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m0nty: looking forward to this one
Baldfrog: M0nty u rekon dusty will go big?
m0nty: seems like his sort of night, yep
Baldfrog: Yeah was thinking same be a heavy contested game
exatekk: Hey m0nty, Bald!
cmperrfect: Boak due for a big one. Back on home soil too.
Baldfrog: Hey Texatek
exatekk: VC on Boak here cmp
cmperrfect: Very tempted too exa
CozzieCan: VC Boak also .. dusty could possibly get tagged ?? Not sure
exatekk: where have our team icons gone?
cmperrfect: No more purple names on the new server @ m0nty?
Baldfrog: Exa Sloane out is a big loss for us
hinsch: not this game but Flynn out this week will sort a few teams need Jones to go 80+ for a win
navy_blues: i could vc boak but want to vc tex think he will go berserk
cmperrfect: Hard to VC a player on a Sunday though.
Baldfrog: Yeah Hinsch I have him r2 having to use Meek
exatekk: Yeah Bald. Shattered!
navy_blues: omg im stuffed with flynn out
CozzieCan: @cmp agreed hard to loop this week
Grimes Jr: excited to watch mansell. will be a player
Baldfrog: Cameron is not on my Christmas list now
CozzieCan: Bugger it VC dusty , reckon heíll bounce back after last week
cmperrfect: Weather is shizen all weekend in Melb too. Gonna be plenty of stoppages in Melb and Ballarat.
Baldfrog: Hope so cozzie but dusty can be lazy at times
Baldfrog: Cmperfect weather is always shizen in Melbourne
Apachecats: Evening all ,just watch Ladhams rip it up after I delisted him for Hickey.
cmperrfect: Itís was perfect over Easter bald
Apachecats: Now got to cop a donut in the backline.
cmperrfect: Had Hickey from the start. Backs up every week so far.
Baldfrog: Go Zac nice start
m0nty: there is still a bug or two in the chat script, have to work on that
Apachecats: Cotchin absolutly hanging on to Butters illegally at that centre bounce.
CozzieCan: Footy gods please gift dusty a 200
CozzieCan: Also have Aliir and boak go boys
Raspel31: Evening ladles and gentlebums- a long lunch, burp. Now back to reality.
Rach: Hi all - Dusty and LJones (E loop) for me in this one
kascadev8: Evening legends, just got Short in this given Bergman isnt medical sub
m0nty: good start young Butters
pj39301965: Evening all, Butters, Short and e on Fantasia
Pies20: Only dusty tonight @rach, where is our team logo's @Monty?
Pies20: Evening pj
zadolinnyj: lads
circle52: testing to see if I can get in
circle52: Evening all
Raspel31: Not here yet circles?
circle52: Finally for this year a few issues etc
cwall66: evening lads, Dusty, Aliir and Butters tonight
CozzieCan: @mOnty apologies for my behaviour last week also .. wonít happen for future .. cheers m8
Apachecats: Got the security issues fixed m0nty ,well done back working on Chrome again ,but lost the team logoes ,can't win can you
Pies20: What you do cozzi? Good game to watch so far
DrSeuss: Get off the pine Short - need you to keep up with Bitte
Apachecats: Instant fix ,thanks m0nty.
cmperrfect: Apologies every1 who has Boak. I pumped him up pre game.
Pies20: Well done the great @Monty logo's back
DrSeuss: Keep up with Butters and Houston - that was
Ceema: Butters and jones, not a bad start
Raspel31: Bingo- well done Apache and the m0nty who rules us from above.
Gotigres: That's it Short. Need you to seagull the kick ins
clay007: Boak-almost so far
navy_blues: richmond might run away with this
Apachecats: All m0nty's good work raspel.
Pies20: Tipped the tiges keep going
original: Dixon on 16 sc from a handball, hitout and a free against? Really?
PJ39301965: Disposals are atrocious atm by Port
Baldfrog: Butters is a star and thats from a Crows sup
Migz: does butters have an opponent? multiple uncontested marks not a great look.
kascadev8: Tipped Port. Don't let me down
Apachecats: and a clanger @original.
Raspel31: One lightly wipe's one's brow that Boak was not brought in this week.
original: Apache and Robbie gray 2 scoring assists and a FA and heíll be on 8 or something
cwall66: butters going big!
tolerant16: Aliir in every contest
CozzieCan: Aliir may finally pay off this game !! Go son
clay007: Love it when one of your Sc players hb to another for a goal. Martin to Short. Awesome!
Apachecats: yeah original makes you wonder sometimes ,definintely favors some players.
Gotigres: Thats's the way Short. Seagull those goals.
cmperrfect: Those who VC Boak might need to look for C options. Ouch.
shaker: Well done m0nty I can log on tonight
gazza39: Raspel, how true about Boak!
DrSeuss: How is that holding the ball?
CozzieCan: Wow butters ... will he keep this up ?? Save some fire boak ya hog lol
original: Butters a star
kascadev8: Yes Seagull Short. Good boy. Gee Butters is a good footballer
MONEY TALK: got butters and short vs dusty, very happy
Ash777: butters has become professor chaos.
Raspel31: Who's your team Gotigres? My screen says Brisbane
Grimes Jr: butters definitely a good player. But a massive flog
Badgerbadg: Butters going harder than he does with his Insta DMs
Baldfrog: Funny a Richmond fan calling others flogs
Ash777: How is he a massive flog?
Crave: Butters less of a flog than anyone on Richmonds list
cwall66: how is butters a flog, hard young player, GUN
Gotigres: Butters already reached his BE
m0nty: Butters is the sort of player who will get booed because he's too good
CozzieCan: Need butters to slow down , can feel my pacemaker about to blow out
Napper: Went Rowell to cerra hopefully it pays offs. Maybe should of went Butters
kascadev8: Richmond full of flogs. Only non flog is Houli
Apachecats: Butters no flog here.Just an emerging premium.
CozzieCan: @Kas no love for dusty ??
Apachecats: Any theories on Boak anyone.? Butters getting all of it I suppose.
cmperrfect: Did you trade McGrath Apache?
Raspel31: I stay away from players who score 71 in a quarter- can't trust them m0nty.
Baldfrog: Jones looking ok for a downgrade
DrSeuss: Not sure that Butters is a flog - but I wonít mind if he only gets 1 more possession for the game.
kascadev8: Cozzi just a dislike for dusty because he is so good. Learning a bit more about his life though so growing respect
exatekk: VC Boak going well. fk me
Gotigres: Oh no, just seen Beerent has Butters.
Apachecats: cm ,I'm stuck with him ,can't afford the trade ,already taking a donut this round.
duckky: Meh - Butters has already beaten his last week score... Too Late to help when I needed it!!!
navy_blues: boak been unlucky cpl of times he got the ball as free kick been paid
tolerant16: Something seriously wrong if they didn't find Lynch there
rupertmarn: Butters has gone berserk.
cmperrfect: Youíd think heíd do better with Shiel out, but not so far.
Apachecats: True cm.
navy_blues: turnover city here
kascadev8: Was Highmore named? If not im in trouble, will need Chapman, Clark, and Kosi to all be named to avoid a donut
MONEY TALK: highmore wasny namedd
cmperrfect: Highmore not named kasca.
PJ39301965: Nope Kas
Raspel31: Butters is toast- watch him fade. Just regretting not bringing in Boak this week.
MONEY TALK: why is butter toast?
cmperrfect: Pretty sharp for a fri night Raspel. Haha
beerent11: Evening
Raspel31: Ah bummmer- was sure Highmore would be back after that flogging.
beerent11: Go zakky boy!
AlsoGmax: Clark is playing Fortnite on Twitch right now. Looks like he might be settling in for an all-nighter. ;)
duckky: Ouch- Flynn out
Raspel31: Flynn out- aargh!!
Grimes Jr: An adelaide oval free kick!
Ash777: Wasn't the backline that killed saints it was the midfield.
MONEY TALK: agreed our mids were crap, dont know how highmore is out and dmas is in
navy_blues: dusty gone misig this qtr
Baldfrog: Excect Steele
Apachecats: The Rozee free was good call. Tiger a bit stiff all the same.
navy_blues: missing
MONEY TALK: we dropped highmore to get fitness into carlise for this weeks game with 3 key fwds for port
beerent11: Would god have the c on butters?
Searly34: Hartlett spud
tolerant16: Couple of lazy kicks
Gotigres: I'm happy Highmore not named as playing or emergency, as I can loophole Cox's 97.
Raspel31: Well thank you Gotigres- means the world to me.
beerent11: What happened to orazio?
DrSeuss: That ball was a mile out
Gotigres: And I hope you have a full team Raspel.
navy_blues: wisted ankle beer
painkilla: Lachie Jones gonna be a gun too... a m8 who coaches at the Sanfl Eagles loves the guy
beerent11: Cheers navy
Baldfrog: Orazio is always injured
circle52: Looks like Orazio gone this time.
beerent11: Butters projected 91
Raspel31: Highmore covered- but Flynn- alas not Gotigres.
gazza39: Took Amon from the start as a mid price mid, good happy so far...
beerent11: Rucks arenít that important anyway raspel
Baldfrog: Beer with Sloane out bit nervous about Sunday
Gotigres: I can't believe you have Butters Beerent.
duckky: When does Treacy get off his 2 games suspension?
beerent11: Donít be nervous baldfrog, youíre playing my mob.
Raspel31: Agreed beer- hence nothing spent. But helps if they play.
Searly34: Treacy debuting this week Duckky
MONEY TALK: hes playing afl this week duckky so its finshed
Ash777: Treacy was able to be selected last week but wasn't
PJ39301965: He is available ducky
tolerant16: Boak starting to heat up
beerent11: You better believe it gotigres.
circle52: Dockers have announced Treacy will play.
CozzieCan: Keep going aliir boak and dusty
beerent11: Did anyone ever taste that stuff?
beerent11: Did anyone ever taste that stuff?
Hazza09: Have we seen enough of Lachie Jones to trade in?
Grimes Jr: this really is poor umpiring
beerent11: O back on
Pies20: Once again umpires having a great game
DrSeuss: Wow Richmond getting shafted by these Umps tonight
beerent11: And if so could you believe it?
navy_blues: fantasia back on
Napper: Do those half tackles from short count as tackles???
duckky: If the ball is touchedbut the"marker" thinks it is a mark and is tackeled, it is ballup. Sendthemback to the EDFL Junior
navy_blues: well usually richmond get a good run by umps so bout time tide turned i say
beerent11: Champion data donít love margarine.....
Pies20: Deliberate
Ash777: navy: tigers rarely get a favorable free kick count.
Beast_Mode: lol uneducated, statistically richmond have had the least free kicks in the last 5 years
navy_blues: not bad qtr by boak
Baldfrog: Riewoldt sooking as usual
Apachecats: RGray passing to Ladhams in that situation.Just so dumb.
colin wood: Needed Boak to kick that for my multi... faarrrk
Pies20: Great game to watch tiges in it up to there ears
cmperrfect: Nice Q2 from Boak. Some hope for VC yet.
kascadev8: Go Short
Crave: tigers give away alot of tactical frees its a part of their game plan lol, like 2000 bombers, 2008 hawks etc
Raspel31: From nothing the Phoenix-Boak rises.
Rach: Lol Beerent _ I never did taste it!
shaker: What rubbish navy take some time and look up AFL stats and you will find the Tiges down the bottom for frees
beerent11: Every team that plays my team gets a good run with the umps. Every week.
navy_blues: um i disagree look where richmond gets there frees high percentage end with a goal
Baldfrog: Poor Beer
CozzieCan: Gee boak was 4sc at the start of that qtr
Pies20: Is that north @beer?
Beast_Mode: lol crave, dont think rfc plan is to give away 3 50's in a half
Grimes Jr: simmer down navy great man
jbjimmyjb: navy richmond gave away the most amount of frees for 2020 H&A, idk how people say we're lucky
beerent11: Yep
Crave: @Beast_Mode well yeah no shower lol, but frees to let their defence settle etc.
Gotigres: Prince Philip passed away. News just in.
Haydo: Butters, Short and Dusty all very nice
Baldfrog: Haydo bit disappointed with dusty so far
Tig-Train: Prince Phillip was dead 6 years ago...
Pies20: You can sympathise @bald after last year performance
Trindacut: You're a d1ck head navy, Tiges only get beneficial frees from FWD pressure
Tig-Train: Why is anyone even arguing with this Carlton supporter, clearly no clue
Trindacut: Robbie Grey is a fat grub pointing out for a 50 when he ran over the mark to get away from the tiges player
Beast_Mode: lol forget it lads, carlton/richmond ppl hate each other so.
RenoMan: Calm down lads get back on to the footy
kano: Trindacut for the burger
duckky: OMG - Prince Phillip died
Trindacut: Cheers Kano
Baldfrog: How many Tupperware parties this weekend pies20?
navy_blues: lol ok funny i use to admire richmond fans sticking with club all those lean years
Pies20: ? What's Tupperware oldman @bald
RenoMan: cmon blokes stop being babies lets focus on footy
Trindacut: I nearly traded Prince Phillip in for Dow
Baldfrog: Oh thought you were a girl
Rach: RIP Prince Phil - just missed out on his telegram too
navy_blues: and trinda just call me navy ppl like u make me laugh being tough on a keyboard lmao
Trindacut: It's all good. Navy just tired of following the blues, it's understandable.
Pies20: Just googled it plastic containers from the 60's
PJ39301965: So who traded in the seagull after last weeks game?
Trindacut: I'm looking forward to seeing the Teague get to over 50% wins for the blues to sack him.
Baldfrog: Internet in Hackham West wow
navy_blues: u forget your coach was so close to getting sacked
beerent11: Who does he play for Rach? Is he dpp?
Pies20: Bit of niggle on the chat tonight i like it
Baldfrog: Even the centre bunces favour tigers
Pies20: Traded in pigeon this week anyone else?
Rach: Cmon Dusty and Jones who I will need for Highmore!
duckky: Evendead, Prince Phillip would outscore Dow
Gotigres: lol Trindacut regarding Dow out, Prince Philip in.
Beast_Mode: not really, the media yes. the club backed him in 100%
Baldfrog: Lol Duckky sad if wasn't true
m0nty: decent score for Phillip, four quarter effort
Pies20: Haha baldy has the nursing home given you your meds and tucked you in for the night?
duckky: But I traded Dow out this week ... so watch him ton up
Raspel31: Vale Phil The Greek- I am an Engtlishman.
BurtCocain: had the c on prince phil :(
tolerant16: Philip definitely gets the heart icon imo
Baldfrog: Na m8 not till after the game
BurtCocain: gonna have to rely on vc DMX
Ash777: should of been a free to aliir there
duckky: Come on Butters... pull the finger out
MONEY TALK: Essendon could of used Philips last night
beerent11: The Richmond squeeze is coming
Raspel31: Have not of Monet Talk- worse grammar than Pies Supporters.
duckky: I thought they sacked that Richmond staffer to make Mrs Dimma happy
Pies20: Sounds like you are in the same nursing home as bald @rasp and medicated
MONEY TALK: nice grammar ur self raspel
Trindacut: Navy did us all a favor and shut the f up.
Baldfrog: Thought they sacked Mrs dimma to make staffer happy
Trindacut: Duursma not firing any arrows tonight
Stu7: Is Fantasia still playing?
Trindacut: Houli had some butter fingers tonight
navy_blues: trinda kindergarten down the road hurry your missing play time
hokkien34: Wondering the same stu
m0nty: stay premium please navy_blues
Trindacut: You're*
navy_blues: um m0nty he calls me a dic khead u say nothing? i havent been abusive
Trindacut: Fantasia on the ground boys
beerent11: Zakky boy balancing out orazio at least.
Raspel31: Navy- m0nty is a grand moderator. All pals here. Chill lad.-
CozzieCan: Sc scores stopped ? Cmon aliir and boak , dusty letís bring her home
beerent11: Donít do that navy.
Grimes Jr: jeez lambert's good
beerent11: Everybody calm the farm.
Pies20: Totally agree @rasp
Beast_Mode: awww baby crying to mummy lmao
navy_blues: yes he is rasp but be fair
HugeHead: howdy all
Pies20: @beast chill
Baldfrog: Lol pies20 the head of reason
Apachecats: Rozee is all class.
Baldfrog: Hugehead u related to Cox?
Grimes Jr: kermit nank
hokkien34: Black and butters losing points?
HugeHead: nah im not baldfrog.
beerent11: What a cracking game! Stop all the bullshower. Enjoy the footy.
hokkien34: Boak sorry autocorrect
Raspel31: Hugehead- great name- sow some peace amongst these idjuts.
MONEY TALK: who's black?
Baldfrog: Ok m8 welcome
duckky: Butters-there are 4 quarters in a game!
exatekk: what a roost!
Rach: Nice goal!
Hazza09: Ofcourse opponent has Bolton this week
Gotigres: Butters hobbling off
kascadev8: butters going off, oh boy
Migz: im just here for the butter melts
beerent11: Quick with the bandaid m0nty. Nice
Apachecats: Butters is lucky that leg is not broken.Looked awful in slow mo.
CozzieCan: Round 4 could almost throw in the towel with injuries already
Pies20: Huge head he's taking the power that's his sence of humour shower
pcaman2003: Does Sort have an opponent? Clears the ball easy and unopposed
beerent11: Good for the hillbillies gotigres
BurtCocain: ive dodged every injury this year, i swear to god if butters is cooked im gonna give up
HugeHead: need jones to have a big 4th, 3 rounds in and I'm already struggling to get 22 on the field
beerent11: Youíre going ok then Burt. Great name by the way.
Raspel31: Where did you sleep last night Burtcocain?
Gotigres: Butters and Short neck and neck Beer
Grimes Jr: none of these port blokes are even injured. Will play it up tho if they lose
Baldfrog: Sence? Sense you illiterate numptie
beerent11: Not for long gotigres
gingjok: Did Fantapants miss that +4 ?
kascadev8: houli in helping shorts score maybe? could be handy.hopefully jones can stay and bergs comes back, need rookies for $$
beerent11: Nice raspel.
Pies20: You truly are a f wit @baldy
gingjok: Itís Knumpty you knumpty
Raspel31: Baldfrog- ask not why they mispell- just gently counsel them. We elder gents are guardians of the peace.
Tig-Train: And thatís why he is the goat...
Baldfrog: Gingjok look up numptie u numptie
kascadev8: fend off on a first gamer, settle down. jiath destroyed dusty with 1 last week
beerent11: True tig
Apachecats: Must be school holidays.
Tig-Train: Wasnít just the fens off...
duckky: Dusty has decided to start playing
kascadev8: 2 weeks ago* im lost on what day it is, last time i wake up at 4.30 for champions league
m0nty: Jones is a DT special, his disposal is poor
MONEY TALK: butters subbed off
beerent11: Wouldnít have mattered who it was kasca. That was gonna be goal
kascadev8: it was always gonna be a goal 100%
clay007: Goodnight Tigers!
MONEY TALK: nm my boi is bacl
Pies20: Or the elderly haven't had there meds @Apache
clay007: Butters on field, wrong call Money.
Hooks: He is on the field lol
Gotigres: Butters on field
kano: Ban moneytalk for making up garbage
Ceema: @money they just showed him on the ground?
Raspel31: And Liverpool- sigh kasca?
Beast_Mode: tpook a while the the umps have got them over the line here. good game.
Baldfrog: Pies20 cant let it go
MONEY TALK: lol hodge was saying his subbed my bad
kascadev8: Rasp it was a game with no proper cbs. funniest thing ive seen, militao too good, watched psg yesterday
beerent11: No worries moneytalk
Ash777: very funny beast
Pies20: @baldy neither can you this is 2seasons plus
MONEY TALK: no lewagoalski made it hard for bayern
Baldfrog: You started it lol
kascadev8: mbappe too good, just like dusty
Apachecats: Ha ha pies20. Just got it.
hokkien34: Looks like butters is gone again
beerent11: Great game
Raspel31: PSG looking very good- long time since a French club won- back to the footy.
MONEY TALK: butters is subbed off btw hes in a shirt
clay007: Butters out now!
Baldfrog: They are Raspel
Ash777: great no butters for next week :(
Gotigres: Apologies Money. You were correct after all.
kascadev8: short dont go backwards now.. youve gotta make up for gulden
beerent11: Can you play next week if youíre subbed off?
MONEY TALK: hopefully butters gets medically cleared by afl would be great for my team
kascadev8: richmond lucky port cant kick straight haha
Baldfrog: Good question Beer don't know
kascadev8: 12day rule only for subs due to concussions
Raspel31: Yes you can beer.
PJ39301965: You can if deemed fit to play
Trindacut: Richmond lucky the umps stopped beings fockers
Pies20: Great finish coming up
MONEY TALK: i thought if your subbed off you cant play for 12 as aswell
original: Pickett no talk then or something?
Ash777: did they change that? because I know cats were asking for permission in the first rnd for someone.
kascadev8: ash our average age is probs like 32, we need the help haha
Raspel31: No- only if it's a concussion sub Money.
pcaman2003: My oppo must be happy with Short. Gets the ball at will without accountability from Port
PJ39301965: It is only for concussion. The afl can ask to see scans if they feel,itís used incorrectly
kascadev8: go short, good boy, do it for my team haha
Wahab_18: Here I though Butters would make up for other bad scores this week but at this rate he might finish on his projected
Rach: Beer: Should a subbed-out player recover from an injury other than concussion before the next match, he may be granted
Rach: to play provided his return is ticked off by the AFL Medical Officer
Wahab_18: Was 119 when he got injured now he's on 101
Ceema: Why is butters losing points?
amigaman: CD pulling the crap yet again
Ash777: If port win this with less than a goal will the ppl complain about free kicks again? :P
toddless: scaling ceema
beerent11: Cheers Rach
Raspel31: Ceema- only so many points allocated a game- ergo- not playing, you go down.
kascadev8: port should have been a long way infront, more goal kicking practice
Ceema: Thanks guys, hopefully he doesnt go down too much
beerent11: Butters will end up around his half time score.
Ash777: So should of swans last night.
beerent11: Itís flowered but it works both ways I guess
DrSeuss: Short has stopped - also Houston you can stop please
kano: Umpires
beerent11: Flies dropping for the power
HugeHead: not looking good for duursma
exatekk: wowsers
kascadev8: great tackle from drew
beerent11: Pretty sure you canít handball a point
kascadev8: go the power
HugeHead: port you beauties, was one of two to have them tipped in my comp
Beast_Mode: rigged
beerent11: Great win well done
Apachecats: Great game ,but big cost to Port.
DrSeuss: Has Broad hit a target all night - just kept bombing it to Port players.
Trindacut: Robbie Grey is the biggest grub in the AFL. Thankfully Richmond won the flag last year
HugeHead: you love to see it
Pies20: Umpire's bog again
Gotigres: Oh well, it was a good game.
amigaman: Butters score is a dusgrace
Trindacut: Another mare for the Umps, decided the game
kascadev8: good short, recover 20 points from gulden, beautiful
CozzieCan: Bugger all tons in sc
Ash777: port lucky they weren't pinged for that because the player was there.
amigaman: *disgrace
Wahab_18: Butters better get scaled up.. 119 down to 96 that's ridiculous
kascadev8: tom lynch a bigger grub lol
Rach: Phew got the tip! And happy to take LJones E score. Great game from a neither-supporter perspective
bc__: Butters drops points from HT. CD not the scoring system going fwd for SC. (butters non owner)
kano: Best part of trinducut ran down his mummy's leg
beerent11: As a butters owner itís fair. Did nothing after half time.
kano: Just shut the flower up you maggot
beerent11: Donít need that here Kano
RenoMan: kano stop causing drama mate check your scores and go to bed
Crave: nah thats a good call
Trindacut: Kano, smooth man. This place probably isn't a good fit for you
Brez09: What injury did butters get
NankTank: Yep letís just play Clark full forward