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Ash777: Lewis Young is in not Zaine Cordy
Yelse: thinking of benching daniher due to weather? anyone else doin it?
_Wang_: Hi all
Stephen001: Go the Bulldogs...
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone
ballbag: why has the game started already?
Yelse: hate it when your player starts on the pine, they spend more time there than any other time in a game
pharace: Game start time is 1.45pm yet it's 1.39 and game running????
Napper: How is that not a tackle from macrae at the first centre bounce come on
m0nty: I think they started it early because they don't want overlap on the games so they're giving themselves ten minutes room
Crippa9: They also wanted to give some airtime to the AFLW as well
pharace: Thanks Monty, AFL making more decisions on the fly....
circle52: hi all
NewFreoFan: I don't think I've ever seen someone have 5 tackles before their first disposal
Raspel31: Highmore into Flynn for me. So glad I kept Neale- except I didn't.
original: Was neale injured all preseason and we just didnít know?
Ash777: Neale is playing injured original
Legix: daniel just suplexed berry
original: Know that, just wondering how long he has been injured for
Yelse: daniel why do i have you whyyyy
original: Legix tbf looked like he tried to spin to avoid heíd but looked crazy ay
NewFreoFan: Daniel was like a luchador with that suplex in his helmet
beerent11: Geez McRae is using the footy well this year
Raspel31: Attaboys Macrae and Dunks.
Ash777: Hunter with 7 tackles is unheard of.
pcaman2003: I see the Giraffe in the fwd line hasn't sniffed it yet.
Yelse: great day so far daniel scott daniher dunkley NOT
beerent11: Tossed up between starting Daniel or Ridley preseason. Oh well.
Raspel31: I wouldn't touch Ridley with a barge pole- of course I'm lying.
beerent11: Thatís the only downside of that rule.
BOMBRBLITZ: Bont VC looking like a great last minute decision
Raspel31: Might trade Neale back in next week as my ex wife says I love blowing money.
pcaman2003: Daniher a gr8 pick up for the Lions. Once he gets the ball ,he'll be fine, maybe!
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I f you like blowing money,then what does she like blowing?
Raspel31: Behave pcaman- I'll text you details.
pharace: Zorko has angry small man syndrome
Raspel31: Who should father my child- Macrae or Dunkley?
Migz: soft free
PAFC4eva: hi everybody last night game was a cracker does anybody know who flying jelly beans is
gIMX7: Neale > Ridley is looking better and better lads.
pharace: Mitch Robinson @ Raspel
PAFC4eva: playing him this wek
gIMX7: @Raspel Harris Andrews is 6'5" and lanky, you know he's packing the ol' Pete Davidson
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Daniher! He seems to have plenty of time doing nothing else.
Raspel31: Spoiled for choice- thanks ladies.
NewFreoFan: Classic Joe, 2 handballs and still can't get in the positive
pcaman2003: Spectacular price drops coming up for Neale. Bargain basement soon.
tommy10: Wtf Daniel
Raspel31: Can't wait to get him back in pcaman.
faisca7: English almost has stat bingo already!
Yelse: seriously daniel and daniher do something
Migz: i saw daniher get a spoil earlier he didnt get any points for. typical CD playing favourites.
pharace: We need Lions to kick more bear Behinds @ Tomy
Napper: Do they not pay disposals for kickouts if you donít play on????
beerent11: Ball isnít getting down there tommy
softwhitee: neale just straight up ruining my season
NewFreoFan: @pharace if there's a team to kick plenty of behinds, it's the Lions
beerent11: Just 4 bags of insulation batts on top of the grandstand. .. normal stuff.
hinsch: at this rate you will be able to get Neale for under $250K in a few weeks be a good POD
pharace: You'd think so eh @NFF
gIMX7: @Napper yep, disposal only counts if the play on into play. I think they then boost the weighting of those kicks though
Migz: @napper. No. they never have. They atleast used to have to kick to them selves to get the extra touch
hinsch: Got Neale & Daniher this game looking OK at the moment, at least they won't get injured
beerent11: Will we want him? Wait for two good scores I reckon.
pharace: Though Naughton would kick today - on his way maybe?
cmperrfect: Bombers must be spewing the lost Fantasia and Daniher.
Napper: Got it cheers
original: Neale holy cow ffs
cwall66: Daniel, Neale and Daniher, Gonna be a long game
pharace: Yeah cmperfect they want to swap Cox and Jones to get the back - not!
Raspel31: Hold Neale they said- you're a moron if you trade him. Proudly announcing I am a moron.
BOMBRBLITZ: Daniher Potatoe
NewFreoFan: I didn't take Neale out of spite for him leaving the Dockers haha, loving it
circle52: Ne too Raspel I held
Ash777: the local lions boy leading for lions
Beast_Mode: does anyone even stilll have neale?
pharace: Wow Macrae
wadaramus: Yes.
softwhitee: me too morons unite
Migz: 33% before this weekend still owned neale
Raspel31: No circle- I traded him.
rupertmarn: Neale just playing for $$$ .
Beast_Mode: you trading him this week i assume
original: Caleb daniel Ooft what a shocker for my team
beerent11: Need a good captain McRae score to make up for shortalps
rupertmarn: Neale is a lying scam artist.
wadaramus: Got Heeney to deal with first.
NewFreoFan: Hey m0nty I'm gettting a 404 error for the player pages, no matter what player
Raspel31: Exactamento beer.
Napper: Come on Daniel
a1trader: Is Joe on the ground?
ballbag: be good if the little fella could stand up
Stephen001: got McCrae VC with Grundy C, which should I go for?
Pevo: I'm not even buying Neale when he drops to 450K
Raspel31: Silly question Stephen- too early to tell.
Hazza09: Bailey Smith was a huge mistake trading him in for Rowell
pharace: Grundy against Mummy, know which way I go @ Stephen
shaker: I can log on using my phone but not on my laptop using Chrome?
Catatafish: Ffs Daniel you plodding midget
kascadev8: Wtf are neale and daniel doing?? Do SOMETHING ffs
rupertmarn: Joe Daniher should have chosen basketball or cricket as a career
gingjok: Is Daniel being tagged by Berry? .. or is he just spudding it !?
pcaman2003: @rupertman. Or perhaps he could just stand there and be a goal post. Closest he'll ever get to the goals
Raspel31: Daniher to Tex was perhaps my worst move this year.
kascadev8: How rude of me. Hello everyone. Now, neale and daniel, do SOMETHING
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Now I'm just envious.
pharace: Settle Kasca Daniel has gone five ties what he had a Qtr time - blah blah
Tig-Train: Neale is overrated... worse brownlow medalist since cooney
pharace: Bit still way better than woewodin @ TigTRain
Phasir: Priddis is far worse than Neale, Tig-Train
kascadev8: Why dont brisy pass neale the ball.. its like he is seagulling incorrectly
Beast_Mode: glad i went against the grain and picked houston over daniel
pharace: Shagger's back Kasca
cmperrfect: I think Woewodin has Cooney covered Tig
kascadev8: Beast starting Daniel over Ridley is the biggest upside down face emoji lmao
Raspel31: And no one jumped on Guthrie- killing it?
kascadev8: Whats neales BE going to at this rate? About 300?
hinsch: when Neales BE goes above 500 I and trading him out
arbel: Daniher BE of 1 ... will he make it :P
kascadev8: Neale to Danger and Campbell to Ridley next week. Idc its happening. Time i joined the rage traders
hinsch: arbel I hope so hopefully Daniher gets at least 2
bhg26: Daniel to Ridley looking good so far
Raspel31: Macrae to Neale and Tex to Daniher for me next week.
Yelse: problem with daniel ball hardly goes down there there mids are too good
Beast_Mode: kasca how trades you got mate?
kascadev8: Beast 25 mate, had a few injuries and 2 corrections involved in that. Only used 1 this week with H Young to chapman
Beast_Mode: ihave 26, gotta use one to get neale out next week tho
Yelse: daniher making his moveeeee
Raspel31: Why on earth would you lose Neale Beast? Wait till he loses a shower more.
kascadev8: Ill be down to 23 next week haha. Hopefully i can then just ride out the rookies for a few weeks after
Migz: dunk to bont to bont to dunk to bont. excellent boys keep it up
Beast_Mode: lol
hinsch: Neale had 78 at half time last week finished on 90 maybe he is doing that in reverse this week
kascadev8: If neale and daniel somehow get to a combined 185 ill quick sell my Neymar
cwall66: What is Daniel Doing!
AlsoGmax: So torn. Have Daniher as a unique this round.
Migz: need mcniel or scott to pull out a drew like last qtr last night and go up 80 points
pcaman2003: After this match,Neale will be under 600k. BE of 212 and proj today 100.
Raspel31: Migz- I admire your optimism.
beerent11: Dwayne Russell would love to be mike breen
Catatafish: May as well go home Caleb if you aren't going to flowering play
kascadev8: Thank shower i still have 313k to spare and can go neale to anyone. At this rate id be better
Migz: i just needed to speak it into existence raspel cheers.
Raspel31: That's a lot on the bench kasca- you waiting for the new coming?
Wahab_18: Caleb are you serious mate?
_Wang_: Lions are utter showere this year
pcaman2003: Need Macrae to get 160 plus to make up for the lanky forward No 3
a1trader: pleased to see my opponent with Caleb Daniel and Lachie Neale - he's probably pleased to see Daniher in my team though
Wahab_18: I'm so lucky my opponent is a donkey this week..
NankTank: Daniel and Daniher racing to who can hit 20 first
Migz: tank! Daniher steams home to make it to 20
Raspel31: Macrae- this is siet a move on.mply not up to scratch lad. G
feralmong: could be worse they could be 0
beerent11: Lions 4 behinds - Daniel 4 possessions. Coincidence?
Raspel31: Frozen keyboard- apologies- nothing to do with alcohol.
Napper: Daniels not even taking kickouts welp heís useless
feralmong: Daniel has a whole last quarter of junk time to get to 100 lol
circle52: 3rd umpires goal to Dogs. Mark cleraly not controlled
original: Is dale taking kick ins?
Ash777: circle they always play the player in front and adams ripped it from his hands
Raspel31: It does beg the question- how can your mid not be full of Doggies- no pun intended.
beerent11: Everyoneís gonna have a quiet game now and then. Daniel will be fine.
feralmong: Got the C on Dunks. Getting excited.
Beast_Mode: lol
Raspel31: Took a punt and capped Daniher Feral. No, Macrae for me.
feralmong: hehe. Joe and Daniel no loss both my oppo have them too.
Dredd: Good fun to have 10-23 free kicks...
kascadev8: DANIEL DO SOMETHING FFS... even neale has moved ffs. This isnt afl live on the hardest difficulty. You're a natural seag
Yelse: i think rage trade daniel next week
feralmong: he is kasca, sooking in the pocket so he's watering the ground. very important.
Raspel31: I'm going to rage trade Daniel in next week I'm so angry.
Beast_Mode: 2nd poor gamre form daniel already, signs are not good
pcaman2003: Zorko on 11 clangers. Anyone know the record?
rupertmarn: This is my worst year in ten years.
DrSeuss: Need Dunkley and Macrae to go massive to make up for A Scott and Daniher
Ash777: Daniel moved forward
Raspel31: I'm drawing a doughnut with Flynn out so go Macrae, Dunks and Bont.
AuroraBore: mare for Charlie, need him to kick a goal for my multi
AuroraBore: also hello Elijah if you're watching
Raspel31: Is Neale worth trading in? Looks okay for a rookie.
ballbag: neales gonna be nice cheap. does nothing for a half and will still ton up
bhg26: Daniel has had better games
clay007: Daniher hb to Birchall, no score. WTF?
beerent11: Heís running out the game ok ballbag
feralmong: it went up clay. 23 to 25.
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week none of my opponents have Daniher
pcaman2003: @Clay. Thinking the same. His stats haven't changed. ripped off
beerent11: Ha McNeill is the best of my 3 rookies in this game on 37.
beerent11: Robertson will be a gun
original: Went Scott on field over Campbells 51 ffs
clay007: Just saw that Feral. Other players loaded scores first, and they were after that play.
Beast_Mode: neales sc is rubbish
feralmong: i'm leaving my 4 swans rookies on the ground because so don't have to think.
feralmong: Some Junk Dunk.
clay007: Dunkley rarely plays a bad game
pcaman2003: Oh well! Will burn cash to trade Daniher for an upgrade this week.
feralmong: Go Junkley
ballbag: slow down neale. i wanna get you in afew weeks as everyone trades you out
Raspel31: To Macrae or not to Macrae- aye, there's the rub. Think he's done enough.
BigGryan: daniel is shower absolute shower
wadaramus: Daniher on the right!
a1trader: womens final on 7 and mate. Does anybody really watch it?
feralmong: only if wheeler dealers isn't on.
feralmong: decent crowd though a1. better than a Giants/Suns home game.
StacksOn: i love the womens footy
Raspel31: I was a woman once.
rupertmarn: Neale is the only player with a starting price of over $700,000
pcaman2003: What's wrong with the scoring? It's very slow. Danihers goal not registered as points yet.
Yelse: daniher didn't get any SC for that goal?
clay007: Daniher's goal points are taking ages. Is the maths too hard to calculate or something
duckky: Can't someone feed a few kicks to Caleb?
a1trader: maybe if they were topless and the colours were painted on.....then I'd be more interested
beerent11: 200+ scaling to come
feralmong: i think ur right clay. they don't like putting pts in the Joe column.
a1trader: sorry, I shouldn't have said that
Crippa9: a1 I think if it was like that the women would distract each other lol
BigChief: M0nty has already said this is a new server and it is a little slower. So be patient
rupertmarn: who hasn't scored 100
duckky: Atnon-standard venues (Ballarat,Cairns, Darwin) supercoach scores lag/. Be patient
wadaramus: Neale 27 touches, 12 contested, 78sc?
wadaramus: Bont 20 touches, 7 contested, 106sc?
StacksOn: yeah a1, pretty shocking call
Beast_Mode: plus 8 clearances wada
StacksOn: womens footy will get better with younger girls growing up playing the game and being paid well enough to train more
clay007: He actually lost a point @feral. Hilarious!
lukefield9: @wadaramus Neale did it all in the last quarter when it was pretty much over
Beast_Mode: dont worry about it a1, you're probably not the only virgin on FF
wadaramus: Zacly Beast_Mode, wtf?!
bc__: Wtf happened to Daniel?
Yelse: i think they forgot to put daniher down and i doubt will be corrected
Silz90: Beast = biggest keyboard warrior
wadaramus: With scaling, i think I will take Macrae vc.
_Wang_: Any hope of scaling at some stage
navy_blues: thats final score no scaling
navy_blues: hmm ok supercoach had updated b4 those scores