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exatekk: hey all. go crom
Yelse: which two would you play jordon, berry or powell
pjw1234: no Sloan:( so decided to field berry over Powell and Jordan no need for trades have Laird and Zebell going around as wel
exatekk: berry and jordan.
Yelse: yeah going berry and jordon as well, so many rookies plus caleb have failed me this weekend
Baldfrog: Oh goodie Kelly underpants is commentating go Camry Croms
pjw1234: powell will get a bit more midfield this week with anderson out
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone, so tempted to go C on Tex but didnít
navy_blues: go big tex
lukefield9: Is it just me who had no idea Fogarty could play in the midfield?
Ash777: go captain tex
bhg26: Jesus Christ Tex
Baldfrog: Only started to this year luke
zadolinnyj: Texas
m0nty: Tex on for 1,00 supercoach
kascadev8: go the texan, you have my vc
beerent11: Jon brownís 281 in danger
Baldfrog: Did browny score 281? Wow
circle52: Hi all
twinpeaks: That JDG to Tex trade looking good so far in AF
kascadev8: tex just lost 10 points lmao whyy
Beast_Mode: settle down
beerent11: One site says 281 found another that says 262. In 2006.
kascadev8: why does tex keep losing points? was on 50 then got another accurate disposal and loses 12?? wtf
bhg26: North are just so bad
teddyt: surely you know how the time played affects scoring by now ?
Beast_Mode: mate everyone is losing points not just tex, relax
teddyt: he had 2 goals 2 marks 2 kicks in 2 minutes played no shower the score was inflated
navy_blues: kelli underwood grrrrrr
wadaramus: Perfect conditions, terrible skills!
Ash777: Kelli atleast is not bt or dwayne
bhg26: Zurhaar is garbage
BigChief: Why have Kelli Blunderwood?
Dondeal: Yep navy_blues, the combo with Leigh Montagna is very uninspiring
wadaramus: Turn the tv down, listen to the radio :)
zadolinnyj: Her voice is flatline and does not create excitement which is a commentators job. Happy to have women like cricket comme
Baldfrog: Put powell on bench now he decides to score
circle52: Hope I do not regret benvhing Jordon and playing Berry
zadolinnyj: Same ballfrog
beerent11: Sloanedog out gives berry a good opportunity
beerent11: Ah well at least lachie young will get a good crack as sub
kascadev8: go tex
cwall66: Rowe must be allergic to leather lol
Hazza09: Same shower with Rowe different week
pharace: Spot on @ Ash
m0nty: North seriously undersized in defence
circle52: Think we all have fun picking the right rookies on field. can relate. Also playing Rowe at F6
Stu7: Rowe is working himself into the game
beerent11: Some really good rookies (swans) and some floweren shockers ( all other teams)
kascadev8: goodbye rowe, 1 game wonder
Stu7: Nice work OíBrien
PJ39301965: Big Mac out of game
m0nty: good news for Lachie Young starters like me
Ash777: phew young playing. Was going to cop a 0.
Hazza09: Rowe to Waterman is locked
kascadev8: @Hazza ditto
Beast_Mode: had to field rowe over brockman
Stu7: Youíve Rowed yourself out of my team Rowe
duckky: Who the hell sold me the Hype on LDU again?
PJ39301965: A war of attrition this game will be
beerent11: Injury sub is scoring better than Rowe
kascadev8: does james rowe want one of my donuts from yesterday? cant believe i have to make more
DrSeuss: So Norf chase Stephenson and then plant him at Full Forward - crazy
Bulky: Rowe makes Paddy Dow look like Dustin Martin.
beerent11: Was surprised he was dropped ash. Was playing well I reckon.
beerent11: Circlework
PJ39301965: The moral of the story is donít have players with OW in the namw
Ash777: probably dropped because mcdonald is ahead of him.
kascadev8: good start tex laird ziebell. good work
Napper: If someone tackles someone byt they still get the ball out does it count as a tackle?
beerent11: Maybe, different roles though. Young more an intercepting marking type.
beerent11: My team is rooted this week. Probably wonít get to 2000
circle52: Come on Rowe at least get to 34 so you do nor lose cash.
Stu7: Finally OíBrien
bhg26: Come on Berry, do something
Hazza09: Berry and Rowe just icing the cake on a horrid week
Hazza09: Berrys hopeless @bhg
Stu7: Come on put Stephenson on the ball
beerent11: Got em both on ground Haz. Only due to the norf factor.
Beast_Mode: same, if rowe cant score against north he is cooked
beerent11: Weíre probably going to cash in the good rookies early just for cash gen. Flynn, gulden, Warner.
kascadev8: id rather a donut than james rowe rn... smh
beerent11: McKay doing better on tex now
circle52: Think a lot thought the same Haz I have both on ground.
zadolinnyj: Only 1 quarter in boys. Maybe wait and see
Napper: went berry over powell...
rupertmarn: This James Rowe is a real peach.
DrSeuss: Tex has done very little since the first 5 minutes.
m0nty: Butts getting his pants pulled down
Stu7: Does Rowe have concrete stops?
BigChief: Did both Nth players get inj tackling Schoenberg?
FLAG: if Susan Boyle played afl she'd play like Rowe
beerent11: Nice tunnel tex. got away with one.
Hazza09: Have not sighted Berry since halfway through the 1st Qtr
Baldfrog: Lol flag like Collingwood
rupertmarn: Butts is exposed in defense.
wadaramus: Must be windy inside the dome.
FLAG: at least i have young brown bonar n butts
zadolinnyj: Butts a young kid building. Had a good year so far.
PJ39301965: Butts is getting caned
wadaramus: And wet.
Stu7: Butts game play stinks
bhg26: Theres berry
Gelly: wait till butts plays on cox
AuroraBore: Butts getting spanked
Stu7: Is Rowe in charge of social distancing
beerent11: You canít bother it any more than we are right now. flower me.
Raspel31: Sitting on Butts. He'llpull his finger out.
PJ39301965: Busts is beating Rowe and Berry together
bhg26: Berry marks it then theres a reversal, flower me
PJ39301965: Butts*
bhg26: Im beating Rowe at the moment PJ
Stu7: This SuperCoach thing is harder to win than tattslotto
Hazza09: Seriously Rowe is useless
bhg26: oh my god rowe is alive
Beast_Mode: rowe!!!
cwall66: He touched it!!
wadaramus: This bad kicking is inexcusable.
Ash777: Rowe got a possie!
Stu7: Rowe passes MAckay
m0nty: that ball touched Butts!
zadolinnyj: Mark to goody off butts face
DrSeuss: Tex - want to do something? Too early for Stephenson to ask for another trade? Wasted at FF
kascadev8: seuss he got another goal just for u
Raspel31: Well timed DrSeuss.
navy_blues: goldy on fire
Catatafish: Not a Berry good start from Sam. I'll show myself out now.
DrSeuss: Haha lucky 1 Kasca - canít say as much for Stephenson
kascadev8: come on tex another goal this quarter
bhg26: Does Powell have a basketball background
beerent11: Love goldy. Been such a great servant. One of our all time best.
Hazza09: So Berry gets a free kick for downfield, FfS
kascadev8: ziebell, more seagulling please. go tex + laird
Dondeal: "Stroke of genius". Calm down Kelli
Raspel31: That possession totally wasted Rowe.
kascadev8: kelli i did that in under14s, settle down
Hazza09: Rowe is useless
Stu7: What Stephenson now got Rowe syndrome?
kascadev8: how rowe got 100 against the cats ill never know
beerent11: Powell making good cash
beerent11: Rowes ok if heís on the bench. Will have a 3 goal game soon and make some money.
DrSeuss: So Stephenson was B.O.G in game 1 playing midfield - then coach moves him to FF since then for crap return. Genius
kascadev8: can adelaide make him the med sub so he can think about what hes done
duckky: Rowe's BE is 34. Will lose money this week
Napper: What yall projected? What you reckon par is
duckky: Depends on whether your field or your bench rookies are scoring well... my bench is
kascadev8: @Napper, 1934 after being projected 2200+ b4 yesterday. hopefully tex ziebell laird make up a bit for me- cos rowe wont
bhg26: 2200 and i have Powell, Ziebell, Laird and Berry in this one, so im hoping 2300 plus when the round ends
kascadev8: just realised treacy is playing this week, need kosi to not be the med sub
Raspel31: After 2 doughnuts I'll only just break 2000. Hmm?
MrWalrus: I've held McDonald since r1, 1800 if lucky this week, all the bad..
PJ39301965: 1980 with tex, Laird, Butts, Ziebel and Powell in this
navy_blues: daniel might get suspended
kascadev8: daniel to ridley next week, daniel will be suspended and doesnt look top8 defender
kascadev8: butters needs 8-10 weeks for an ankle injury?? wow
Raspel31: Might bring in Rowe- he'll be cheap.
duckky: Butters diagnosed with syndesmosis
MrWalrus: One day it will be my team which dodges all the carnage
cmperrfect: Howís the donut order going today Kasca? Had many sales?
kascadev8: cm yeh its going well, sold rowe a donut at qtr time too which was nice
bhg26: So Butters got be 55, and then a 96 and is out, great
Raspel31: The carnage continues- trades will run low.
BurtCocain: i traded smith for andy brayshaw before last round
kascadev8: if rowe finished above his BE every1 gets a free donut
Stu7: Iíve got so many dudes to get rid of out of my team Iím going to need 40 trades this year
Stu7: Dudds
Stu7: @Raspel31 lol
cwall66: This is a horrible game to watch
beerent11: Iím not gonna make it to round 20 with trades the way this season is going.
exatekk: flower oath
kascadev8: rowe on 12, everyone getting closer to a donut from me
kascadev8: did underwood just say cunnington with his deadly red boot?? he is wearing black boots....
navy_blues: lot of clangers in this game
Ash777: bet the wait of so many Captains on tex has weighed on him :P
Stu7: I knew it OíBrien you uddd
Hazza09: Whatís this with Daniel copping a week?
Stu7: Dudd
DrSeuss: Tex should have had 4 - but Crows canít hit the side of a barn with a Tractor
Raspel31: Does Rowe get a 2nd touch- give me odds ladies?
beerent11: Can tex be top 6 from now till the end of the season?
bhg26: Kanga Kanga Kanga Roo roo roo
MONEY TALK: raise the bat rowe
Yelse: can't believe i can't loophole powell in
Haydo: Treacy or Brockman on the field?
duckky: Rowe got his touch for the second half
Raspel31: Ouch Yelse.
MONEY TALK: wish i left cambell in my fwd, moved him to the mid bench to field rowe
beerent11: Raining in Perth haydo so maybe brockman
Ash777: rowe got 2 in a qtr!
MONEY TALK: rowes back boys
Foursuits: Signed in for the free donut @kas
hokkien34: Treacy or meek on the field?
Raspel31: Agree with beer- Brockman for me.
kascadev8: rowe is on fire, likelihood of kosi as med sub given he is "managed"
lukefield9: Stephenson back in the guts? Flying this quarter
duckky: Oh Oh Oh- Rowe is giving me the vapours with his rush of possies
beerent11: To be fair turner isnít stopping laird from getting the ball. Just being a pain in the alps
cwall66: Rowe on Fire!
clay007: Is Powell worth a punt in the future or is this an aberration?
BOMBRBLITZ: at least Rowe's alive
Raspel31: dukky- I've just had to grab my smelling salts.
beerent11: Heís a good rookie clay but has only averaged 59 to here.
kascadev8: now im relying on kosi not being named the med sub, yeesh
duckky: @Rasp I've started fanning myself and have asked for the medcinal brandy
Yelse: this is making my decision hard take rowe score or risk brockman
bhg26: 3 votes Rowe
Raspel31: I need kosi to be named the med sub-pleez?
ajconodie: Thank god for Powell E, Downie on bench and Jordan on field. Swapsies!!
beerent11: Cmon norf!
Raspel31: Rowe gun M0nty?
duckky: Brockman has had one 75 and two sub 25 scores
kascadev8: if kosi is med sub ill just go C on either titch or fyfe, probs titch
Stu7: Come on Stephenson
NewFreoFan: Is anyone else getting 404 errors when you try to go to a player's page link or just me
Beast_Mode: yes its been happening all week
kascadev8: fyfe or titch as captain incase i need to take tex's score
duckky: New server gremlins @NewFreoFan
Phasir: Theory: Rory Laird is being helped by the tag due to the tagger being in proximity making all his touches "contested"
oh_lol: Half of FF doesn't work properly FreoFan
tdarian: i started with mcdonald and held him for 4 weeks and this is how he repays me
zadolinnyj: All due respect Monty did say there is a server upgrade for speed and there will be some issues initially
cmperrfect: Rowe has reached his BE. Wowee.
kascadev8: rowe on his BE, who wanted a donut
circle52: Rowe makes his B/E
exatekk: need a Rowe goal for a multi
kascadev8: kosi is the med sub
Gelly: adelaide need to start hitting up some leads
NewFreoFan: kasca I'd go Titch, we don't really have a shut down player he should get good access to the footy
Raspel31: Cheers kasca- can never wish an injury but....
MrWalrus: @tdarian, me too, having a very poor week all around
navy_blues: adel dead on their feet
duckky: Rowe making a late run for the RS nomination
Beast_Mode: seems im the only one who benched powell :l
kascadev8: yeh im thinking titch, took the c off gawn incase kosi wasnt the sub- found out after melb started that he was :/
Ooost: Powell 100 will be great for cash generation
original: Cape for Rowe? Lol
Stu7: Come on Stevo each 100
hinsch: just tried to loophole Powell score for Jordon dam computer decides to update
exatekk: pity hes on my bench ooost
duckky: No Beast, just the only one who will admit it
kascadev8: rowe on fire
Ash777: Rowe's Kicked a goal!!!
BigChief: There ya go @exa
Ooost: Damn exatekk
cmperrfect: Roweeeeee. Give him a dollar sign m0nty haha
Stu7: Rowe for 3 votes !
Beast_Mode: lol well its the first game i benched him ha, hopefully jordon goes alright
kascadev8: come on tex kick another goal please
Stu7: Give him-what he wants Monty
exatekk: Thanks Chief! Had Goldy for 2 Rowe for 1, Zieball for 20 Keays for 20 and Laird 25
kascadev8: guess rowe is staying for another week smh
Stu7: VC loop for Rowe next week lol
Baldfrog: Least young has scored well since he came on
Beast_Mode: ive never seen someone complain that a player is making you more money lol smh
cmperrfect: Blue moon for Sholl surely.
navy_blues: u guys need to apologise to young rowe lol
DrSeuss: Crazy that Stephenson has been moved back forward after killing it in the 3rd up the ground.
Stu7: Sorry Sir Rowe
zadolinnyj: Showed a few of these last year cmperfect. Up and coming star winger
Stu7: @DrSeuss I know
original: Penguin for walker. Not getting over 140 what a pleb
Raspel31: I captained Dowe.
The39Steps: Is Freo v Hawks 4.40 normal time or 4.40 bogan time please?
Raspel31: Rowe.
Stu7: Is Dowe playing?
Stu7: Oh Rowe
beerent11: Lachie young underrated cashcow
aussie59: Bogan time @39.....esstern standsrd timee
Catatafish: Come on Berry
Baldfrog: Your right beer didn't have to worry but was close for a long time
poolboybob: Frampton potato
exatekk: praying Ziebell stays fit. At this stage im looking at Ziebell and Warner as F5 & 6
kascadev8: sholl wow
DamoBurner: Superman mcadam
beerent11: Throw!
Stu7: This is getting ugly north
kascadev8: tex basically to 100 without sloane and didnt kick a bag, think thats a good sign
Hooks: Laird Magnet
Beast_Mode: not really, tex played against a shower team. you clutching at straws mate