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pharace: Wow Kasca, Constable still not an in as a late selection - what he done wrong?
kascadev8: pharace im offended that he isnt in, kosi is the med sub for hawks, shoulda left the c on gawn
pharace: You are bullish on Constable Plod just not as much as Chscott
kascadev8: indeed i am haha
pharace: Gawn not great history of big scores against Geelong
pharace: Started well though - took my VC on Steele
kascadev8: i had vc tex into titch, lift clark
pharace: Clark could lose spot unless he lifts this week!
Raspel31: I intend to live forever- so far, so good. Tracker and Guthrie in this.
pharace: Just like a Bomber supporter - ever optimistic
Napper: Surely count that fifty ofr oliver
pharace: Slow start for Jordon
Hazza09: Thanks Jordon
kascadev8: big 101 for tex
Raspel31: Lol pharace- obviuosly my meds..
DrSeuss: Opponent has Atkins - this is the game he will go 40+ over his average lol. Jordon without a touch and less than 50% TOG
Ooost: C on Gawn and Stewart.. Looking good so far.
LMartos: Jordon was off from 56% of the quarter, can't expect him to get in the game easily like that
kascadev8: clark what r u doing
Ooost: Oh flower I have Clark too. Average start
poolboybob: Clark you suck
Gelly: may looks flowered, maybe broken eye socket
Raspel31: Mr Guthrie- this is a gentleman's game. Stop giving away penalties.
m0nty: poor Jelwood, fancy drawing a free kick like that
Stu7: Come on Jordon
zadolinnyj: Spargo went head back way before contact. Selwood can feel how frustrating that is
Stu7: Smith do something
Ash777: quack quack
Hazza09: Canít see Jordon anywhere
Baldfrog: Lol selwood has been teaching spargo how to duck
duckky: Yes Ash?
Stu7: shower game Geelong
clay007: Where is Clark?
Raspel31: Might try and loop Petracca in from my bench.
navy_blues: geelong might not make top 4 this year
Beast_Mode: this game would be over if the dees could kick
cmperrfect: I may have finally gotten my rook bench options correct after 4 weeks. Canít rush these things.
Beast_Mode: any chance jordon can get on the ground?
Baldfrog: Is anyone coming through for all these crap rookies?
Patty19: Gawn spending barely any time on the ball
circle52: Treacy as RF first game today at $102k nice option.
NankTank: they are playing clark full forward...
circle52: Dev Robertson Brisbane but bit exy
Patty19: Treacy has absolutely saved me!
clay007: Clark and Jordon no touches for an entire qtr
Baldfrog: Clark and Jordan have to go
kascadev8: jordan get on the field. clark touch the pill. wtf is going on, shoulda left the C on gawn
DrSeuss: Clark has been on the ground twice as much as Jordon though.
Baldfrog: Well we may not see Flynn again so Treacy maybe a go
Raspel31: Rowe got 2 touches by the end of qtr 3. Have patience.
clay007: As soon as I wrote it, both Jordon and Clark got involved
circle52: Rowe to Traecy in 2 weeks looking good.
Baldfrog: Don't stop now Clay
duckky: Write it again please clay
clay007: Good point @Raspel. Does Gawn get double points for all he does? NicNat does not get same point rewards.
clay007: Jordan is like a backyard dunny, real stinky
Hazza09: There is no role in the demons team anymore, he has to go
Hazza09: * for Jordon
Baldfrog: Maybe he is a decoy Hazza
Raspel31: Is gawn a good trade for Flynn?
clay007: @Monty need a dunny icon for blokes who are stinking it up
Baldfrog: Na you'll only jinx him to Raspel
cmperrfect: Mummy was BOG behind Greene. Flynnís job security is a worry.
duckky: Mummy can't play 2 games in a row let alone 2 good games in a row
Baldfrog: Surely Mummy will get suspended tho CM
Raspel31: cmpererr- I was, as we say in England taking the power.
PJ39301965: Mummy also said he was only going to play a fee
MrWalrus: Pretty sure Mummy was one and done
Hazza09: Useless Jordon
PJ39301965: Few games to assist with resting the other rucks
cmperrfect: The pee one double 5 ay Rasp. Haha. My bad.
Catatafish: Mummy's role is clear. An occasional step in for the young ruckman.
Spifflicat: Mumford was out on his feet in th last, canít see him backing up next week
cmperrfect: The will keep using Mummy to rest Flynn I reckon. Rookie rucks need to be managed.
Beast_Mode: lol i played jordon over powell fml
Crave: Think everyone would have be silly not to
cmperrfect: Gawickey still working nicely for me. Iíll keeps rooks elsewhere this year.
cmperrfect: Any1 proj still over 2200 at this stage?
Ooost: I think im at about 2200
Patty19: Hickey has looked awesome the last 2 weeks, covering the ground better than ever
kascadev8: zach guthrie = terrible. how do u get a game over Max Holmes or constable
Beast_Mode: yeah geelong are rubbish, making top 8 is unlikely
Raspel31: Knew I shouldn't have benched Petracca.
DrSeuss: Damn give Jordon a chance on the ground FFS
Hazza09: Jordon will get dropped next week @DrSeuss
poolboybob: Clock for Jordon, potato for Z Guthrie
cmperrfect: Any1 bringing Danger back in next week?
kascadev8: cm i might depending on the forwards they pick, also has norf and he loves to play norf
Beast_Mode: i might go neale to danger
Raspel31: Not the time to side trade guns- ergo no Danger- time to consolidate.
circle52: Danger has a B/e of 153 so take that into consideration and the 92 will still be in average.
DrSeuss: Jordon with more tackles than possessions.
Stu7: @cmperrfect - yes I am
navy_blues: gawn gets points for nothing
Beast_Mode: gawn is the goat thats why
beerent11: Butters to Atkins?
clay007: I agree @Navy
Beast_Mode: lets me guess you dont have gawn? lol
Hazza09: Absolute joke Jordon
MrWalrus: More tackles than possies isn't hard when you're going for 3
Trindacut: Those points are for clearances/hitouts to advantage
navy_blues: j have gawn but he gets points weather he wins the tap or not
Trindacut: 12 kicks, 5 marks and 4 tackles also have nothing to do with it haha
clay007: No @ Beast, too expensive, but he will be the reason I lose this week. Grundy is flower.
Beast_Mode: most of his hitouts are to advantage, its a work of art
navy_blues: im watching it closely my opp has him as c i dont
Raspel31: I refused to get Gawn as i dislike the SC scoring system.
BigChief: Need you to lift Stewart.
Trindacut: stewarts projected for 74 this week. Hoping he has a big Q4 and gets me over the 2k line
Trindacut: Do you play SC Raspel?
Trindacut: If so, that's the dumbest thing I've ever read. "I disagree with SC, but I still play it, I just dont pick good players"
Ash777: Salem having a mare
Beast_Mode: he's protesting, let him
BigChief: You must be a 1st time commentor @Trindacut.
Trindacut: I swoop in occasionally to call @navy_blues a flog from time to time then drift out again
Beast_Mode: lol
kascadev8: nice to see my team has done the usual go downhill once its the weekend. think ive got it worse than kennetts curse
Raspel31: I live by a very severe moral code Trindacut- burp.
navy_blues: call me whatever trinda as i said b4 be different in person u wouldnt say boo
kascadev8: rasp, we r the leaders
Trindacut: haha navy acting the tough kunt. Those who beat their chest on FF game chat probably beat a lot of things too much
BigChief: Get a room you 2.
kascadev8: @navy ... boo. boo my team
Trade Bait: how's your Taylor Walker predictions going @Trinda ya goose
Apachecats: living on the edge there Tridacut. ,actually crossed a line.
AuroraBore: can confirm, Trindacut is a flog
Hazza09: Havnt seen Jordon on the field since the first 5 minutes of the 3rd Qtr
kascadev8: can confirm chris scott needs to go
Trindacut: Tigers destroy teams for years.
BigChief: @kasca he is terrible for sure.
Bulky: Another contract extension coming up for Chris Scott no doubt. Has the Cats purring along nicely again.
kascadev8: tigers destroy teams for years??? losing to 9th in a final says otherwise. been nowhere b4 2017
Beast_Mode: give oliver the hulk!
Raspel31: Has anyone actually picked the right cap this year- aarggh?
Beast_Mode: lol geelong and 3-15 in finals
Dondeal: Third post in 2 years. Don't think its a wast to say Trinda seems a flog
Trindacut: Adelaide, GWS and now Geelong are cooked.
Beast_Mode: lol 3 flags in 4 years is the only arguemnt tigers fans need, take the L muppet
bhg26: Clark touch the ball you flowering spud
AuroraBore: don't forget collingwood Trinda
Trindacut: Geelong are getting caught out for having an overrated side now, and an overrated Coach
Beast_Mode: geelong are just too slow
Ash777: Can Lever get the rock icon?
kascadev8: geelong look garbage 10000% , we arent making the 8 this year
Trindacut: Lever a gun
Bulky: Clarkson or Hardwick would have won at least 3 flags if they had the same cattle that Scott's had over the past 10 years
Raspel31: Oldest team in the League- showing Beast. Come on Spurs against United tonight x
Trindacut: There's only so far Selwood flinging his arms and shrugging shoulders gets you. And it isn't a flag
monkebuket: bulky +1
kascadev8: danger needs to learn the dusty high fend off, would be easy 140s every week haha
Trindacut: Just a few grubby free kicks every game. (Granted under a better coach he got some flags lol)
Trindacut: Right on the sternum. Like how Giath did it to Dusty haha @kaska
Dondeal: wtf, Jordan got an effecive handball and a tackle and still no points??
kascadev8: scott has been terrible tho, 25% win percantage in finals as a coach with the list he's had is embarassing
kascadev8: jiath's was legit? a lot of dustys are high- regardless, i shall enjoy september off to watch marnus labuschagne
circle52: Maxy 4 F/a againbst effecting C score
Beast_Mode: gawn would be 160 plus otherwise
BigChief: HTB every day of the week Selwood ya sook.
kascadev8: 10 more points for clark and ill be happy
Kingy12: Nooooooo Rhys.... got tracca, Smith and u to kick 2 each smh
Trindacut: Dusty gets them paid against, hardly a free goes by for richmond without getting called. Wordt differential in the AFL
Trindacut: Gee wizz Pickett is special
Crave: LOL richmond fans always point out their free kicks even when no ones asks
Crave: changed their gameplan in 2016 were always paid more until then
Gelly: lever rock
kascadev8: richmond always deliberate free against to set up behind play, cant blame the difference when u deliberately contribute
kascadev8: lever is a gun, titch and fyfe going well in the other game, idk if anyone has them
Crave: Exactly kas
Hazza09: Jordon has cost me 8 league wins
Trindacut: Yeah Tiges supporters just expect it now, doesn't seemeyo effect them dominating the last 4 years
Raspel31: And Petracca benched this week for being a naughty boy"?
kascadev8: when james rowe outscores daniel + jordon,... this is an odd feeling
Trindacut: Rowe was on -2 at QT too
wilaj: Looks like some scaling to come
Trindacut: Need a new coach
kascadev8: was rowe on -2 at QT?? haha wtf