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Baldfrog: M0nty is there any way to get into my account to get rid of last years highlighted sc players?
m0nty: the watchlist is available under your username in the menu
Baldfrog: Cheers m0nty didn't think to look their
Raspel31: Your ignorance warms our hearts Bald- their- not there?
Baldfrog: Lol I realised after I wrote it
kascadev8: brockman to waterman.. rowe shall live on
DrSeuss: Jiath taken Hardwicks role the last 2 weeks? Hardwick back to rubbish and Jiath flying??
kascadev8: still time to jump on jiath with daniel getting suspended
nbartos: old dog Mundy
nbartos: CJ v MF was nice to watch
ElstyBoy: for anyone watching this game hows Impey looking?
Pav300: impey mia so far
nbartos: bit wasteful early Els
Raspel31: I've seen better Elsty.
lukefield9: Jiath's improvement has genuinely been rapid, getting better and better every game
Baldfrog: Yeah sorry about Impey bought him in this week
NewFreoFan: Well this was unexpected, but a decent end to the weekend
Beast_Mode: would jiath score this well is sicily was playing?
nbartos: ia this a real game/
Pav300: don't go too early NewFreo
benzammit: No heís covering Sicilyís role.
Raspel31: Like the Hawks game plan- they're in control of this.
ElstyBoy: cheers boys
wadaramus: Time to implement a different game plan Clarko!
DrSeuss: Thankful for Hardwick returning to being a spud after I traded him in.
Baldfrog: Must be the hardest day in m0ntys life putting cones on hawks
Trindacut: time to sack the coach
DrSeuss: AF that is - doing fine in SC
Raspel31: But analyse the 2 points they'vescored- and a well structured game.
kascadev8: phillips and impey wake up, same with u captain titch
Napper: U reckon Daniel getting a suspension is a good way to get rid of him
kascadev8: napper he'll only get 1, and its time to move brockman and campbell on, same with jordan maybe
colin wood: Mitchell gets so much junk possys
Raspel31: Golly gosh- Jiath a good bring in. Must have been powered.
beerent11: If you think what Mitchell does is junk you donít understand the game
kascadev8: 2 spots left, maybe 3 if i moved laird to mid. out of jiath, lloyd, bowes, stewart, ridley who do u get?
beerent11: Mitchell gets on top in midfield, hawks back in the game.
colin wood: Freos woeful kicking has kept the Hawks in the game get a grip lol
kascadev8: i traded jiath in for young, then changed and went to chapman, i need to back my trades the first time ffs
Baldfrog: Titch 22 possies for only 58 must be burning the ball
Pav300: Tich killing us Woody
NewFreoFan: Fyfe and kicking bags of behinds, name a more iconic duo
colin wood: Exactly Baldfrog 👍
Baldfrog: Thanks colin not watching the game
kascadev8: @NewFreoFan how about chris scott and losing games in finals?
beerent11: 70pct disposal efficiency. Not exactly butchering it.
NewFreoFan: decent contender kasca
Raspel31: Can someone lend me a key to unlock Brayshaw- sigh?
beerent11: Nah just junk pav. Apparently.
Pav300: lol beer Tich leather poisioned that qtr.
VodkaHawk: Mitchell 18 possies in the quarter. Hawks kick 5 goals to 1. .
kascadev8: titch, fyfe, impey good work, actually not bad from chapman + phillips tbf
BigChief: Stay low please Ryan.
beerent11: Good times here. Doing lego with my son and watching titch tear it up.
kascadev8: gee this is a difficult sc week, rowe outscoring daniel+jordon.
Ooost: Oh Brayshaw lol
BigChief: Aguy in my league had Hurn Daniel and McDonald. Poor bastard.
kascadev8: dont stop titch, get to 54 disposals
Trindacut: Need titch to get 100 in 2nd half to get 2k
softwhitee: please scrape an 80 brayshaw, not sure why i have you..
kascadev8: trinda same here, gone from 2200+ on friday night to under 1900 during this game. disgraceful
nbartos: its on now
Ooost: proj is 2198 but I have Brayshaw.....
kascadev8: brockman to go b4 rowe does it seems, hopefully treacy can provide a good score worthy of starting 22
Napper: What yall projected everyone
kascadev8: hopefully captain titch can recover
poolboybob: Colyer is useless
beerent11: 80ís footy
nbartos: mitchell should be reported for that BS
Gelly: why did a freekick not go against brayshaw?
kascadev8: jiath looks real good, could he be top8??
cmperrfect: 2182, but have a custard flavoured Kozi donut, unless Jiath goes 120.
clay007: Colyer was listening @Poolboy
Thomas1234: When will day comes back kasca he'll start to slow down
kascadev8: impey already over projected, chapman + phillips almost there, titch close. could be over 1900 no way
feralmong: Meek is....meek at best but probably weak.
feralmong: Got Jiath in this week so happy with that.
MrWalrus: Will end up just over 1700, absolute shocker
kascadev8: never needed a player to get a game more than ill rely on Highmore next week to cover the daniel 0
DrSeuss: Nice work Feral, want to trade him in but afraid he will do a McGrath or Hardwick and stop once he hits my team.
bhg26: Iím on 2087 with Impey and Chapman to go
feralmong: I woulda had a donut otherwise so with some spare dosh an early upgrade.
Raspel31: Well let us just the Swans chose their rookies better than The Hawks.
Trindacut: Jeez freo a bit stiffa few times there
Napper: is 2150 u reckon a good score
Gotigres: I'm on 2000 with Jiath and Impey to go.
ajconodie: 2065 with Impey, Chapman and Powell's 101 to come.
Hazza09: I wonít even get 1960
kascadev8: mitchell go forwards with score ffs
Raspel31: I'm on a very fine vodka abd your scores are irrelevant to me.
Yelse: fyfe lift ffs
LMartos: SC scores are cooked
Napper: Yeah a bit stuffed
kascadev8: titch getting possies but going backwards?? lmaooo my players hate me
Hazza09: I copped Berry and Jordons rubbish and Daniel 19, one of my worst weeks ever
kascadev8: same haz, this is worse than most of my bye weeks
DrSeuss: I have Daniher, A Scott and Jordon - plus Meek covering Flynn. Has been a great week.
Napper: Same Hazza
kascadev8: fyfe and titch move ur score forwards please
feralmong: i'll probably only just make 2k this week. same issues as everyone else.
kascadev8: chapman being gifted a goal helps a little, ill take what i can get
cmperrfect: Who was bagging out Hardwick before? Nice work.
beerent11: Do you have my team hazza
DrSeuss: That was me cm. I have him in AF - not in my SC team. So still hating his score lol
NewFreoFan: Worst part about Freo always playing Sunday arvo is it's always a stressful end to my weekend
beerent11: 1870 with titch and chap to come. Gotigres spanked me in the fan footy league.
LMartos: Phillips rundown tackle, free for, kick i50, goal assist, no points
Raspel31: And to think I capped Brayshaw last week- which expplains why I'm in a ward for the criminally insane.
nbartos: hardwicks SC is a joke surely
beerent11: Have another vodka rasp
beerent11: Weird raspel, when I look at your team your c is on Guthrie.
Raspel31: Grey Goose is for sipping- not downing beer.
beerent11: Just saw you said last week. Backtracking with head bowed
nbartos: freos kids are struggling Sturt, Meek, Treacy, Fred
_Wang_: Chapman 48?
Raspel31: Do not shame me in front of the world beer.
wilaj: Treacy begged his coach to play and gets 4 possessions in 3 quarters. Lift your game mate!!
Hazza09: How is Chapman 48?
NickR9: chapman got -2 for the goal and mark
Beast_Mode: he's on 66 actually
beerent11: All friends here raspel. Judgement free zone. Hehe
vartic: Chapman went backwards 2 points for a contested mark and goal
vartic: wait nevermind lmao
nbartos: full time LOL
beerent11: Jiath or biathlon as autocorrect calls him might be the real deal
NewFreoFan: Loves a behind Fyfe
nbartos: brayshaw bang
Beast_Mode: fyfe one point away from a goal
Raspel31: Do I regret getting powered and not putting the C on Macrae- yes. But we grow as individuals.
kascadev8: come on impey ton up
MONEY TALK: wish i started impey over danhier
Raspel31: Wish I didn't have Brayshaw- aarghh!
MONEY TALK: everyone holding daniel? he got a week
cmperrfect: Nate be 150+ if he could kick straight
kascadev8: titch, u awake mate? everyone is over their projected except for u now, go
nbartos: Darcy star
cmperrfect: m0nty. Please move ur try FF mobile link away from the chat button. Itís killing me on the mobile.
kascadev8: @MONEY yep, now seriously need highmore to come back
_Wang_: Moneytalk I'm thinking Daniel to jiath
DrSeuss: Has Hardwick been running with Walters all game? Explains why he isnít getting as many touches
MONEY TALK: brought in jiath for young, also @kas cant see him coming in
Gelly: jiath is such a good intercept marker
Gotigres: Jiath no points yet for 2 intercept marks
Raspel31: Lot of rage trade talk- surely now the time to build not waggle sideways like a crab?
beerent11: That sounds to sensible rasp
beerent11: *too
Raspel31: It didn't to me beer?
kascadev8: chapman been good
Hazza09: Daniel to Jiath is very possible
Apachecats: That Brockman goal just got me home in 2 leagues.
NewFreoFan: Jeez Mundy is good
kascadev8: if i do trade itll be daniel to ridley
Dondeal: Did Brockman get any points for his goal?
Beast_Mode: lol highmore isnt coming back anytime soon already have carlsile, wilkie and howard in the team
Apachecats: Including the fanfooty one which is very close go with Paul -Who dares Wins.
Wahab_18: Every single players SC scores this game is absolute BullShower.. It's rigged 100%
Hazza09: You will need 200k to do it @kasca
Raspel31: Well, Brockman on my bench so la de da Apache.
DrSeuss: Hardly sighted Hardwick and his SC score just keeps climbing
nbartos: free??
Gotigres: Best trading week ever for me this round. Daniel, Kossie out - Ridley, Jiath in.
PJ39301965: Yeah nice win Apache
Gelly: jiath is just a discounted version of ridley
Apachecats: Still a bit close to call PJ ,down to the wire.
PJ39301965: Nah Impey has stopped and meek will be dragged soon
kascadev8: Hazza i have 313k spare rn
Raspel31: I just realised I don't like either of these 2 teams so I'm off to cherchez la femme.
beerent11: Giving me a hiding gotigres
Ash777: ffs brayshaw :(
kascadev8: titch ffs move, get ur score over 100
colin wood: Mitchell 35 touches and not even a ton. Junk possys
beerent11: Hey Colin woods back!
Gotigres: Can't believe my luck trading Daniel out beer
Apachecats: Theres an openning there Raspel but I think I'll leave it.
NewFreoFan: Classic stuff Fyfe
Yelse: frustrting today having fyfe with 6 behinds imagine 3-4 goals in there
poolboybob: Fyfe cleaver
MONEY TALK: its cj +18 vs impey, phillips, champan and ryan. flower
Ash777: Cerra for star
beerent11: 200 yelse
poolboybob: O'Brian has stone hands
nbartos: yes Darc
beerent11: Great job chap
feralmong: lotta scaling to come
beerent11: Cherrys for cerra. Noice.
Wahab_18: CD's 3 Favourite players.. Fyfe, Bont and Seagull Lloyd
wilaj: I thought sc was out of 3300. Still a lot of points here???
amigaman: Serong score is a farce
PJ39301965: Yeah thereís scaling to come Wilaj
PJ39301965: Well done Apache
MONEY TALK: i hope no scaling
cmperrfect: Scale up Jiath plz.
circle52: There will be andd have we noticed the discrepancy that the winning team has less SC scores than the losers.
Bazza2014: Cheers m0nty,
Bazza2014: Hawks were atrocious, long season ahead.