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m0nty: hopefully this chat works better on Chrome
Crippa9: trying to logout to refresh my watchlist, not working
m0nty: the site is going to be a bit funky this weekend, but it will be much quicker'
Crippa9: can live with that, grateful it's working
pj39301965: Letís go young bloods
J.Worrall: Seems I can login in Chrome, but not in Firefox
pj39301965: It wonít allow me to change anything Monty
J.Worrall: Thus, post in Chrome, not in Firefox?
J.Worrall: Funky!
pj39301965: Iím using both. Lol
m0nty: cookies are a bit weird on this server
Stephen001: go Cox, Campbell and Gulden.
Gotigres: Congrats to my Nephew, who, after 15 years of hard work and dedication is making his debut as an emergency umpire at AFL
Gotigres: level in tonights game
pj39301965: Nice Gotigres well done
pj39301965: Can Logan make it 4 rising stars in a row for Sydney. Would be nice.
Gotigres: Thanks pj
Str1k3_M95: Hickey 'Tandem ruck with Naitanui'
pj39301965: I have 5 in this game, Lloyd, Heeney, gulden, Campbell and Warner. No one on the bench.
navy_blues: hmmm whats up with the site?? i tried to login b4 and come up with security alert
hinsch: Lloyd 150 as my VC this week
Gotigres: I have Merrett, Ridley, Gulden, Campbell, Warner with Cox on the bench
navy_blues: im giving up sc lol my so is up to 44 he is kickin my butt
m0nty: We are on a new server and it still has some bugs. But it's much faster, as you will see.
navy_blues: son
Ash777: I hung onto heppell so he better do good
pj39301965: Iím thinking VC on Tex
Ash777: good work monty
navy_blues: i have vc on tex to pj
Monfries96: Didn't go with Warner, hope it doesn't hurt to watch tonight
Ash777: forgot tex was playing lolnorf
Baldfrog: I've gone back to baldfrog:(
zadolinnyj: Howdy people
zadolinnyj: As always love ur work Monty
navy_blues: have ridley merett gulden campbell warner
Ash777: warner was the 1 I went with this week to get rid of Dow
beerent11: Think Iím vs you in the fan footy league gotigres.
bhg26: Apparently Ridley is my captain, RIP
zadolinnyj: Who are the subs
bhg26: Give me the tombstone
pj39301965: Iíve got Apache in fanfooty league
beerent11: Got the vc on seagull and all the swan rookies except McDonald
Moona: Bell for swans and zaha for bombers
Migz: bad gulden. dont give it to him ya spud.
exatekk: muppet ridley. dont turn your back on Buddy
zadolinnyj: Legend moona
Gotigres: Yes you are beerent
pj39301965: Buddy might be a worthwhile f7 or f8
Baldfrog: Dream on Pj
Gotigres: Of course this will be the week Ridley goes sub 80; just as I get him in.
beerent11: Haha, good one pj
beerent11: Hope so for my sake gotigres
pj39301965: He will play every two to three games and we know he can kick a bag full. They look for him also.
Malaka: Go, Two-Moida Poida!
bhg26: Could be worse gotigres, you could bring him in and then heís accidentally stuck as your captain
pj39301965: Game 2 for Buddy and price is $312k
marls: Traded Ridley in for Young with 5 mins to go. Stoked!
Migz: why does gwelfy still look like hes playing in a harry potter fan fic
hinsch: waterman a good in next week on the bubble
Baldfrog: Look forward to seeing Buddy in your side next week PJ
beerent11: Watermans got his dads tree trunks.
Catatafish: The Ridler will be fine. Wait until he racks up some intercepts. Wish I had him in my team!
pj39301965: Agree hinsch
beerent11: Gee some people here are quick to panic
Gotigres: Hope that's not you bhg
pj39301965: Mills is playing an interesting role almost a must have now
bhg26: Only idiots would do that gotigres, which is why Ridley is my captain
pj39301965: I will at some stage beer
Gotigres: oh dear bhg
beerent11: Reckon itíll be ok bhg
bombrblitz: Here comes The Riddler
pj39301965: Cape for Parker
pharace: How is it all feeling now @ marls. Always wait til half time before going the crow
bhg26: Working into it now gotigres
_Wang_: Cox wow
cmperrfect: Coxxxyyyy 200cm can do that!
bhg26: Could have been worse, my dad once accidentally captained Jiath last year, and got 40 points
beerent11: If their players arenít on 30 after 10 minutes blokes start cracking the showers.
cmperrfect: Stringer looking good for F6.
beerent11: I love seagull. Gets points for breathing.
CozzieCan: Gday lads back from my vacation
beerent11: Where did you vacate coz?
Baldfrog: Were you in the doghouse Cozzie?
AlsoGmax: Got here late. Anything wrong with Hind?
pharace: How long until Hewett goes to the Ferrett?
cmperrfect: Cape for Parker. Been everywhere so far tonight.
original: Heeney scoring jesus
Raspel31: Hope you had a fabbo break in Geelong Cozzie.
beerent11: Might be too quick for Hewitt pharace
DrSeuss: Why would Sydney put work into McGrath but let Merrett run free? Surely that will change
silksmooth: what do we all think I should do with McGrath?
beerent11: Just had a look at the ff group. Some high ranks in there.
cmperrfect: Riddler moved to Heeney. Thatíll be interesting
Migz: hands down, man down mccartin. Stand on the mark and put ya flowerin hands up. that would power me off as a coach
DrSeuss: In the same boat Silk - just hasn't looked interested since Round 1 - while my opponent has Zerrett as Captain
beerent11: Is waterman a fwd only?
phivee: langford is a dropkick
zadolinnyj: Yes beer
bhg26: Ridley 0 points for intercept mark
silksmooth: Yeh Dr.Seuss really thinking of moving him on next week
Migz: saw that bhg. Waitinf for it. the mark hasnt even been added to his total
bhg26: Reckon he was a little stiff there
beerent11: There you go bhg. Patience mate.
LMartos: Ridley wasn't given a stat for the intercept mark, those points there was for a different disposal
bhg26: I need every point I can get beer
_Wang_: Cmon seagull lift
Catatafish: Probably should've taken Cox instead of Dow or Kent Brockman..
beerent11: What are our vc/c choices this week. Me Lloyd int McRae. Not sure about grundy, Gawn this round.
Baldfrog: Atm I have Bont into grundies but thinking Titch as well
_Wang_: Beerent I'm Lloyd into gawn
zadolinnyj: Merrett into grundy
pj39301965: Iím thinking VK on tex atm
bhg26: I was Macrae into Gawn, but my plan changed
Gotigres: Yes, I noticed that too bhg and LMartos
Moona: zerrett into grundy
Yelse: grundy into gawn
clay007: Who is seagull?
beerent11: Reckon Flynn might keep grundy down a bit. Big physical ruckman like stef Martin.
Raspel31: Macrae to Guthrie= but, hopefully Macrae.
bones351: Buddy was in the restricted area there
AlsoGmax: What is Hind doing out there.
Gotigres: Hopefully Highmore isn't named so I can loop Cox in.
Gotigres: Jake Lloyd is seagull clay007
clay007: Thanks Gotigres.
Phasir: McGrath -> Heppell?
Moona: heeney subbed out
beerent11: Always good to Cox in gotigres
cmperrfect: Heeney out
bones351: Bloody Heeney is so fragile. Needed him to kick a goal for a big multi.
cmperrfect: Heppell may well be my M8 by next week.
exatekk: bell easy 4 points running on..
bones351: Kicked 2 points dammit
Gotigres: Yes, should have played Cox beer
Yelse: ridley brought you in this week lift ffs
CozzieCan: What happened to heeney dammm
DrSeuss: McGrath TOG is rubbish - get off the pine young fella
beerent11: Go seagull
SneakySC: Flag Swom is back baby
m0nty: Mills my VC today, doing okay
bhg26: Donít think Buddy realised how close he was to the goals there
beerent11: Got Lloyd vc but the hard part is having a non playing rook to loophole this year. Maybe highmore.
beerent11: Gulden is so good.
DrSeuss: McGrath and Gulden - good comebacks in that quarter
Beast_Mode: no, highmore will play. saints have said this publicly
bhg26: Ridley minus one for a contested handball that hit a bloke
Yelse: upset i took the vC off loyd
Migz: oh no. Heeneys score going backwards already. Damn you CD!!
CozzieCan: @Beast source mate ? Iíve got Highmore
silksmooth: hello
beerent11: As a norf supporter Iím on the swans bandwagon.
pharace: Norf supporters happy on any other bandwagon atm
bhg26: Go swom
beerent11: Yep
clay007: How can Heeney's score go backwards? It is hard to rack up a clanger when you are subbed out! Grrr!
pharace: Warner looking a season long keeper
twinpeaks: Reckon Mills put a bit of attention into Zerrett second half of that quarter
exatekk: could be a handy F6 Pharace
clay007: @BHG, Ridley been stitched up a few times tonight. I saw that handball. Is there a score review?
_Wang_: Seagull outstanding keep it going
bartsy: Donít reckon highmore plays. Not tracking in with main group this week according to in the mix.
twinpeaks: Won't Gulden get DPP as well? I would flick Campbell first, but all 3 Cygnets should hold till byes
DrSeuss: @twinpeaks - Mills and Warner were sticking closer to Zerrett after about 10 minutes into the 2nd I reckon
Pies20: Hi all got 6 playing tonight seagul warner gulden campbell zerret cox will be happy with 600 total from them
Ash777: I got Warner, Gulden, Merrett vc, Heppell.
Beast_Mode: serious question. when ppl say who have have playing the game does anyone actually care?
Raspel31: All but Campbell for me too Pies.
man0005: We all pretend to care because we know they have no-one else to tell
kascadev8: good afternoon all
kascadev8: evening* not afternoon
Beast_Mode: lol
Silz90: Is man and beast the same person?
exatekk: hey Kas. still on daylight savings are ya?
CozzieCan: Campbell may have to go next week .. keep an eye on his b/e
zadolinnyj: Itís like when you ask your wife how her day was @beast. Who cares but being nice
clay007: Cox is going big tonight. He marks well when fully erect!
kascadev8: exa been up since 4am haha, ive got no clue what time it is anymore
Yelse: wheres loyd been this quarter
Gotigres: I think Ridley just got paid for intercept mark and handball from q2
beerent11: No chips on the bench seagull
Migz: thats a +20 play from hind surely
Migz: and i dont even have the kent
zadolinnyj: Cox score a bit stiff. 13 and a goal
Beast_Mode: lol fair enough, makes sense
Silz90: Hind looks good off half back
m0nty: onya my boy Hind
beerent11: You canít do that gotigres, youíll drive yourself mad
Pies20: Why you got him @zads go tell your wife
beerent11: Some seriously good young talent in this game
zadolinnyj: Was more about using stiff in a cox sentence @pies
clay007: Heeney lost another point, must be an ice tax.
bombrblitz: Perkins looks the goods
Silz90: Dawson is the biggest rooster block. Stealing the seagulls kick outs
Gotigres: already there beer
Bluebagg11: Ice tax?
clay007: Ice for his hand Bluebagger
Gotigres: Cox nominee for Rising Star?
Bluebagg11: Gotchya
m0nty: broken hand confirmed for Heeney
Malaka: Cox was a bit stiff to miss that shot.
DrSeuss: Get off the Bench McGrath - get on the ground you toss. You too Lloyd
beerent11: It was a hard one malaka
zadolinnyj: Papley been unusually quiet
clay007: Can you imagine if Cox adds more size. Wow, what a future star!
twinpeaks: Cox can seriously play - alternating between wing and ruck..
kascadev8: gulden not playing this quarter? campbell's score concerning
Malaka: beerent11: Cox pulled it to the right..
clay007: Ridley turnover, could be costly, points wise
Migz: heeney going up! go you good thing
Bluebagg11: Interpetating. Jobe should be on public radio, not 7.
clay007: Heeney must have give the ice back
bombrblitz: Ridley rising!
Ash777: swans should be so much further ahead on the scoreboard.
pharace: @ TwinPeaks, yeah Cox an amazing talent - too good for Essendon
bombrblitz: Jonsey!
kascadev8: ridley slow down :( i can go campbell to u next week if you stop scoring so high for one week
Silz90: If Campbell finishes on 60 I will be happy
Beast_Mode: everyone has campbell so its not a big deal, but he ahs only scored 10 points since 1/4 time
zadolinnyj: Heeney could use McDonald on his hand as the lad is ice cold this game
hinsch: what is your VC score to use the loophole I go 130 +
bhg26: Another 48 point quarter Ridley and Iíll be very happy
beerent11: Essendon should try Ridley up fwd I reckon
_Wang_: Hinsch 125 forme
Raspel31: Kind of you to tell us we all have Campbell Beast= I don't.
Gebs: One handball from the injury sub is a good return lol
CozzieCan: Probably should of traded in Warner this week , bummer
clay007: Who wins lads?
zadolinnyj: Neither do I Raspel.
Gotigres: lol beer
zadolinnyj: Sydney wins
clay007: Would love to see the Bombers win.
Pies20: I did cozzi for dow, Sydney for me as well
bhg26: Go swom
zadolinnyj: Like ur use of the word waddle in the commentary Monty. Stringer Waddles for sure
Beast_Mode: always a few minorities
zadolinnyj: Itís great Hickey was resurrected Sunday after being put in the cave Friday. Swans need him
kascadev8: rowe to waterman nxt week?
man0005: Like ur use of the word reef in the commentary Monty. Wicks reefs for sure
clay007: Ridley vs Seagull. C'mon Ridley!
Yelse: warner could be a top 6 Forward?
Pies20: Looking likely @kasca
exatekk: I dont have Campbell either, Warner, Gulden and Lloyd enough swans for me.
Gotigres: dow to waterman for me next week
Raspel31: Ditto exatekk.
Silz90: Low tog for Campbell maybe I will trade him to aqua man
Ash777: Rowe's current be is 34 so he's not going make much cash unless he starts playing like round 1
clay007: I think Warner is using sandpaper.
bones351: Deliberate out of bounds has gotten ridiculous
beerent11: Almost muppet worthy Reid
Ash777: It's no longer deliberate now bones it's ineffiecent attempt.
Pies20: Great goal
Crave: free kick swans
DrSeuss: McGrath you useless TOSS - I cant wait to trade you out
beerent11: Nice clay
bones351: Insufficient Ash. That still doesnít relate to the ones called
Gotigres: I need a melee so my nephew can run on the field
beerent11: Get your rage on drseuss
cmperrfect: My man Hickey tons up again. Yesss.
exatekk: calm down cmp LOL
LMartos: George Hewett is Errol Gulden CD reckons lol
clay007: the new covid restrictions disallow melees. Sorry Goti!
kascadev8: gulden get the pill mate, already got campbell who doesnt want the footy, dont u dare do it too
Gotigres: damn covid
beerent11: Fair dinkum SuperCoach or not Ridley has become almost Essendons best player
duckky: Free kick Swans and again and again
Pies20: Umpires having a shocker
Tig-Train: Wow essendon are getting flowered by the umpires lol
Silz90: Is Ridley getting points or what
kascadev8: earth to gulden?
Ash777: dons are lucky swans are being inaccurate
cmperrfect: Star for Parker.
Crave: swans are lucky the have 3 extra players on the field
srj2409: 3 extra? So the fourth umpire is playing for the bombers?
bhg26: Blakey, what the actual flower shower was that
clay007: The most electric out of bounds on the full
Gotigres: Ridley you beauty
m0nty: Blakey using his lizard brain on that one
jordan M: can mills get on the ground thanks
Crave: @srj2409 you tried to be a smart ass but to bad you suck at math
kascadev8: campbell on the bench... again? why <-- funny this was an old message but is still valid
zadolinnyj: Bring back Kermit the frog monty
Bluebagg11: Ridley = Gun
Gotigres: Ridley lots of points again
Pies20: How many points for this goal
Bulky: Gulden to Dow next week.
stemy1243: Ridley my vice *flex*
beerent11: Great to have the big bud back
clay007: Goodnight Essendon!
cmperrfect: Game over. Good game though.
twinpeaks: Riddles the gun, Lloyd the seagull, Merrett the Magnet, Parker Star
kascadev8: did gulden move after HT? i dont think he did
beerent11: Smart bulky
cmperrfect: Riddler gonna crack 600k this week. What a gun.
beerent11: You after m0ntys job twinpeaks?
Bulky: I'm not bottom of my league for nothing @beerent11.
clay007: Bomber's just woke up. Game back on!
kascadev8: big texan gonna get me a 180 vc score, calling it now
twinpeaks: Maybe throw a few lonely asian brides adds up for you beerent?
beerent11: Guess I donít need to find a vc loophole now seagull.
amigaman: Nice win umpires
beerent11: Prefer the milfs in my area ads twinpeaks
Ash777: gulden so wasteful infront of goal
DrSeuss: How is that not HTB on Hickey?
bhg26: Never in doubt
twinpeaks: We cater for everyone here at FF ;)
Dondeal: flower you umpires
Crave: free kick swans
beerent11: Yeah could have tonned up ash777
Bulky: Huge Cox.
Pies20: Seagull shower 2nd half 20somthing points
SneakySC: Bloody Hell Mills - you were on 85 in the third
CozzieCan: Do we take campbells 49 or field Powell
bhg26: Should have won by 5 or 6 goals
beerent11: Waterman?
DrSeuss: Ok now who do I trade McGrath too....
ElstyBoy: McGrath to Parish? Darcy looks good and only just missed his BE so will make money starting next wekk
ElstyBoy: Take Ridley's 124 as VC or back in Gawn/Grundy