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kascadev8: go howe, good boy
_Wang_: Let's go Grundy
Yelse: hate it how every year cameron brings in mumford for the collingwood games
pharace: Haynes on the wing interesting move
Silz90: Kelly on the ball tonight?
pharace: And then Grundy gets 150 @yelse
pharace: Ash is going to get even better with Cogs etc
pharace: Cogs out that is
kascadev8: got howe grundy and taranto, score big boys
2Ph0nes: mummy will be cooked at half time
exatekk: whats wrong with the suns/blues feed?
pharace: Early in the season 2phones, he might get through - last season late was cooked
Yelse: umpires today horrendous
kascadev8: Yelse its been like that every game, not just today
2Ph0nes: umpiring has been fantastic compared to last night
DrSeuss: I have Grundy captain. Opponent has Taranto and Crisp - just give up now I reckon
kascadev8: ive still got the vc on tex haah, gonna back him
faisca7: Cmon GWS, join the 1.2.8 party
Ben_Gogos: If this style persists, we are going to see some obnoxious DT scores
Baldfrog: Brodie is alive after all
a1trader: come on Coxy, need 80
kascadev8: now gws kicked 1.2(8) but they r too late
DrSeuss: Grundy giving away frees and dropping easy marks - great start
duckky: At leastI don't have Grundy, got DeGooby instead
kascadev8: good start taranto
Raspel31: 4 x 7 = 28? That took a while. Step up- Grunty. Though I don't have you.
beerent11: Tender ... sounds a bit like tinder.
beerent11: Micdonalds sounds a bit like Macdonalds. They have the Golden Arches, we have the golden arch’s
Silz90: Mcdowells > mcdonalds
rupertmarn: Milford is monitorin
Hazza09: Rowe or Brockman tomorrow? Both will score 40 odd but who’s most likely?
kascadev8: probs rowe Haz, its norf
beerent11: Rowe v norf
Yelse: grundy completely getting man handled by mummy
rupertmarn: Mumford is monstoring Grundy I meant
rupertmarn: Grundy is as fickle as the breeze.
DrSeuss: Grundy getting owned by Mumford so far - playing like a softy
Yelse: dunno how H-Elliot still gets a game
Ash777: As soon as grundy gets a good ruck against him again he turns off.
beerent11: Grundy struggles against the gorillas. Mummy, Martin, witts.
AuroraBore: I'm getting the worst PTSD from the 2019 prelim, looks like exactly the same conditions
rupertmarn: I'll pick up Grundy when he's $500,000.
2Ph0nes: lol grundy droppoed 135sc on mummy last year..
rupertmarn: Might be the round for the despised franchise clubs.
kascadev8: howe grundy taranto lift
DrSeuss: Grundy getting grabbed and held the entire time though
AuroraBore: i-madgen if that goes through
Water: toby greene AA captain this year
Ash777: that's a good 1 Water
Ash777: It'd be a toss up between Parker, or Bont
kascadev8: this feels like a delete team week, anyone else havin that? lmao
BigChief: Can I have 30 trades for this week alone please?
DrSeuss: Yep - getting that feeling Kasca - for every playing scoring 100 - I have another that scores 20
exatekk: im switcing to "TV with the wife" Kas!!
Water: my team is going swimmingly this week actually
cmperrfect: Cmon Taranto. Find the pill for faaaark sake.
rupertmarn: The Grundy/ Flynn combo- or "Flundy" is not looking good this week.
DrSeuss: Is Flynn going to get back into this Giants team next week? Mumford is flying
rupertmarn: Water- lol
a1trader: DeGoey not having any influence
rupertmarn: The fattest player in the league is the top SC player at half time.
duckky: @Water... that is weak as...
Water: Lmao
beerent11: The suns blues game is shocking. This one any good?
duckky: A better class of comments beerant.
clay007: Hello
Water: flower off pies
2Ph0nes: gws scoring has dried up..
rupertmarn: Josh Kelly wtf?
kascadev8: lol jelly wtf is going on, can at least 1 of taranto/grundy/howe ton up please
DrSeuss: Grundy with terrible hands tonight - couldn’t catch a cold
Pies20: Not watching but what the flower is going on with the pies? Unfortunately sa have the suns game to froff over
AuroraBore: these umps are flowered surely
Yelse: grundy will tone up he has lifted
Yelse: Piessss lifttttt bring it home
Pies20: Grundy-3 +2 -3 +3 in 1play what the?
HugeHead: Whats going on with Maynard. Is he just not seeing the footy or is he playing bad
Pies20: So is pendles and Adams flowered for the game red vest red cross im confused
Gotigres: I need 70 points from you this qtr Grundy
Yelse: Sier is out for the game
Kidult: Sier was subbed @Ben. Showing Pendles
Baldfrog: Nice to see you ohsorozee
Wo0lfee: Mare icon for Maynard
Pies20: With the clock icon wow I'm really confused now
Baldfrog: Collingwood should push the afl to let their women play they show more ticker
Ben_Gogos: Sorry lads - Pendles is fine. I had the wrong info.
Pies20: Haha Baldy should of said the same thing about your mob last year
AuroraBore: what the flower is wrong with these umps
DrSeuss: How many frees do you want to give away Grundy - FFS. It’s Mumford
Pies20: That's ok Ben so does baldy Muppet
Kidult: Thanks @Baldfrog and to u aswell.
2Ph0nes: like i said, mummy would be cooked at half time
duckky: This game is becoming flowered
HugeHead: Maynards SuperCoach is horrendous
Stu7: Grundy not going to make 80 at this rate
poolboybob: 9 clangers for Taranto
2Ph0nes: it deserves to be horrendous
HugeHead: yeah I figured it would be the case, been a bad season so far for him
preki1: mummy needs a line of coke
2Ph0nes: 7 clangers mate
2Ph0nes: lol grundy 8 clangers
LMartos: How did Grundy jump from 60 to 78 without doing anything lol
DrSeuss: BS Frees against Grundy all night - but Mumford grabs and holds all he likes
boges11: Does a ruckman get a clanger if the opposition roves his tap?
duckky: That was an even up free after that clanger by the ump
Yelse: the pies can hold a mark inside 50 all night
pcaman2003: Waiting for CD to give Howe his HB and points from 5 mins ago.
AuroraBore: flower this
Yelse: umpires have given this game to gws
Pies20: Taranto just got 3touches and lost sc points what the?
Pies20: And the pies will loose fk me
Water: i love beating COllingwood
Catatafish: Not watching, but does Taranto know his team wears orange?
Pies20: What happened to Adams?
DrSeuss: Lots of dubious ‘high tackles’ given to GWS in this game.
Pies20: You would love beating anyone this year @water first win
kascadev8: taranto up 1 point this quarter, get amove on mate
duckky: There seems to be more rotten with Collingwood than historical allegations
Pies20: Taranto the inaccurate gun?
rupertmarn: What's wrong with Josh Kelly?
Migz: taranto the musket
2Ph0nes: 7 players had 7 or more clangers lol
Pies20: Would love him shooting at me, flower shower effort pies
2Ph0nes: taranto shooting blanks
kascadev8: another game where none of mine ton up, thats the usual saturday for me, will rebound a little tomorrow
shaker: Pies midfield looking very thin after tonight
Pies20: Pathetic so disappointing, obviously a bad night tonight but frustrating to see
Water: satisfying win
2Ph0nes: pies just a shower team, need to clear out and rebuild
Spifflicat: Beaten by the better team Yelse
navy_blues: grundy beaten by mumford thats funny