc)
Ash777: giving away a free in the middle of the ground when it looks like the opps are about to break through their defence
kascadev8: @Patty i think its just on the computer. excited to see witherden and macrae tomorrow night
Ash777: gives them enough time to get players back and make things harder
Patty19: Bugger, cheers @kascadev8
MrWalrus: This new "tactical frees" theory is ridiculous
DrSeuss: Just because you lose the free kick count doesnít mean you didnít commit more frees against.
Crave: Of course obviously its been a conspiracy against Richmond since 2016
MrWalrus: We don't give away more frees than anyone, just get less.
kascadev8: the tactical free theory is ridiculous to you because it hurts that its true
_Wang_: Hello all I have martn and short
MrWalrus: Nooooo it is genuinely stupid
Number 8: Intriguingly, Collingwood has 620 more frees than Richmond since 2017
kascadev8: "genuinely stupid" because its true and you dont want to admit it
cmperrfect: Any donuts on sale this week Kasca?
kascadev8: cm yeh mate, do you want to order any?
EatEmAlive: Lets add some 50M plenalities to St Kildas Free count
MrWalrus: *sigh* yep that's it .....
Ash777: tactical frees is better than dirty tactics
EatEmAlive: The tigers are the only team in the AFL/VFL to win a flag despite the worst Free kick differential
EatEmAlive: And they did it multiple times. The bulldogs and Eagles were 1st and 2nd for winning more frees in their recenet flag
pcaman2003: Finally Dusty,finally
Tig-Train: 2g
Crave: games over so dusty comes out to play
EatEmAlive: Dusty makes that look so easy.
DrSeuss: Steele...2nd half has started mate
SneakySC: If Steele stopped giving away frees and 50s he'd be doing great
kascadev8: short lets go
Yelse: is houli killing short
Gotigres: Don't think so Yelse. Short's disposal is crap.
EatEmAlive: 11 goals to the Tigers and 5 to St Kilda (3 from ex tigers).
pcaman2003: Glad Hill left the hawks. He's gone downHILL.
DrSeuss: Houli isnít killing Short that much at all. Ball hasnít been down back much and Short has been ok when down there
Yelse: need billings 20 for my multi ffs get involved
Ash777: short probably has the vc jeebies
DrSeuss: But his disposal has been average as well
GOATdusty: how does highmore not get a game in this backline? lol
EatEmAlive: Marlon Pickett the new Shaun Grigg. He is playing well in this role.
Ash777: saints really missing marshall n ryder.
Gotigres: Is Hill on 800k a year?
Tig-Train: Steele looks at the ball and goes +2
DrSeuss: Just missed 2 Steele tackles where Richmond just dropped the ball.
Tig-Train: Yes he is... lol
kascadev8: @GOAT think thats the big question, youd have thought he would have been back in by now
Gotigres: For that money Tig, the Saints actually could have got a good player.
DrSeuss: And then missed a Steele handball while Houli jumped in his back
navy_blues: that was a mark
Gotigres: yes it was navy
cmperrfect: Cmon Short, get to 85 at least please.
kascadev8: get to 70-75 by 3qtr time short, i believe in you
MrWalrus: I think some of you guys need to come to terms with the
Tig-Train: The ball is hardly going back, move him forward lol
MrWalrus: Fact Richmond are just a very good team
Yelse: why isn't billings getting mid time
Tig-Train: @MrWalrus we enjoy the hate
shaker: Maybe Tiges should just get no free kicks
kascadev8: short junk it up
DrSeuss: I donít think anyone will argue Richmond are a very good team. Havenít seen anyone question that on here.
MrWalrus: I know I do Tig! It's the blatantly stupid stuff that wears thin.
Bazza2014: anyone who thought tiggers would lose 3 in a row was kidding them selves.
DrSeuss: Long is having a Mare. St Kilda defense is like a sieve
pcaman2003: Surely Highmore gets a game now.
Tig-Train: Crouch and Hill waste of money... crouch gets it but does nothing with it and Hill canít even get it
Ash777: why you dont pay big bucks to players unless they're a tall.
Tig-Train: Or there name is Dusty
MrWalrus: Or good
MrWalrus: Or they're actually good at footy
shaker: Saints paying big bucks to some very ordinary players
Raspel31: Hmm- just home. Tt least Hunter played- saves a trade.hink Tiggers likely to win this one. A
cmperrfect: Channel your inner seagull Dusty and junk it up.
MrWalrus: Edwards has been in amazing form this year
kascadev8: short hello?
DrSeuss: How does Hunter Clark have a higher SC than Steele. Errors all night
duckky: Who was complaining about Rich not getting frees before?
_Wang_: Shorts not going to score if it is never in the backline lol
Raspel31: Agreed pcaman- bring Highmore back. Might have turned the tables- I have him too.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I don't know why he isn't already playing.He's better than half the backline
srj2409: Couple more clangers please short
navy_blues: hill needs to go to the 2nds i think
pcaman2003: FFS Dusty,hit a target at least once.
Ash777: give dusty that cleaver
shaker: He might be playing next week
Tig-Train: 800k to play reserves... thatís the salary cap of 4 teams
srj2409: Dusty 87 going at 50% lol
DrSeuss: Highmore should be back. At Kilda backline has been embarrassing
pcaman2003: srj2409. Should be around 130 if he kicked to a team mate.
Raspel31: One would think so DrSeuss- but thought so past 2 weeks.
EatEmAlive: One of Marlon Picketts best games today
Patty19: With Webster down and long looking a shattered high more should be back in, wish I held him!
srj2409: Dusty would be 150+ easily if he hit a target. 5 score inv, 12 contested, 4 intercepts, 33 possies
pcaman2003: This game has got seriously nasty for the Sainters
GOATdusty: lol epic bin stats jack
kascadev8: short 75-80 will do
exatekk: ill take Clarks 110ish
DrSeuss: Clarkís SC is a joke - all cheap possies and errors all night
Stu7: This is the very reason I donít have St Kilda players in my dream team
Raspel31: Saints can take a lot out of this game- like their whole team.
Patty19: Not even steele @stu7?
pcaman2003: Crooked on Dusty as my opponent has Bolton. Grr!
EatEmAlive: Shane Edwards. What a gun. That handball under pressure was brilliant. He always does this.
srj2409: Clark gives away 50m +2 points
MrWalrus: Bom bom bom bom
Bazza2014: how the saints turned it around with the eagles last week, is a distant memory