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Ash777: Time to repay the faith cripps
PJ39301965: Cripps and Bowes for me.
Bulky: Dow to blitz tonight and crack 15 points.
kascadev8: cripps you can stop scoring now haha
PJ39301965: Letís hope so bulky, get his be so he can go next week
Silz90: Eyes on baby burgess tonight
duckky: So I've traded Dow out ... now watch him ton up
royboy16: pretty safe atm Dukky
kascadev8: greeny stop that patrick cripps. no more for him
Bulky: Dow would be lucky to ton up if you added all his scores together at the end of the year.
Catatafish: Dow is a spud, he won't get close to a ton
beerent11: Paddyís teammates just flat out ignore him
beerent11: Iíd take 50 catafish
Silz90: how many times will the camera pan to sos tonight?
beerent11: Under/over 40
kascadev8: cripps u can stop now. STOPPP
Silz90: Hats off whoever started the year with bowes.
Baldfrog: Is the old Doc back?
beerent11: Go paddy good boy.
beerent11: Is the other game better?
PJ39301965: Traded him in when Day went down Silz
StacksOn: other game is shocking beer, gws so boring
BigChief: This is a terrible game to watch.
kascadev8: bowes or riddles, if u didnt have either who would u get in first?
Silz90: Good job PJ. And baldfrog sorta but not intercepting/chipping the ball like 2 years ago
Silz90: Kas riddles 1000%
Ash777: Ridley is premo but bowes is probably more gettable.
cmperrfect: Any1 got the plums to C Tex this week?
beerent11: Cripps good= Walsh bad
kascadev8: cripps u can stop now.
navy_blues: ump needs glasses
Silz90: umps no good
navy_blues: wasnt high against curnow think ump guessed that1
duckky: Eddie
Catatafish: How does Dow get a game?
faisca7: Rhyce Shaw out there, good on him
Silz90: Gold goast have 12 frees - blues have 4
royboy16: skills are pretty average all round
Bulky: Another eye catching performance from Dow.
pcaman2003: WTF is Walsh doing? I needed him to ton up
navy_blues: 14-4 gc way in free kicks
BigChief: Dow BOG by a mile.
PJ39301965: 1 HBT and Dow nearly doubles score. Lol
navy_blues: mumford killing grundy in other game
Silz90: We drafted Dow and Obrien in the same year. Shocking.
beerent11: Downer only 28 from his breakeven. Letís go!
beerent11: Steele giveth and Walsh taketh away.
Bulky: I bet Dow's uniform never needs washing. It would be as clean at the end of the game as it would be at the start.
Silz90: Donuts for mckay
beerent11: Heís climbing pcaman
BigChief: Wow Blues got a soft free. Miracles do happen.
a1trader: Plenty would have dropped Dow this week. I'm one of them
beerent11: Still on his first pair of boots bulky
BigChief: Dow's shorts might need cleaning though, esp the back
Bulky: They wouldn't have a mark on them beerent.
Water: had to decide between Houston, Bowes and Hurn to trade in this week, ended up with Houston. Bowes may end up better
cmperrfect: Wish SC reclassified players mid season.
Hooks: Is this the worst game you have ever seen?
beerent11: Canít get mad at Walsh. He just tries so hard.
beerent11: Worst this year by a long way hooks
Silz90: They shouldnt play night games at Metricon. Especially when there is bad kicking sides
navy_blues: um think norf games been pretty bad beer
beerent11: True navy
navy_blues: dew same for both teams
BigChief: Night games in Qld is just wrong.
beerent11: Too hot during the day I guess
Apachecats: Is any one else getting taken to the pre match screen when you click on the other game.
zadolinnyj: Yes apache
navy_blues: yes apache i just started new window
PJ39301965: Same apache
Ash777: Mckay needs the mare icon
Apachecats: Another bug to fix m0nty.If you return to Fanfooty homepage and have a second go you get through.
BigChief: Blues disp is putrid tonight.
Apachecats: Thanks navy blues -good move.
navy_blues: yw
Gotigres: Surely Carlton has players in the VFL reserves who can contribute more than Dow.
kascadev8: theyd have marchbank @Gotigres, but i think he did his acl today
navy_blues: and kennedy our sub this game
navy_blues: id like to see a few young guys get a game
beerent11: They must see something there navy
Silz90: Stocker and kemp to come in. Dow was okay in the 1st round, a few Score involvements/assists
beerent11: What was he 2nd or third in his draft?
navy_blues: sydney and port seen the benefits young guys are hungry to impress
Silz90: Brayshaw was 2, Dow was 3rd and ldu was 4th?
Catatafish: He was 3rd. Someone must have taken the exam for him. Shouldn't be listed let alone playing
beerent11: Late bloomer maybe. Hope so for his sake.
NewFreoFan: And Cerra was 5th
Tig-Train: Dow doesnít get a game in any other team... just useless
Silz90: Dam freo, the kid can play
Catatafish: He just always seems to stand outside and almost actively avoids contests - backs out of marks etc.
BigChief: Dow only getting a game because he was pick 3.
Yelse: not watching but where is cripps been playing tonight?
Catatafish: I'm annoyed at myself. Knew he was a spud but got conned by this rubbish breakout talk.
Silz90: Downgrade to waterman or another rookie and cut your losses
Catatafish: @BigChief yep agree, hope and pray he amounts to more than a wasted pick 3.
Catatafish: @Silz oh I'm not holding him because I think it'll change. Had spot fires to deal with. Dow to Waterman it is.
Bulky: Dow's scintillating form has rubbed off on Cripps and Walsh.
navy_blues: dont know what price cottrell is but he is doing ok
Silz90: All good. Think that will be a popular move this week.
Trindacut: carlton looking like fat slugs, reckon gcs will overrun them
Hazza09: Dow BE of 44, will he get it?
Baldfrog: Cata many of us got sucked in by the breakout talk
Trindacut: going to be a bit of sc carnage this week
Baldfrog: Good trinda had mine last week with a sub 2k round
Hazza09: One of Fullarton, Scott, Brockman or Rowe to Waterman is the go this week
Trindacut: Dow to Waterman for me
Silz90: Imagine Dow kicked the winner lol
Catatafish: Dow wouldn't be anywhere near the ball to kick a winner, he'd shower himself being on the field.
HugeHead: ill be lucky to break 1850 this week
Catatafish: Just sub Dow out, he shouldn't be playing anyway
Badgerbadg: Carltons theme song is racist
duckky: Dow may be interested if they put tomato sauce on the ball
Silz90: Yeh and pigs fly badger
Baldfrog: Been on the cones badger?
BigChief: what are you smoking badger?
HugeHead: Dow got a touch!!!
HugeHead: oh you absolute flog just take the shot
kascadev8: players across all games r scoring bad for me, only exception would be taranto ig
Badgerbadg: Nah boys, it says old dark in the lyrics.. definitely racist
kascadev8: badger i thought it was the tune not the lyrics, i read that somewhere but idk
Badgerbadg: Oh really? LOL I was just taking the power
DropCox: Carltons theme is sung to an old school tune that was racist. Different times.
Gotigres: Dow out performing himself with 50m gained
Silz90: Daniel scored 19 today. Dow has doubled his score
Gotigres: Make that 29m gained
kascadev8: good boy cripps, score under 80 again, lovely stuff
amigaman: Have SC scores stopped?
original: Lot of points left
kascadev8: cripps got 30 points from scaling? ffs- where was this 2 weeks ago when i had u, impey gotta match it now